My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 25

The instant Joe was no longer in eye sight Lucan was pulling out his phone and gathering me tightly in his arms against his chest. Lucan only waits seconds once they pick up to start making his demands. “I need bodyguards twenty-four seven on Hunter and Kinsley when we get to Nashville.”

“And a good morning to you too,” Aubree says from the other side.

“Aubree,” Lucan growls. He glances around and notices the small group of on lookers we are gaining. “I’ll call you back in a second.” He hangs up the phone not waiting for her response and drags me by the arm into the building.

“Lucan slow down,” I plead tripping over my feet. “We are inside no one can see us.” He slows his pace, but doesn’t remove his hand and from my arm. “Where’s Hunter,” I ask him worried since I haven’t seen him yet.

“Tina,” comes his one worded reply. We reach the door of what was my apartment and he pulls me inside.

Lucan drops my arm and passes the room muttering to himself. This was the first time I’ve been inside the apartment since the movers emptied the space. All of mine and Hunter’s personal belongings were gone along with a majority of the furniture. I was glad many of my neighbors were able to use what wasn’t going.

A curse word of two leaves him mouth, but what undoes me is the pain in his eyes. There is something deeper than simply the situation at hand.

“Lucan,” I call gently attempting to drag him away from whatever has him in its clutches.

Hollow gray blue eyes focus on me. Slowly I approach him like how one would approach a scared bunny. I keep my arms relaxed at me side and inch closer to him. “Lucan,” I say again slipping into my training and remember saying someone’s name can bring them back to reality.

He watches my approach with guarded eyes reminding me of the Lucan who likes to lash out and cause pain. Whatever has a hold of him is shaking him to his core. I brace myself for the cruel Lucan to make an appearance.

He halts in his pacing while his back is facing me. I too stop and wait to see what his next move is going to be because I don’t want to cross any boundaries. Lucan turns to face me and watch so many emotions filter through his eyes. He opens his arms and without delay I dash into his embrace. He wraps his arms around me and squeezes me tightly against his chest.

“I won’t let anything happen to you or Hunter,” he sighs into the top of my head. “Even if I have to reopen the door of my past.”

“Lucan,” I say gently pulling away slightly, but he doesn’t let me get to far. “I’m sorry for bringing my problems to your doorstep.”

He shakes his head. “No Kinsley,” he says sternly. “If I wasn’t in the picture you and Hunter would be in an even rougher situation. Don’t ever apologies. I’m not upset in the least.”

I tilt my head back to study him. “You confuse me Lucan. There are so many layers to you. More than I ever expected. Just as I believe I have you figured out you throw something else at me and cause me to go in a tail spin.”

He laughs and a lightness encircle us. “Now what have I surprised you with?”

I ponder for a moment if I should ask him the question burning in my gut or let it all go. Deep down I’m not sure I want to answer and would rather live with unknowing. Lucan watches me and silently waits for me. “What did you mean by the music industry wasn’t your only option?”

His eyes darken by my question and the happiness that was in their depths seconds ago has completely disappeared. Lucan’s mouth turns into a tight frown and he stares at the wall above my head. Instantly I regret asking him the question. Obviously this had struck a chord with him.

“Lucan I’m sorry if I upset you,” I stutter trying to figure out a way to get myself out of the corner I had put myself in. “Honestly I figured you were blowing smoke to get under Joe’s skin.”

He sighs and refocuses on me. “Standing here in you empty apartment is not at all where I thought we would have this conversation,” he says glancing around the open space. “In fact I was hoping to never have this conversation with you, but seems my hands are tied behind my back.”

I wrap my arms around his neck. “You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. I have things in my past I have yet to share with you. We are all entitled to our privacy.”

He brushes the hair away from the side of my face. “You’re so beautiful Kitten.” A blush forms over him calling me beautiful and for some reason I become bashful. “I fear learning of my past will only taint you.”

I shake my head and stare in his eyes so there is no guess I speak the truth. “Nothing you say about your past will ever change the way I feel about you. The past is in the past. You can’t change what took place you can only move forward and you’re doing just that Lucan. Moving forward.”

He slowly nods his head up and down. “Thank you,” he states kissing my forehead. “So how do you feel about me,” I ghost of a grin forms on his lips.

I narrow my eyes and say, “the jury’s still out.”

He throws his head back and lets out a boisterous laugh. “Kitten I may confuse you, but you keep me on my toes.” I smile at him and snuggle into his embrace.

“Someone has to,” I mutter into his chest.

A knocking on the door has me drawing away from the safety of his arms. The door swings open and Hunter flies to be in a blur. He wraps his arms around me sobbing. I pat his back and offer him words of comfort.

Lucan walks over to Tina to thank her for watching Hunter and makes her promise to visit us soon. He pulls her into the hallway for a private conversation which I’m sure involves Joe.

I return my attention to the sobbing boy in my arms and have a hard time making out what he is saying since he refuses to remove himself from me. All I can make out is the tone and worry I his voice all of his words are muffled against me.

“I’m okay,” I reassure him hugging him close. “I’m okay. Lucan came and chased the man away.” I tell Hunter nothing about the threats Joe left behind. No reason to unnecessarily worry him. Also the threats were aimed at my wellbeing not Hunter.

Lucan returns and catches my eyes over Hunter’s head. In silence we agree our conversation is far from over, but for now needs to be placed on the back burner. All focus needs to be placed on Hunter and help to get him calmed down.

“Hunter,” I say sternly attempting to break through his tears. “Buddy, you need to calm down and breathe.” The crying slows and I can feel him taking deep breaths in my arms.

He glances up at me with tears still glistening in his eyes. “I didn’t want to leave you, but you made me. I was so scared you would be gone like mommy.”

I wipe at the tears forming in my own eyes and meet Lucan’s worried frown. This poor boy has been through so much. “I’m proud of you,” I tell him. “Getting Lucan was exactly what I needed you to do and knowing you were safe allowed me to focus on keeping myself safe.”

“I’m proud of you too,” Lucan states joining us and wrapping us both in his arms. I catch a sheen of tears in his eyes.

We all step back and wipe at our eyes. Hunter gives me one more hug then heads to the door. “Let’s get this show on the road slow pokes,” Hunter teases.

I roll my eyes wishing I could bounce back as quickly as Hunter is able and here I thought the only stress of the day would be the movers. Getting out of here and moving to Nashville has become an even better move for us then I originally believed. We were no longer safe here.

Lucan wraps an arm around me. “Ready,” he asks.

A somberness drifts over me. This apartment has been our home for a while and was the last place I saw Emma. There were so many positive memories in these walls, but those memories will always be in my heart. Hunter and I were off to a better life. I would miss the people here the most.

Lucan notices the sadness within me and gives me a hug. “Don’t cry Kitten.”

I offer him a watery smile and head towards the door pausing to pick up my bag. Lucan sets my keys on the counter and we lock the door. Hunter takes my hand as we walk through the building. Some of our close neighbors linger in the hall to say their goodbyes.

Tina and I hold each other crying. Both promising to not lose touch and I hope we can both make good on our promise. Tina asks me to let her know once we are settled in our new home and will visit than. Never once do I tell her I will be return to the area for a visit. I have no desire to ever come back.

Lucan grows impatient to hit the road and ushers us out of the building. He takes my hand while we walk to my car and grumbles how once we are in Nashville he is selling my car and buying a new one. I hold my tongue because I don’t want to argue with him when Hunter is within hearing distance.

Hunter reaches the car first and climbs into the backseat buzzing with excitement. Thankfully all of this is an adventure to him and he is looking forward to making new friends. I worry about him making friends due to his father’s status. Some will only be friends with him because of who Lucan is and let’s not forget how some parents will want their children as his friend to get close to Lucan. We need to sit down with Hunter and fully explain this new life he is entering.

Lucan holds open the door for me and I slide into the seat putting on my seat belt. He closes the door and enters on the driver side. Last night we had argued over who would drive to Nashville. The only reason Lucan won was because when Hunter came into the kitchen glaring he told me to let Lucan drive so he could get some sleep. All our arguing was keeping him up. Without waiting for our replies he spun on his heels and went back to his room. I was too shocked to argue so Lucan won.

The car starts and we leave the parking lot. As the miles passed my thoughts are consumed with all the changes about to take place. When we were in my apartment I felt like I had some control and power, but living in his he will have the power and control. I slide down in my seat imagining the new slew of arguments. Lucan sends me a worried frown, but says nothing.

He says he wants a relationship with me, but maybe he only thinks he does because of Hunter. I’m a means to an end. We barely get along some days and fighting all the time is no environment to raise a child. I should know.

As though he is reading my thoughts he slides a hand between mine and give me a squeeze. “Stop,” he says.

I glance behind me to see Hunter has his headphones in and is playing on the new Nintendo Switch Lucan had bought him. Yes, we had another fight over the gaming system.

“Stop,” he repeats more firmly. “You are getting into your head. Everything will be okay and work itself out. Now you and Hunter have an entire family in your corner who will have your back.”

I turn my eyes on him. “We’ve never had a family other than us and Emma,” I tell him fidgeting with his fingers.

He smiles and brings my hand to his lips for a kiss. “The guys can’t wait to meet Hunter. Ryder was supposed to be home soon, but he extended his stay.”

“I can’t wait to see Skylar and Aubree. Plus, start my new job,” I tell him.

“Aubree…shit,” he exclaims. “I forgot to call her back.” He hands me his phone and tells me his password. “Would you mind connecting my phone to the car and calling Aubree? I don’t like messing with phones while I’m driving.”

“No problem,” I tell him and do is bidding.

She picks up on the second ring. “I’m disappointed in you. Usually when you say you’re going to call right back you do. The others not so much. Lucky for you I’m stuck in a car with not much to do.”

“Why are you stuck in a car,” he asks her. “And by the way you’re on speaker with Kinsley.”

“Hi Kinsley. Sorry we won’t be there to greet you. I’m with Skylar and Dimitri heading to Chicago. They somehow convinced me to come along for the ride to pick up the horses.”

“Horses,” I ask her not sure I had heard her correctly.

Aubree laughs. “Yes horses. Skylar owns one and was waiting for her and Dimitri to find a place before moving him down. Then Dimitri bought one of her friends horses. So we are on our way to pick them up since Skylar refuses to let anyone else move him.”

“I’m so out of the loop with everything happening in my life,” Lucan says with sorrow. “Everything went through on the house?”

“Yep. And don’t worry when we get back everyone is going to be roped in helping them move.” Aubree explains.

“I’ll pay for movers to move everything,” Lucan states. Then mutters under his breath, “why have all this money if we can’t hire people to do the grunt work.” I roll my eyes.

“Dimitri already has all of that covered. Skylar wants help with unpacking everything,” Aubree explains. Lucan’s phone buzzes with a text and I only peek because I say the text was from Skylar.

The only reason we are having everyone help is to get Aubree’s mind off the fact Ryder is staying longer. All of us figured having her focus on this might help her.

I show the text to Lucan and he nods his head. “Sounds like a plan. The three of us will be there.” He glances my way when he says the three of us I send him a smile. I’m more than happy to help out anyway I can.

“So what’s going on you want bodyguards for Kinsley and Hunter,” Aubree presses morphing into her business self.

I nod my head in back reminding Lucan Hunter is back there. He acknowledges me with a nod of his head. “I’ll explain the why later when we are not in present company. For right now can you work on getting people.”

“I already reached out to Frank and he is making some calls to people he trusts.” Aubree tells him not pressing him for details. “I’m thinking you’re going to need at least four to cover the both of them.”

“Make it happen sooner rather than later,” Lucan demands. “We’ll take soon. Have a safe trip and tell the love birds we say hi.”

“Will do. Bye guys.” The phone call ends and the only sound is the clicking of Hunter on his gaming system.

The car continues down the road heading towards Hunter and my new future.

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