My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 26

Due to a few unplanned bathroom breaks and by a few I mean like ten we finally reach out destination. Hunter’s extent of traveling has been from one side of town to the other and the university. The farthest I’ve been was Nashville. During one of our lazy days we created a list of all the places we wanted to go. Now he might have the opportunity to make some of his dreams a reality.

Currently he has his nose pressed against the window taking in the sights. Every now and again in his excitement he will point to something and tell us to look. My favorite was during the ride he would point out ever horse and cow we drove passed.

The first time he saw a horse and yelled with excitement Lucan told him about Skylar’s horse. Hunter made Lucan promised to take him to meet Renegade. I hope Skylar is okay with Lucan saying Hunter could ride her horse without asking her. If not Lucan is going to have to find a horse, he can ride. Secretly I too was excited about the horse. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride.

Hunter’s excitement was contagious whenever he got excited Lucan’s eyes would crinkle in the corner. I on the other hand contained my excitement of the city. When I was here a few weeks ago I wasn’t able to enjoy the city to its fullest. I was too worried about Hunter and the new job, but everything has fallen into place.

Lucan drives a little way outside of the city to a quiet neighborhood. “Hope you aren’t disappointed,” he states when he noticed my furrowed brow. “The house is about twenty minutes from the heart of the city. When I was growing up we lived in the rougher part of the city and my first apartment was within walking distance of the bars. About six months in I decided I’ve had enough of the city life and as soon as I could afford a house I bought one.”

“Is this the same house or did you buy another,” I ask him curious to see if he upgraded as he made more money.

Lucan shakes his head. “No. Same house. The inside has had some updates over the years, but I don’t need much,” he says with a shrug. “Plus, I’m not home a ton. The tour bus is more a home at times then this place.”

Hearing him mention how he lives more on the tour bus than his own home pangs my heart. The life of a rocker can’t be easy. Sure they have the money and fame, but no stability. “Must be hard,” I state trying to relate, but not able to.

Lucan turns to smile at me. “It definitely can be. Lonely too.”

My heart pangs hearing him mention about being lonely. When I was younger Emma was always there and then Hunter came alone. I may have never had a strong support network or much in general, but I was never lonely.

“Not anymore,” I tell him, “you have Hunter now.”

“And you,” he says so softly I’m not sure I heard him correctly nor does he take his eyes off the road. I bite my bottom lip unsure what more to say, but by Lucan’s focus on the road I can tell he wasn’t seeking a reaction from me.

“Are where there yet,” Hunter asks from the backseat. Over all he has been wonderful in the car, other than the numerous bathroom breaks. “I’m hungry.”

Lucan glances towards the back of the car and says with a smile, “we will be there in five minutes, buddy.”

Hunter furrows his brows and I brace myself unsure of what is about to come out of his mouth. “Dad?”

Lucan’s eyes brighten overhearing Hunter can him dad. “Yeah buddy,” he asks.

“Mom is the only one allowed to call me buddy. You need to come up with your own nickname.” He says all of this with a straight face reminding me so much of Lucan when he believes he is laying down the law. I turn my head to hide the smirk playing across my face. Lucan stares out the windshield dumbfounded.

Hunter instructing Lucan to not call him buddy doesn’t surprise me. Others in the past have attempted to use the nickname and Hunter had no problem putting them in their place. My heart soars over the fact he isn’t going to allow his father to call him buddy, only me.

I can sense Lucan turning his gaze on me so I turn to face him keeping my face clear of emotions. “You put him up to this,” Lucan asks through clenched teeth.

“Nope,” I explain in amusement. “But,” I add, “this is not the first time he’s told someone not to call him buddy. So don’t take it personally.”

Lucan rolls his eyes. “So if I come up with my own nickname no one else use it?”

Hunter nods his head. “Yep,” he exclaims. Lucan sends me a gloating smile and I raise a brow unsure of what the wheels turning in his head are coming up with.

“Even your mom,” he asks smugly.

Hunter stares out the window and states, “of course.” He adds the next part as though Lucan is daft. “She has her own nickname why would she use yours?”

I can no longer hold my laughter in and it bursts free. My sides are shaking so hard they hurt and tears are welling in my eyes. Hunter joins in my laughter and Lucan lets out a soft chuckle.

“Touché,” he says fighting back a smile.

I pat his knee and tell him, “your life is never going to be dull.”

He links my fingers with his and hold my hand against his knee. “I was never a fan of dull.” My core clenches at the thought of how close my hand is to his crotch and my body remembers how full it felt by him. I cross and uncross my legs attempting to relieve some of the pressure building inside of me. Lucan watches me with hooded eyes.

Thankfully, he pulls into a drive way and we are able to exit the car. There is a huge tree in the back yard shading the home. The house is not at all what I was expecting. The home is a decent size nothing over the top and is two stories. There is a small porch running the length of the front of the home with a covering. What I’m excited about is the swing attached to the covering. I’m already imagining sitting out there with a cup of coffee or my computer while I work.

He has some flowers and bushes for the landscape. The entire home is painted a tan color and the windows are all painted a dark brown on the shutters. The garage is attached to the home, but off to the side. A stone path leads from the driveway to the front of the home. From this position I can’t see into the back yard.

Without waiting for Lucan I open the door and stare up at the house in awe. This was going to be Hunter’s and my new home. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine us living in such a nice place. Hunter dashes out of the car and dances in the front yard. His hunger temporarily forgotten. Lucan watches the two of us with uncertainty.

He scratches the back of his neck and glances down the street. “Seems we beat the moving truck. Want to unload the car now or go on a quick tour,” he asks.

“Tour,” Hunter and I yell at the same time.

Lucan’s mouth twitches as he walks over to link his arm with mine. “Tour it is.”

He has us enter through the front door into a foyer area which leads to the family room. There is a shoe rack on the side as you enter and as we head to the family room we pass a closed door; my office Lucan explains.

We continue into the family room and there is another door on the right, which Lucan says is the down stairs bathroom. When I look to the left I’m greeted with a huge kitchen. No walls separate the kitchen from the family room. Lucan points out how the laundry room is in the space attaching the garage to the house.

The entire house is decorated in neutral colors and screams rustic. Lucan must of hired someone to design the inside of his home. Of course he had a huge screen television and surround sound.

“Where’s my room,” Hunter asks bouncing on his feet.

“Up stairs,” Lucan tells him. Hunter goes flying up the stairs whereas Lucan and I follow him at a slower pace.

Once we reach the top I discover the landing overlooks the down stairs. There is a door off to the side of the stairs and one directly in front with a door to the left. Lucan explains the room off the stairs is his game room. Hunter’s eyes light with excitement learning Lucan has a gaming room. The door in front of the stairs will be Hunter’s room and the second Hunter hears this he’s dashing inside.

The bathroom sets between Hunter’s room and the room Lucan says is mine. “Where’s yours,” I ask him noticing the only other space up here is a linen closet.

Lucan wiggles his brow and wraps an arm around my waist. “Why you want to know? Planning on sneaking in at night.”

I roll my eyes and shove at his chest playfully. “Keep dreaming.”

Lucan has a belly aching laugh. “No reason to dream Kitten,” he says triumphantly. Then he nuzzles the side of my neck and nips at my ear. Huskily he states, “all in due time.” He pulls away leaving me dizzy. “My room is down stairs. The door is off the living room under the stairs hidden within the bookcase. I like the idea of having my room’s door hidden in plain sight.”

“One of your modification over the years,” I question.

He nods his head yes. “I’ve also made the kitchen larger when I opened the wall between it and the dining room. Since I’m not big on entertaining the space was never used so I incorporated it into the kitchen instead.”

“Seems logical,” I tell him opening the door to my room.

Lucan stands there with his hands in his pockets looking unsure of himself. “Well I’ll let you look around a bit and start unloading the car. Want me to bring everything up here and once the movers get here we put everything in the garage till we figure out where you want it?”

I nod my head. “Sounds like a plan.”

As I’m taking one foot inside the room Lucan calls out to me, “if you and Hunter want to add or change anything in your rooms let me know and we can do some shopping tomorrow.” He pounders for a moment than adds, “actually I had already planned on shopping I wanted to make some changes to Hunter’s room. Right now the space is generic and I want him to have a room he loves. I want the both of you to feel at home here.”

“Thank you Lucan,” I tell him sliding over to kiss his cheek. Not sure why I did that, but the smile on his lips was well worth it. He nods his head and walks away.

I shut the door and fall back onto my new bed. As I glance around I realize this room is pretty generic too. The only furniture is a bed and a night stand. The walls are also bare. Not sure how much I can afford currently to furnish the room. Lucan paying for Hunter is one thing I don’t feel comfortable with him spending money on me. I may need to wait till after a get a couple of pay checks.

Standing I walk around the room and open the door in the room and discover a decent sized walk in closet. I laugh realizing the clothes I own will barely fill a fourth of the space. After a few paychecks I’ll ask the girls to go clothes shopping.

Money won’t be as tight since I won’t be paying for an apartment. I still plan on sitting down with Lucan and telling him I want to pay some rent. Remembering the size of the home I realize I won’t be able to cover half the mortgage, but I can still contribute something.

A knocking comes from the door and before I can say enter Hunter comes barging in. “Mom this place is amazing,” he exclaims jumping into the bed and bouncing in his seat.

I smile at his excitement and move to sit next to him. “Yes it is buddy,” I agree ruffling his hair.

“I can’t believe we get to live here! Sometimes I pinch myself because I’m afraid all of this is a dream.” Hunter rests his head against my side.

I wrap an arm around him tucking him against me. “No buddy this isn’t a dream. We live here now with your dad.” I catch Lucan standing in the door way with his back against the door frame and his arms crossed in front of his chest. He is watching us with contentment.

I send him a smile and he enters the room sitting on the other side of Hunter. “Your mom is right this isn’t a dream.” My breath catches in my throat hearing him refer to me as Hunter’s mom.

Lucan wraps an arm around the both of us and we end up in an awkward group hug till Hunter’s stomach grumbles.

“Food,” he asks.

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