My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 28 Part 1

This chapter isn’t completed, but I wanted to post something since it has been a long time since I have.

Lucan was able to get the movers to hustle unloading the boxes from the truck. I’m sure he promised them a hefty tip if they were able to unload quickly. My presence was in no way needed and when I realized I was more a hindrance than a help I stepped off to the side to watch.

When the movers were done Lucan walked over to them while I eye the pitiful pile of our belongings. Sure we left the bigger furniture behind and only brought our personal belongings. But all the boxes only took up a small portion of one corner in his garage. Won’t take me long to unpack them.

Lucan joins me in the garage and wraps his arms around me from behind. For a second I allow myself to pretend we were a couple moving in together and rest my back against his front.

He kisses the side of my neck. “We are all set. How about tomorrow we can sort and figure out what you want to put around the house and what you want to store in the basement storage area?”

My heart rate increases because of his openness to allowing me to move into his home and invade his personal space. Lucan has slowly been morphing back into the guy I had given myself too and the harsh Lucan nowhere to be seen. But he can always go back to acting like an ass I remind myself and step out of his arms.

Lucan’s expression falls, but he recovers quickly. “Ready to head out? I texted the guys and they are ready whenever we are.”

My stomach decided to let out a large grumble. I nod my head excited to see Tray and Mason again. “How much have you threaten Tray,” I ask him hiding a smile.

Lucan rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “Within an inch of his life. He will never be left alone with Hunter though. Especially when Hunter becomes a teenager. When I think about all the shit we did at that age I want to lock him in a dungeon. Add in the fact we are famous and everything is going to end in a disaster.”

A small laugh escapes past my lips envisioning Lucan trying to lock Hunter in a dungeon. We were standing in the laundry room, which connected the garage to the house. He stops abruptly causing me to bounce against his back and he spins around to face me. “Think my plan won’t work do you?”

I cover my mouth with my hands and shake my head no. “I don’t.”

Lucan narrows his eyes and pounces on me. He tickles me all over forcing me to fall to the ground with him looming above me. This is the position Hunter discovers us in. I cringe waiting for him to comment, but he shocks me by jumping in the fun and tickling me.

“I thought you were hungry,” I shriek at the two boys, but neither one pay me any attention and continue with their torture. Finally, they stop and I lay on the ground trying to catch my breath. Lucan and Hunter get off me and stand in the doorway both watching me with a similar expression.

“Kitten let’s go. Stop laying around,” Lucan tells me with a glint in his eye.

Hunter glances at Lucan and he sends him a wink. “Yeah mom let’s go,” Hunter adds. Then turning to Lucan states with a shake of his head. “Women.”

I raise by brow and scramble off the floor. “Women? Where did you hear that at,” I question him. He shrugs his shoulders and attempts to send Lucan a hidden wink, but is blatantly obvious. Lucan sends me a sheepish smile and shrugs his shoulders. Grand they two of them are already starting to gain up on me.

I brush past the two of them into the house, grab my bag and wait by the front door. Hunter is the first to join me and then Lucan. “Don’t be mad kitten,” he whispers against my ear causing shivers through out my body from his warm breath.

When I turn my chin to glare at him I discover how close he was to me. Lucan sends me a cocky smile kisses my noses and step away. I rub at my nose to erase the feeling of his lips on my skin, but am unable too. Hunter nudges me and I stumble out the door. Lucan locks the house and we head to his car.

Lucan and Hunter banter back and forth as we drive to the restaurant. I remain silent in the front seat having nothing to add to the conversation. Neither one seems to notice my lack of interest in their conversation.

Hunter asks Lucan’s questions about the different places we pass and Lucan either answers them or promises to bring him there. Only when the conversation turns to school do I tune in.

“When am I going back to school,” Hunter wants to know.

Lucan turns to me as though I hold the answers, but according to the state of Tennessee he is the one in control and in all the craziness I never researched a school for Hunter. Plus I wasn’t sure how the whole my dad is a rockstar thing was going work for him to be in a public school.

“Your mom and I are still trying to figure all of that out. Finding a school for is tricky because…”

“Your famous,” Hunter finishes for him.

“Exactly,” Lucan explains pulling up in front of The Hideout.

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