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Chapter 28 Part 2

Sorry I’ve been MIA. On top of everything going on I also suffer from seasonal depression. Finding the motivation to do anything is difficult. I thought this year it might not set in because usually it hits right after the holidays, but this year it came later and with a vengeance. We also got a Doberman puppy (will I should say a Doberman piranha my hands are so beat him from him. we are trying to get him to stop chewing on hands). He was born January 1. Right now he is throwing a full blow tantrum because he is in his kennel for the night. Never thought something so little could be so mad. Well fingers crossed I can get back into the swing of writing. Thank you for the understanding being sent my way. Heart everyone!

Tray and Mason are standing outside the restaurant when Lucan parks the car. Both of them are bouncing in place, but restraining themselves from descending upon us. Lucan shuts the car off and turns in his seat to face Hunter.

“You ready bud…” Lucan stops himself from using my nickname for Hunter and ends up stumbling over his name instead. “Hunter?”

Hunter bites his lip nervously and glances around my seat to eye his new uncles. A smile grows and he nods his head. “Yes,” he exclaims unbuckling his seat belt and bouncing in his seat.

Lucan reaches over and squeezes my hand. The gesture was more for him than for me. Hunter meeting Tray and Mason was a big deal. I only wish Dimitri was here as well and the one band member I have yet to meet. Though maybe having Hunter meet them in small groupings would be better for him.

I return his gesture and he send me a grateful smile. He shocks me when he stretches across the car to kiss my cheek causing my face to heat. Lucan exits the car without waiting for my reaction. He walks around opens by door first and then Hunter’s.

The two of them quietly whisper between each other. Hunter smiles as he takes Lucan’s hand. I trail behind them not wanting to interrupt this moment. Hunter grips onto Lucan’s hand tighter with each step they take towards Tray and Mason. Lucan step before them and Hunter raises his head to stare them down.

“Tray. Mason.” Lucan says gruffly. “I would like to introduce you to my son,” he voice breaks over saying the word son, “Hunter.” Hunter smiles shyly at the two rockers. “Hunter these are two of your uncles.”

Tray bends down to Hunter’s eyes level and holds out his hand. “I’m your uncle Tray.” Hunter extends his hand and they shake.

Mason hunches over as well and with hidden tears in his eyes states, “and I’m your uncle Mason.” Instead of a handshake Mason pulls Hunter in for a hug.

Any lingering tension breaks the second we enter the restaurant and Grandma Rose gets her hands on Hunter. She leads us to a table and while we sit she drags Hunter all around the restaurant bragging to anyone and everyone how she has a new grandson. Hunter soaks up all the attention. The only other Grandma figure he had was my college professor.

Lucan watches the pair closely only dragging his eyes away when Tray makes a comment. “He looks just like you. The similarities are uncanny,” he states in awe.

“Tell me about it. I almost had a heart attack when I saw him in person,” Lucan says returning to running his eyes around the restaurant. He freezes and his gaze turns icy. Lucan throws and arm along the back of my chair and scoots me in closer to him.

I raise my brow and follow his line of sight discovering an older male at another table watching me with too much interest. Lucan’s icy gaze draws the man’s attention off of me and onto him. One would think Lucan’s gaze would cause the man to look away with a quickness, but not this man. Instead he tips his head in Lucan’s direction and takes a drink of his water. The smile on his lips cause a shiver to run down my spine and I position myself closer to Lucan.

Sensing my unease, he tucks me into his shoulder. After Joe’s threat any one excipiting odd behavior has be on edge. This man could be one of the spies Joe was hinting at. Mason and Tray pick up on our change in demeanor and they too send glares in the man the direction. His eyes shift between the three guys and a frown forms on his lips. He finishes his meal and drops a couple hundred dollars on the table before walking out.

Tray leans back in his chair and watches the two of. “Care to explain what all of that was about,” he asks nodding in the direction the man had left.

Grandma Rose returns Hunter to our table and shakes his head no while nodding in Hunter’s direction. “Not here.”

Tray nods his head in understanding and changes the conversation. “So Hunter how old are you?”

“Six,” he answers claiming the seat next to me.

“Six,” Tray mutters and I can hear him muttering number under his breath. “Twelve and fifteen,” he says with a pout.

“Twelve and fifteen what,” Lucan questions while rubbing the back of my neck.

Tray rolls his eyes. “Twelve years till he’s eighteen and legally you can’t tell him what to do.” Lucan raises his eyebrow at Tray’s words. “Fifteen years till he’s twenty-one.” Tray thinks to himself for a moment than adds. “But because of who we are no place is going to question him drinking with us so him not being twenty-one won’t be a problem.”

“Tray,” Lucan scorns. “Stop those train of thoughts right now. I’m warning you. In fact there are going to have to be some changes around here.”

Tray rolls his eyes in response. “Can you turn off the dad act for one second?” They both glance towards Hunter and Tray adds. “Guess not.”

“Fuck,” Mason says then turns a sheepish remembering Hunter was at the table. “Sorry,” he mutters. “Life really is about to change for all of us. And I’m not only talking about the late nights of going out. Currently we aren’t on tour, but what is going to happen when we have to go on tour?”

Lucan grows quite while he is deep in thought. I too had forgotten about that side of his life because we haven’t really had to deal with any of it. While he was staying with me he went incognito and when we did go out he made sure none of the public would be around. Neither Hunter or myself have had to truly deal with the fact he is famous. How are we going to navigate through all of it?

A voice I didn’t expect to say anything about this speaks. “Every parent has to work. Mom worked jobs she didn’t want to and long hours. Dad’s job just keeps him away for a little while.” Hunter states this so nonchalantly my mouth almost falls open.

“Are you sure he’s six,” Tray whispers to Lucan, who was only able to nod his head. Hunter goes back to playing with his gaming system as though he never said anything to shock the adults.

“If the similarities in appearance didn’t scream to the world he was yours Lucan his deep insight would,” Mason adds.

“Normally the thoughts that come out of him don’t surprise me anymore because I’m use to him, but this I was not expecting. Hunter picks up on more than you think he does.” I give him a side hug and he pushed my away complaining I got him killed. “He’s also good at reading people.”

“Great another Lucan in the group,” Tray complains resting his elbows on the table. “I was hoping I might have been able to wiggle in and make a mini me since I never plan on having kids.” Neither Lucan or Mason seem shocked over Tray expressing never wanting to have kids. Then again with his behavior I can only imagine the trouble he would get into. “But seems even without out you around he still acts like you.”

Lucan slaps Tray on the shoulder. “I never really thought too hard about having kids. As you both know my childhood wasn’t traditional. Nor anyway of how I would want to raise Hunter.”

I tilt my head slightly to the side to study him hoping he would go a little deeper into about his past. I’ve told him majority of mine and I’ve been dying to learn more about him.

“None of us come from what would be deemed traditional. The only one close would be Dimitri.” Mason reminds them.

“Yeah,” Tray agrees. “But even he had his struggles. I’ve seen how messed up we can be because of our pasts and I don’t want to continue the cycle.”

No longer able to keep quite I butt in. “Then don’t.” All three heads turn to stare at me. “Just because your parents made the choices they did doesn’t mean you are going to. You can break the cycle.”

“You’re not wrong,” Tray tells me. “But at the end of the day I don’t see myself has being someone’s dad. Now him,” he says pointing at Lucan, “I can’t see him not being someone’s dad.”

“I was on the fence about wanting kids or not,” he says quietly then glancing over the make sure Hunter wasn’t listening. “But now I can’t imagine life without Hunter and hope to one day give him siblings.” I catch Lucan eyeing me from the corner of his eyes when he mentions wanting more kids and I keep my face blank.

The thought of having children with Lucan oddly doesn’t terrorize me as much I thought it would. But before we can travel down that road we need to figure out if we work as a couple. Also I need to make sure a life with him is what I want.

Grandma Rose returns to the table and takes our order. The rest of dinner continues without any mishap. Tray keeps himself in line and only earns himself a few glares from Lucan when he skirts around certain topics.

We finish eating and as we are leaving I overhear Tray and Mason attempting to convince Lucan to go out on the town with them. Lucan remains steadfast in his decision to return home for the night to which I was thankful. The thought of him out on the town settles heavy in my stomach.

Butterflies flutter from within when he places his hand on my back to guide me from the restaurant. Grandma Rose meets us at the door and insists on getting hugs from her newest grandson and me. Mason, Tray and Lucan fake being hurt by all the attention Hunter and I are getting from her too which she laughs them off.

Hunter falls asleep in the car on the way home even though it’s not that late out. All the excitement of the day had caught up to him. I too cover a yawn feeling the drain of the day.

When we reach the house Lucan carries him up to his bed since no matter what either of us try doing Hunter won’t wake. We enter the room and I pull the blankets back as Lucan lays him on the bed. On the trip through the house we both decide not to fight with getting him to change his clothes.

I stand back and watch while Lucan whispers to him and a small smile forms on his face. He snuggles down into his bad and once again he is fast asleep. Lucan steps to the side so I can kiss Hunter’s forehead goodnight. We exit the bedroom.

While standing outside of Hunter’s room Lucan says, “go change into something comfortable and meet me in the kitchen.” I raise my brow at his demand and cross my arms. Lucan rolls his eyes. “Thought you wanted to hear my story.”

Before he can even take a step I’m dashing to my room to change. No way in hell am I going to give him any time to rethink sharing his past with me.

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