My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 29

In no time at all I was dashing back down the stairs in a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. The lights were turned off and a few candles were spread though out the room. The light from the candles dance around the room casting a warm glow.

Lucan was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and a glass of a darker liquid on the coffee table. He had his head in his hands and was muttering under his breath as I take a seat on the couch next to him.

My arm accidently brushes against him and startles him. He removes his hands from his face and watches me with guarded eyes. This was one of the first times I have seen Lucan so unsure of himself. Whatever is lurking in his past must be bad.

“Sorry,” I murmur inching away from him wanting to give him some space, but Lucan has other ideas. He gathers me in his arms against his side. I don’t fight him.

“Hope you don’t mind the lights being off and the candles.” I shake my head no against his chest. “I’ve also found it easier to talk freely when the lights are off.”

“I also see you took the liberty of pouring us something to drink,” I state into his shoulder.

His chuckle vibrates through his chest against my cheek. “More for me than you. If you noticed my glass has something stronger than yours.”

“I did,” I tell him snuggle against him. We both lapse into a silence while I wait for him to start. As much as I want to hear his story I don’t want to rush him. If he was to change his mind about telling me I would be disappointed, but I would also understand. Sharing one’s past is never easy.

He kisses the top of my head. “I don’t usually talk about my past. The people who need to know lived through it with me and so there isn’t much to say. The last time I had this conversation was with Aubree when my father tried to push his way back into my life. I felt she had a right to be informed because she was dealing with him.” He says him with so much venom in his voice a shiver runs down my spine.

“Just because I shared pieces with you doesn’t mean you have to do the same,” I reassure him. “I haven’t shared everything with you either. Only the reader’s digest version.”

He shrugs his shoulders. “In time I hope you will trust me enough to share everything with me, but with how our relationship’s been I understand why you haven’t. One of the main reasons I’m sharing this with you is because with everything going on I’m going to have Aubree reach out to him and before she does you need to know.”

“Okay,” I tell him trying to sit up, but am stopped when his arms tighten around me.

He stares at the blank television and begins his story. “My parents were never married. According to my mother the day she found out she was pregnant was the best and worst day of her life. My father was never the kindest to her if you catch my drift. He never laid a hand on her, but words can hurt just as much. If not more.”

Reminders of my own past and how there were times I wish my mother would hit me instead of the insults she used to spew fills my head. He’s not wrong because with physical pain it can be over and done with whereas emotional not so much. The physical pain heals, but emotional can run deep.

He sighs. “She waited a week to tell him she was pregnant. Dad was in the military and was quickly working his way through the ranks. All he talked about was having a boy and having him follow in his footsteps. Which at this point terrified my mother because she had overheard a conversation or two my father had with his higher ups.”

He pauses for a moment to reach for his glass off the table. When he struggles to grab it because he refused to let me go I end up handing him the glass and grabbing my own. We each take a drink.

“Seems my father was involved with some shady shit in the army and had worked his way into a department well hidden within the military. Hearing all of this my mother prayed she was going to have a girl.”

My heart cringes for Lucan knowing his own mother was hoping he would have been a girl instead. Couldn’t have been easy learning this from your own mother.

“Luck was on her side because the day before she was going to the doctor for a checkup and to find the gender of her baby dad was called away for some mission. He wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks and she wouldn’t be able to reach him.”

He takes another gulp from his drink and holds the glass at eye sight. “Seems I’m going to need a refill sooner than I thought. Anyways, she went to the doctor and learned she was going to have boy, obviously. She had two weeks to figure out what she was going to do. When my father came home the first words out of his mouth to know the gender of the baby. The words it’s a girl flew out of her mouth without any thought.”

For two weeks his poor mother was terrified of how she was going to protect her baby. I can’t blame her for lying about the gender to protect him. Lucan’s father doesn’t sound like a good man wonder why he wants to get him involved in our problems. She must have protected Lucan though because at his core he is a good man. I wish I could go back in time and reassure her all will be well.

“How did your father react,” I ask him.

He stares down into my eyes and brushes the hair from my forehead. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispers. A blush floods my cheeks making me grateful for the darkness. I fight the urge to hide my face into his chest having the darkness give me some confidence.

“Thank you,” I tell him and knock my side against his. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

He smiles down at me. “You calling me beautiful,” he teases.

I roll my eyes at him and pull away from him so I can glare at him. “Don’t start you know perfectly well what I mean.” My glare disappears when I see the heat in his eyes and find my breath quickening.

His gaze shifts to my lips and he slowly lowers his lips towards mine then I open my big mouth. His lips were only a breath away from mine. “What happened next?”

Lucan sits back into the couch and runs his hands through his hair. “He didn’t respond well. In fact, he abandoned my mother and their unborn child. Life wasn’t easy for the two of us. She worked any job she could find, but always kept a roof over our heads and food on the table.”

Their situation reminded me of Hunter and my own situation. I too worked hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Also dealt with Emma popping in and out of our lives.

As though reading my mind Lucan states. “You remind me of her in that regard, how you did everything you could to make sure Hunter was taken care of.” Hunter and Lucan’s lives aren’t as different as I thought they would be. Like Hunter Lucan comes from a humble background. Almost unnerving how similar their childhoods are.

“You two really aren’t that different.” I state. Lucan nods his head in agreement. “Now I understand why you never looked down on me.”

He hugs me tighter. “Never,” he discloses. “The fame and money came later for me. Till the day we got signed me and the guys were always trying to figure out where our next meal was going to come from. We put everything into the band, which didn’t leave much room for anything else.”

“Lucan Tayler you aren’t at all what I expected you to be,” I reveal.

He tilts his head to the side. “I know I didn’t exactly treat you well the morning after… and a few other times. But what do you mean?” He asks sounding genuinely curious of my answer.

“You know…” I trail off.

“No I don’t hence why I’m asking,” he remarks.

He’s going to make me say my thoughts out loud. “Going off our encounter the morning after I thought you were a heartless asshole. Then finding out how famous you are I formed the same conclusions I’m sure others do.”

He removes the hair tie from my hair and runs his fingers through the loosen strands. “I don’t blame you.” He takes my chin between his fingers and forces me to gaze into his eyes. “I was beyond an ass to you and never felt so low of myself when I learned of everything you did for Hunter.”

“You’re not the only one to blame I can have a bit of a temper and you seem to be able to push all my buttons.” Lucan lets out a belly aching laugh and I glance up to make sure Hunter was awakened by it.

“Good to know because you push mine as well. Normally I’m the one in the group, other than Aubree, who is able to keep their cool. But you Kitten bring out a different side of me at times.” I smile proud of myself being able to shake him up and keep him on his toes.

I pull away from his fingers and a frown forms on his lips, but I only pulled away so I could snuggle closer to him. Realizing what I was doing he repositions me so I’m sitting sidewise along his lap. He wraps his arms around my hips and I wrap mine around him. We cling to one another.

The sensation of feeling safe overwhelms me. Lucan makes me feel safe. New feelings rush through me and my inner walls tremble from the onslaught. His actions continue to pound on my walls breaking them down piece by piece. Another part of my body awakens begging me to allow Lucan to cool down the heat.

One of his hands travels up my bare back to rest against my lower back. My body on its own moves so I’m straddling him. “Kinsley,” Lucan asks carefully. Not wanting to over think any of this I trail my fingers down the side of his face and he cups the side of my face with his other hand. A strong desire to kiss him flares inside of me.

Our lips touch and a warmth starts from my lips, travels through my body and settles between my legs. I grind myself against him and feel his erection pressing against me. “My tale isn’t done,” he sighs between our kisses. My bodies desire over runs my desire to lean of his past.

“Later,” I counter wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my chest into his.

“Later,” he groans into my mouth digging his hands into my ass.

The kiss deepens and we twirl our tongues against each other. He pushes at my hoodie and the cool air kisses my bareback. “Off,” he mutters as we kiss.

Fear of Hunter walking in on us has me pausing, but he reads my reaction wrong. “We can stop if you want to.”

I shake my head no. “That’s not why I stopped.” I turn in his lap to glance up at Hunter’s room. “Hunter,” I remind him, “could easily walk in on us.”

Lucan’s darken eyes meet mine and he licks his lips. Gently he removes me from his lap and sets me on the couch. He finishes the remaining liquid in his glass and I look down at my mostly untouched glass. No claiming the wine is fueling my reaction.

He stands from the couch offering me his hand. No words are exchanged between us while he patiently waits for my response. I can either take his hand and lose myself in him or I can deny the sexual heat flaring between us.

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