My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 30

Lucan’s stance never wavers as I decide on what I want to do. He continues to remain standing calmly and patiently letting the decision be entirely mine. Nor does he try to sway me one way or the other.

My head, heart and body are all on the same page the decision already being made for me long before he silently asked. With a slight tremble to my hand I reach for his. Lucan takes my hand a pulls me to my feet causing my chest to bump against his.

He stares down with me with such adoration my heart beats out of my chest. “Are you sure,” he asks.

All I need to do is nod my head and he dragging me to the bedroom. My giggles can be heard in our wake. He wants to leave no room for me to change my mind since he didn’t know changing my mind was not on the table.

We stumble through his door tripping over each other’s feet. My eyes roam his personal space. There is a king size bed in the middle along the back wall with a dark wood headboard and footboard. He has one tall and one short dresser made of the same wood gracing one side of the room. There are two doors next to each other, which I assume one is the closet and the other the bathroom.

There are a few nature pictures on his walls, but like the rest of the house there aren’t many personal pictures. He has a few of him and the guys in the house, but none of his family. As I move farther into the room I notice there is a picture on one of the night stands.

The picture is of a younger Lucan and a woman who could be none other than his mother. I pick the picture up from the table and run my fingers over the glass. Lucan moves so he is standing behind me and looks down at the picture in my hands.

“My mom,” he states taking the picture and staring at her with such love in his eyes reminding me of how he stares at Hunter.

“She’s beautiful,” I tell him softly placing a hand on his arm.

He smiles a soft smile and as he returns the picture to the nightstand says, “was she was beautiful.”

I bit my lip to prevent myself from asking him more on the matter figuring this would be part of the later he was eluding to earlier. A sadness flirts in his eyes, but all the heat returns when he turns his gaze on me.

My body heats under his watchful eyes to the point I fear I’m going up in flames. Without a word he reaches for me and gathers me in his arms. I melt against him craving to feel his skin touching mine. Lucan must be of the same thoughts because he reaches down and removes the hoodie I was wearing exposing my red tank top.

In my haste earlier I had decided against wearing a bra so now my harden nipples press against the worn fabric. Lucan’s nostrils flare at the sight and he gazes a thumb against the hardened nub provoking a moan from my lips. Not sure how I’m ever going to be able to allow another man to touch me after experiencing Lucan.

Never taking his eyes from mine he lowers his mouth and through the fabric takes one of my nipples into his mouth transporting me to a world of pleasure. My only wish was there was no fabric between me and his wonderful mouth. I could feel he was there sucking and tonguing me, but due to my tank top I wasn’t getting the full sensation. He was teasing me with a taste of what he is capable of.

I mew and beg for him to remove the road block, but he refuses and never stops from his onslaught. Only when I sag against him due to my legs giving out does he lift me. I wrap my legs around him and press my core against his awaken member. My fingers grip into his hair and he continues to torture me though the fabric of my tank top.

“Please,” I sob needing his mouth on me. He removes his mouth to smile up at me pleased with himself.

“Is my Kitten wanting something more,” he presses. I nod my head. “Words Kitten. Use your words. Tell me exactly what you are craving. What your body is desiring.”

Without any embarrassment I share with him what I’m needing. “Your mouth on my bare skin.”

“Why didn’t you say so in the first place,” he teases removing my tank top. I glare at him as he pulls the clothing over my head and his eyes respond with amusement. The turd nugget knows exactly what he is doing.

He chuckles against me neck as I dig my claws into his shoulders expressing me displeasure over his words. Being called Kitten all the time must be going to my head. My grip loosens with every kiss he lays along my neck and collar bone.

When I’m no longer digging my nails into him he drops me on to the bed. I bounce a few time till my body settles on the mattress. Lucan’s eyes closely watch my bouncing breasts. Trying to appear sexy I prop myself up on my elbows pushing my chest up in the process.

His eyes dance with merriment over my attempts. We lose eye contact for a second as he pulls his shirt over his head exposing his bare chest to my greedy eyes. He’s well-built and I can tell he works out even though I have yet to see him do anything more than go for the occasional run. I glance down at my slightly flabby stomach and decide I should join him when he goes running.

“How do you stay so built? I’ve never seen you work out.” I ask him.

“Remind me tomorrow to give you a tour of the basement. Lately I’ve been working out after you’ve gone to bed.” He explains walking closer to me.

“How come,” I question him.

He eyes me as though he is in disbelief I don’t already know the answer. I raise a brow in response. He lets out a whoosh of air and shakes his head. “Since we are being all honest tonight I’ll share the why. But after I’m done talking I have other plans for my mouth and yours.” He turns off the bedroom lights.

I swallow the lump in my throat over hearing his words and squeeze my legs together in an attempt to control the burning desire between them. My inner core doing back flips remember all the things he can do with his mouth.

He sits on the end of the bed with crossed legs. I mimic his position so we are facing each other. The curtains on the windows are pulled back and the light from the moon and outside lights dimly illuminate the room causing me to have a difficult time with reading his eyes.

“Kinsley,” he states softly, “you have me all tied up in knots, which is not something I’m used to. I’m used to always being in control and in charge, but with you… you challenge me every step of the way.”

“Are you implying me challenging you is a bad thing,” I smirk.

Lucan reaches out and cups one of my breasts in his hand. I lean into his touch. “Not at all Kitten. For the most part the guys don’t challenge where I lead. But…”

“I do,” I finish for him.

He smiles, “that you do Kitten. And maybe the reason none of my other relationships worked was because the women never challenged me. They would simply do whatever I dictated. After watching Dimitri and Ryder fall I’ve learned you need someone who’s not going to roll over for you, but instead stand toe to toe. Someone who is going to help you grow. But with my…”

“Difficult personality,” I interject smiling sweetly.

He pinches my nipple to show his dislike of my word choice. “I was going to say take charge attitude and choice in women I’ve yet to find what I’ve been seeking without even realizing.”

Since he’s being so honest I decide to return the favor, at least to a certain point. “And you tend to get me to stand up more for myself. To not allow others to push me around.”

“Let’s not forget you tend to be snarkier towards me,” Lucan states rolling one of my nipples between his fingers.

I pull away from his touch and swear I hear a growl emanate from him. He stalks towards me by crawling across the bed. My escape is halted when my back hits the headboard and a grin forms across his lips. He continues crawling till he is looming above me.

One of my hands press against his chest in an attempt to halt him, but my plan backfires the second I make contact with his chest. A heat moves from my hand and through my body settling between my legs. Lucan has one arm braced on either side of me. I slowly slide downwards till Lucan moves his hands to dig into my hip stopping me.

Not sure who made the first move, but soon we are once again kissing putting a pause to our conversation. He leaves my lips to travel down my neck and between my breasts, where he lavishes both with the attention they were craving earlier. His tongue twirls and presses against first one nipple and then the other provoking a loud moan from me.

He nips at my nipple then runs his tongue over the sensitive skin to soothe the sting. I remove my hand from his chest to rank my nails all over his back. I’m pretty sure I’ve done some damage to his skin, but Lucan seems to not mind if the grunts of pleasure are any indication.

“I could spend a week toying with your chest,” he confesses against one of my breasts. “Let me take you on a real date.” I press myself against him. “Better make it a weekend getaway instead.”

“And what about Hunter,” I remind him chuckling. “We can’t leave him to fend for himself.”

“Nor bring him with us. Can’t have him road blocking the plans I have for you.” His brows furrow as he problem solves. “Once Aubree and Skylar return we can ask them if either of them could keep him for a weekend. No way in hell am I leaving him with Tray and Mason.”

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him up for a kiss. “Why not,” I taunt, “they keep bragging of all the things they would be able to teach him if given the chance.”

Lucan’s eyes narrow and he starts to tickle me. “No way in hell are we leaving him with them.” My heart melts when he uses the word we instead of him making me feel like I really am a part of this family.

My excitement disappears realizing with our plans Aubree and Skylar would know about us and whatever this was we were doing. I’m not ready to call this a relationship especially since I want to see if there is anything else out there. I don’t want to be one of those girls who settle for the first man to cross their path. Since I never dated I haven’t had a chance to see what else the world has to over.

My eyes roam over Lucan, but then again none of the males I’ve ever met measure up to him. Yet, Lucan and I fight constantly and even though according to him he enjoys the banter I’m not so sure we would be able to make a relationship work. For now, I want to keep this between Lucan and me.

I sigh. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t want anyone else knowing about us.”

His eyes harden. “Fine,” he says in a cold tone. “For now,” he adds.

“I just don’t want them thinking ill of me for wanting to date other guys when I’m sleeping with you.” He grits his teeth tighter with each word I speak. “Also if we realize this won’t work between us I don’t want there to be any awkwardness.”

Lucan takes my chin between his thumb and forefinger forcing me to stare at him. “If you continue to sprout such negativity I can guarantee a relationship won’t work. But once you figure out how great we are together everyone will be informed of our relationship status.”

I study his eyes and all I can see is strong belief in what he is saying to be fact to the point he almost has me believing him. He is so sure of us already. How can he be so sure?

“Because I’ve been around a time or two and have no doubt nothing out there can compare to you.” My eyes widen with realization I had spoken my thoughts out loud.

“I wish I could be as sure as you seem to be,” I confess softly. Tears spring into my eyes, but I blink them away. I hate hurting him, but he has a right to understand where my head is at.

He smooths the hair from my face and kisses my nose. “Shh Kitten don’t worry we will figure this out together.”

No longer wanting to play confession hour I say, “thought you said once you finished telling me the why you had other plans for your mouth and mine.” Lucan takes the bait and kisses me.

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