My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 30

He reaches down and tugs on my sweatpants. I lift my hips so he can slide them off easier. Once they are gone I unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans, but struggle removing the tight jeans from his toned legs. Lucan stands from the bed to remove them and I miss his body heat above me.

Lucan doesn’t return to his original position above me instead he walks into his closet and returns carrying a small black bag. He sets the bag on the edge of the bed.

“Want to try something new,” he asks me.

Since I trust him with my body I decide to explore whatever he has in mind. “Okay,” I say with a slight tremor. Just because I trust him I’m still slightly nervous about anything we do. I’m so inexperienced compared to him.

The tremor in my voice triggers his concern. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he reassures me causing my heart to melt.

In a firmer voice I return with, “no I want to,” but then my voice’s volume dips. “Its just…”

His eyes soften as he sits on the edge of the bed and rubs my feet. I moan at the wonderful relaxing sensation he was provoking. “Just want Kitten,” he presses me. I sigh embarrassed over my concerns. “Kitten out with whatever is on your mind because I will get answers.”

“Its just,” I start again but my voice dips, “you have way more experience than me. Hell you’re the only guy of done any of the stuff with.” I was proud of myself over being open and honest with him.

Lucan smiles a bright warm smile. “All practice Kitten. They were only practice to prepare me for you. So I would be able to make up for your lack of experience.” He stands from the bed to kneel at the end and pull me so my legs are dangling off the edge.

“Sounds to me this so called practice is due more to the fact you couldn’t keep it in your pants.” I tell him propping myself up on my elbows.

He smirks and kisses my inner thigh. “Maybe so, but we both will still benefit from everything I’ve learned.”

“And let me guess you’re excited to be the one to teach me.”

“Of course. What guy doesn’t like to be the first? Now enough talking,” he demands. A buzzing sound fills the room and he runs the vibrator up my inner leg. “Remember you can tell me to stop at any time.”

He continues to slide the vibrator along my leg till he was near the part of my body dripping wet for his touch. My legs part seeking the release only he would be able to grant me. The vibrator touches my outer lips and I almost jump off the bed. He continues to run the vibrator around me core, but never touching my clit.

“Lucan,” I plead. “Please.”

He smiles against my leg. “What wrong Kitten? Am I torturing you how you torture me by breathing?”

My eyes flare with desire. “Yes,” I moan.

“Good,” he states slipping the vibrator inside of me. My inner walls clench down around the toy as he slides it in and out of my body. Right as I think I couldn’t feel any better his tongue glides over my clit and I scream his name.

Lucan continues to pull the vibrator in and out of my body mimicking the movement I wish his dick was doing instead. But his mouth on me made up for the lack of dick inside of me. Not too much longer and I was coming undone. My legs continue to quiver even after I returned to reality.

“Enjoy that did you,” he says pleased with himself. I roll me eyes and refuse to answer him not wanting to stroke his ego. “Kitten,” he says in a threatening tone. The vibrator falls to the ground with a thud and he moves to cover my body with his one. His cock straining against his boxers and pressing against my opening. “Answer me or I would give you the main event.”

I roll my eyes. “Threatening me now?” I tease.

“Never,” he responds running his nose along my neck. “Only making promises.” I shove a laughing Lucan off me and end up straddling him when he pulls me with him. “I’m down for this position if you are,” he says wiggeling his eyebrow.

The snarky comeback on the tip of my tongue flees the second I place my hands on his bare chest to balance myself. His eyes darken at the contact. “Only if you show me how,” I tell him.

“Always,” he whisper leaning forward and wrapping a hand in my hair to pull me down for a kiss. Not sure what voodoo he did, but by the end of the kiss his boxers are off and he’s pressing against my outer lips.

“Condom,” I moan as he rubs himself up and down my.

Lucan reaches over to the night stand, opens the drawer and pulls out a condom. He has me lift slightly so he can sheath himself with the protection. As soon as he is done he is gliding my inner core around him. He moves me at a slow torturous pace, but my body is grateful for the time to adjust to his size. Sex is still new for my body.

Once he is all the way in he guides my hips in a rocking motion. “Once they get back with the horses I’m going to have Skylar teach you to ride. Dimitri keeps bragging about how good sex is with Skylar due to her riding horses.”

I roll my eyes. “What,” he asks.

“Nothing,” I tell him continuing to follow the pace he was setting.

All words leave us as our body work to reach the endgame. Lucan grips tightly onto hips as he pounds into me from underneath. My inner coil continues to tighten with his press of him inside of me till I’m no longer able to hold on and I come undone on top of him. Not long after my own climax started Lucan is yelling my name.

I fall spent on top of him. Lucan lazily runs his finger up and down my cooling back. “Wow,” he whispers against me ear.

“Wow,” I repeat. Thinking I was getting to heavy for him I roll off him giving him my back. Lucan takes the opportunity to roll to his side and gather me in his arms.

“I can’t fall asleep here,” I yawn.

Lucan kisses the back of my neck. “But you can,” he tells me.

I turn my head so I can look at him. “I can’t,” I insist. A sadness enters Lucan’s eyes. Not wanting him to think I don’t want to stay because of him I add, “I don’t want Hunter to see me exiting your room in the morning.”

He kisses me bare shoulder. “Of course.”

I snuggle into him and take his arm wrapping it more tightly around me. He links our fingers and I bring his hand to my lips for a kiss. “I could get use to this,” I admit out loud to the both of us.

“Then don’t see other men,” Lucan says dryly.

“Lucan we talked about this,” I remind him.

He rolls over onto his back and covers his face with his arm. I turn to my other side so I could see him. I try to lift his arm, but he won’t budge. “Lucan,” I state.

“What,” he mumbles into his arm.

“Like I said we talked about this already. I’ve never had a chance to do normal things and now I have that chance. I can see what more the word has to offer.”

He pulls his arm away slightly. “Kinsley I can offer you the world.” Lucan isn’t wrong with his money and power he could do just that. We are good together, but another inner worry rises over how once before I thought highly of him only to have him turning on me without warning. I refuse to be in a relationship were I feel the need to tip toe around the person I’m with for fear of setting him off.

“Lucan,” I try again, but what I was originally going to say gets stuck in my throat. I wasn’t lying to him when I said I wanted to see what else is out there, but some of my reasons is also because I fear him reverting back to the other Lucan. He wants an open and honest relationship between us and we are making strides in that direction.

He removes his arm and I see such a haunting look in his eyes my heart physically hurts. “I told you I would let you date and I won’t go back on my word.”

“Thank you, but,” I say biting my lip.

“No buts Kitten,” he explains cupping the side of my face.

I glance away from him not able to stare into his eyes while as I speak. “I’m scared you’re going to snap at me like you did before.”

His eyebrows furor deep in thought and he sits up in bed pulling me against him. “I knew this conversation would happen at some point, but this is not exactly how I envisioned having this conversation with you.”

I shrug my shoulders. “Since when has anything gone the way you wanted since I came into your life.”

He pokes my nose. “True, but you are here in my house, but more importantly in my bed.”

I link our fingers together and he rests our linked hands on his chest. “If you want this relationship to grow you have to help me understand why you switched on me. Please I deserve to know.”

He nods his head. “You’re right you deserve to know what set me off. When I first saw the messages on your phone I was insanely jealous with thoughts of you being with someone else.”

“You shouldn’t have gone through my phone,” I remind him pinching his arm.

“Ouch,” he yells rubbing his arm. “Thought we were over that part of events.” I narrow my eyes at him. “Guess not. But if you want to hear the rest of this you better stop.”

“Fine,” I mumble rolling my eyes.

He laughs at my childishness. “After the thought of you being with someone else passed the thought of you cheating on them with me took hold and all I could see was red. Wouldn’t be the first time I slept with someone in a relationship. Long in my past,” he pauses for a moment to rub the back of his neck, “I hate to admit this, but I don’t want walls between us, I didn’t use to care if they were in a relationship or not. Them having a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife never stopped me. As long as I could find my release between their legs was all I cared about.”

I never would have expected that from Lucan. I bite my tongue hard to prevent myself from say anything about his discloser.

“One day Aubree was going through social media making sure one of our nightly actives weren’t be written about she came across a new article. The article talked about how a man ended up committing suicide due to his wife cheating on him with a member of Steel Wolf. How she continuously compared him to them and not in his favor. I guess the man suffered from mental illness as well and there were other factors.”

Lucan wipes at his eyes. “Someone committing suicide due to a part I played brought up old wounds. You see Mason’s sister Kelly committed suicide.” He holds up a hand. “And before you even ask the answer is no. I won’t go into details over the why and please don’t go asking Mason.”

My heart swoons over the loyalty Lucan has for the guys in the band. He could have spilled Mason’s past without Mason knowing, but instead he only told me what I needed to know in order to understand his actions.

I pat his chest. “I wasn’t going to ask. When Mason wants me to know he can tell me till then I’ll keep this bit of information to myself.”

“Thank you,” he says kissing the top of my head. “Even if the article was fake the thought of that happening left a bitter taste in mouth and I made a promised to myself I would never blur those lines again.”

“Did you ever research to see of the article was fake,” I ask him.

He shakes his head. “No I didn’t for my own sanity. So you see I snapped at you that morning because those messages brought me back to that moment. Then with me already pissed you casually throw in how I might me a father and I turned into a feral animal trapped in a corner.”

“In my defense I never planned to throw that tidbit of information out like that. All night I was worried over telling how Hunter might be your son and that’s why I never mentioned him.”

“How did you plan on telling me,” Lucan asks gently.

“Honestly I don’t know, but I knew I had to tell you soon since the clock was ticking over finding well you. I was in rough spot with Pam fighting for custody. So with everything going on I was going to tell you of the possibility before I left for back home.”

“I’m sorry I exploded on you instead of keeping my cool. I don’t normally have a temper. The guys can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve exploded. I’ve always played the father role to the group and because of that I’ve always needed to be the one to keep it together.”

“Was the women the person Aubree was hinting at the day of court?”

“No, but she’s a story for another day. But thoughts of her betrayal didn’t help my reactions either.” He says with such ice. His eyes clear and my Lucan returns. “Those days you had such a knack for provoking such angry from me I simply responded without thought.”

I laugh, “Lucan those days aren’t so far back.”

He joins in my laughter. “Guess not,” he agrees. “But with everything we have gone through they seem so much longer ago.”

“Now you have a story to finish and one to tell,” I say to him remembering he hasn’t finished telling me about his past with his mother.

“Guess I do. All in good time.” He stares at me making me slightly uncomfortable.

“What,” I ask him trying to hide myself from here.

“Can’t believe you’re still here after everything I have disclosed. After everything I said to you.” He states in awe.

I run my fingers down the side of his face. “Some women would be pissed over how easily I forgave you. They would want me to walk away stating I deserve better. I do deserve better, but I’ve been taught to always seek the why in situations.” I also blame my caring nature. Also the fact all my life I’ve been forgiving Emma for all her transgression.

“I don’t see the point in keeping a grudge against people,” I continue. “We all make mistakes and in some situations deserve second chances. Also now since you shared with me the why I can understand a little better.”

“I don’t deserve you,” he tells me running his hand down my shoulder and over my arm.

I push on his nose with my finger. “Now that is something we can agree upon,” I tell him with a smile. He rolls his eyes at me.

A shiver runs through me even though I’m snuggled against Lucan and under the covers. “Cold,” he asks. I nod my head yes.

He slides from the bed and slips back on his boxers. Then he tosses me my clothing. I sit on the edge of the bed and redress, but when I make a move to get off from the bed Lucan pulls me back down.

“We can snuggle for a bit longer,” he pleads. I easily give into him and his wishes.

Lucan pulls me into his arms and I snuggle against him. As I lay there the battle to stay awake ensues. Behind me Lucan’s breathing evens out and cute little snores can be heard. My eye lids grow heavy and I reason with myself I will only close them for a little while. Then I will return to my room.

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