My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 31

A pounding on the door awakens me from my slumber. The only person who would be pounding on my door at this hour would be Hunter. I pull the covers over my head pretending to be sleeping in the hopes he would walk away. Because sleep was pulling at me I heard Hunter’s statement, but the fog in my brain prevented me from computing what he was saying.

“Dad,” Hunter cries, “Mom’s gone! I went to her room and all of her stuff was there, but not her. What if that mean man took her?”

A male voice grumbles,” Hunter relax.” The second I hear the male voice next the me the fog begins to clear.

“Dad,” Hunter yells, “can I come in so we can come up with a search plan?”

“Give me a second,” Lucan responses. Up to this point I have been frozen. Lucan turns to me and in a softer tone says, “guess you didn’t return to your room.”

“No shit Sherlock,” I whisper yell. “How are we going to get out of this one?”

Amusement was dancing in his eyes. “Why are you asking me? You were the one who was supposed to not fall asleep here.”

I narrow my eyes at him and swat at his chest. It was too early for this shit and my lack of coffee wasn’t helping me demeanor. “At this point none of that matters. What are we going to do?”

Lucan shrugs his shoulders and yells, “come in.”

I pull the blanket over my head in hopes Hunter will somehow not notice me laying in Lucan’s bed. While I lay there I think of all the ways I can murder Lucan once we get out of this.

The door creeks open and I can hear the pitter patter of Hunter’s feet on the carpet. The bed dips as Hunter climbs on and since luck is never on my side he picks the side I’m lying on. Hunter manages to climb across my legs.

“Dad you need a new bed this one is lumpy.” Hunter proceeds to bounce on my legs. A groan of pain slips out and Hunter freezes on top of me. “Mom,” he questions.

I peek out from under the covers and give him a little wave. “Good morning Buddy,” I tell him trying to sound as normal as possible. Then freeze concerned Lucan and I were naked under the covers, but then I remember we slipped out clothes back on before I fell asleep. The air whooshes out of me I had been holding.

Hunter tilts his head to the side and studies the two of us. “Mom why are you in here,” he asks.

I sit up against the head board and glare at Lucan who sends me an innocent expression. “I’m wondering the same things Hunter,” Lucan states grabbing Hunter and pulling him down between us. But when Lucan tries to pull him into his side Hunter fights him and ends up snuggled against him. I send Lucan a gloating smile and fight back the desire to stick my tongue out at him.

Both boys watch me waiting for my answer. My gloating smile disappears from my face and I end up glaring at Lucan instead. I rack my brain trying to come up with a way to get us out of this one with Hunter none the wiser. Thankfully Hunter is actually the one who removes me from the hole I had dug. Kind of.

“No fair you guys had a sleep over without me,” he pouts crossing his arms and glaring at me.

I ruffle his hair. “You were fast asleep when we got home.”

He wraps his arms around my neck and snuggles into me. “You could have woken me up.”

Lucan chimes in. “We did try, but you wouldn’t budge from your bed. So we decided you could join in on the next one.” Normally I don’t like lying to Hunter, mainly because he has a knack for seeing though my lies, but this time I cross my fingers he believes the falsehood.

Hunter studies Lucan for a moment then nods his head. “Tonight,” he asks with a hopeful expression.

“Let’s see what the day brings us,” Lucan answer him.

Hunter reluctantly agrees. Lucan didn’t give him the answer he was seeking, but I would bet my last dollar on the fact Hunter will convince Lucan for a sleep over this evening. He has a hard time telling Hunter no for anything probably do to misplaced guilt over not being around sooner.

I hug Hunter close and his laughter drifts through the air. “How about you head down stairs and turn on some cartoons. We will be right down.” I tell Hunter.

He wiggles from my hold and bounces out the door while calling back, “alright mom.”

I slump down the headboard all the anxiety draining from my body. “That was a close one,” I say glancing over at Lucan who is wearing a goofy grin.

“Personally I think that went well. He didn’t have much to say about us being together. Between the two of you Kitten you are the only one worried about the possibility of us.”

I roll my eyes at his subtlety. He rolls over and crawls till he hovering above me. “Let the fear go about being in a relationship with me. I promise you Hunter will more than be thrilled about you and me. We both know the real reason you want to see other people isn’t because you want to see what’s out there it’s because your running scared.”

I roll his words over and over in my mind. Is he right I’m using the wanting to see other men as an excuse? My emotions are on over drive. Right now I need a moment to myself to process. Maybe more than a moment. Once Aubree and Skylar return I’m going to request we go out for lunch to not only discuss my position, but also because I could use some friends. The two of them have been nothing but kind and supportive. They treat me how I wish Emma and I would have been able to treat one another.

When I don’t answer him he kisses my nose and rolls off me. Lucan stands from the bed and stretches. I can’t help, but watch his muscles stretch along his back. Lucan sends me a smirk over his shoulder catching me checking him out. My cheeks redden over being caught ogling him.

I roll over removing him from my slight and scurry out the door muttering, “see you in the kitchen.”

“I’m going to jump in the shower first than I’ll be right down.” Lucan calls to me from the bathroom. “Unless you want to join me.”

At first my feet on their own head towards the shower, but I throw the breaks on. Entering the shower with him would not be a good decision this morning. My body remembers how amazing his hands felt on me, but I stay strong and exit the room.

Hunter is sitting on the couch engrossed in whatever show he was watching. He doesn’t even acknowledge my presence as I walk through the room. Maybe Lucan and I could have spent some time in the shower. I shake my head.

Not long after I start to make pancakes Lucan joins Hunter on the couch. Hunter moves from his spot to snuggle against Lucan. I watch father and son enjoy each other’s presence and find myself warming to the idea of us becoming a family.

Lucan and Hunter let out a belly aching laugh over something on the television. Hunter continues to surprise me with how similar he is to Lucan. Only one observing this interaction between them would have no doubt they are father and son.

Aubree must be beyond amazing at her job because of how long she has been able to keep a lid on the fact Lucan has a son. If the story had been leaked Hunter’s image would have been everywhere. I nearly drop the batter when Lucan’s voice breaks through my thoughts.

“What has you so lost in thought.” Noticing my flinch, he adds, “sorry if I startled you, but I thought you noticed my approach since you were staring at me.”

I offer him a smile. “No I was lost in my head.” I set the batter on the counter next to the stove and turn on the batter under the skillet. Lucan watches me intently. “The secret of pancakes is to start with an already heated skillet and to understand the first one is going to end up in the garbage.”

“You don’t say,” he remarks wrapping his arms around me from behind and rests his chin on my shoulder.

I swat at him with my spatula and remove myself from his arms. “Not in front of Hunter,” I remind him glancing at Hunter only to discover his eyes glued to the television.

Lucan follows my eyes sight and wraps his arms around me from behind once more. He nips at my ear and in a husky whisper says, “he’s so focused on the show I could take you from behind right here and he would never notice.”

To make his point he slips a hand under the waistband of my sweatpants and runs his fingers over my naked sex. My body trembles from his touch and all my nerve ending spring to life. My legs part on their own accord. Lucan takes the opportunity to slide a finger up and down my slit. A dampness forms between my legs and I squirm in his arms.

“Stop,” he demands.

“Hunter,” I whisper reminding him we aren’t alone.

Lucan pays me no mind and slides a finger inside of me. “Fuck. I love how easily you get wet for me,” he groans into the side of my neck. He drills first one and then two fingers inside of me bring me closer to the edge with each movement.

Worry of Hunter catching us disappears from my mind. Lucan slides his fingers in deeply and strokes me from inside. My knees wobble and I grip the island tightly to remain standing. He takes his thumb and runs it back and forth over my clit. My sex clenches and more liquid forms between my legs.

All to soon Lucan slides his hand from me and I slump over the counter. My breathing is labored and I’m left feeling more sexually frustrated then I ever have before.

“Mom are you okay?” I jump having the other Tayler startle me now. When I don’t answer his expression changes to worry. He reaches a hand out and touches my flushed cheeks. “Mom you’re burning up. Are you getting sick?”

He jumps down from the seat and rushes to my side to wrap his arms around me. Lucan has his back to us taking deep breaths. “Dad I think mom is coming down with something.” Worry is deeply laced in his words.

“I’m fine,” I reassure him with a smile. He watches me closely to see if I was lying to him. I ruffle his hair. “Promise buddy. The heat in the kitchen was getting to me.” This is now the second time today I’ve lied to him.

Hunter must believe the lie because he returns to the other side and his seat. “I’ll be right back,” Lucan calls making a beeline to his room. I catch him readjusting himself along the way.

I continue making breakfast while listening to Hunter talk about the show he had been watching. Lucan returns to the kitchen and we carry on as though Hunter hadn’t almost caught us with Lucan’s hand down my pants.

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