My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 32

The next few days pass in a blur while we wait for Aubree’s return. Lucan and I manage to keep Hunter in the house and out of the public eyes. Which has been no easy task since all he wants to do is explore his new home and continues to ask when he will be starting school.

Aubree is stopping over soon to discuss how to go about putting Hunter in school discreetly and introducing him to the public. Currently I’m in the kitchen preparing grilled cheese and tomato soup for when Aubree arrives. Lucan and Hunter are in the backyard throwing a baseball around waiting for lunch to be done.

At the present Lucan and I are not on speaking terms due to an argument this morning. We had a disagreement over wither or not Hunter should be included in the conversation with Aubree. Lucan believes Hunter shouldn’t be a part of the conversation, but I do. Due to our disagreement we had a heated conversation which ended with neither one of us wanting to talk to other.

I disappeared into my room and I’m not sure where Lucan ended up. A few hours had passed and I was not longer able to remain hidden since I had volunteered to make lunch yesterday. By the time I came out the two of them where in the backyard laughing.

I had stood on the back porch watching them for a moment when Lucan spotted me. The gleefulness from his eyes faded to irritation causing me to wonder if my days were numbered. For the past few days Lucan would whisper in my ear about how I need to stop being scared and admit we would make a good team.

And at night I wish I wasn’t so weak. Either I or he would sneak into the others room, but no more falling asleep. We managed to avoid being found out once and I was not going to fate chance twice. If he was in my room I would kick him out sooner after we were done, but when we were in his bed I would have to fight my way out of his hold.

Right when I thought he could be right we would be able to make this work he has to go and pick a fight. At least this fight reminded me Hunter is the main priority and not a relationship between the two of us. We did break a new record on time in-between fights.

He’s wrong for not wanting Hunter to be there. We are going to be discussing Hunter’s future after all. I can understand his point of view on how Hunter is too young for a conversation like this and would be better off waiting till we had everything figured out. But he doesn’t know Hunter as well as I do. Hunter and I always discuss life changing events together. Granted I may change the wording so he can understand what is going on, but he’s still a part of the decision making processes. Lucan wanting to remove him from this made my stomach turn,

The fight never would have turned into us giving the other the silent treatment till he had to play the I’m the father card and he may call you mom, but you are only his aunt. Because then I played the I’ve been the one raising your son and making all the decision card.

We had stood there glaring at each other breathing heavily and not saying a word. Till I could no long stand being in the same room as him and had stormed away. Since then we haven’t said a single word to one another.

Did I regret my words? Yes. But he shouldn’t have said what he said. Just because he has a piece of paper declaring him Hunter’s legal guardian does not mean he knows what’s best for Hunter. I feel in this department I know a little more than him since I’ve been with Hunter since he was born.

The alarm sounds informing me the soup was done. I grab four bowls and ladle out some soup for Hunter along with placing a sandwich on a plate for him. The other bowls remain empty I figure I’ll wait till Aubree gets here so the soup will stay warm.

Heading to the sliding door I pull it open and call out, “Hunter lunch is ready.”

“One second mom,” he calls out catching the ball in the air and tossing it back towards Lucan, “We haven’t missed for the last ten throw. We are seeing how long we can go without missing.”

I can’t help, but smile at his excitement. “Alright Buddy. Come in after the ball is missed.” I add the next part more for Lucan instead of Hunter, but I’m not talking to Lucan. “Aubree will be here soon.”

Not waiting for a response I head back inside and set the table. I bring the pot of soup to the table and a plate laden with grilled cheese sandwiches. Not exactly the grandest of lunches, but Hunter was bragging about how good my grilled cheese is and had asked for me to make it for lunch. They are pretty tasty.

As I’m placing the last glass onto the table Hunter dashes into the kitchen as the doorbell chimes. Lucan stalks past me muttering how he’ll get the door. I stick out my tongue at his departing back. Hunter practically skips to the kitchen, washes his hands and takes up his normal seat at the island.

“Thanks mom,” he tells me as he digs in.

I ruffle his hair. “Your welcome bud.” Not wanting to enter into another fight with Lucan so soon I remind Hunter, “when you’re done eating you need to head up to your room for a bit while your dad, Aubree and myself talk.”

“Okay mom. I was going to work on beating the next level on my game anyways. Dad said after Aubree leaves we could have a fire and roast marshmallows.” Something he has always wanted to do, but I never had a place we could go. The closest I was able to get to roasting marshmallows over a flame was the one time I use the flame on the stove and almost set off the smoke alarms. After that catastrophe I wouldn’t even allow birthday candles inside the apartment.

“That’s awesome bud I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”

Hunter stops eating and tilts his head to the side. “Don’t you mean we will have a great time. Mom you’re coming too. Right?” Worry shines back at me through his eyes.

“Of course,” I tell him.

Aubree enters the room and the two of them are glaring at each other. Seems Lucan is on a roll today pissing off the female gender. Her frown disappears the second she sees Hunter and she engulfs him in a hug.

“Hunter,” she exclaims hugging him close. Then turns to me and hugs me tightly. “Lucan being an ass again,” she whispers in my ear.

“How can you tell,” I whisper back with an eyes roll.

“Even if the first words out of his mouth weren’t why do women have to be so infuriating both of your body language towards each other would have clued me in.” Aubree explains turning her back to Hunter.

“What did he do to piss you off,” I ask her crossing my arms and glaring at Lucan from over her shoulder, who is doing everything he can to appear as though he wasn’t listening to us.

“Breathed,” she explains with humor in her eyes and linking her arm with mine. “Shall we go eat lunch? I believe I was promised some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.” She sends a wink in Hunter’s direction and he grins widely then returns to his food.

“I put everything on the table,” I explain leading her to the set table with Lucan silently trailing behind us.

Lucan takes the seat at the head of the table while Aubree and I sit on either side of him. Aubree sets the bag she was carrying down next to her chair. I wait for Lucan to first serve himself and then Aubree before I ladle some soup in my bowl. Nervously I bite my lip waiting for them to take their first bite.

Aubree dips her sandwich in the soup and takes a bite. She moans in pleasure and quickly dips the sandwich again taking a bigger bite this time. Lucan grumbles his enjoyment. Only then do I take my first bite.

Through mouthfuls Aubree asks, “the soup taste different from normal tomato soup.”

A small smile graces my lips. “The secret is I add white cheddar cheese, garlic cheese and some pepper.”

Aubree bobs hear head as I list each add on. “I’ll have to remember that for when Ryder comes home.” A new light enters her eyes when she mentions Ryder’s name.

“I can’t wait to meet him,” I tell her meaning every world. He must be pretty amazing for someone like Aubree to fall in love with him and stay by his side through everything. “When is he come home?”

“Eight days,” she practically squeals in excitement. “That reminds me,” she states focusing on Lucan, “we need to go pick him up.” Aubree watches Hunter dash up the stairs. I turn my glare on Lucan still upset he won’t allow Hunter in on our conversation. “But I wasn’t sure if you still planned on going because of Hunter.”

“Oh course I’ll be there,” he pauses for a moment and turns his gaze to me. “In fact we all will be going.”

“Are you sure,” Aubree asks taking the question from my own thoughts. I was sure he wouldn’t want me there since this has all been emotional for all of them and I’m still slightly an outsider. My thoughts were so deep I almost missed the next thing Aubree said. “I can understand Kinsley coming. In fact, I want her there, but Hunter?”

Lucan rubs the back of his neck and watched me warily. “Kinsley,” his deep voice says causing unwanted shivers to run through my body. I was supposed to be mad at him, but my body had other plans.

“Yes,” I state through tight closed lips.

Lucan sighs before he begins to speak. “Do you think Hunter going is a good idea?” By him asking me my opinion is his way of extending the olive branch, but I’m not in the mood to let him off the hook so easily. He has to learn his words can cause damage and that he can’t turn me into his punching bag whenever he wishes.

I set my spoon down and push the bowl further onto the table. “Since when does my opinion matter? If I recall from earlier, per your own words might I add, I’m just the aunt.” Deep bitterness and resentment can easily be detected in my tone to the point Aubree fidgets in her seat.

Lucan stares into my eyes unflinching. In a tone void of emotion says, “so that’s how it going to be.”

“Excuse me,” I seethe griping onto the edge of the table. “I’m not the one who started this shit.”

His eyes narrow and his lips form a tight straight line. “Why must you be so infuriating,” he exclaims.

My mouth falls open in shock and I sputter, “why must you be a pompous jackass?”

Lucan clenches his fists at his side. “What the fuck do you want from me Kinsley?” I hate the way he says my name when he is in this mindset. His tone strokes the already burning inferno inside of me. “I’m trying here. You had time to adjust to Hunter being in your life. Hell I find out I might have a son to having sole custody of him in a week. I’m so sorry I’m struggling with all of this.” Lucan stands so quickly from his chair it topples over.

I too rise from my chair. “Then fucking listen to me when I talk or stop asking me for my thoughts. You say I know Hunter best, but then when I speak my mind about how I think something should go you put me back in a box. Especially whenever I go against what you are thinking. And... and you cut me at the knees.” My chest rises and falls rapidly with each breath I take.

“So I’m the asshole,” he retorts.

“If the shoe fits,” I state glaring at him.

He shakes his head back and forth. Then he digs the blade deep into my heart with his next words. “You’re fucking lucky I’m letting you stay here with us. I could have very easily taken him from you completely.”

I stagger back from his words. “Lucky? I’m fucking lucky? If I recall correctly, you begged me to move in with you.”

“You’re right I did,” he says nodding his head. Then his next words sends me in a tailspin. “Maybe you’re right we are too different.” He motions his hand between us. “That a relationship would never work.”

A sharp pang spreads throughout my chest to the point I bring my hand against it to stop the pain from spreading. Too think hours earlier I was warming up to the idea of him and me.

“Enough! Sit down,” Aubree demands from her seat glaring at the two of us. “Now you know I love the both of you, but right now you both are acting like idiots.” She turns her attention onto Lucan. “Lucan I have never seen you use words like a weapon as you have the past few weeks. Which we will be discussing at a later time.”

She then turns her attention on the both of us and here I thought I might be avoiding being lectured. “Put your fucking differences to the side and stop being so stubborn. Maybe just maybe if the two of you stopped fighting with one another so much you would see what we all see.”

Lucan resets his chair and sit down. Not wanting to have Aubree yelling at me I too retake me seat, but slide it slightly away from Lucan. Aubree noticing my movement shakes her head in disappointment.

“Here is how the afternoon is going to proceed,” she tells us in a no nonsense tone. We are going to discuss putting Hunter in school and how we are going to proceed with introducing him to the public. I already have some idea on both topics.”

“Fine,” we both say and then glare at each other.

“Afterwards Hunter and I are going out for a few hours.” Lucan goes to speak, but she cuts him off with one glance. “Like I said Hunter and I will be gone for a few hours. The boy could use some time away from the two of you and you too,” she says pointing at both of us. “are going to talk through this bull shit and get your fucking act together. There is a little boy counting on the both of you to be the grown up. Right now how I see it he’s the grown up and you two are the children.”

Neither one of us comment on her statement and nor do we glance in each other’s direction. Aubree not being ruffled by out lack of conversation pulls out her computer and some files. She opens the computer, laces her fingers together and says, “now here is what I was thinking.”

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