My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 34

Hunter dashes around his room throwing random clothes into a backpack. The amount he’s packed is as though he is staying there for days instead of one night. Now he’s sitting on his bed deciding on which of his video games to bring Lucan had bought him for his new system. I’m in the doorway watching him with a smile laughing to myself.

A few weeks ago I was not only concerned about keeping custody of him, but also finding a new job. Being jobless opened the door to a slew of other worries. To now he’s worried over which game to take with him and I no longer have the worry of bills hanging over my head.

Hunter zips up his backpack. “I’m all ready mom,” he exclaims bouncing in place.

“Did you remember your toothbrush,” I ask him already knowing the answer.

“No,” he frowns and heads in the direction of the bathroom.

“Do I need to take a bath there,” he asks from the bathroom.

“No you can take one when you come back home.” I tell him walking away from his room to meet him at the top of the stairs.

We head back down once he has everything he needs. Aubree and Lucan are still locked away in his office. Every now and again you can hear raised voices, mostly Aubree. Yet, no matter how hard I try I can’t hear what is exactly being said.

Hunter and I sit on the couch to wait for them to rejoin us. “Is dad in trouble,” he asks staring at the door.

“Why would you think he was in trouble,” I ask instead of answering him.

Hunter scoots back onto the couch. “Well,” he starts, “dad made you mad this morning and neither one of you have said much to the other. Then when Aunt Aubree got here she too was mad at him. So,” he rolls his eyes as though to say I’m too dense to see the bigger picture, “when you’re mad at me it means I’m in trouble. Since both you and Aunt Aubree are mad at him is he in major major trouble?”

The ponderings of a seven-year-old. I shake my head over his ability to make connections. “Your Dad isn’t in trouble per say,” I explain.

“Are you mad at him?” He asks reminding me of a therapist talking to a client.

“Yes,” I state not wanting to lie to him since he can clearly see we aren’t happy with one another at the moment.

“Is Aunt Aubree mad at him,” he presses leaning slightly towards me.

I stumble over my words since I’m not one hundred percent sure on who to answer. “Well… she’s not exactly mad… but she’s not exactly happy with him either.”

Hunter stares at me as though I’ve lost my mind and maybe I have. Lucan makes me crazy. “Mom it’s either yes,” he holds one hand to the side and then the other, “or no.” Not wanting to answer him I remain silent. “So that’s a yes,” he says when I don’t comment either way.

I try to change the subject, but he won’t allow me too. The conversation drifts back to Lucan and wither or not he’s in trouble. Once again he pulls the conversation back on Lucan. There’s no hope in avoiding so instead I try to pretend I’m not hearing his questions. Eventually he becomes frustrated and gives up. He pulls out his game as we wait for them to exit.

A few more minutes passed and the door creaks open. Neither one seems worse for wear. Hunter puts his came down and runs over to Lucan, who gathers him in his arms and picks him up. The two of them begin a whispered conversation.

Aubree walks over to me and I stand from the couch. She grabs my arm and drags me to the back porch. “Hunter I’ll be right back hunny,” she yells to him from the door.

As she’s shutting the door I hear Hunter ask Lucan, “is mom in trouble now too.” A smile slips over my lips. Now he can deal with questions he doesn’t want to answer.

Aubree drops my arm and steps away from me to lean against the railing. She stares me down and sighs before she begins to speak. “Lucan admits he’s being a complete ass and is fucking all of this up. I don’t disagree with him and told him as much. But,” she says holding up a hand, “I also believe you aren’t completely in the clear.”

I ponder back over the disagreements Lucan and I both have had. She’s not wrong I admit to myself. There were times I was the one to push and push till I got a reaction out of him. I was the one to say unkind words. Not all of this is on Lucan.

“By the way the steam is coming out of your ears you are smelling what I’m stepping in. Till the both of you can find an effective way to communicate with each other none of this is going to work. And I’m not only talking about a relationship, but the two of you raising Hunter together.”

“I don’t disagree,” I tell her embarrassed over my behavior as of late.

“He needs to let go of the anger he feels towards himself for not knowing about Hunter and you need to let him parent.” Aubree scolds me. “He’s not going to always make the best decisions, but you need to support him all the same. You’ve had seven years to figure this parenting thing out, but he’s only had a few weeks.”

“The past seven years have just me Hunter and me. With Emma occasionally making an appearance. I’m having a hard time letting go of being the one to make all the decisions.” I admit both to her and myself.

“Then learn,” Aubree tells me sternly. “And share with him your thoughts and feelings. Lucan really isn’t an asshole. Out of the guys he’s usually the most reasonable. For some reason you’re able to push all his buttons.”

“He says I challenge him,” I tell her proudly.

“Thank goodness. He’s needs a good challenge.” Aubree checks her phone. “Hunter and I are going to head out. So you two can talk. See you tomorrow.”

Aubree and I hug. When we head back inside Hunter walks up to Aubree and tugs her towards the door. “I’m already Aunt Aubree. We have much to bake for the party tomorrow.” Once again Aubree turns white as a ghost.

“Box mixes are my best friend,” I tell her. “They have all the directions on the back.” Thank you she mouths.

Hunter lets go of her arm and runs to give me a hug. I kiss his cheek and remind him to mind his manors and listen to Aunt Aubree. Lucan and Hunter says their goodbyes. Aubree and Hunter head out the door leaving Lucan and me alone in the house.

At first we stand there staring at each other. Neither one of us sure how to start the conversation. Breaking the stare down Lucan takes a seat on the couch and pats the spot next to him. Wanting to have my own space I sit on the other side of the couch. Lucan watches my descent with guarded eyes, but says nothing till I’m settled.

“I’m sorry,” he says holding his head in his hands. “I seem to be constantly apologizing to you.”

“And we seem to continuously have the same argument over and over,” I add, “without anything changing.”

“You’re not wrong,” he sighs glancing at me. “As I’m sure you gathered Aubree handed me my ass.”

A small smile graces my lips thinking about how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Aubree yelled at him. “You aren’t the only one she lectured.”

“Good to know the love was shared. She means well and always has our best interest at heart. Normally she and I are lecturing the others. Was weird being on this side of her anger.” He responds pulling his hands from his face.

“She told me we need to learn how to communicate with each other.” Then in a softer voice I say, “also I need to let you parent and support you.”

“I need to listen to you when you give me advice and let go of my anger at myself.” He leans his head back and closes his eyes. “Until she pointed out my faults I didn’t realize the anger I had at myself I was directing your way.”

His lonesome demeanor and sadness tugs at my heart to the point I slide myself across the couch till I was sitting next to him. I take his hand in mine and startle him. “None of this is going to change overnight and I feel like a broken record, but I’m willing to try. Only if you are too.”

He brings my hand to his lips and I melt. “I’m all in kitten.” He says the next part so softly I almost miss his words. “Only wish you were.” Not wanting to provoke another fight I let his comment go.

I snuggle against his side and he drapes an arm along the back of the couch. “I’m sorry too for using the fact you weren’t there against you.” He nods his head and squeezes my shoulder. I sit up to stare directly into his eyes. “If you ever make the comment again about how I’m not his mom I will walk out of this house and fight you for custody of Hunter. I’m tired of that being held over my head.”

“Fair enough. Consider it gone. To be honest I only said it because I was overcome by anger at myself for not being a dad to Hunter,” Lucan explains.

“Other than Aubree and myself have you talked to any of the guys about all of this?” I question him linking our fingers together.

He shakes his head. “Not really.”

“Maybe you should,” I press him. “I can see not wanting to talk to Mason and Tray about all of this, but what about Dimitri? Or Ryder when he comes home.”

“Confiding has never been my strong suite. Usually I’m the one people confined in.”

“Nothing wrong with talking to someone. And you’ve been confiding me.” I remind him wanting him to realize he can.

“Yes I have been.” We lapse into another silence broken when Lucan states. “I also want to say sorry for yelling at you during lunch. All of this has me in a tail spin and because of the spin I’m finding myself having a difficult time controlling my emotions.” Once again he pauses and I wait for him to continue. “When Aubree first arrived she told me she had made contact with my father, but he refused to do anything unless I was the one to contact him.”

I slip into my training from school. “Why do you think whenever your father is brought up you get so angry?”

“So many reasons,” Lucan states.

“Such as,” I press him. He remains tight lipped so I ask, “do you think you are so angry at yourself for not being in Hunter’s life because he wasn’t in yours?”

He turns conflicted eyes on me and stares at me for a moment. Softly he states, “I never considered that before.” I leave him to his troubled thoughts wanting him to come to his own conclusions. We cuddle on the couch not saying anything.

Out of the blue Lucan says, “I went to live with him when my mother died. Social services had placed me in a temporary home while they tracked down my father. You see my mom had included his name on the birth certificate.” Lucan sits up. “I’ll never forget the day the social worker and I knocked on his door. Turns out he was living on the outskirts of Nashville. Still in the army.” He stands from the couch and paces the room.

“You should have seen the shock on my dad’s face when he learned he had a son and not a daughter. Once the paternity test came back declaring I was his son I was moved into his home. At first everything was great and I couldn’t understand why my mother kept me a secret.” Deep sorrow fills his eyes and he wipes at the tears starting to follow. “For a time I came to resent my mother for keeping me from him.” His voice becomes so broken I stand from the couch and gather him in my arms. He tightens his arms around me and I take a deep breath of his masculine scent.

“Lucan that had to have been so hard for you. You were mourning the loss of your mom and learning how to live with a man you knew nothing about. Every boy wants a dad no one can fault you for feeling the way you were.”

He kisses the top of my head. “Thank you.” He takes a deep breath and continues his story. “He started to train me as you would a solider and a fighter. At first I viewed all of this has a bounding activity, but as time went on I started to see it as something else.” He picks me up and reclaims his seat on the couch with me in his lap. “He was training me to be a weapon. You see my father was deep in the army at this time and involved in some very top secret endeavors. Basically he was preparing me to follow in his footsteps.”

“But obviously something happened since you aren’t in the military.”

He smiles. “Not something someone.” Instantly I get jealous and start to pull away from him. “Dimitri.” Instantly I relax against him when I learn he isn’t talking about a girl. “We met in school and over time become good friends to the point whenever my dad had to go away for the army I would go stay with him and his family. They showed me what a normal family looked like. When I was a senior in high school I had enough.”

His strength surprises me on how he was able to last as long as he did. For once I’m grateful Pam was as removed from my life as she was. Pam would have groomed my sister and myself for a much darker path. I kiss his shoulder.

“I fought back against him and let’s just say he will never go up against me again. The fight was for my freedom and no way in hell was I losing. At first I thought he would leave me alone to live my life, but that was not the case.” Once again he stops.

I snuggle into him so my head was resting on his shoulder. “What happened?”

“He kicked me out. Gave me one hour to pack my bags and leave. Instantly I called Dimitri and he was there helping me. We put everything in his car and drove away. I ended up living with Dimitri and his family till I bought this place.”

Hearing about this helped me to understand just how deep of ties this guys have with one another. They are more than band mates. Their history goes further than forming a band together. Also the fact of how hard it must have been for him to reach out to his dad isn’t lost on me.

“Why reach out to your dad for help then,” I ask him.

“Because my dad owns one of the most successful security companies. Due to the connections he made while in the military he’s the one they call when they need someone on the outside. He also on the side runs teams to go in when the army doesn’t want the shit to fall on them. Didn’t take him long to rise to the top. The people he recruited are all ex-military. And some worked with him when he was in the army.”

“So that’s what you meant when you said you have connections of your own,” I comment making connections.

“Exactly. The army isn’t the only one he works for. Some people deep in the criminal world hire him and due to his success and willing to go outside the box he’s earned himself some favors.” Lucan explains. “While the band was in negotiations with getting signed he contacted me wanting to bring me into the company. His future plans were for me to eventually take over.”

“And since you are sitting here and in the band I’m going to assume you told him no.” I add.

“Fuck right I did,” he snarls. “Haven’t spoken to him since. Till now.”

“Are you sure we need him? I mean we’ve been her for a while and there haven’t been any problems.” I remind him.

“Maybe.” He pulls me tighter to him. “I just don’t want to fuck around with yours and Hunter’s safety. I’d become a broken man if something happened to either one of you. Nor would I ever forgive myself.” A faraway look enters his eyes.

I sit up. “Thank you for sharing with me, but enough deep shit for the day.”

Lucan shakes his head bring himself back to the present. “Agreed.” He snuggles into my neck tickling me. “Seems we are alone,” he states. “How about I take you on an official date?”

I smile excited Lucan wants to take me out. We haven’t had a chance to go out just him and I. “I’d like that,” I tell him feeling butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

He stands from the couch with me still in his arms. “How about a shower first,” he asks.

I wrap my arms around his neck. “I could use a shower first.”

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