My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 35

The next morning, I was in the kitchen making a late breakfast wearing one of Lucan’s button shirts and nothing else. I had left a passed out Lucan in bed with thoughts of bringing him breakfast in bed.

The events from last night float through my mind while I make eggs benedict or in my case ham and sauce since I’m not a fan of eggs. After our shower Lucan and I had a relaxing rest of our day. He wouldn’t let me put any more clothing than the very shirt I was currently wearing. I made him lounge around in his boxers.

We laid on the couch watching a movie though I can recall very little of the move because most of the time was either spent talking or making out. The entire night reminded me of the missed experiences from high school. After the movie we played some card games and ordered pizza.

Only when the pizza was delivered did Lucan put on more clothing not wanting to surprise the person delivering our food. I had begged him to let me answer the door to keep his location a secret, but Lucan reassured me this wasn’t the first time he had ordered from this pizza place. He explained how tipping the delivery person extra would have them more than happy to keep his location a secret.

Over all we had a relaxing night the two of us. Thinking back last night was the first time we’ve been alone all night, other than when Hunter would go to bed. Hunter called us three times the entire night. Way less than I thought he would have done. The first time was to let us know they had made it back to Aubree’s house after spending two hours in the store. Aubree could be heard yelling in the background he was exaggerating.

The second phone call was for him to tell me not to count on any cupcakes or cookies. How they were on their third box of mix and still no cupcakes. I had texted Aubree asking if all was well. Her response was she was about to call a local bakery and place an order for tomorrow.

The third phone call was to tell his goodnight and when I asked him if there were any cupcakes he told me it was a surprise. Which means they were going to be stopping somewhere tomorrow to pick up some.

Lucan and I both enjoyed a laugh over envisioning under control Aubree not so in control. Both of us wishing we could be a fly on the wall. Then we were taking bets on the bake good Aubree was going to show up with. None of the bets were flattering for Aubree. I felt slightly guilty for making fun of the fact Aubree couldn’t bake.

The English Muffins pop out of the toaster. They were the last part of breakfast I was waiting on. Earlier I had located a serving tray in the pantry and had set the plates. I fill each plate with food, pour each of us a coffee and glass of water. Once I was satisfied with the spread I created I carefully carry the tray to his room.

Thinking ahead I had left the door slightly ajar so all I had to do was kick the door open to be able to enter without and hassle. Entering the room, I discover Lucan laying in the middle of the bed with the blankets pooling around his hips with his hand reaching in the direction I had been laying. I set the tray on the dresser and walk over to him.

Lucan mumbles something in his sleep I’m unable to make out and I smile thinking how cute he is laying there in bed. I slide into the bed next to him and instantly he wraps and arm around me pulling me close.

Against the side of my neck he says in a sleepy voice. “There you are kitten.” I then hear him taking in a deep breath. “Is that breakfast I smell?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I tell him drawing random designs on his arm with my finger.

He props himself up so he can look down at me. “Did you make me breakfast in bed?”

A smile blossoms under his watchful gaze. “I did.”

He kisses me nose. “Thank you.” Lucan sits up in bed and rubs his hands together gleefully. “What did you make Kitten?”

I stand from the bed and grab the tray from the dresser. Lucan scoots over to make sure I had enough room on the bed. I slide the tray before him and take my place next to him. He bends down to smell the food.

“Eggs benedict!” He exclaims in excitement. “One of my favorites.”

I roll my eyes at his exuberance. “You would have said that about anything I made you.”

“No,” he denies with a mouthful of food. “The sauce tastes a little different,” he comments.

I swallow my bite then answer him. ’The secret is adding a teaspoon of Honey Dejon Mustered.”

Lucan nods his head and continues to eat his breakfast. Neither one of us say much while we eat. Once Lucan’s plate is licked clean he settles back onto the bed and pats his stomach. “I could get use to this every morning.”

I roll my eyes at him and start to clear away the dishes. “I think not.”

“Why not,” he pouts crossing his arms across his chest and staring at me.

“Because than you won’t appreciate my efforts when I do them.” I remove the try from the table and stand at the door. “I was going to run to the store and do the shopping for the party. Anything in particular you want?”

Lucan thinks for a moment. “Maybe some burgers and hot dogs. I figure we can use the grill.”

“Anything else,” I ask him.

He shrugs his shoulders, cringes and ends up stretching his arms in front of him. “Whatever you want Kitten. The guys will eat just about anything.” He pauses in his speech for a moment and starts to sit on the side of the bed. “How about I go with you?”

“No,” I say more firmly then necessary. “I mean me going into the store alone will be easier than with you tagging along.”

“Are you sure? We still don’t have protection put into place for you.” Lucan reminds me with a darkness entering his eyes.

“I’ll be fine,” I reassure him. “Lucan I’ll be in a public place nothing bad is going to happen to me.”

Lucan studies me for a moment and I try to appear as relaxed as I can. “Fine.” He points a finger at me, “but call me the minute you feel unsure.”

“I promise,” I tell him trying to hide a smile.

He narrows his eyes as though he is seeking to find the truth in my words then rubs the back of his neck. “I need to make the phone call I’ve been dragging me feet on any ways. And it will probably be best if you aren’t anywhere within hearing distance when I do.”

I shake my head no longer able to hold back my laugh. “It can’t be that bad talking to your dad.”

Now Lucan is the one rolling his eyes and standing from the bed stretching. “Remember my father and I don’t have the greatest relationship. I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t ask for something in return for help me, but at this point I’ll do just about anything he asks to make sure you are safe.”

Lucan is standing before me and he warps his arms around me with the tray between us. “You won’t know till you make the call and the longer you wait the more your brain is going to go in a million different directions.”

“You’re not wrong,” he says kissing my forehead. “You better go get dressed and head to the store. I have some plans for you before the others get here.” A new spark dances in his eyes.

“Oh you do,” I flirt with him. “Whatever could you have in mind?”

An evil glint enters his eyes. He leans down and whispers in my ear. “The bathrooms need a good cleaning.”

I narrow my eyes at him and stick out my tongue. Then I turn on my heels and storm away. His laughter could be heard following me while I stomped into the kitchen. I leave the dishes in the sink for him to wash. After his parting words he can wash the breakfast dishes. I was tempted to dirty a few more to leave for him, but decide not to be so petty.

I then head back up to my room and get dressed. Not caring what I looked like I threw on the first pair of jeans I could find and shirt. Stomping down the stairs I pause at the bottom to listen. The water was going in Lucan’s room he must be taking a shower.

I continue on my way grab the keys to my car and purse, but a pause for a moment when I see a black credit card with my name printed on the front. This must be the card Lucan said he wanted me to have. He must not have mentioned it earlier to prevent a fight. But if he wants me to have the card then I will. The card will only be used to purchase items for Hunter and for no till my job officially starts. After I start working he can have the card back. I refuse to be considered a kept woman.

I step out to my car. Lucan had mentioned wanting to go shopping and buy me a more reliable car. He has yet to win the battle. Every time I poke my head outside I keep half expecting for him to trade in my car without my approval. Money can help people do much of what they want without following the proper legal channels. But every time I do the car is sitting on the driveway like an eyesore. He must not want to provoke my anger.

Carefully I back out of the driveway and follow the directions on the GPS. Learning the area is one of the top priorities on my list. I’m not a fan of relying on a GPS to get me to where I need to go all the time. If Nashville was to become my new home, I want to familiarize myself with the area.

The grocery store I chose isn’t far from the house and soon I’m pulling in to a parking spot. Not a soul pays any mind to me making me grateful Lucan didn’t come with me. I want to be able to get in and out of the store without any hassle and if he would have come hassle is all I would have gotten. Granted I enjoy my time with him I was on a mission.

I go up and down the aisle grabbing whatever I think we might need for the party. The feeling of eyes following me cause an itch in my back and I’m constantly glancing over my shoulder to the point an elderly lady asked me if I was okay. I told her yes and then scurried away. The longer I’m in the store the more I wish I would have asked Lucan to go with me. At least then I wouldn’t be alone.

When I first walked in I swore I caught Joe standing off from the entrance, but the man had turned his back and walked away. I wasn’t able to get a good look at his face. So I convinced myself I only thought I had seen him because I was paranoid with what was going on. No way would he be here in Nashville anyways. I was gone and no reason for him to be pursuing me.

Currently I was standing at the meat counter trying to decide on which burgers to get. Originally I had considered the froze ones, but then remembered Lucan was buying and began doubting any of them would want frozen burgers. So here I stand trying to decide on which to get. The young kid behind the counter taps his foot impatiently.

“What has you so deep in thought,” a male voce says close to my ear and causing me to start. A blush forms on my cheek when I turn to catch the handsome man smiling.

“Trying to decide on which burgers to get,” I tell him trying to sound calmer then I felt.

He nods his head and taps his finger on his chin. “All depends on what your boyfriend’s taste is.” He states.

An awkward laugh forms while I speak. “No boyfriend.”

“Husband,” he presses.

I shake my head. “No husband. Friends are coming over for a party.” Wonder how he would react if he knew what friends I was talking about. I still wasn’t use to the fact I know famous people.

“Even better.” He smiles. “My name is Jake by the way.” Jake holds out his hand and I shake it.

“I’m Kinsley,” I tell him.

“Kinsley,” he says. “Pretty name. I’ve never heard it before.” I shrug my shoulders unsure how to respond to his comment. Jake continues as though I wasn’t awkwardly standing there. “Well if I was a betting man I would go with the ones with cheese mixed in and the ones without.” He studies the case for a moment longer. “But the ones with peppercorn are also really good. Your right this is a hard decision.”

We both laugh. “So now you see my dilemma.” I tell him.

“Yes I do.” We stand there for a moment in silence. With Lucan I’ve never felt so tongue tied. “Hypothetically what would you say if a stranger in a grocery store asked you out for a date?”

No way was he asking me out. “I would first say my life is messy and not sure if they would want to deal with the mess.”

“All of our lives are messy,” he assures me. “Let me take you out for dinner and you can share how messy your life is. Then I can decide if the mess is too much?”

I study him for a minute. Lucan’s face flashes and I feel guilty for even considering going out with this guy, but I did tell him I wanted to try dating other people. Before I lost the nerve I said, “yes.”

Please please please don’t get upset with Kinsley. I promise I have my reasons for having her go out with Jake. All will unfold in due time.

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