My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 36

When I returned to the house Lucan was sitting in the backyard watching some birds flutter around the yard. He was so deep in thought he never heard my approach. The guilt of saying yes to the man in the store was eating me alive. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him about my date before or after the party because I didn’t want this news to ruin our day. Based on his current state of mind I decide to tell him after.

“How’d the phone call go,” I ask him taking the open seat on his left and tucking my knees against my chest. I watch him closely with concern.

“It went,” he muttered not once turning his gaze on me. Lucan seemed more interested in the birds fluttering around instead of speaking with me, but I didn’t let his disinterest sway me from my path. He will open up to me about what is bothering him. Though I already have some idea.

I watch him for a moment unsure on what to say or do to get him out of this funk he was in. Lucan runs a hand though his hair causing his hair to go in every which way and I fight the urge to calm the wayward strands. Cloudy eyes turn to meet mine causing my heart to stutter in my chest. Lucan studies me for a moment and without a word he opens his arms to me.

Understanding he needs my comfort I stand from my seat and snuggle into his awaiting lap. Lucan wraps his arms around me and buries his face into the side of my neck. He sighs against me in contentment and I run my fingers through his hair. My heart slows to a calming rhythm. Seems we both were in need of this quiet moment. As much as I love Hunter and having him around sometimes I wish for moments he isn’t underfoot.

“Want to talk about the call,” I press him dying to hear what happened, but also understanding he may need some space. Speaking to his father could not have been an easy task for him.

Lucan pulls away from my neck to meet my gaze with his stormy one. “At first his assistant put me on hold not believing who I said I was. After ten minutes he finally came on the line. He did not sound like the man who tried to recruit me when he first opened the business, but he could have been acting.”

From what I could read from between the lines this man has a knack for getting into Lucan’s head. Was this another tactic he was using to get what he wanted? “Is he willing to help,” I ask after a few moments of silence. Lucan is his son for crying out loud. He should be willing to help him. Then again I’ve never met my father and Pam isn’t exactly motherly. Who am I to know what is right or wrong.

Pam only taught me what not to do and showed me how I never want to be with Hunter or any future children I may have. To be honest I’m not sure how Hunter turned out so great. I did a lot of reading and had no problem asking other moms for advice. The desire to never have Hunter feel the way Pam made me feel drove a ton of the decisions I made.

Lucan shrugs his shoulders. “He won’t give me a definite answer. If he wasn’t the best at what he does I wouldn’t even be considering hiring him, but he is the best.” His arms tighten around me. “And you and Hunter deserve the best. Not only will he be able to protect you he will also be able to put an end to the threat.” His voice drops on the last part. “Using any means necessary.”

I shudder over hearing his last sentence understanding easily what he meant by his words. “Lucan we’ve been here for a bit and nothing has happened.” The memory of possibly seeing Joe surfaces, but I bite my tongue. Right now is not the time to be telling him about how I thought I saw Joe. Lucan is already holding on to his sanity by a thread. Hearing how I believed I saw Joe would really set him off. “Hunter and I are safe,” I remind him hoping to ease some of the worry floating behind his eyes. “I hate seeing you like this and if speaking to him is what is causing you all this pain there is no reason to continue.”

Lucan slams his hand on the arm of the chair causing me to jump. “Kinsley just because nothing has happened as of yet in no way means the threat isn’t still out there. He could be biding his time and waiting to put us in a false sense of calm.” Lucan has been watching way too many movies. “I would not be able to live with myself if anything happens to either one of you and I was able to prevent it from happening.”

My heart lunges in my throat and a deep sense of guilt settles heavy on my shoulders. Here is a man willing to jump in the deep end with me and start a life not only me, but Hunter as well. Instead of grabbing on with both hands here I was wanting to see other people. Am I the world’s biggest idiot for agreeing to go on a date with someone else? Maybe I should cancel my date. I own Jake nothing. People can change their minds.

At the first opportunity I’m going to text him to cancel. Now I have no reason to tell Lucan of my almost date and upset him. Since nothing is happening he doesn’t need to know of the almost date. A lightness takes hold of my heart and I can’t stop a smile from forming.

“He wants to meet you can Hunter,” Lucan says drawing me from my thoughts. I tilt my head confused about who he was talking about. “My father,” Lucan adds when he notices my confusion. He cocks his brow at me. Mentally I shake myself and remind myself to remain focused on the conversation at hand.

“Sorry,” I mumble. “My mind slipped elsewhere for a second.” Lucan studies me waiting to see if I would elaborate on what was drawing my thoughts away from him. Should I share with him what happened earlier? Maybe he will be happy knowing I chose to focus here instead of dating someone else. Later. I will tell him later when the pain of his father isn’t on the forefront. Call me a pansy for not telling him, but Lucan has enough shit to contend with.

He kisses the side of my face causing me to melt into his arms. “No worries Kitten.”

I snuggle back down against him. “I’m okay with meeting him,” I say with a shrug. “If meeting him will help convince him to help us and his help is what you want. But how do you feel about him meeting Hunter?” I will support him in whatever he decides. Of course I have my own opinions on the matter, but ultimately I’m going to leave the decision up to Lucan.

Lucan links our fingers together and stares out across the yard. “If your good with meeting him than I’m good with it as well.” He shakes his head. “As for Hunter I’m not ready for him to meet Hunter. To be honest I don’t know if I will ever be ready for them to meet. I’d rather keep the bastard way from Hunter at all cost.” I let out the breath I was holding secretly happy he decided to not let Hunter met his father. But if he wanted Hunter to meet him that I would have respected his decision.

“Then I support you in him not meeting Hunter,” I tell him holding back the glee from my voice.

Shocked eyes meet mine. “Aren’t you going to tell me I’m being silly for keeping Hunter away from his grandfather?”

A slight smile appears on my lips. “Not this time. Also from what you’ve told me about him he isn’t exactly a great guy. Plus, Hunter has no need from him in his life. He has enough males to show him the ropes.” Thoughts of what ropes Tray and Mason might show him flutters in my mind causing me to cringe.

As though reading my mind Lucan adds. “Maybe not Tray and Mason.”

A full smile blossoms across my face. “You took the words straight from my thoughts.”

Lucan pats my leg. “We better get a move on and get the house ready for everyone. Other than when I first bought this place this will be one of the only parties I’ve ever had here.”

“How come,” I ask him.

Lucan shrugs his shoulders. “I’m not big on people invading my personal space.”

“But I thought the guys were like brothers to you,” I press him.

“They are. But since we also work together we tend to spend a ton of time together. Especially when we are touring. There is no personal space when on the tour bus. The only time I can get away from them is when we are staying at a hotel, but the last two tours I got little to no time to myself.”

“How come,” I ask him curious.

Lucan chuckles to himself. “I was either talking Dimitri, Ryder or Aubree off the ledge. One of the pains of being the more mature one in the group. While Tray and Mason were out chasing tail I was keeping the rest of the group sane.”

“Are the tours always so eventful,” I question worried about what Hunter and I might endure if we ever join them.

“All depends on what you define as eventful. Each tour has its own drama. At least now with Skylar being Aubree’s assistant we should have less of it and since Aubree and Ryder are no longer denying their feelings for eachother.” Lucan explains. “Don’t get me wrong I love the guys they are my family and I do enjoy spending time with them.”

“But,” I interject.

“But,” he says with a smile. “I also enjoy my own space and my home represents where I can get the space away from them. So out of respect none of them have ever pushed to come over. The only one to show up without an invitation is Aubree.”

“I could see that,” I tell him. “She seems like the kind of person to do what she wants when she wants.”

Another laugh escapes from Lucan and a lightness enters his eyes. “You have no idea. She is a wrecking ball, but always has our best interest at heart.” He kisses my nose. “Enough talking.”

I groan enjoying our quite time together and slightly sadden in a few short hours the house is about to be overrun. Lucan nudges me till I stand from his lap and he takes my hand in his own as he leads me inside.

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