My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 37

The rest of the morning happens in a blur of cooking and cleaning. Mostly cooking since the house wasn’t overly messy. Seams Lucan and I have the same views on keeping a home tidy. Growing up the house was always in disarray and they only place I could escape the mess was my room. For a while I tried to keep the rest of the house clean, but then the parties would happen and I quickly grew tired cleaning up after the addicts.

So other than the few dishes Emma and I would use and the bathroom the rest of the house was up for grabs. Through once a week I would remove the garbage because I feared the smell and bug would attract unwanted attention. Was our life the best? Not even close. But we knew what to expect. Being put in foster care tend to on Emma and I would have been separated.

Lucan walks into the kitchen after cleaning the bathroom and washes his hand. I was cutting up potatoes for the potato salad. We had a slight disagreement over who would clean the bathroom. I had wanted to pull my weight, but Lucan insisted cleaning the bathroom was a man’s job. I didn’t fight him all that hard on the matter.

When he’s done he walks up behind me, wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head. Resting his chin on my shoulder he asks, “how much more do you have left?”

Placing the knife to the side I spin in his arms so I’m facing him. He brushes the lose hair from my face. “Let’s see, the dips are all made and chilling in the fridge. I finished cutting up the meat and cheese for the meat tray.” While I was talking Lucan began to nibble on the side of my neck.

“Mmmhmm,” he responds.

I swat him away. “Are you even listening to me?”

He sends me a wolfish smile. “Of course, but then your neck was distracting me.” Lucan slides his hands under my shirt so they are resting against my back. He pulls me in closer to him so my breasts are flush against his chest.

I roll my eyes at him. “Once I’m done cutting the potatoes I’ll be able to throw the rest of the salad together. Everything else I bought the store brand of.”

Lucan goes back to nibbling in the side of my neck. “That’s nice.” He raises his head enough to check the time. A slow smile spreads across his face. “We have plenty of time for a quickie.” He slides his hands under my shirt so he can cup my breasts and runs his thumbs over my hardened nipples. I bite back a moan.

Lucan lowers his mouth to mine and my arms hang limply at my side. He uses his lips to tease mine open and slips his tongue past when I open to him. I groan into his mouth. Lucan pushes my shirt up until the material is bunched around my neck and pulls at the cups of my bra till my breasts spring free. He lowers his mouth to my pebbled nipples and flicks each one with his tongue.

I arch my spine and can feel the countertop digging into my back. Without warning Lucan picks me up and carries me in the direction of my room. His lips return to mine as he walks up the stairs. Thankfully when I left I hadn’t closed the door to my room.

Lucan strolls in and drops me on the bed. The momentum causes me to bounce a few times in the center. He watches me with hooded eyes. Since my shirt was longer necessary I pull the material over my head and toss the clothing to the floor.

“Your bra too,” Lucan demands huskily.

Never letting my eyes stray from him I remove the requested material and let the bra float to the floor. Lucan’s eyes zone in on my exposed breasts. Feeling empowered I cup one and play with the weight of it in my hand. Lucan’s nostrils flair and he repositions himself in his pants.

Loving the reaction, I’m getting from him I decide to see how far I can push him till he pounces. I pluck at one of my nipples make it turn hard and moan at the sensation. Lucan merely licks his lips and watches. I bring the other nipple to my mouth and suck on it. Lucan runs and hand through his hair groaning, but holds his ground at the foot of the bed.

Since this isn’t creating the reaction I’m seeking I leave one hand holding a breasts, but take the other and slide it over my exposed stomach. Lucan watches the movement like a hawk. I reach the top of the jeans I was wearing only then do I remove my other hand to undo the top of my jeans. Lucan swallows and breaks out in a cold sweat.

Slowly I slide down farther till I reach my final destination. I part my folds and stroke a finger over myself. Lucan places a finger in his mouth and bites down with a groan. I allow my head to fall back on the bed, eyes closed and enjoy the high I’m creating with my own fingers. I press on my clit and moan Lucan’s name.

Hearing his name on my lips is his breaking point. A swear flies out of his mouth and my jeans are removed from my legs. The cool air flutters against my warm body cooling me down slightly.

“My turn,” he growls replacing my hands his with mouth. I nearly spring off the bed under his masterful mouth. All to soon he is coaxing a climax from my body with a second following soon after.

“Lucan,” I sigh feeling spent.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he informs me undoing his pants and falling to the bed. My legs part on their own accord to make space for him.

In the next breath he is sliding inside of me. My walls instantly part to make room for his invasion. I arch my hips to pull him in deeper. Once he is all way in he starts to rock against me. The feeling of him sliding in and out of my takes me back to the ledge.

“Lucan,” I moan. “I can’t hold on much longer.”

“Then don’t,” he encourages me.

I scream his name as I let myself feel. My orgasm rockets through my entire body triggering his own. Lucan comes with a yell of his own. I swear I can feel his seed hitting my cervix. He falls on top of me. Squishing me with his body weight, but I enjoy having him above me.

All too soon he rolls off me and sits and the edge of the bed. He sends me a boyish smile from over his shoulder then turns so his side is facing me.

Patting my leg, he says, “now you can go and get ready.” He leans down and kisses me softly on the lips. I prop myself up on my elbows to watch him.

“I can? Can I?” I ask narrowing my eyes at him. His smile widens and he nods his head. “Are you going to finish the potato salad then since you interrupted me?”

Lucan’s face pales at my questions and he stutters through some words to the point I cannot figure out what he is trying to say. No longer able to hold my stern expression I burst out laughing. Now he takes his turn to narrow his eyes at me.

“After I get redressed I’ll finish the potato salad. I’d hate for you to poison any one.” I tell him biting back a smile.

“One time.” He holds up one finger. “One time.” Lucan then goes off on a rant. “And it was never proven if my food was what caused everyone to get sick. Could have been the gas station egg salad sandwiches Dimitri was dead set on getting for everyone.”

My money was on the egg salad sandwiches, but I would never share my opinions with him. Listening to the others give him hell is way more fun than sharing my thoughts. Plus, by not sharing them I can continue to have moments like this one. Win win for me.

Lucan throws his hands up in the air and stands from the bed. “Don’t worry about getting all fancy since only family will be here. Dress comfortably. No reason to be uncomfortable with family. Just wish everyone was going to be here. Next weekend can’t get here fast enough,” with those words Lucan exits the bedroom and heads down stairs.

I lay there a moment contemplating if I should shower or not. Lucan’s words about family being the only one here has me deciding against showering. Plus, I still need to finish the potato salad. The quicker I can get ready the quicker I can be done in the kitchen and be able to enjoy myself.

I snag the first pair of jeans I can find which turns out to be jeggings. Lucan did say to be comfortable. I pair them with a black and red flannel, which was long enough to cover my ass. Lastly I slide into a pair of knee high brown boots. Spinning the mirror has me happy with my casual comfy outfit.

I decide against putting my hair up and instead add a few curls. For the first time in my life my hair actually cooperates and I’m pleased with the outcome. I apply the lightest of makeup and study my reflection. Hopefully Lucan appreciates my efforts.

Voices can be heard drifting from downstairs. Seems the guest have started to arrive. I head down stairs to find Dimitri, Skylar and Lucan lounging on the couch. Lucan had placed some pretzels and dips on the coffee table. Skylar jumps out of her seat when she sees me.

“Thank you,” she exclaims. I send her a puzzled expression. “Another female. Not sure how much more shop talk I could take. Today is supposed to be about having fun, but I guess these two missed the memo.” Skylar explains pointing back at the two guys. They shrug their shoulders and continue on with their conversation, but not before I caught Lucan giving me the once over.

A slight blush forms across my cheeks at the attention. He sends me a wink when neither Dimitri or Skylar are paying attention. Which causes me to blush even redder to the point Skylar expresses concern.

“Kinsley are you okay,” she asks walking closer to me. “You aren’t running a fervor,” Skylar continues attempting to feel my head. I avoid her advances and stand closer to Lucan.

“I’m fine the room is a little warm,” I say not wanting to explain the real reason for my reddened cheeks. Skylar tilts her head to the side and studies me for a moment. After a few seconds she shrugs her shoulders.

Dimitri hooks a leg around her and pulls her so she ends up tumbling into his lap. He then whispers something in her ear and she goes into a giggling fit. “Are they always like this,” I question Lucan.

He watches their interaction with a smile. “You’ll get used to it,” he says. “They had a bit of a rocky relationship and have more than earned to the right to be silly around one another.”

Skylar manages to stand from Dimitri’s hold and playfully glares down at him with her hand on her hips. “Enough Dimitri. I’m here to hang out with Kinsley and Aubree not be man handled by you.”

“What about me,” Lucan pouts. “Another female joins the group so a male has to be kicked out?”

Skylar walks over and squeezes Lucan’s cheeks. “Don’t worry I’ll keep you since you don’t drive me insane.”

“So then can we boot Tray since he drives everyone nuts.” Lucan asks her with a pleading expression.

“Lucan…” Skylar starts, but is interrupted by the man himself.

“You only want me gone so you can be the hottest member.” Tray states sliding an arm over Skylar’s shoulders. “Plus my bestest best friend would never let you throw me out.” When Skylar says nothing Tray turns to her and in a worried voice asks, “right?”

She pounders for a moment dragging out his torture then she ruffles his hair. “Of course,” she responds with. Then pretending to whisper into Tray’s ear asks, “how about we kick Mason out?”

Mason fakes being hurt and wipes fakes tears from his eyes. “Why am I always the butt end of the jokes?”

“Why do you continue to hang out with me,” Tray counter.

“Umm I don’t know maybe because we are in a band together,” his eyes shifting between Lucan and Dimitri. “Also you and I are the only single ones in the group. Dimitri has Skylar. Ryder has Aubree. And now Lucan has Kinsley. Only free ones left are you and me.”

“Lucan and I….” I clear my throat. “What I was trying to say is Lucan and I aren’t together.” At my words a sadness flutters in his eyes. I was speaking a half truth. We aren’t completely together and I didn’t want the guys to get the wrong impression. Especially if Lucan wanted to keep up the being single appearance, but by his reaction my words were not what he wanted to hear.

Mason stares at me with eyes saying he doesn’t believe a word I was saying. “But yet the two of you live together and are raising Hunter together. So if that isn’t being a couple than I’m at a complete loss.”

“And your mouth is just another reason we should be getting rid of you,” Tray interject taking the spot light off me. Thank you I mouth to him and he nods his head in acknowledgment.

“No one is getting rid of anyone,” Aubree states joining the group with arms full of bags and a grinning Hunter next to her. “But if we had to get rid of someone I vote for Tray. No way would I let Mason be the one booted.”

Mason walks over and wraps an arm around Aubree. “See I’m untouchable.” He then sticks his tongue out at everyone.

“And you say I’m the child,” Hunter adds earning himself a laugh from the entire group. He stands there watching us shaking his head.

“Can I get a little help here,” Aubree asks. “These bags aren’t exactly light.”

Everyone rushes to help her. The guys are the ones who end up with the bags and bring them into the kitchen. We trail behind. “How much baking did the two of you do,” I ask searching through one of the many bags.

Hunter glances at Aubree and she makes a zipping motion over her lips, but quickly plasters on a smile when she notices me watching the exchange. All she’s done is peek my curiosity.

“Hunter,” I say using me stern tone. His eyes flicker between Aubree and me. He bites his lip and sends Aubree a pleading glance. She shakes her hand and sends her a pleading expression of her own.

His eyes shift back to me and I cross my arms across my chest. “I have to live with her,” he tells Aubree. I send her a gloating smile and she sticks her tongue out at me. “Well… let’s just say everything either came out burnt, or not tasting right because she would forget to add something to the batter. After we used up everything we bought and still had nothing to show for our efforts she called the bakery.”

Everyone bursts out laughing over Hunter’s disclosure. “Traitor,” Aubree tells him fighting a smile.

“How in the world do you forget to add everything to the batter? The instructions are on the back of the box.” I ask her laughing.

She sighs and sits at the island. “When I decided I wanted to go off on my own and try my own thing.”

“Only after you burnt all the stuff we made from the boxes,” Hunter says telling on her.

“Hunter enough,” she says to him. “Remember what happened last night says at my house.”

He shrugs his shoulders and walks over to give me a hug. “Did you have fun,” I ask him.

“I did. I just wish I wasn’t the only kid in the group.” When he says that he shifts his attention to Dimitri and Skylar. “When are you going to give me a cousin?”

Dimitri chokes on the beer he was drinking. Skylar swoops in with an answer. “Right now we are focused on getting through the wedding. Having kids will wait till after that.”

Hunter nods his head in understanding, but then turns his attention on to me and Lucan. “When are going to give me a brother or sister?”

Now Lucan is the one choking on his beer and everyone’s attention zeroes in on us. I send Lucan a glance screaming to him with my eyes to handle this.

He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “Hunter…. the answer is… complicated. Let’s focus on the three of us getting used to living together before we add another person.”

“Plus your dad and I aren’t together Buddy,” I jump in saying not wanting to draw attention to our relationship. Hurt flashes in Lucan’s eyes after hearing my words.

Dimitri kisses the side of Skylar’s head. “How about us men head outside and get the grill started,” he asks cutting through the tension filling the room between myself and Lucan.

Lucan chugs the rest of his beer and grabs another. “Alright let me grab the burgers and I’ll be right out.” He starts to head to the freezer in the garage. “Kinsley can you lend me a hand.” By his tone the question was more like a demand than a question.

“Okay,” I say giving Hunter one more hug and trailing behind Lucan.

The door closes behind me with a quickness and in the next breath I find myself encaged in his arms against the door.

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