My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 5

This chapter is dedicated to my Grandma who earned her angel wings today.

How I wish I never thought the question what else could go wrong? I left the court house and walked with Kim towards our cars. She was optimistic all would be well at the next hearing in two weeks. We both had a goal set before us. Mine was to become the world’s greatest detective and hers was to try and have our case presented before a different judge. I wasn’t holding out much hope we would be successful so I was quietly plotting going on the run with Hunter or offering the money to Pam if she would let me keep him.

More than likely if I was to approach her with this plan she would go for the idea and drop her petition for custody. The only struggle would be convincing her to trust me because we would have to do all of this under the table and she wouldn’t be able to get access to the money all at once.

Could the money help Hunter and me? Of course. But he is worth way more than the fifty-thousand-dollar life insurance policy. If I need to work multiply jobs to give him a better life I will. Fingers crossed all goes well with this job interview and all of this becomes an unpleasant memory.

I return to the apartment in time to meet Tina, her girls and Hunter in the lobby. Once glance at my frown and Tina has be promising to talk soon. The entire drive home I debated with myself on if I should tell Hunter a little bit about what is going on, but decided against worrying him,

Instead Hunter and I enjoyed our evening together. The other day I had explained to him how I was traveling to Nashville. He tried to convince me to allow him to come with me. If I wasn’t going for a job interview I would have considered taking him with me, but I had no one to leave him with. He was better off here with Tina.

A knock sounds on the door I yell for Hunter to answer the door figuring Mr. Tim was here to watch Hunter. For the second time today my blood turns to ice.

“You must be Hunter! Come give Grandma a hug.” I hear coming from the apartment door causing me to sprint out of my room.

Hunter stands as far from Pam as he can get. His attention shifts to me with questions in his eyes. Pam uses him being distracted to gather him in her arms.

“Mom,” he cries trying to wiggle out of her hold.

“Grandma wants to hold you,” she gushes rocking back and forth. The man from earlier stand in the hallway watching their exchange. When he hears my approach his eyes switch to me and they flare with arousal.

“What are you doing here,” I ask making a grab for Hunter. She releases him and he rushes to my side wrapping his arms around me. I wrap mine around him and hold him close to me.

“Can’t a grandmother visit with her grandson?” She asks pouting.

“If you were a normal grandmother sure, but you are anything but Pam.” I state with no emotion in my voice. “Like I asked why are you here? I’m about to head to work and don’t have time for your shit.”

Hunter shifts so he is slightly behind me and peeks around the side of me. “Why is he hiding from me?”

“Probably because he has no clue who you are Pam,” I say refraining from rolling my eyes.

“Well I’m here to change all that.” She walks into the apartment and he follows her in. A part of me wanted to ask what his name was, but a bigger part of me didn’t give a shit. All I want is them out of my apartment.

“All you’re going to do is leave,” I tell her. Then I turn to Hunter. “Buddy can you please go to your room while I show these people out.”

He nods his head and makes a mad dash for his room. Once he was out of the room Pam drops the act. “You had stated in court I wouldn’t know what my grandson looked like so I had to come meet him and now you can’t say I’ve never seen him.” She tells me walking around the family room eyeing all of our possessions.

“Yeah because a five minute meeting makes up for the past six years.” Pam spins on her heels and stops in my direction waving her finger in my face.

“I warned you what would happen if you don’t show me respect,” she seethes.

My head falls back in laughter and I wipe the tears from my eyes. “Oh you were being serious. News flash I’m not the sixteen year old anymore you can push around. The one who still held out hope you would be an actual mother. She’s no longer here. Meaning I’m no longer afraid of her.”

She falters in her steps when I don’t back down. Instead she stands there glaring at me. “You wouldn’t throw out your own mother would you?”

“I don’t have a mother so no I’m not throwing out a mother I’m throwing out a stranger. You need to leave before I call the police. I have to get to work and don’t have time for your shit.” I meet her glare for glare.

“We can stay with the little tyke,” the strange man says.

I turn around and discover him standing extra close to me. His rotten breath tickles my nose and I cringe at the stench. “No thank you.” A knocking at the door has me slipping out between them.

I open the door and almost weep at the sight of Mr. Tim. “Thank God you are here.” I tell him. He raises a grizzled brow, but once he sees the uninvited guests in my family room understanding lights his eyes.

“I didn’t know you are going to have guests this evening Miss. Kinsley I would have dressed up,” he jokes coming inside the apartment.

“They were just leaving,” I explain holding the door open wide and moving off to the side.

“I can tell when we aren’t wanted,” she snips. “Come on Joe let’s go.” The second they are through the door I slam it shut.

“Friends of yours,” Mr. Tim asks.

“More like a nightmare come to life. That women is my,” I cringe while I say the words out loud, “mother.”

“You don’t say. Well hunny we can’t choose who are family is or where we come from. All we can do is create a better future for ourselves and our children,” he tells me nodding his head towards Hunter. “And I reckon little missy you are doing both. Don’t let her cause you to deviate from your path.”

“Thank you Mr. Tim,” I tell him kissing his roughened cheek. He blushed over my actions. He’s like the grandfather I never had.

“You better get going or you’re going to be late,” he reminds me sitting on the couch and turning the television on.

“Hunter I’m leaving,” I call out to him. “Come give me a hug goodbye.”

“Is the strange lady gone,” he asks from his room.

“Yes she’s gone. Mr. Tim is here now.”

Hunter bounces out of his room only stopping to say a greeting to Mr. Tim. He hugs me goodbye and I slip out the door. This day has turned into a shit show. How the fuck did she find out where we lived? I jump into my car and head to the club.

I’m about ten minutes early when I enter the club through the back door. The loud music can already be heard. Seems the night is in full swing. Fridays are usually busy this time of night hence why I love working them. If I walk out with less than three hundred dollars in tips then I was off my game. I’ve even had a Friday night or two I left seven hundred dollars richer. Safe to say Hunter and I were able to splurge a little on Sunday.

I’m in the back room putting my things in my locker when my boss popped his head in to remind me of the meeting he wanted to have with me and then leaves. Once my locker is locked for the night I drag my feet into his office.

None of us enjoy meeting him in his office. Mr. Slicker is not someone I would want to come across in a dark alley. He thinks he can do and say whatever he wants to us since none of us can afford to quit. I will admit the money is decent, but my self-worth is worth a lot more. The day I can tell him I quit is a day I’ve been waiting for since I started this job.

“Please have a seat Kinsley,” he tells me from behind his desk.

I sit on the end of the seat across from him wanting to get this conversation over and done with. Getting behind the bar is my only focus because every minute I’m not back there is money I could be earning.

“You said you wanted to talk to me Mr. Slicker.” I state trying to sound friendly, which is a struggle.

“Yes.” He leans back in his chair and studies me for a moment. “I wasn’t too happy when you called off the other day on such short notice.”

“As I had explained I was given news my sister was declared decease. My nephew needed me home with him. Plus I had people I needed to speak with.” I try to explain, but I’d be better off talking to a wall with the way he was listening.

“You left me in a bind. I had some clients who were coming to see you and you made me look like a fool when you didn’t show up.”

I link my fingers and place my hands in my lap. “Not sure why you would be having people come see your bartender. Usually they only come to see the dancers.”

A hair raising grin spreads across his face and he gets out of his chair. Walking towards me he says, “you are no longer a bartender.”

He stops in front of me and perches himself on his desk. Staring up at him in confusion I say, “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Kinsley. Kinsley. Kinsley. You have been giving me the run around for years and I decided it stops now.” He runs a finger down my bare arm and I fight the urge to flinch. “As of the other night you are now one of the dancers and your refusal is no longer an option. For years you’ve been telling me no. Not anymore.”

“Excuse me I have a right to say no. From the start I told you I would never be a dancer.” I eye the door wondering if I’m going to need to make a quick getaway.

“Let me make this simple for you.” He says slicking back his greasy hair. “You will get that sexy ass of yours on the stage or…” he trails off.

“Or what you’re going to fire me,” I finish for him.

He slide off the desk and places one arm on either side of my rest his hands on the arm of the chair. “I’m going I won’t need to go to those extremes. You owe my Kinsley for giving you a job and people are offering a lot of money to start seeing you in stage instead of behind the bar.” His unbearable breath plays across my nose. “And we both know you can’t afford to quit. How else will you be able to take care of your nephew?”

He’s not wrong. I can’t afford to quit, but my self-worth is at stake here. Not sure what inspired me to say the next words, but they were flying out of my mouth. “Well your wrong. I actually came in today to tell you I quit I was offered a new job and I’ve accepted.”

He springs away from me as though I have slapped him and I use the opportunity to dash towards the door. In no way do I want him to be able to lock me in this room.

“You can’t quit,” he mutters more to himself. “I’ve made so many promises.

“Not my problem,” I tell him and run out the door making a quick stop at my locker to grab my things.

Not saying a word to anyone I head directly to my car and get behind the wheel. While I’m driving away is when the realization I’m unemployed hits me. All of my eggs are now in one basket. Finger crossed it get the job and I can get the hell out of here. Since I don’t have work I can start the search for the mystery man.

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