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Chapter 7

The drive into the city wasn’t too bad on Sunday morning. Traffic only got heavier the closer I got to the city, but I had left in plenty of time. Being late to this interview was in no way an option nor having something happen which would prevent me from attending all together.

The other day when Skylar called to confirm I was still coming she had apologized for wanting to meet on a Sunday, but they were anxious to fill the role. After getting fired from the club they could have wanted to meet on the moon and I would have made it happen.

Checking the time for the hundredth time I learn I still have about an hour and half before I was to meet with them. Not wanting to waste any more gas then necessary I found some cheap parking near the restaurant they wanted to meet at for lunch. I’ve never been to an interview over lunch before and was nervous.

First I locate the restaurant wanting to make sure I knew exactly where I was going. I would hate to get all the way out here only to mess up because I got lost. Luckily not too far down from the restaurant was a small coffee shop. So I head inside.

The smell of coffee tickles my nose when I walk in the door. The tables were pretty full with people on their computers or phones. Over all there was a homely feeling inside. I make a note of the name planning on visiting this place again once Hunter and I move down here.

The older lady behind the counter offers me a kind smile and happily takes my order chatting away about the beautiful weather we are having. “What brings you into the city,” she asks me.

“Am I that obvious I’m not a local,” I counter.

She laughs, “hunny the way you walked in like a scared mouse gave you away.”

“I’m here for a job interview actually. If all goes well maybe I will be a local.” I tell her taking the offered cup of coffee.

“Wonderful! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you,” she says with a smile.

I return her smile and head to an open seat next to window at the front of the shop. I still have a few minutes to kill before I need to be back at the restaurant so I settle in and people watch.

A commotion at the door catches my attention and I watch a woman with blonde hair rush inside. She nearly runs into the people exiting because she was staring down at her phone. Whispering begins around me when the costumers see her. A few even snap her picture. Wonder what that is all about?

She ignores everything around her and heads directly to the counter. The lady and her exchange a few words. She steps to the side returning to her phone while she waits for her coffee, which puts her near me.

Her phone rings and she picks up, “I’m at the coffee place down the street.” There is a pause. “What I needed another cup. You know how much I dislike people and so I needed one more pick me up.”

More people start to point and whisper. The women start to fidget in place. “But I’m starting to think coming in was a bad idea. I miss the days’ people didn’t recognize me. And what sucks is he’s not even here to help buffer some of this. I miss him Sky.” Another pause. “Yes I know he’s exactly where he needs to be, but doesn’t mean I can’t want him here.”

She goes to grab her coffee and someone trying to get a picture of her ends up bumping her causing her to dump her coffee on me. I jump from my chair.

“I’m so sorry,” she cries glaring at the person who bumped her while the sneak out the door.

“No worries,” I tell her with a tight smile while inside I’m seething. This was not at all how I wanted to show up to my interview, covered in coffee.

“Let me get a rag and help you,” she says already on the move. “Sky I have to go I’ll see you soon,” she says to her phone and hangs up. She returns with some rags and helps me to clean up the mess. “Again I’m so sorry.”

“Like I said no worries. And it’s not your fault you were bumped.” I reassure her.

She shakes her head. “Ever since I started dating my boyfriend people won’t leave me alone. Like I was telling my friend I miss the days I was able to move around in public without being recognized. I’m actually surprised no one approached me.” She gets an evil glint in her eyes. “But then again after what happened last time I shouldn’t be surprised.”

I was curious over what she was talking about, but didn’t feel like I knew her well enough to ask her what she meant. Quickly we clean up the mess and I notice if I don’t leave soon I’m going to be late.

“Thank you for the help, but I must be going before I’m late,” I say heading towards the door.

“Again I’m really sorry,” she calls out while be handed a new cup of coffee.

I dash out the door before I ended up accidently wearing the new cup. The only saving grace is my dress is black and not white. Finger crossed no one will be able the notice the coffee stain. The only down side I have no way of hiding the smell off coffee attached to me. Could always me worse.

Quickly I make my way down the sidewalk and enter the restaurant. The place is more fancy then I’m use to and I feel out of place. Nervously I rock back on my heels unsure what to do. A women comes out from the back and notices me standing there.

“Can I help you,” she asks while she approaches.

“I’m supposed to be meeting with someone,” I explain.

“Are you Kinsley,” she asks me and my lungs fill with air.

“Yes I am,” I tell her.

She smiles, “follow me please.” The women guides me to the back of the restaurant to a table for four. There was a women already seated glaring at her computer. She had brown hair and was tapping her pen on her notebook. “Ms. Haden,” the hostess says earning the other women’s attention. “Your guest is here.”

Ms. Haden glances at her phone and mutters to herself. “Where in the word is Aubree? She’s not usually late like this.” As if the other women heard her someone rushes to the table.

“Sorry I’m late Skylar,” she says causing me to pause because I recognize the voice. “You would not believe the morning I had.” She then notices me standing there. “You,” she says pointing at me.

“You,” I return.

The blonde women set her bag on the table and takes a seat. “Let me guess Kinsley.” She states turning slightly red.

“Not sure,” Skylar interjects. “I haven’t been able to do introductions yet, but I get the feeling you two know each other.”

Awkwardly I remain standing unsure what to do next. “Please have a seat,” the blonde tells me. I go to take the open seat next to her. “You may want to sit away from me especially since I dumped my coffee all over you once today.”

Skylar was taking a drink of her water and starts to choke after hearing the women’s confession. “Aubree what happened?”

Aubree sighs and rubs her forehead. “I was reaching for my coffee when someone bumped me and I dumped it on who I now know is Kinsley.”

The way the two were interacting was not at all what I was expecting. I had been waiting for complete professionalism and they seemed more like friends. “Like I said when it happened no worries.”

“I’m so embarrassed. Of all the people I could dump coffee on it had to be the person we are hoping to hire to work with us.”

“Talk about ice break,” I say trying to lighten the mood. At the mention of the word ice the two women burst out laughing leaving me with the impression something happened with ice in the past.

“Well I for one am excited to meet you. I’m Skylar by the way and this is Aubree,” she says with a smile.

Aubree picks up her menu and starts to scan the content. “We should of went to The Hideout,” she mumbles.

“You wanted to go somewhere fancy,” Skylar leans across the table and tries to whisper. “I believe your exact words where you wanted to impress Kinsley.”

I lean across the table and join the conversation. “To be honest this place is to fancy for my blood. Give me a hamburger or pizza any day.”

Skylar slams her hand on the table. “You’re hired!”

“I agree,” Aubree adds. “Let’s blow this popsicle stand and go see Grandma Rose.”

I sit back stunned shifting my eyes back and forth between the two of them. None of today is playing out how I thought it would in my head. “I’m really confused,” I state watching the two of them pack up their belongings.

Skylar pauses to study me. “Kinsley, Aubree and I had basically already agreed to offer you the job after we spoke with you on the phone. Today was simply a meet and greet to make sure you would be able to fit in with the two of us. Now me I’m good with people. Aubree not so much.”

Aubree shrugs her shoulders. “Sad, but true especially since I’m a manger and have to work with people all the time.”

“Manager of what? I thought working with kids was your job.” I ask standing from my seat.

Both of them stare at me as though my head fell off. Aubree is the first to speak. “You really have no clue who we are,” she states in disbelief.

I raise my brow not sure how to respond to her statement. She’s not wrong about me not knowing them. We had a handful of conversations and in no way through those have I been able to get to know them fully. I had some idea, but many of them I’m finding to be wrong.

Aubree turns to Skylar when I don’t say anything. “Never in a million years did I think there was someone out there who didn’t know us.” She points in my direction. “Sky we found a unicorn or a really good actress.”

“Would you stop before you scare her away. She probably already thinks we are beyond weird and by this point we may have to beg her to work with us.” Skylar says heading in the direction of the exit. Aubree falls into step behind her and I follow unsure of where we are going.

We exit the restaurant and stand on the curb. “Now that we are out of that stuffy restaurant let’s go get some good food.” Skylar states. She turns towards me. “Kinsley where are you parked.”

I point towards the nearest parking garage. “I parked over there to be close to the restaurant because I didn’t want to chance being late. Plus the cost wasn’t over the top.”

She waves away my comment. “Don’t worry about the cost we are going to be reimbursing you for the trip so make sure you keep any receipts. You are more than welcomed to follow or ride with me.”

I ponder for a moment unsure what to do. On one hand leaving my car would be easier, but on the other I’m not so sure I want to be without my wheels. “Can you give me the address and I’ll meet you both there?”

“Of course,” she responds pulling out her phone. Not long after my phone dings with an incoming text message and when I check I see an address from Skylar.

“Thank you. I’ll see you both there.” We part ways and head to our cars, after she gave me some cash for parking. Usually I’m not one to take money from others, but with the situation Hunter and I’m in not taking the offering would be stupid on my part.

I easily locate the new location and park the car. Aubree and Skylar are standing outside waiting for me.

“Find the place okay,” Aubree inquires.

“I did,” I respond with eyeing our new location and instantly feeling better about the change.

“We need to warn you. This place is our main go to and if Grandma Rose is here she’s going to smother you,” Skylar informs me.

I shrug my shoulders. “No worries. As long as they have good food she can smother away.”

“You say that now, but just wait. You might end up changing your thoughts,” Skylar states with a smile.

I follow Skylar and Aubree into the restaurant. Little did I know before I would leave my life would be changed in more than one way.

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