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Caleb Shaw has never been truly in love that is until he meets Evelyn Grey. He turns her life upside down when she quickly falls in love with him. After finding out his secrets will she turn her back on her feelings or will she choose to stay?

Romance / Drama
Kayla R.O.W
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Chapter 1: Whiskey & Mint

“Whiskey, Neat” A large gorgeous man takes a seat at the bar. “Please” His golden Hazel eyes look up at me. My heart almost skips out of my chest.

“Coming right up” I say with my nervous squeaky voice. God I hate myself sometimes. “I don’t have many customers you age order drinks like this” I place an empty glass on the bar and start to fill it slowly. I want to prolong this interaction as long as possible.

“I know what I like” He looked me up and down.

“Thats good to know” My cheeks instantly feel like they are burning. I just smile and turn away hoping he didn’t see my embarrassing red cheeks.
I Had to take a few calls so I wasn’t as attentive as I should have been. I came out of the back and he was gone. I didn’t know what I was expecting. I literally just met him and had a twenty second conversation.

“Whatever you did for him, He liked” My bar back hands me a hundred dollar bill.

“What?” He had one drink. I wonder if he heard any of my phone calls while he was here and felt sorry for me?

I wasn’t expecting him to come back but I hoped he would. I was wiping down the bar when I hear the door open.
“Last call was five minutes ago” Damnit. I forgot to lock up. I do that a lot which is super annoying.

“You can’t pour me one more?” I didn’t turn around right away but i knew it was him. My stomach flutters before I turn around.

“Back so soon?” I put a glass on the bar a pour a generous amount of whiskey.
I try not to blush at
his golden eyes that studied me.

“I need help with some liquor choices” He lifts his glass of whiskey to his lips and takes a quick sip. I could hardly think straight. The pulsating between my legs was a bit distracting.

“Oh”It wasn’t a question but he thought it was.

“What would you recommend? It’s for a fortieth birthday party” He leaned back in the chair and I ran my eyes up his body to his chest. He had the few top buttons of his dress shirt unfastened giving me a glance at a few tattoos.

“Well, I have a list of nice options.” I say and duck behind the bar. I had to take my eyes off of him or I would jump him right here. “I know your a whiskey man” I lifted my eyes to his. That was a mistake.

He leans forward on the bar resting his chin on the back of his hands. When the fuck did he roll up his sleeves?His large forearms confirm my suspicion that his body is ripped.“This party is for my brother. He is a bourbon guy.”

“Oh, I do have a list of nice bourbons as well” I place the papers on the bar. I could smell the whiskey on his breath. “Here it is” I pull the list from the stack and place it on the bar “It is a nice list.” My smile is so awkward.Who says that to an gorgeous golden eyed god of a man? I’m such an idiot.

He just nods in agreement glancing over the list. I’m such an idiot.I thought to myself again.

I lean my arms on the bar. “I am a whiskey girl myself” I smile at him. I watched his arms flex against the bar.
I reach my hand out and lay it over his. My body went numb with excitement. I was touching him. “Thank you for earlier”

He smiles and looks down at our hands. “I think I would do anything for you red”. What did he just say? I think I might me drooling.He stands up from the bar taking his last sip of whiskey. “I better let you get closed up” He pulls his suit jacket from the back of the bar stool. He pulls his arms through the sleeves,buttons it and rolls his shoulders to fit it snug on his body. “I hope to see you again soon, Red” He says smiling turning towards the door.

“When will that be?” I squeak. He stops and turns his head just enough to see me bite my lip in embarrassment.

His body flexes again, even under his jacket I could see it. He makes the steps back to the bar In what felt like a second. His large hand wraps around my arm. His half grin made my heart thump in my chest.”Now, If you come with me”

My heart still thumping in my chest “ I-I have to close up the bar” I stutter out.
He smiles in amusement before letting out a chuckle. My arm was left cold. He took his hand back running it through his hair landing on the nape of his neck. “ How long?” His voice slightly annoyed but still kind.His golden eyes have a twinkle to them.

“Five minutes?” I questioned myself then I looked at the floor.

“I will wait outside for ten minutes” I look up and his hand is already on the door nob. “If you are not out this door in ten minutes, I will leave without you” He didn’t look back at me before opening the door and walking out.

“Am I really going to do this?” I touch my hand to my arm where his hand was only moments before. It felt so cold after feeling his warm skin on mine.
I was going to do this. It was to long since I had done anything for me. I cleaned up the papers and noticed another hundred dollar bill laying under his empty glass. Does he just have a never ending supply of hundred dollar bills in his wallet? I chuckled putting the bill in my pocket.
I clean his glass, Wipe down the bar, shove my loose bills haphazardly into my purse and headed for the front door.
I never expected to see what I saw next. My Golden eyed man leaning against a large black SUV. He is looking at his phone.His suit jacket is unbuttoned and his large legs crossed one over the other.
When he heard the door open his eyes slowly raised from his phone to meet mine. I giggle just above a whisper level at the situation I was in. How did this gorgeous man stumble into my bar? I felt the drool start to pool in my mouth. I quickly swallowed and wiped at my bottom lip with my thumb and index finger.
He uncrosses his legs to stand up straight. His muscles flexing under his shirt. He just finished the last button on his suit coat when I approached his car.

“Ms. Grey” he nodded slightly at me. I gushed at him.

“How do you know my last name?” I ask not really caring I just wanted to hear his voice again.
His laughed rumbled in his chest. Only one corner of his mouth reached for a smile.
“I know a lot of things Ms.grey” He leans closer to my ear during the last syllable. I felt his hot breath cascade down my neck. He smelled like whiskey and mint. I breathe in a deep breath.
I feel his hand sit gently on my lower back. The pressure and warmth of his touch sent the lower half of my body into a fit. I pulled my lower lip into my mouth fighting a smile.

“Front or back?” He asks not moving a muscle.

“I uh?” Like now? We are doing this now in your gorgeous black SUV.
It’s like he knew what thoughts went through my head.

“Would you like to sit in the front or back seat for our drive back to your house?” The words came out like he was holding back a laugh.

“Oh uh. Front?” I raised my eyebrow looking in his direction. His minty breath touching my cheek.

“Very we’ll Ms. Grey” He reluctantly pulls his face back from mine. I hear the door open to my left. He gestures to me to get into the car. I slide onto the leather passenger seat dropping my bag onto the floor board.

“Buckle up” He leans down to look at me. He shuts the door and walks to the drivers side. Through the tinted windows I see him unbutton his suit coat.
He opens the drivers side door tossing his coat into the back seat over his chair. The smell of Whiskey and mint cloud the new car smell inside.
He slides in and without a word starts the car. ‘It was quiet for such a giant vehicle’

“Where to Ms. Grey?” His eyes were on his white button up shirt rolling up the sleeves.
Why was this stranger making me turn into a puddle of mush. He was a stranger, I didn’t even know his name.

“Shouldn’t I know your name first?” I was surprised at how confident my voice sounds. My heart was racing and my stomach is tied in knots.
He finishes his sleeves and grips the steering wheel.

“You can call me Mr. Shaw” His head turns to meet my gaze. “And Ms. Grey?” He studies me. “ I need your address”

My stomach turns into butterflies.
‘Shit my house?’ A slight panic must have shown on my face.
His hand immediately grabs mine. My heart skips in my chest .

“You can stop this whenever you wish Ms. Grey” His eyes were concerned.

‘No’ I shook my head with the not letting a sound leave my lips. I want to go home with him. I want to be with him, but my apartment was an absolute pig pen. I hadn’t done laundry in weeks. I have no food or even drinks. I usually eat at the bar after my shift then not again until the next day. My stomach grumbled. I clutched it with my free hand to try to muffle the sound.
His hand lets go of mine and he sits back in his chair with a huff.

“Let’s go get you something to eat” He doesn’t wait for a reply he just pulls out onto the street. “What do you fantasy?” He keeps his eyes on the road.

My face goes red with my thoughts ‘You’ I bite my lip.

“Any kind of fast food will be fine” I shrug my shoulders.

“No” Was all he said.

‘No?’ He must have sensed my confusion.

He sighs “I will make you something” somehow we were in the parking lot of a grocery store ten minutes from my house. He opens his door, steps out of the SUV and leans into the vehicle again “I will be right back” He looks at the key fob sitting in the middle cup holder. “Don’t steal my car” He smiles shutting the door.

I take advantage of his absence and snoop.He didn’t have much in the car that I could tell. I opened the center console the smell off mints filled my nose. He has a small box of mints and a “handkerchief?” I said out loud. Who even carries one of these anymore?
“I wonder?” I turn my eyes to the back seat where Mr. Shaw’s jacket lay. I unfasten my seat belt and stretch back to reach it. It seems extremely expensive. I glide my hand over the cotton fabric. It is a light brown with a subtle plaid pattern woven into the fabric. I hadn’t noticed the detail until now. I reach into the inside pocket and pull out another handkerchief.
“Interesting” I say out loud.
I stop admiring the handkerchief just in time to see him approaching the car. I quickly toss the jacket into the backseat and fasten my seatbelt.
My heart quickened when he open the back door to put the bags inside.

“Mhm” He sighed. I could feel his gaze burning holes into my head. He knew I was snooping.I didn’t flinch. He shut the back door then quickly opened his.

“Glad you didn’t steal my car” He fastened his seat belt and put the car in drive.

“I thought about it” I smiled.
I mentally face palmed myself ‘Such and idiot’ His laugh started to brew again in his chest.

“I still need that address” He had a soft smile on his face.

“483 river dale drive.” I sigh and rest my elbow on the door so that I can nervously play with my hair.

“That’s close” His smile got bigger. It almost reached his eyes. Ugh those eyes.

He pulls up to my apartment building. Not saying a word he opens his door and gets out but before shutting it behind him.
“I will come get you, Stay put” My legs started to tremble and my breath quickens. He pulls the groceries from the back seat and makes his way to me. He opens the door putting his hand out for me to grab.
I felt my heart skip. I follow his hand up his flexed arm and lock eyes with him. He must have gotten a touch inpatient. His large body leans across mine to unfasten my seat belt. He pulls me quickly but gently from the car.

“After you” He gestures for me to walk in front of him. I make my way to the building. I feel his hand on the small of my back guiding me along.

‘I really didn’t want him to see my apartment’

I’m on the first floor so we arrive at my door quickly. I fumble for my keys finally pulling them from my disheveled bag.
His eyebrow raise in disapproval. “That’s quite a mess you got there.” He give me a half smile.

“That’s me” I shrug getting the key into the lock.
“I’m a mess” I push my door open to my apartment. I toss my bag on the floor and pull off my shoes.
“Do you want something to..” I trail off. I don’t have anything to fucking drink. I literally face palm my self. He just walks past me to set the bags on the counter.

“I have everything we need” He pulls out a large bottle of water and hands it to me.

“Th-Thank you” I stutter out.

“Go do what you normally do” His eyes back on the bags. “The food won’t take long”

“I can help” I squeak out ‘No you can’t you dummy’
The hunger growls loud in my belly. I try to muffle it again. I should really take a shower. I smell like beer and my legs were sore from standing all day.

“No” he was rummaging through my cabinets.

I huff and make my way to the bathroom. I had to be honest I liked the way he said “No” I really don’t know what this man is doing to me.
I strip off my beer stained cloths and step into the warm shower. The warm water feels good on my skin. It is the middle of winter so I am always cold.

I just shaved the night before but i did a once over just to make sure i didn’t miss any spots. My body quivers when the water starts to run cold.
I step out and wrap my towel around my body. It hits me suddenly. I don’t have any cloths. I went straight to the bathroom without grabbing any cloths. Ugh.
I open the bathroom door and peek out. I hear Mr.Shaw in the kitchen so i sneak across the hall to my room. I slide on underwear and clasp my bra. I don’t normally wear one at home but tonight I think I needed to make an exception.
I pull on a pair of black leggings, a white tank top and long grey cardigan.

I nervously make my way to the kitchen pulling the aroma into my nose.

“You made fucking shrimp scampi?” How was he so perfect. Even the small out of place strand of dark brown hair on his head was perfect.

“Yes?” His eyebrows raise but his eyes remain focus on his task.
I had just a small two seat bar top in my kitchen. I sat in one of the chairs. I fold my arms one on top of the other and rest them on the bar.

“So..” I bite my lip nervous to know the answer. “What do you do for a living?” I I rested my chin on my arms.

“I’m involved with a few business ventures” His smile told me that was a lie.
I sat up straight when he slides the plate onto the table. I could smell the garlic and butter. My mouth salivating.

“Eat” He was already holding a plate leaning against the wall.
I wrap my fork around the long noddles finally piercing a shrimp at the end. I lift the fork to my mouth and take a bite. I let out a little moan. This was the first home cooked meal I had in forever. I took a few more bites moaning after each one.

“Satisfied?” He giggles sliding me a glass of water and a napkin. I feel my cheeks turning red.

“Sorry” I finish my water and wipe my face with my napkin.

“Nothing to be sorry about” He smiles at my empty plate. “It was entertaining watching you enjoy yourself” His massive hands held his weight on the table. His shirt sleeves still rolled up I could see the veins protruding from his muscular arms. I shift uncomfortably in my chair my clean underwear now wet with lust.

“I’m sorry if i make you uncomfortable” He starts to pull his arms back.
I automatically grab his forearm. My hand looks miniature compared to his arm.

“No, Quite the opposite” I bit my lip.
I don’t know how he did it but the next second he was pulling my body to his. I put my hand out to brace myself against his chest.
I could smell the mint still laced with the scent of whiskey.
I lift myself onto my tip toes and press my lips against his. I could taste the whiskey on his tongue when he used it to part my lips.

I grip his shirt in my small fists and let out a small moan against his lips. I sense there was no going back after that. His hands that were resting with interlaced fingers on my hips slide quickly down to cup my ass. I squeak with surprise, that only makes things more interesting. He lifted me effortlessly off then floor sliding me on to the counter top without breaking our lips apart. He pulls my cardigan down exposing my shoulders and arms. His lips pull from mine and found their way to the crook of my neck. He lingers there for a while no doubt leaving a mark. I moan running my fingers through his hair. I think that sparked something even more in him. His large hands wrap around my wrists slamming them against the cabinets behind me. I let out a little yelp but not in pain. That’s when his eyes met mine. They were still golden but they are filled with lust. He maneuvers both off my wrist into one of his hands. Using the other one to cup my cheek and pull me into another passionate kiss. I push against his grip but that only makes him tighten it. He stops for a moment meeting my eyes again.

“I don’t want to hurt you” His eyes stay focused on mine waiting for a response.
The sound of his voice made me want him even more.

“You wont” I let out a winded whisper. Somehow I knew that he wouldn’t hurt me at least not on purpose.
I want to pull him to me but my hands being wrapped in his fist made it almost impossible. So I did the only thing I could do to keep this going. I put my legs around him barely able to cross my ankles behind him.I pull him close enough for me to kiss him again. I must have caught him off guard. This time I was the one parting his lips with my tongue. My legs now in control of his lower half I could feel what I was getting next. I moan out when he tightens his grip even more on my wrist. I feel him try to pull back again so I lock his lower lip between my teeth. He let out a low deep moan. His hand releases mine so he could lift me off of the counter. I start quickly unbuttoning his shirt. I could feel his moans deepening in his chest.
He carries me to my bedroom just as I finish undoing his shirt buttons. He sits me gently on my feet and peels his white dress shirt from his body. How does someone so perfect want me?
My thoughts are interrupted by another passionate kiss.
His hands travel to my hips pulling up at my shirt. His warm hands on my sides as he guides my shirt over my head. He stops for a moment pulling back slightly to look at me.
He wraps his hands around my waist pushing me back to land on my bed. His kisses land on my collar bone then softly nips at my skin. I weave my fingers into his messy hair pulling slightly. His teeth nip harder into my skin making me gasp. His eyes slowly look up to meet mine.

“It’s ok” My breath labored.
His worried expression turned back into a lusting smile. His hands glide across the waistband of my leggings.His fingers sneaking in between the fabric and my skin. In one motion his hands pull my leggings and panties over my legs tossing them on the floor. His hands rest on my knees pulling my legs apart. His lips softly kiss the inside in my thighs. I can feel myself get wet. He notices because he gave a another nip with his teeth on my thigh. I yelp again. This time he didn’t turn his gaze to me. He kept his attention on what was between my legs. He pulls me to the edge of the bed before he starts kissing lower down my thigh. He drops to his kness and tosses my legs over his shoulder resting the back of my thighs on his shoulders. His tongue glides in between my lower lips. I let out a low moan in pleasure. I could feel him smile against my inner thighs. That only made me moan again. I want him more than I think I ever wanted anyone. I didn’t even know his first name my stomach fluttered between my moans in pleasure. I had to get his attention.

“Mr. Shaw” I was able to squeak out between moans. He stops immediately turning his face up and resting his chin on my lower belly.

“Yes?” He knew he was getting to me.
I didn’t know what to say. I know I want him.

“I want you now” I stretch out the word you. His eyes flash a whole shade darker my body quaking with anticipation. He stands up slowly from his knees. I pull myself up on my knees and shuffle to the edge of the bed. My hands are trembling. I reach my hands out to undo his belt. I pull the long end through buckle. His hands grasp mine. I didn’t yelp this time but look up at him.

“ You need to stop me if i’m hurting you, Ok?” His face was serious. I swallow back a lump that formed in my throat.

“Ok” I whisper.

I finish undoing his jeans and slide my hands between his boxers and his skin. He tangles his hand in my hair cupping the side of my face. I pull his boxers and Jeans past his thighs. I only got a brief look before he hoists me back onto the bed kicking his jeans the rest of the way off in the process. His skin is warm against mine. I trace the muscles of his back looking at his body. He has a few small tattoos lining his chest and up to his broad shoulders.
His hands rests on either side of my head supporting his upper body. His left hand made its way down my side. He leans down to kiss me softly slipping his fingers inside me. I moan against his lips. He was slow listening to my body and smiling against my lips.
He pulls his fingers out using the same hand to grip my waist. He pulls back for a moment as breathless as I was.

“Remember what I told you.. “ I pull his lips to mine not letting him finish his sentence. Then I felt him. I couldn’t help but pull my lips from him to let out a gasp.
“Oh my god”

“Tell me what you want Ms.Grey” He whispers in my ear making the hair on myneck stand up while pulling in and out slowly.
I want this! I don’t know if I could give him any further instruction. What he was doing to my body was unbelievable.I wasn’t able to respond to him. I felt too good. My fingers dug into his back which only made him go harder. I didn’t know how much more I could handle.

“I can’t, I’m too loud” It took everything in me to form a coherent thought with him pounded away a me.

“Oh, Lets fix that” He quickly pulls out and spins me to my belly. I let out a small grunt when I land. He uses his left arm to pull my ass to him. His index finger of his right hand tracing my spine making me arch my back. He stops at my waist and smacks my ass. HARD.

“Ow” I let out a loud gasp and giggle softly. He massages the welting hand print forming on my ass. I let out a small whimper.

“Use the pillow” He says before entering me again. My hands ball in fists holding onto my cotton sheets. I do as he says and burry my face into the pillow. It muffled what was surly the loudest scream in pleasure that has ever left anyone’s lips. He starts going to rough causing me to wince when he hits a tender spot. He quickly tries to pull away.
I reach back grabbing his musclular thigh. “I’m fine, Please” I beg him. I feel him hesitate. “I’m ok” I squeeze his leg.
He is gentle with me after that. His hands trace my body with each gentle thrust. His hands make one last past down my back and he wraps them around my waist. His rhythm increases and so do my moans.

“You are so good” I could hear the smirk growing on his face. It gives me chills hearing his voice. I arch my back pushing myself back and he goes into me deeper making his deep moan fill the room.

“You have gone and done it Ms.Grey” he thrusted once last time.

He pulls me into him so My head rested on his chest. His heartbeat lulling me to sleep. “Mr. Shaw?” I said sleepily.

“Yes, Ms grey?” His voice was raspy. His voice gave me goosebumps.

“My name is Evie” I mumble my mind slipping into sleep.

His chest rumbles with a chuckle under my head “I no your name, Evelyn”

I must have fallen asleep quickly after what turned out to be the best sex of my life. I woke up still in my bra and he must have put my Panties back on. I blush when I replay what his hands did to my body.

Wait.Did hey say he knew my name? Then why call me Ms.Grey and why didn’t I know his name? I think about if I knew him from somewhere or if he had been to the bar before. I think I would have remembered him. I pull out my phone to look him up. I just stare at it blankly. Twirling my thumbs above the locked screen.
I don’t want to be sneaky. I want him to tell me his first name. I wanted to hear him say it.I put my phone back on the nightstand.

I stretch and roll out of bed. His dress shirt is hanging on the back of my door.

“He won’t mind” I pull my arms through the sleeves and button it all the way up.
I shuffled to the kitchen hoping for a bit more of that shrimp scampi from last night, before cleaning up our dinner mess.
I walk into the kitchen to see everything cleaned up. There was just a stray glass in the sink. Good sex and he cleans up after himself? Marry me now.

Goodmorning beautiful.
I had to skip out early this morning but I got you breakfast and coffee. I will text you later about lunch plans.

Wait what? dumbfounded I lay the note on the counter. In front of me was a large togo cup filled with warm coffee. I take a sip of it to warm my body. There is a sandwich wrapping in brown paper sitting beside it. I happily take my sandwich to the couch along with my coffee. I can’t remember the last time I was taken care of this way. My heart flutters in my chest remembering the night before. Wait.
I jump up popping the last bit of the delicious breakfast sandwich in my mouth. I read the note again

“Lunch? Today?” my stomach fills with butterfly’s thinking about his golden eyes. “I guess I have to do laundry.”
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