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The bucket list

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You're mine" He growled "Only for the summer"I reply "Don't worry kitten I'll ruin you for all men, no one will know your body like I do. Sei il mio gattino, ora e per sempre (you're mine kitten now and forever), He whispered in my ear I feel him lean over me and turn off the headlamp "Goodnight Katrina" How can he say that and just go to bed, I turn over and cover my head with the duvet "Good night Aidan" Katrina diaz has always been the quiet shy type - she decided to change that this summer before going to Le Cordon  Bleu (pastry school in France) She made a bucket list that far from her comfort zone Aidan moretti  playboy that always up to a new adventure what will happen when he find Katrina book with her bucket list in it

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I am so late my mom gonna kill me, how am I even late i set my alarm I pack everything on time and had 2 hour to spear, right Aidan Moretti

Anyone one home he shout why does the universe hate me so.

'Ah hey kitty Kat what you baking, you planning on killing someone again?'

I really wish I could hit him with my rolling pin but I'm not gonna spoil my mood because of him 'he didn't die Aidan and I didn't know he was allergic to peanut butter', it wasn't my fault he couldn't pay attention to read the label instead of shoving cookies in his mouth

'Whatever my mom said I should give you these'

I groan as he throw a envelope on the counter and walk to my cookies and pick up one and put it in his mouth

No those are hot

'Ow what the hell Kat they're hot' he turn to the fridge and grab the milk and start chugging it

Wow genius they are if you were listening to me instead of trying to steal my cookies you would of heard now leave so I can finish baking in peace

No say your sorry that hurt and it's your fault

Ha ha ha my fault you wish aid why don't you go to your little slut so she can kiss it all better for you, I know she won't mind, I can't wait to get anyway from you, your just a pest in my life

Say your sorry he said looking angrier
Than never

Before I even know it he took my bag of flour and throw it across the room, then take my pinwheel and break it in half
I stood their frozen while he destroy everything he could get his hands on, he walk up to me and said i loathe you and walk out the door

I couldn't believe it how could he do this I spend all morning trying to perfected this recipe and he destroy my mom's kitchen because I didn't say sorry because a cookie burn his tongue

I cry silently while cleaning the kitchen and take out the fresh batch of cookie out the oven, at least I have these

End of Flashback

I jump in the bathroom and take the quickest shower in my life, grab my sweatsuit and undergarments and dance my way in while going down the stairs
Grab the cookies I make for Mrs Scott head over to her house to give her the cookie before my Uber gets here, she has work late and Aidan probably gone to his friends so it should be save, heading over their house i grab their spare key and pull their door

Shit why doesn't anything goes right in my life for once
There on the couch is Aidan balls deep in his slut crissy

I drop the cookie and run out of the house like my pants on fire
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