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The most wanted and untouchable drug lord, Damon Conner is feared by many. He became the head of Brass, an underground organization that dealt with the shady things of the city. However, things take a turn when the Captain of the SWPD decides to take advantage of Damon’s weakness.

Romance / Action
Catherine Edward
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“Theo, we are in your father’s home,” Joanne moaned as his fingers drew circles around her center of pleasure.

They were in his father’s place. Mr. Connor was such a great person—so kind and welcoming. He’d greeted her with a warm hug and pleasant words before sending her with Theo, who was supposed to give her a tour around the mansion he called home. Only they didn’t make it past his bedroom. A simple peck on the lips had escalated in a matter of seconds.

“Baby…” she called again.

Instead of answering, he continued to kiss her neck delicately.

“Theo…” she gasped out at a particular flick of his finger. “S-Someone might hear us.”

“So what? You’re my girlfriend.” His thick baritone was filled with desire.

Her fingers curled around the edges of the maple dresser. Rich chocolate brown gaze locked with her hazel ones and held. Theo Connor was way out of her league. Just like any other high school cliché romance, the rich, bad boy had fallen for an ordinary girl. But then, he was insatiable when it came to her.

“He’s waiting downstairs.” She arched her hips and rested her head on his broad chest as he continued with the fiery torment. His other hand slipped inside her beige-colored T-shirt, sliding over the straining peaks of her breast before molding them into his palm.

“He’ll understand.” He buried his face in her neck, caressing her skin with feather-light kisses.

She gripped his hand, her knees weakening as she felt him parting his lips against her skin before placing it firmly back, on her neck sucking and nibbling on it. Joanne was sure it was bound to leave a hickey that would fade in a day. Her body tensed, her toes curling inside her shoes and lips parting in tandem of soft moans and gasps.

“Come for me, sweetheart. I want to hear my name on your lips.”

Joanne didn’t know how he did it, but his words were her undoing. She felt her pleasure rising and with a shout of his name, she came. As she climbed down from the high, he pulled his fingers out, sucking them between his lips. Her stomach clenched as the image of his head between her thighs flashed in her mind. Damn.

“You taste so good,” he all but growled. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“That’s good.” She smiled at him through the mirror and buttoned her jeans.

Joanne wanted nothing more than to finish what they started, but it wasn’t good manners to keep her future father-in-law waiting. Her heart fluttered at the prospect.


Theo hadn’t popped the question yet. However, unknown to him, she’d seen the ring that was resting in the pocket of his jacket. And the answer would always be yes. She turned around in his arms to hide her giddy smile in his chest.

Theo grabbed her wrists. “I’m not done with you, sweets. That was just a start.” He began to tug at her t-shirt.

“Shush, you greedy bull.” She swatted at his hand. “That’ll have to wait until later.” She pushed at his chest playfully before hiding her flaming cheeks into his chest again. “It’s utterly disrespectful to keep your dad waiting on food,” she mumbled and felt his arms wrapping around her.

“Food can wait.” He cupped her ass, giving it a meaningful squeeze and leaned forward to kiss her lips.

She pulled away with a scowl, knowing it would never end with one kiss. A frown tugged at his handsome features. She ran a finger along his stubble, smoothing the frown.

“No. I’m meeting your dad for the first time and I have to impress him.” She pried his hands off. “You will wait until after dinner, Theo Connor.”

She poked at his chest and fixed his bronze-colored jacket that accentuated his bulging biceps. His t-shirt strained against his sculpted chest.

“Ah, come on…” He pressed his erection against her hip. “We’ll be quick.”

“Nope.” She narrowed her eyes at him but grinned when he gave her that pleading look that always worked wonders. “Patience is a virtue,” she sang, circling her hands around her neck and playing with his hair at his nape, where he had tied it into a small ponytail. It had gotten really long. “My dad won’t be home tonight. I’m yours all night.”

Theo opened his mouth to argue, but an alarm suddenly went off. She jumped upon hearing the startling sound, eyes wide with a question. His head whipped to the side and his features immediately hardened at the blaring sound.

Her boyfriend stepped back, his eyes narrowed at her with a serious expression.

“Stay here. I’ll be right back.” He grabbed her shoulders in a firm grip. “Lock the door. No matter what happens, never come out.” He gave a slight shake to get his point across and then he was already out of the door.


Joanne blinked, her heart racing as the blaring sound rang in her ears.

What is happening? Did a fire break out? Was it a false alarm?

She ran to the door, pausing with a hand on the doorknob. Her hands trembled as she half-heartedly locked it and slid the bolts in place before sliding down against it with her palm pressed over the wood.

Something inside her told her it wasn’t a fire alarm. If it was, he wouldn’t be locking her inside the room. He would have taken her out of the place as fast as he could, wouldn’t he? The only reason he would lock her inside and warn her to stay inside was to keep her safe.

From whom?

Her hands trembled as she pressed her ears to the door, listening to any sounds outside. Theo’s dad was into some shady business. They never really talked about it. But she’d seen the bodyguards and heard a few rumors. He was a man she should have stayed away from at all causes. At least that was what she gathered from her observations. However, Mr. Connor was nothing but kind to her and far from what rumors claimed when they met earlier.

However, she couldn’t help the fear that gripped her heart. She turned around with a soft sob and covered her mouth to stop the sound from escaping her mouth.

Oh, God! Theo, please be okay.

She pulled her knees toward her chest, draping her arms around it as she waited and tried to come up with reasons to calm her racing mind. Maybe someone smoked inside the home. She’d seen smoke detectors in the corridors. Perhaps, it was some minor incident in the kitchen.

Joanne began to rock back and forth, as she chewed at her bottom lip. An explosion somewhere in the mansion shook the walls, jerking her violently out of her thoughts. Her eyes shot wide with alarm and fear. Theo. Then she heard the popping sounds. She knew exactly what the popping sounds were.


What the

A sudden rush of adrenaline shot through her veins. Worry for Theo washed over her. She threw caution to the wind as she jumped to her feet, quickly unlocked the door and rushed outside.

Tears spilled out of her eyes as her feet carried her forward. Soft sobs raked her body. The sounds were louder outside and she’d recognize those sounds anywhere. She’d accompanied her father enough times to the shooting range as a child to know what it was. Joanne took off running toward the sounds.


She rounded the corner and raced down the stairs, coming face to face with a war zone.





The place was a wreck. The walls were dented with bullets. The metallic and sulfurous smell of gunpowder and the tang of blood was so thick in the air that she felt nauseated by the stench. The expensive antique decorative pieces and vases were blown up into bits, fresh flowers littered the floors and were stamped upon.

What the hell is happening here?

She recognized a few faces. One of them was the bodyguard who drove Theo to school every day. The man was on his side, lying at an awkward angle, his lifeless eyes staring into nothing. She covered her mouth with a shock-filled gasp.

Oh, my God!

“Theo?” Her voice wavered and her eyes burned with hot tears. Her body trembled and her legs shook. She covered her mouth as she navigated through the rubble.

Please be okay.

“Where are you?” She tripped over a body and looked around with her heart in her throat.

Please be okay.

“Freeze! SWPD. Don’t move.”

Her body froze and her head whipped to the side, finally noticing the SWAT team. Another gunshot caught her attention on the right. A male in a bronze-colored jacket went down.

“Theo!” A scream tore out of her lips.

No. no. no.

“Joanne! Don’t.”

She turned just in time to see her dad running toward her with a gun in his outstretched arm.

“Dad...? W-What are you doing here?”

What is the SWAT team doing here?

The question was stuck in her throat. Something clicked like a puzzle piece as another gunshot rang through the air before everything went blank.

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