Abducted Into Love

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Elizabeth Carson does not expect to be abducted the night she got her eviction notice, especially not by things she never thought existed before, aliens. The last thing she expects is to be told that one of them is her soul mate. How will she take this new piece of information? Will she eventually find a way to run or will she listen to her heart and stay? Axel Bright is left shattered after his first love breaks his heart and leaves him not only in shambles, but with a heart of stone. On a voyage to a planet called, Earth, Axel finds something he never expected to find, his second chance beloved (soul mate). Will this weak human sneak into his cold heart of stone or is a heart of stone not only unfixable, but untouchable

Romance / Scifi
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Characters List

1.) Elizabeth Carson
Age: 20
Species: Human
Beloved: Xavier Bright
Planet: Earth
Family: None

2.) Lieutenant Axel Bright
Age: 32
Species: Estarian
Beloved: Elizabeth Carson
Planet: Estaria
Family: Flora (Mother), Daniel (Father), Zarya (Sister), Xander (Twin Brother) and Aurora (Sister in law).

3.) Technician Atlas Bright
Age: 32
Species: Estarian
Beloved: Aurora Bright
Planet: Estaria
Family: Flora (Mother), Daniel (Father), Zarya (Sister), Xavier (Twin brother) and Elizabeth (Sister in law), Heidi Rosso (Mother in law), Eric (Father in law).

4.) Aurora Bright
Age: 28
Species: Estarian
Planet: Estaria
Family: Flora (Mother in law), Daniel (Father in law), Heidi Rosso (Mother), Eric Rosso (Father), Xavier (Brother in law) and Zarya (Sister in law).

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