Jokes on you Series

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The series will follow punchline as she's called at School and everywhere she goes by everyone she meets she's the popular goth geek/ cheerleader she's very smart and she can look good doing it but as she gets older she gets in the underground street fighting and becomes the right hand woman to the biggest I'm feared gangster family in the city what happens when she falls in love with their son The joker of the family

Romance / Drama
Lainy Elisa
Age Rating:

Over it

Come on AllyKat let's go I heard the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs next thing you know something snapped in my head and I was beating the living shit out of my opponent for no apparent reason and my match got called again because I can't hold my temper all I heard was and the winner is Laynie Snow but she's fairly new to the underground illegal fighting realm but she's really good I went out to her and said good job and I was sorry and she understood
I get back to my car and check my phone One missed text message Hey do you want to just come over to my flat and stay the night we can drive to school in the morning Love Nova I texted her back sure I'll come over and stay the night
The next morning
We got up and got ready and drove to school we got their and out of the car yo punchline what's up I turned around to see Draven. Angel and Blaze which they're not only my friends the most popular boys in school Angel and Blaze respectfully play football I'm dating Blaze and Draven plays soccer and he's on the swim team and Valencia Nova we just call her Nova she's not only on the cheer team she is the head coach for the boys soccer team and also my best friend since elementary school we walk in me and Angel have the first three classes together so we stay together we make sure everybody's lockers about each other so it's mine then angels than novas then Draven's and then Blaze is at the end inside that me and him didn't want lockers by each other it's so when classes are over we're not getting into each other's lockers like we did the first two years in Middle School yeah this group has been inseparable since middle school everybody played something different andwe where totally different in Middle School Blaze was a soccer player and a lacrosse player I was the geek of the group we didn't get Nova till the end of 8th grade so we didn't get Nova till she came into high school because her parents had split and she decided to move with her Mom while we were still in elementary school and she came back the last year of Middle School but when we finally got her back in the group her last year she was on the school newspaper and she also ran homecoming committee so that was fun draven Samuel draven Sammy he joined the group the first year of Middle School he was a transfer student all I knew about him at the moment was he was a straight a student so he was really smart he took several AP classes high School AP classes in middle school so he was smarter than everybody else in the group and he transferred he got a hockey scholarship our hockey team is amazing both in middle school and high school oh that's one thing I forgot he still plays hockey in high school and Angel him and Blaze joined the group at the same time and both of them are very athletic Blaze my boyfriend the youngest is on the football team but he also plays soccer Angel the oldest is the quarterback of the football team and he's also the sexiest one in the group according to Nova which has had a crush on him since in Middle School but back to the story so I went off and told you about the group we headed to class this was the last day before senior year homecoming me Blaze and Sam got a plan to get it to finally get Angel and Nova together
After school
Angel wait up I screamed at the top of my lungs thank God Nova wasn't around hear our plan so I'm going to ride home with your brother and Sam and halfway home the car is going to air quote breakdown it's not I'm going to be getting ready over at your house I've already got a replica of my dress over at you and your brother's house I was mapping out the plan and telling angel everything and he said I already know the plan back and forwords you don't need to explain it to me AllyKat I said thank you and we headed on separate ways 3 hours later we got the plan rolling and on the ball and I got a suspicious call from my work the underground fight club and it was an unusual call because it sounded like my boss was being threatened to shut up by somebody in the background I freaked out I told Blaze I have to go make sure I plan goes through but I got to go something weird is going on at work and winked at him I hurried up got in the car and got to work as fast as I could in my homecoming dress I got there it look like they had broken into the place and then all of a sudden I heard somebody laough it didn't scare me it sounded like somebody was trying to imitate joker and was doing it very badly so I take off my heels leaving by the door and slowly start humming laughing stopped then it started again so I knowing it was quiet in there screened boss you wanted me all of a sudden I heard Lexi stay back and it sounded like it was echoing from his office so I ran up there with no weapons whatsoever except for my hands ready to beat the living shit out of whoever was up there all of a sudden all of a sudden I was out and getting drug upstairs I woke up to me being in the dressing room somebody outside yelling at whoever it was you fucking idiot you damn fucking idiot punchline is a damn casualty she is the feared woman even by my family they are terrified of her and she's not even a fucking gangster Kullin then I heard the door open and an Australian French accent oh you're awake I'm sorry about Kullin he's an asshole he's also a dumbass your boss owes us a lot of money and we came back to get it from him and he refused to give it to us so Andrew the guy you saw upstairs with your boss is trying to figure stuff out and your boss is being hard-headed oh I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself I looked up and down this man's chiseled body and his perfect God like face my God this man was like a fucking God sculpted like one too it looked like he had water and some food and he said he said sorry about the idiot outside the door his temper can sometimes be well you learned the hard way but I brought you some food water anything you want just ask me I feel horrible for what he did he gave me the food and water then shook my hands my name is Brighton I froze in my spot Brighton like the son of the most feared gangster in town he said yes but Dad's getting up then age mom didn't want to become a gangster alongside my brothers and my sister and me being the nice one in the family I wanted to slowly rebuild friendships and relationships my dad has made including business ones so I am extremely sorry if you thought me being here was a threat in any way I looked up at him I was going to spit in his face and tell him to fuck off until he got down in my face and started wiping the blood off he got down on one knee and said it looks like you got a couple cuts when the dumbass drug you upstairs I'm going to clean them up and here's my number if you want to talk business or anything I'm here I looked down at his business card and back at him thank you I'll put your number in my phone 30 minutes later I'm walking back down the stairs and all of the club
Three days later
From Brighton Lopez
Good Morning Mrs Valentine I've seen that you own a clothing store / dress shop not too far from my office can you stop by on your way in so we can talk it has to deal with the strip that your store is in...
I woke up to my phone going off I looked at the screen on your number I woke up set up and answered the call hello Mrs Valentine I am Dria the assistant to Brighton Lopez I answered her back hi Miss she cut me off Miss just call me Dria I said Dria nice to meet you you can call me Lexi Rae yes I know Brighton Mr Lopez wants me to come to his office I heard him texting you I'll meet you at the dress shop it is down the street right I laugh and go it's still early why don't we meet up at the coffee shop and she laughs her head off I stop by there every morning to get everybody's orders I'm say yeah Mrs Quinn is so nice and she's the sweetest old lady ever Dria says why not meet me there and we can go back up to the office I go okay I'll see you in a few minutes. We say goodbye I hang up the phone text Brighton back telling him I'll be on my way in a little while got up took a shower got out dried off it's kind of chilly outside today so I left my Hair down curled the ends put some of favorite perfume on and I wore a cropped custom bralet band tee I made last semester oh yeah I'm dual enrolled in college so I'll be done with my sophomore year when I graduate high school put that to my outfit I put on pants with suspenders hanging off the sides a pair of sneakers and cropped fuzzy jean jacket hoodie that the inside was made with leather and fake fur so it's really soft and it stays warm grabed a beanie my sunglasses my phone and my keys put my phone in my back pocket walked out the house locked the door stuck my keys in my belt loop and walked to the coffee shop
10 minutes later
Mr Lopez calm down she's on her way I think she just walked in let me see
To Rae
Hey did you just walk into the coffee shop
Sent 8:09am
To Dria
Yes where are you wait were you that woman sitting in the window talking on the phone you look amazing by the way if that was you
Sent 8:11am
All of a sudden I feel a hand on my shoulder hey Lexie it was Dria I turn around and Miss Quinn came out from doing orders and she said your hot chocolate will be ready in a second and we don't have scones today but but Malachi is back in town and he made His famous cookie bagels Dria jumped in and said who's Malachi I turned around Malachi's Mrs Quinn's son I've known him since we were younger and he moved when everybody was in Middle School to England and Australia which is dad
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