Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Ten: Elizabeth

I’m not sure, but my heart can’t stop thumping with fear. We all sat in the living room and Ciel uncle seems a bit amused by this. Mr. Don kept eyeing him, while I served the tea.

“So Mr. Glen. What brings you to my orphanage?” Mrs. Moriss asks him. Paul places his cup down and turns to look at her.

“I simply came because I was curious about what type of orphanage Miss. Hart is running. Is all.” he simply told her. Mrs. Morris seems to believe him, while I sat across them.

‘Thank God, that he didn’t mention Ciel.’

“Well, you aren’t going to see anything in particular, they are just rejects. Plus, you can’t adopt any of them. As you can see, Miss. Hart already adopted them.” Mr. Don said with a cold tone. I threw a dark glare at Mr. Don.

“Can I ask what brings you here Mr. Don?” I asked, wanting to kick him out. Paul crosses his legs and simply waited.

“I just came to see if you managed to get the money. After all the due date is in a few days,” he tells me. My heart couldn’t’ go any faster.

“Um. You see I..” I nervously rub my hands, trying to find a way to speak. Paul clears his throat.

“Yes, she has, if you don’t mind me butting in. You see, that’s another reason I came by. I wanted to tell her that I paid the government.” he said. I blink blankly, trying to progress his words.

‘Wait, how does he know? I never told him.’

Mr. Don eyes narrow at his words.

“You have?” he asks. I gave Paul a long look before answering Mr. Don question. Paul nods and takes out some papers from his breast pocket and hands it over to Mr. Don.

Mr. Don grabs the papers and looks at it with a serious face, his aura turns darker as he kept reading. Then he sighs in frustration, lowering his hand down.

“I see, you have.” Mr. Don spits out. I couldn’t’ believe this. How did Paul know about this? This makes no sense. I cleared my throat wanting to speak. Mr. Don stood up.

“Then have a good day,” was all he said, turning around. I stood up.

“Mr. Don. I told you there’s a God. He heard my prayers. So please don’t ever appear again.” I begged him. Mr. Don stops in his tracks and suddenly gave me a dark laughter.

“Don’t think this is over. I will get this property if is the last thing I do.” with that he leaves. Mrs. Morris gave Paul a long look, but huff and leaves. I stood there without believing it. What just happen?

“Mr. Paul, I thank you, but you shouldn’t lie, it never goes..” but he clears his throat.

“Ciel called me two days ago and told me what’s going on. So I personally went and paid them. You can keep your ring and the bracelet. I just ask you for one favor.” he went silent, as he stood up.

“Anything,” I nodded, not believing this. My heart swells at this new information.

‘Ciel, you shouldn’t have.’ I felt my heart race, as Paul suddenly smirks at me.

“When is time, I will call you. I do ask you, please take good care of my nephew. I think this environment will help him..” he said, noticing the sadness in his eyes. For a reason, I felt a bit scared.

“Oh, don’t worry, we love him here. Yet I have so many questions.” I frowned.

“Ask me anything,” he simply said. I cleared my throat, trying to let this information sink in. I still couldn’t believe it.

“Ciel is... Is he really a wanted criminal?” I asked nervously. Paul nods his head.

“Yes, he is, he’s accused of murder,” he tells me. I went quiet, looking down at the floor.

“I don’t believe it. My heart tells me that he’s not.” I told him. Paul tilts his head, giving me a strange look.

“Then keep believing that. I believe it as well. Ceil isn’t a type of person to kill someone. Trust me, that man hates even hitting someone, unless he’s provoked. Please protect him, until I find the real murderers. When I call you, you must do the favor I will ask of you. Is all I want.” he said, turning around to head out.

“We will, I will pray for you to find his innocence. Wait, you’re leaving?” I asked. Paul nods.

“I’ve made my business here. I’ll see you soon Miss. Hart.”

“What I’ll see you out,” I offer, but he shakes his head.

“No need. Take care Miss.” with that he leaves.

“God bless Mr. Glen. Thank you so much.” I drop onto the couch, not believing this. I laced my fingers together, and lower my head.

“Thank you, God. Thank you for hearing my prayers. I will keep my promise.”

I’m not sure how to say thank you to Ciel. I feel like I haven’t done anything for him. He always helps me out, but I have barely done anything.

‘How can I repay him? God help me. I want to repay him back.’ I felt so happy, wanting to jump, wanting to scream with joy. Yet I couldn’t. Not yet. Here I am, half an hour later holding Sophy in my arms.

Sophy places her head on my chest, as I rock her.

“She has a fever,” Isabella said, looking very concerned.

‘If this keeps up, I need to take her.’ I rub the back of my daughter when Ciel and Issac walk into the girl’s dorm.

“How’s she doing?” Issac asks.

“She has a fever now. I think we should go to the city.” I told them. Ciel stares at Sophy and nods.

“I think so too. She’s still a baby,” Ciel agrees, moving to pick her up. I nodded, giving Sophy to Ciel. Sophy placed her head on Ciel’s shoulder. I stood up, as I stare at Ciel. His eyes still swollen but not as bad. He still winces here and there, but not as much as before.

‘I want to hug him and tell him, thank you. I want to help him.’ Somewhere in me ached for that.

“Let’s go now before sundown hits. If anything, we buy dinner.” Ciel suddenly said.

“With what money?” Issac asks concern. Isabella and I look at Ciel.

“Let just say that God never let his children alone,” Ciel answer. I stare at him with awe, while Issac gave him a ‘Sure, whatever look.’

“If you say so,” Issac shrugs, turning around to get the others.

I shook my head, and move rapidly, to go to the closet door, near the girl’s bathroom. I opened it, to take out a brown suitcase.

“I’m packing Sophy things, just in case the doctors want her to stay overnight,” I said, noticing Ciel looking at me. He nods, while Isabella rushes to get Sophy things without being asked to.

“I’ll help mama.” She said. I turn to smile at her.

“Thank you, Isabella,” I said. She looks up at me and smiled broadly.

“We need to keep Sophy healthy. I don’t want to lose her like I lost my sister.” she frowns in sadness. I stop my movement and place my hand behind Isabella back.

“I know. Elizabeth must be proud of you for being a good sister.” I whispered, kissing the side of her head. Isabella eyes waters and nods.

“I’ll try my best to make her happy,” she said. I nodded.

“Good.” I lower my head, as my heart broke at the memories.

We manage to get a cab. The cab driver was very surprised to see so many children and two adults manage to fit on the back. Well, at least Ciel sat on the front.

“That’s a lot of children you have there, mister. Your wife must be healthy.” I heard the cab driver whistle out, an older thin man, wearing a green hat. I held Sophy, while the others chatted among themselves.

“Is okay, we almost there,” I whispered to Sophy, not noticing that Ciel was watching me through the side mirror.

“She’s strong,” He agrees, not denying the fact that the driver called me his wife. My eyes widen, while the cab driver takes a right. I felt my cheeks warm up, as I look down at my daughter.

‘Shouldn’t he deny this?’

Isabella rubs Sophy small back. I turned to see the worry in her eyes. I leaned forward and kiss her forehead, while Daniel looks up at me.

“Don’t worry, your sister will be alright.” I smiled at him. He nods, while Armando and Evanly plays with each other. Oscar talks to Issac about the cars in the streets and Lilly kept her hands tightly around Daniel.

About thirty minutes or so, we finally arrive at the clinic. Ciel pays the cab driver and gets out.

‘How does he have money?’ I frowned at that, but don’t say anything.

The others get off, and Ciel rushes to the back and opens the door for me. He helps me stand up. I look at him and smiled gently. He clears his throat. I took notice that Ciel wearing a newsboy black hat. I didn’t notice that before. I suddenly blushed, noticing that he looks rather dashing with it. He looks younger.

“Mama, let’s go.” Isabella pulls my arm, snapping me out of my spell. I nodded, rushing into the small white clinic.

‘Please let her be okay.’

It’s been two hours since we arrived. We sat outside in the waiting room area. A simple small room. I can hear the nurses rushing about and babies crying.

“Are you okay?” Ciel asks as he sits next to me. I lifted my gaze up at him.

“I want to be next to her,” I told him. Why can’t I go with her? Last time I did. Ceil frowns, looking at my children, then back at me.

“They will let you in a while. They are just examining her,” he tells me. His voice is calm and collected.

“She’s a baby. She needs her mom. I can’t be here.” I protested, my heart racing with worry. My leg started to bounce rapidly.

‘I can’t lose her either.’

Ciel frowns, without thinking, he places his big hand over mine and holds it gently. I went still at this, turning to face him. He was looking somewhere else, as though he was shy from doing this. Somehow this gesture calms me. He lowers his head.

“Ciel,” I said out loud, thinking that I was saying it in my head. He turns his gaze towards me. Something in his gaze trapped me. Like he’s giving me courage, like.. I don’t know how to place it, but his dark eyes are gentle, and I don’t want to look away.

“Just pray.” is all he said. I look down at his hand, my heart suddenly racing oddly.

“Thank you,” I whispered, and closed my eyes to pray.

About another long agonizing hour, finally a doctor appears. A big man, with glasses. Full set of thick hair, and chubby cheeks. Light brown eyes.

“How’s Sophy?” I asked the doctor.

“She’s doing fine. Just a slight cold, for a toddler with low immune system. She would have been far worse by tomorrow if you haven’t brought her in today. I recommend that Sophy should spend the night. If everything goes as it is now, she can leave home by tomorrow.” he said with a bright smile.

“Can we all go and see her?” I asked, feeling my heart racing.

“Actually is not recommended just yet. She’s sleeping. Tomorrow morning, you all can go.” he assures me. I nodded, watching the doctor leave.

“So Sophy won’t die?” Isabella asks, rushing to my side. I look down at her and shook my head.

“No,” I said, somehow, my knees gave up on me. My vision blurs out, I started to feel lightheaded. Today was nerve wrecking. I think it finally caught up to me.

“Mom!” everyone screamed, only to feel two arms wrap around me, holding me tight.

“Lady, don’t faint on us now,” I heard, I leaned my head on his shoulder, feeling his arm around my waist, holding me tightly, so I won’t fall. I let my tears flow down.

“Oh, thank God. My baby is okay. I thought. I thought I was going to lose her.” I murmured, while Isabella started to cry.

“Mama, don’t cry. Elizabeth wouldn’t like it if you cry.” she burst out. I lifted my gaze at Ciel, he gives me a strange look. I move my hand and press my palm on his cheek.

“I’m okay. I”m only lightheaded.” I told him. He didn’t seem convinced, but lets me go. I slowly turn and lower myself.

“Right? Elizabeth wouldn’t like her mother to be crying.” I agreed. All my little ones rushed into my arms, as I gave them a big hug.

“I love each one of you, so much. I don’t know what I do if I lost you all.” I cried out, kissing each one. I doubt I will ever get tired of holding them in my arms. Then Lilly and Issac rushed up to me and gave me a hug of their own after I stood up. I held them tight.

“Let’s go and eat something. I bet everyone is starving.” I hiccuped. They all nodded, while I bend and picked up Armando and Ciel picked up Evanly. Issac picked up Daniel, Lilly held Isabella and Oscar hand.

I move close to Ciel, looking down at his hand, then back up at him.

‘If you weren’t here. I don’t think I would have able to get Sophy to the clinic. Without worrying to death about leaving my children alone.’ I felt my heart aching weirdly towards Ciel. Issac and Lilly take notice of my look towards Ciel. Issac came closer to me and grabs my hand with his free hand. I turned and smiled at him.

“Mom, I think is time to visit Elizabeth. It’s been a year,” he said. I nodded, holding his hand tighter.

“I have to agree. She probably misses us terribly.” I told them. Everyone nods, while we continue to walk down the hallway. Ciel fixes his hat, while Armando lays his head on his shoulder.

“Who’s Elizabeth, if you don’t mind me asking?” he asks with curiosity. I turned to look at Isabella, while Lilly clears her throat. Isabella lowers her head in sadness.

“She’s my older twin sister. She died last year because of polio.”

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