Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Eighteen: His Name?

‘I need a way to save him,’ my heart has been uncomfortable by this. I watch as Ciel place the basket down and turns towards me. I felt my cheeks flush, while this morning plays in my head. I woke up in his bed, he wasn’t there, but how can I sleep like that? Why did I lay on his lap? Oh dear, what’s wrong with me?

‘Don’t deny it, Zara, you like it. For the first time, you felt that he can protect you in your sleep.’ I rub the back of my head, feeling strange.

“Zara, I was wondering, what do Evanly and Isabella has? As well, for Sophy? I think they’re the only one left, that I don’t know.” Ciel asks me, while he helps me put the laundry in the basket. I turn to see my children sitting on the ground, playing duck, duck goose. While Sophy sat next to the basket with Evanly, playing some hand game.

“Sophy immune system is very weak. I really don’t know where she came from, but Mrs. Morris found her in front of our front door of the orphanage two years ago. For Evanly, I found her begging for food.”

“Yes, I was cold and hungry. No one gave me anything. Until mama took me in.” Ciel nodded at her.

“What about your parents?” he asks. Evanly shrugs, looking sad now.

“I don’t know, I lost them. I can’t remember,” her voice thickens. Ciel looks at me, as I nodded.

“Remember, this is an orphanage, most parents leave their children here because of their own reasons or the parents simply died or don’t just want them. Sad truth. Evanly parents, they passed away from what I know.”

“How did you find her exactly?” Ciel asks more curious, noticing a sadness in his eyes., placing his pants down after he folded it.

“I go out once a month to give food to the needed. I found her in the back alley one day, so I took her. Some folks are too mean to children. She was on the verge of dying. Evanly was so skinny and sick that it was frightening.” I felt my heart ache at the memories.

“Oh, that explains what Lilly meant before.” Ciel murmurs.

“What did she say?” I asked. Ciel shakes his head.

“Nothing. What about Isabella?” he asks me. I licked my lips.

“Nothing, she’s fine, she didn’t want to separate from her twin sister. I didn’t have the nerve to separate them, so the same way I lied for Issac, I did the same for Isabella. I can’t stand family to separate.” I told him. Ciel nods at me, looking at my children, he bends down and takes Sophy small hand to swing it. She giggles as Evanly stood up and wraps her arms around him. He went still.

“What are you doing?” he asks. Evanly kisses his cheek and Sophy stood up, wobbles up to Ciel and does the same.

“Don’t know, just felt like doing it. You’re not mad?” She asks now getting worried. Ciel shakes his head and picks up Sophy, then Evanly.

“Not really, just surprised is all. This family likes to kiss a lot, don’t you?” he chuckles. Evanly eyes widen.

“Did mama kiss you? Are you finally our new daddy?” I went still at her words, but sigh, while the others run up to us.

“Is it true?” Lilly suddenly asks, with hope in her eyes. I shook my head.

“No, we just friends,” I wave my hands. Ciel turns to stare at me, but then shook his head.

“She’s right, we only friend.” he places the girls down and turns to pick up the basket.

“My children, go in is almost class, I have a special announcement,” I announced.

“Announcement?” They all asked. I nodded, while I bend down and picked up the other basket of laundry.

“Yes, come one, if you want to hear it.” I smiled at them. Turning around following Ciel, only to notice that he’s limping became worse.

’Is something wrong with him? For a reason, a bad feeling started to surface in my heart.

“Since Christmas is next month and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I want everyone to write their wishes on this card.” I pass out cards around the table. Ciel looks down at them.

‘Thank God, I was able to buy them when I went with Ciel the other day. Pops sure is a sweetheart.’

“Me too?” he asks confused. I nodded, while everyone smiles.

“Really? We can write anything?” Oscar asks excitedly.

“Yes, any wish you want. Tomorrow is thanking God for everything he bless us with, so tomorrow after thanksgiving dinner, you all give me your cards. Then I’ll pray upon it, and on Christmas day, we will see if it came out true.” I said.

“Don’t worry Mama. I already know my wish. I’ll pray very hard,” Oscar said, writing it down.

“Me too,” Isabella said along with Evanly. Sophy looks frustrated since she can’t write yet.

“Just tell me your wish and I’ll write it down,” I told her. She nods, looking at me with her bright eyes.

“You all can take your time, no rush. Remember is a secret until Christmas.” I told them.

“This looks dumb to do, I’m a bit old for this,” Issac said in an annoyed tone, looking at me. I sigh, going up to him.

“Dumb? Well, then I must be ancient to do this as well. Just give it a try.”

“This is stupid,” he sighs. I frowned, looking up to see the disappointment on Oscar’s face.

“Issac, don’t say that. Ciel will do it as well and he’s way older than you.” I tried to reason. Now getting panicky at the situation. Ciel turns to notice the situation.

“Don’t be a party pooper Issac, you’re hurting Oscar feelings,” Lilly said, rubbing Oscar back. He looks at her on the verge of tears. Ciel sighs.

“Kid, if you’re old, then as your mother said, I’m ancient and I can’t write, to do this.” he said, looking down at the paper and shook his head.

“Try it, Issac, before you know it, your childhood is over. Sometimes this little thing, that you think is childish, is the most important part of growing up, it sticks with you, you never know your future wife would do the same with your own children. So don’t knock it until you try it.” he advises. Issac stares at Ciel, then nods.

“Fine.” he finally gave in, and look down at the paper, grabbing the pencil. I lock eyes with Ciel.

“Thank you,” I mouthed at him. He simply nods, looking back down.

I pat Issac’s shoulder and look around. Everyone looks entertained while writing. I walk up to Ciel and look down.

“Thinking about something? If you want, I can help you.” I asked. He placed his elbow on top of the table and leaned his head against his palm to look up at me.

“That’s cheating, you know, lady?” he gave me a fake smile. I frowned.

“No is not, it’s called help,” I suggested. Ceil kept looking at me, but then stood up. He gets closer to me, my heart jumps, as he has this devilish glint in his dark eyes.

“Ciel?” I was now feeling nervous. He wraps his arm around my waist, making me gasp.

“What are you doing?” I gasp out, as he picks me up, and places me over his shoulder. My eyes widen as my children stare with amusement.

“Ciel, put me down,” I complained. He slowly walks around the table.

“Ciel, what are you doing to mama?” Oscar asks. Ciel stops and turns to face him.

“She wanted to pry on my wish, I can’t have that. So I’m simply sitting her back in her chair,”

“By picking her up?” Lilly asks surprised. Ciel nods.

“Your mom is stubborn sometimes, she’s heavier than she looks tough,” he chuckles, as I hit his back.

“Oi, I’m not that heavy,” I said as he shrugs. He finally makes it to my chair and gently places me down, and sat me down. Placing each hand on each side, blocking my way. I look up as he leans forward. I hiccuped since he became very close to me.

“Now be a good teacher and stay in your seat, your students need some time to think, that’s what I call helping, ” he simply said with a smirk and turns around to head back to his seat. I blinked, confused by what just happen.

“Mama got the penalty. It was funny,” Isabella said. I felt my cheeks flare up.

“Mama’s face is red.” Lilly points out. I wave my hand.

“No is not,” I cover my face, while I heard a small laughter. I lower my hand to see Ciel looking down at this blank paper with a sneaker smile.

‘He’s like an overgrown child. I never saw this.’ I smiled, lowering my head, I couldn’t stop smiling.

I watch the moon, watching the dark clouds covering it. I rub my arms, leaning my head against the wall of my door. It’s midnight once again. The night chill brush against my skin, making me shiver.

“You’re going to catch a cold. What are you doing out here?” I heard behind me. I turned around to see Issac walking up to me.

“Why are you up?” I asked him. He shrugs, and looks outside.

“Can’t sleep, so I made warm milk.” he shows me his cup of warm milk.

“Enjoy,” I said. He nods, but then sighs.

“Are they coming tomorrow?” he asks me. I nodded, turning to face him once again.

“They always do, I hope this year will be good.” I hoped for. Issac tightens his grip on his mug and shook his head.

“I hope so too, I do warn you, I won’t sit back if they bash you once again. You know how much I hate when they do that. I don’t care if they are my grandparents.” He said. I can hear a little hatred in his tone. I look back at the moon.

“Don’t hate them, They are not that bad. They loved your mother,” I told him.

’But is not fair to you. How can they love one child but hate the other? We aren’t your blood relatives and you treat us with so much love, no one is lesser than the other. How can they do that to you? Yet you don’t hate them?” he seems so lost on this.

“Simple, they are my parents Issac. Doesn’t mean I am immune to their cold ways, but I just can’t hate them.” I told him the truth. He went quiet for a long time before answering me.

“If they say something, do be warned, I will not stand for it,” He said. I wrap my arms around him and rub his back.

“For my sake, please don’t.”

“I won’t make any promises.” he tells me.

“Just humor me,” I asked him. He shrugs.

“Luckily my parents don’t stay too long to have dinner with us. So Ciel won’t be missing anything.” I smiled at that. Issac nudges me.

“Mom, are you in love with him?” He asks me out of the blue. I went still at his words, but swallow hard.

“Love him? Why did you say that?” I nervously asked. Issac shrugs at me,

“Well, I don’t know, your eyes sparkle oddly, you get very happy when you see him or when you speak about him your voice turns weird as well. Also, he’s very good with us and caring.” He suggested. I felt my face flush at his words.

“No, he just a friend, nothing else,” I try to deny it. Issac arched a brow, but pats my shoulder.

“Mom, I know you all my life. You had suitors in the past, but I never saw you like this,” he said. I rub my hands now nervously.

“I.. I can’t fall in love. I made that choice long ago. Plus, he won’t love me. So stop saying nonsense. Go back to sleep. We have lots to do tomorrow,” I told him. Issac rolls his eyes at me.

“Whatever you say, mom. Good night,” he turns around to leave. I turn my gaze back to the moon and sigh.

“I can’t think about it. I need to find a way to stop him from fighting in a few days. Definitely, I am not in love with him. It can’t happen.” I resolve to myself.

“You know, is bad talking to yourself, it makes you look crazy.” I heard behind. I jump in fright, to turn to see Ciel limping towards me. My heart started to race, as my chest started to rise.

“I was thinking out loud, maybe I am,” I said as he smirks, moving closer to me. His dark eyes soften.

“About?” he asks. I licked my suddenly dry lips.

“About what Issac and I spoke about.” he nods, stretching his hand, and place a loose hair behind my right ear. I shivered at his touch.

“I see,” he said. Then his eyes turn serious.

“I have a question. Please don’t take it personally.” He says. I nodded, while we both turn to stare at the moon.

“Shoot,” I said. He places his hands inside of his pockets, looking back at me.

“The slash on your back, who did it?” I went still at his question for a long minute, but there’s no use to hide it.

“Armando stepfather,” I told him.

“You don’t have to tell me the details if you are not ready, but do answer me this, exactly what is Armando step father’s name?” He asks. I arched a brow, looking up at him.

“His name?” I asked. He nods at me.

“I don’t know his last name, but his name is Silver. At least I think that is his name. Why?” I asked. His whole body went rigid, as though a cold bucket of water poured on him.

“Ciel? What’s wrong?” I place my hand on his arm getting concerned.

'If I am right, then is the same bastard made me cripple a few years ago.'

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