Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Tweny-Two: Choice

My heart felt like it ripped into two. When I woke up this morning, I simply knew he was gone. I could feel the emptiness, he left behind.

“Mama? Is Ciel coming back?” I heard behind me. I turned around to see my children bundle around me. Their eyes filled with sadness. I went up to Lilly and took Sophy from her arms.

“He may not come back,” I told them. Their face drops, as Isabella pulls my green dress.

“Does he hate us?” she asks, in the verge of tears. My heart dropped at the mention.

“No, honey, no, he doesn’t hate you all. He loves you. Ciel left to fight for us.” I told them. Lilly moves closer to me.

“Fight for us? What does that mean?” Isabella asks confused.

“He’s fighting for us, so we can be together,” I replied, Isabella still looked confused.

Lilly gave a long look at Issac.

This morning, everyone besides Lilly and Issac, started to cry, since they couldn’t find Ciel. It broke my heart because I had no way to explain it to them.

Issac huffs out, crossing his arms.

“I don’t get it,” Evanly says. I shook my head, sitting down on the white chair, outside of the orphanage. I looked up at the cloudy sky.

“Let’s just pray for him, okay, because that’s what he needs right now,” I suggested. My children nod and sat around me. Everyone closed their eyes and started to pray. I look and smiled down at Sophy. Kissing her small head, I held her tighter.

‘I need to do something, I did promise to save him.’

“Are you sure about this?” Lilly asks while I place my jacket on. I nodded.

“Yes, I can’t stand by and do nothing,” I whispered to her, while the others play with Pops. It was God sent, he told me that my father called him up, to check on us. Pop looked a little worried, though. Either way, I just asked him to watch over the children. He gladly accepted, even though he wanted to spend more time with me as well.

“Thank God, Pops came by to visit today,” I said. Lilly nods, while Armando ran up to me. He looked worried. I bend down and place my hand on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him. He frowns at me, his eyes turning red.

“C.. Ciel. He.. I.. I miss him.” he said. I nodded, kissing his cheek.

“Me too, stay here with Pops and be my strong big boy. Listen to Issac and Lilly, okay. I’m going to find Ciel”

Armando nods, but Issac reaches me and shook his head.

“I’m coming along, I can’t have you stay by yourself for two days.” he said, I stood up.

“No, Lilly might..” but Lilly shook her head, cutting in..

“Let Issac go with you, I’ll help Pop watch over the children. You always protect us, let at least one of us protect you, ” she said, giving me a hug.

“Silly, I’m the grownup, is my job that I’m willing to do,” I whispered, kissing her cheek as well. Lilly places her hands on top of my shoulders.

“Please for our ease, we can’t lose you as well,” she said. I stare at her after she lets go, then at Issac.

‘They won’t let me leave the door if I don’t agree.’

“Okay, then pack something..” I said to Issac.

“Already did,” Issac smiled at me. I sigh,

“Of course you did,” Issac shrugs with a grin on his lips.

I bend down on my knees and stretch out my arms.

“My little ones, come here,” everyone rushes up to me, and I wrap my arms around them, kissing each one.

“God bless you all, pray for our safety, as I will pray for yours. I will try to bring Ciel back. Okay.” I whispered to them. Everyone nods. Then I stood up, to face Pop.

“Dear, why are you going after this person, Ciel?” he asks, moving closer to me. I wrap my arms around him and hugged him tighter.

“Because he’s our family,” I answered him. Pops chuckles, rubbing my back.

“You trust him?” he simply asks me. I smiled, looking back at him.

“With everything I have,” I told him. Pop’s eyes glint strongly.

“Then go on, I want to meet this young man,” he said, kissing my cheek. I giggled and nodded.

“Yes, you will like him. He loves each of my children. That is enough to have him part of our family,” I told him. Pops nods.

“But Mama, Ciel loves you too,” I heard behind me. I went still at the sudden words. I slowly turned around. Lilly is covering Isabella’s mouth.

“Isabella? What did she mean by that?” I asked her. Issac gave Lilly another look, as to say, ‘Should I tell her?’ Lilly lets go of Isabella and sighs.

“Ciel, he told us during the Thanksgiving celebration that he loves you, truly loves you. He sees you as a woman. Also..” Lilly went quiet, as Issac turns to face me.

“I overheard a conversation, between your father and Ciel, yesterday afternoon.” he paused, trying to figure out if he should tell me.

“Go on, tell me!” I was anxious. I’m trying to progress their words. ’Ciel loves me? As a woman? How? He never mentioned anything. He...” my heart started to race even more.

“Your father told Ciel to never see you again.”

“Who are we meeting?” Issac asks as we arrived at the park. Is already dark, the street lamp is on, and a few people roam around.

“Ciel Uncle, Paul, I called him out to meet us here, before we left the orphanage,” I told Issac, as I pushed him closer.

“He has an uncle?” Issac asks surprised. I nodded at him. I look at him and frowned.

“He has a family and an older sister. We still haven’t heard any news about her,” I told him. Issac nods, looking around the park. Then he nudged my shoulder.

“An older man is waving at us,” Issac mentions. I turned my gaze to my left, where Issac is pointing at. I saw Paul waving at us.

“Miss. Hart, is nice to see you once again, ah, you brought a young chap? Issac, I presume?” He asks as soon he reached us, looking at my son. I held Issac firmer.

“How do you know his name?” I asked him. Paul eyes landed on mine, then gave a hearty chuckle.

“Oh, my. Miss. Hart. I do tend to forget my manners. My dear nephew mentioned the eldest son of yours. He likes him a lot, sees him as a son.” He admits. My heart swells at his words.

“Is he okay? Is he in the underground?” I asked, hope rising in my chest.

“Of course, where else will he be? He’s a wanted criminal after all, plus he has a deal to do,” Paul smirk at me. I nervously laugh, while I felt Issac go still for a second.

“Wanted criminal?” he hissed into my ear. I pat his hand gently.

“We speak of it later, but trust me, he’s a good man,” I whispered back at him. Issac didn’t seem convinced, but nods.

“For you, I will,” he tells me. I smiled at him, and slowly followed Paul.

“Miss. Hart, Are you trying to find my Niece?” Paul asks out of nowhere, while we walk down the familiar hallways, that a few months ago. I tried to hold my breath, so my asthma won’t kick in. The stench of alcohol and smoke is much worse now. I can hear twice the people than before as well. Maybe because is night time, and is where most people show up? I’m guessing.

Issac seems scared by this.

“How do you know?” I asked him surprised.

“I know Ciel, he always wanted to see his older sister, so it’s not hard to guess,” Paul said, while we made a turn to the right. Passing a large ring, bigger than the last time I saw. To my horror, not only people are cheering loudly, the two fighters are bloody and injured badly. We turned to the right, and I look at Issac. His face drained.

‘Is this how Ciel felt when he first came in? I remember he told me he saw a woman being raped in front of him. Oh God, this is horrible.’ I move closer to Issac and cup his cheek.

“Don’t look at that, concentrate on the front, okay,” I told him. Issac nods, holding me tighter than before. Poor boy, he’s so afraid.

“Do you know where is Ciel sister?” I revolted back to Paul. Paul stops at the first brown door on our right and takes out his keys.

“I do,” he said, opening the door. I took a hold of his arm and turn him to face me.

“If you do, why haven’t you told Ciel? That is not fair.” I almost screamed at him, anger surfacing in me.

“Lady, life isn’t fair, you should know that. Also, he never asked me about his sister,” he said, as he entered a small brown room, with one bed.

“That is no excuse, Paul. You never separate siblings. I see why Ciel doesn’t like you.” I was on the verge of tears. How can Ciel put up with this? How lonely must he have been all these years?

“This is our life. Hell, not even his father wanted him.” He said bitterly.

I swallowed my tears and shook my head.

“Where’s Ciel? I want to see him,” I questioned, feeling Issac rub my back.

“He’s practicing for tomorrow night. You won’t see him until the morning,” he said.

“Then why are we here? I wanted to see Ciel. Also, can you tell me where’s his sister?” I asked, hoping for a miracle. Paul turns to face me, giving me a cold blank stare.

“Stay the night, You’ll see Ciel tomorrow morning. As for Ciel sister? Easy dear, she’s been dead for a while now, Goodnight.”

I couldn’t stop crying. How is she dead?

“Mom, please control yourself.” Issac tries to soothe me, as I kept on weeping, my heart breaking even more.

“How? How can I tell Ciel that her sister is dead? Is like telling that Lilly died or something.” I told him. Issac frowns at me, while a hiccup escapes my lips.

“Just hold it mom, or not, your asthma will kick in,” Issac said, while he kept rubbing my back. I wiped my tears, looking at my son.

“Then tell me, what should I do? My father told Ciel to not meet me anymore, his uncle is so cold to him. His sister is dead. He’s so alone in this world and he’s been through so much. No wonder he was so cold when we met him. Tell me, son? What should I do? It hurts me, I want to make it better for him. He has been through a lot.” I asked, with a plea. Issac gave me a sad look, brushing my short hair.

“Are you going to listen to your father?” He asks me. I shook my head.

“I’m old enough, I have eight kids, but he still my father,” I told him.

“You said it yourself, you’re old enough. If you trust Ciel, then I support you a hundred percent. Can I ask you once again, do you love him?” he asks me again. I lower my head, looking down at my lap.

“All I know, it’s been a day, but miss him so much.”

Issac sighs ruffling his dark hair, as his dark eyes look frustrated. A small knock is heard. I wipe my tears, and huff out, trying to control myself. Opening the door, Dusty waves at me.

“Dust!” I yelled out.

“Hello, little lady.” he smiled at me. My mood shifted a little and smiled back.

“Dusty, how happy I am to see you,”

“You are?” Dusty asks, surprised, at my words. I nodded.

“Yes, come in, come in,” I offered, moving to the side until he can walk in. Issac awkwardly waves at Dusty, and he did the same. I cleared my throat.

“This is my oldest son, Issac Hart, Issac this is a friend of Ciel,” I introduced. Both shook hands.

“Ah, so you must be Issac. Ciel talks good things about you,” Dusty winks at Issac. Issac looks embarrassed, and lower his head, with a blush on his pale face.

“How you been?” I asked, trying to not be rude. Dusty chuckles, and cross his bony arms.

“Fine, just fine, simply ask me about Ciel, I won’t get offended, this old bones of mine doesn’t worth much anymore for anyone to care,” he said with humor. That made me sad to hear. I shook my head.

“Nonsense, you are important, no one is less than anyone,” I told him.

“If you want, you can go with Ciel to live with him, or you can go with me. I can find a place for you to work or do anything, whichever you prefer. Please don’t say those things.” I felt like crying once again. Dusty looks horrified and surprised at my reaction.

Issac rushes to his side.

“My mother is considerate of everyone. Trust me. She cares about you.” he assures Dusty. Dusty nods, looking at me.

“I take your word. Paul told me to come here. Ciel is with Philip at the moment, training for tomorrow fight, but he can’t see you here, stay the night, but leave in the morning.” he said concerned.

“No, I won’t leave without him. He has a family waiting for him,” I told him. Dusty shakes his head and sighs.

“You know that if he loses this match, not only you will lose your home, but the custody of your children. Ciel is putting everything into this, so you won’t lose any of it. The last thing he needs is to see you. If he does, he would lose concentration, then he surely loses everything.” Dusty said. My heart drops into my stomach as fresh tears flow down my cheeks.

“What?” I look at Dusty. He frowns in shame, and look down at the floor.

‘No one told me this, oh God,’

“I place it simply for you. You choose either your children or Ciel. The choice is yours."

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