Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Twenty-Three:: Guess What?


I’m not sure if I can hold back or not. He’s right in front of my face, but I couldn’t do anything. Silver, a shorter man than I, but still a handsome bloke. His brown, sleek hair is longer than last year, it reaches to his ear, with a narrow nose. A scar under his lip and welt built. He fists his hands, aching to punch me in my face.

Dusty seems to take notice of my edgy behavior, so he clears his throat, trying to lighten up the mood.

“So, anyone wants some tea? Water?” he offers nervously, while Silver dark eyes never left mine.

“Shut it Dusty,” he bitterly spat, while Philip simply chuckles, lapsing his fingers together.

“Save it in the ring. I just got the floor washed and I don’t want blood stains just yet.” Philip said, rolling his eyes. Paul which sat on two seats down seems amused by this.

“Since the big fight is happening, I do say, this is quite amusing,” Paul said in a lazy tone.

“Come on Ciel, let’s go,” Dusty shakes his head, grabbing my arm, but Paul clears his throat.

“I have an announcement, you know,” He said, standing up from the chair.

‘Damn bastard, hurt Zara and his stepson. I do really feel bad for the woman that married him,’ I felt sad for some odd reason. Shaking off the feeling, Silver turns to face his boss.

“What?” he asks.

“First of all, the cops have already captured the real killer,” he suddenly said. I turned to face him.

“Huh?” I asked, while Philip just walks around his desk, to grab a glass of tequila.

“Last night, the killer killed another victim, but he was stupid enough to run straight to a cop, with blood in his hands. Don’t ask me how that happen, since I wasn’t there.” I let my uncle words progress in my head.

“Wait, are you sure the same guy that killed that man a few months ago?” I asked. Paul nods.

“He confessed this morning, he isn’t good under pressure. From what I know, he used to work under him, before you came to pay his boss, the man killed him.”

“Well, of course, he was dead when I was there, the cops thought I did it since I was stupid enough to touch the body, to check on him.” I run my fingers through my hair frustrated by this.

“Exactly. He killed a woman last night, from some argument or something.” Paul said.

“So that means my son is freed?” Dusty eyes turn into hope. Paul nods at him.

“Of course, he’s a free man. My dear nephew, you can roam the streets without hiding anymore,” Paul said, going up to me and gave me a pat on my back. I felt awkward, but I felt like a weight has been lifted out my shoulders.

’Then, the ghost isn’t relative to that case? Then why did it ask me to look for its killer? I thought it was the victim’s soul? ′ Now I ponder on it, as Paul gave me a strange look.

“Aren’t you happy?” He asks. I look at him straight in his eyes.

“Not really,” I told him, but I meant for the ghost part. He frowns, tilting his head.

“I never got you, Ciel, you sure a strange person,” he said. I shrug, as Silver cracks his knuckles.

“Well, isn’t luck by your side stupid wolf, should I congratulate you?” he asks with a slight smirk. I rolled my eyes at him.

“No need, I can feel that congratulations oozing out of your pores.” I simply told him, with a tight smirk. I turn around to head out, if I keep staying here, I would become a real murderer.

“I wasn’t done,” Paul said, making me stop in front of Philip’s office door.

“Whatever it is, I’m not interesting,” I said, reaching for the door knob, but Paul smiles.

“Trust me, the next thing I say will interest you,” he said with an amused tone. I turned, watching him giving me a mocking look.

“It better be!”

“Ciel? Are you okay?” Dusty asks worriedly, while we sat on the stool, and I took a drink. It’s around an hour before midnight, and I still can’t progress Paul words.

“Peachy Dusty, don’t you see?” I growled, gulping another whiskey down my throat.

“Well, at least, is not that bad, Paul changes some things around, moving the fight for tomorrow night. Even if you lose, Miss. Hart won’t lose her children at all. I do wonder what made him change his mind?” Dusty said, looking at the bartender, which is a woman, slim with straight light hair. Busty and heavy makeup. Very pretty.

“Clara, one more round!” I shout, she nods, as she starts to prepare it. Dusty frowns, grabbing my arm.

“Don’t drink too much, you pass out, and I’m not in the mood to carry you to your room, again. I ain’t young anymore.” Dusty chuckles. I turn to look at him.

“Right, you know, I can handle my liquor, I don’t get drunk that easily,” I told him. Dusty knitted his brows, but nods.

“I know, can’t I tease you? You know, before I met you, I knew your uncle and Philip. They use to be good people before this world corrupted them.” Dusty said sadly. A woman sits next to me, ordering a drink. I like my lips.

“I know Dusty. Philip ran away from home since his dad was a bastard, but Philip became worse than him. My uncle’s, just like the business since he makes a lot of money, from what I remember, he used to be poor once in his lifetime and he hated it. This place is a sin, to tell you the truth.” I told him. Dusty nods, while I turn my head to my right to look at the young woman. Lacy long black hair, with high cheek bones. Very young looking maybe early twenties or mid. Her bust showing more than anything but has milky skin. Her green eyes connect with mine. I smirked and rose my drink at her.

She smiles back and raised her own glass.

‘I wonder how is Zara doing?’ I frowned missing her terribly. The young lady scoots closer to me.

“What is a handsome bloke like you, doing in this hell?” she asks, running her finger up my forearm. I sigh.

“I should be asking you the same question pretty lady,” I asked as Clara brought my glass. I winked at Clara, making her blush, and took the glass to have another drink.

“I have to pay for my father’s debts.” she shrugs.

“Relatable,” I said.

“Well, everyone in this hell has their own sad story, doesn’t it lady?” I asked. She nods, as she takes another drink.

“Call me Rose and for sure. I won’t beat around the bush. I’ll give you a discount if you spend the night with me? Oh hell, for free. You are very dashing and trust me, is rare for me to find a handsome man in this place. I can guarantee you a good service, I know some good tricks.” she offers with a wink, as she eyes me up and down, licking her red lips, moving her hand to place it on top of my leg. I chuckled, looking back at the canteen.

“Thanks for the offer, but I have to pass, I don’t do that. I already have a woman in my heart, and I only belong to her.” I told her. That catches her attention. Removing her hand away.

“You do, well lucky wench; I don’t mind a threesome,” she said with a slight smirk. I actually laugh at her.

“I don’t go that way, nor Zara. She isn’t from here. She’s from the above world. She has a dark life, but filled with light. Somehow, she took my heart along the way. She has eight children.”

“Wow, is she married? Didn’t strike me the type to be with a married woman,” she tells me.

“No, she never married, she is simply adopted eight wonderful children with disabilities and overcomes anything that life throws at her. I bloody love her, but the sad part, she doesn’t feel the same, and I can’t be with her since her father forbids me.” I felt my heart pang at the thought. The woman frowns, feeling her brush my hair gently.

“Poor thing, but she has eight children, he shouldn’t mingle with her personal life or love life. I get it, though, since you’re from here,” she whispers. I sigh, stretching my arm out to place my cheek on my palm to look at her.

“You’re right, but I am a man of my honor. I respect my elder’s wishes. You are a very beautiful woman Rose, how much does your father own?” I asked. This is my real life, normal as possible. I lost count of how many conversations I had with all types of woman since I came into age. Some of the saddest to the craziest things ever. She arched her thin brow up.

“Ten thousand,” she said. I nodded,

“There’s other jobs in here that you can do and earn as twice of what you’re making. You don’t have to sell your body,” her eyes widen in surprised by my words.

“Don’t pull my leg, Philip said this is the only way,” she said. I shook my head to turn to look at Dusty, which he was flirting with another woman.

“Oi, Dusty, can you show her the other job? Up in the above world?” I asked him. Dusty turns and nods.

“Can she handle it?” he asks, looking at the woman. I nodded.

“It’s not easy, but is a decent job. A few woman has the ability to work on designing clothes, you don’t even have to be experienced. Most women that worked here open it up last year, since they couldn’t stand it any longer. I helped out a little, finding a place for them to do their job. Don’t listen to Philip. He just an idiot. Paul is the real boss in this joint. Dusty will hook you up.” I explained to her.

“Thank you, my lovely man. I hate it here to tell you the truth,” she said. I smiled at her and stood up from my stool.

“I know, go with Dusty,” I said, placing my hands inside of my pockets. She wraps her arms around me, hugging me tightly.

“I will never forget this. I will pray that you will be with your love one. She is a lucky woman.” she whispers, kissing my cheek. I just nodded, as Dusty stood up, and looks up at me.

“Where are you going?” he asks. I shrug, looking at the people around, drinking or feeling up the girls. I sigh, shaking my head.

“Towards my room, I need to rest.”

It’s already midnight, and the night just started, hearing everyone having fun in the ring. I walked down the hallway, heading for my room, deep in my thoughts, when I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. I stop in my tracks, to see the ghost standing in front of me, just looking at me. I shivered a little.

“Can you give me a clue how are you related to anything?” I asked it.

“Soon!” and with that, it disappeared. I run my fingers through my hair, then walk a few more steps, only to see a young man going inside of a room which is three doors down from mine. I arched a brow, as Paul comes out, holding a platter in his hand. He takes notice of me.

“You should go inside,” he simply said, and leaves. I move rapidly towards the door, for some odd reason, my heart starts to face. I grab the handle and entered.

Issac is standing in front of the bed, and turns his head, as his eyes landed on me. I went still, not believing this at all.

“Kid? What the hell are you doing here? Does your mother know?” I asked, concerned, closing the door behind me. Issac gets nervous and chuckles.

“About that.” he starts, when I heard a female voice on my right.

“Ciel!” I heard, turning around. Zara runs towards me, wrapping her arms around me. I automatically wrap my arms around her.

“Zara?” I asked, surprised, but she surprises me, even more, when she captures my lips with hers. Kissing me deeply, which I didn’t have time to react or breath. I closed my eyes, without thinking, kissing her back. We let go, for air, then she kisses me once again. I tilt forward, enjoying this.

“Za. Zara, wait..” I gasped out, as I felt her hands run through my hair.

“I missed you!” she cries out. She kept on kissing me, while I wrap my hand around her shoulder.

“I did too, but..” she interrupts me, kissing me even more. I groaned, trying to push her out of me.

“I.. I need to breathe Zara, not that I mind the reunion,” I gasped out, as she kisses my cheek. I leaned forward and I wrap my arms around her.

“It’s nice to see you again Zara,” I whispered, feeling my heart flame up at her whole being next to me. I missed it terribly. She moves to look at me, as fresh tears roll down her cheeks.

“You love me?” she questions me out of the blue. I went still at this.

‘Should I admit it?’ I felt conflicted, while I turned to give Issac a dark look. He was looking somewhere else, minding his own business.

“Answer me the question Ciel.” she rubs my cheek. I turn to look at her.

“Well, that was not what I expected.” I murmured, running my fingers through my hair. Zara bites her lower lip.

“Ciel, I won’t ask again, just tell me, yes or no.” she pleads.

I sigh.

“Honestly? I wasn’t planning on telling you. Yes, I love you more than anything in this world. You know how much I don’t even believe in love. That night, with your parents, where my honest feelings towards you, and your children. I love your children and you drive me crazy Zara. I see you as a woman and an incredible mother.” I admit.

‘At least I get rejected with honor? Well, isn’t that sad?’ She gasps, wrapping her arms around me.

“Then, kiss me,” she whispers, oh she didn’t have to ask me twice on that one. I follow my heart and watch her close her eyes. I cup her cheek and leaned down to give her a slow yet passionate kiss. I felt her shake under me, as she kisses me back.

‘Even if this is our last kiss, I’ll treasure it.’ I kiss her as long as I could, just in case.

As we let go which was painful in my heart, we are slowly opening our eyes, and her eyes are filled with a strange emotion.

“Why did you want me to kiss you?” I asked, knowing very well that she isn’t this easy. My heart starts to race, as Zara smiles at me, giving me a hug.

“Why do you think silly?” I shrugged.

“A goodbye kiss? I don’t know,” I felt lost in this. Zara giggles, holding me tighter.

“I discovered something today, and I made an important decision in my life,” she said. I look at her, arching a brow.

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve kept my promise to you, to save you. Also, I saved my children. Even though it came with a price.” She hiccups. I didn’t like this.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Zara shook her head and smiled at me.

“Guess what I discovered today?” she asks. I shrug at her.

“Don’t know,” I frowned, as she sighs, moving and kiss my lips once again.

“Silly, I discovered, that I love you. Ciel, you’re the first person to win my heart because you won my children’s, heart. I am sorry for being late in understanding my feelings. I love you, Ciel, like a man and if you are willing a good father to my children. I can’t stand being apart from you.” I stood there, in shock.

“Well, bloody hell, I think the liquor finally got to me.”

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