Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Twenty-Five: First Date


“Should we lock him up?” Zara asks my uncle, watching Silver shiver in horror in the corner of the room, as the ghost taunt him.

“He did escape jail,” Paul stated, sitting on the edge of the bed. Zara pouts her lips, looking back at him.

“I think we should, you will get in trouble, is bad enough what you’re doing is illegal, but hiding a wanted criminal will not make your image even better.” she bluntly tells Paul. Paul looks at her for a long minute, while I cleared my throat only to wince a little.

“Can someone bloody tell me what’s going on? Why is he acting as though he knows the ghost?” I asked confused. Zara wraps her arm around mine

“I need to speak to you about that, but not here,” she tells me. I nodded, while Issac comes to our side, looking petrified, but swallows hard.

“Are you okay?” Zara goes up to him, wrapping her arms around him.

“It was an interesting scene,” he only said, noticing the poor kid shaking a little. That’s how I was when I witness my first fight as well.

“So, are we not going to have our fight tomorrow night?” I question Paul. Paul looks at Silver.

“Are you up to it or not Mr. Dusten?” he asks Silver. Silver press his body against the wall, huddling himself fear all over him. Then he lets out a loud scream.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to let you die!” he cries out. Paul chuckles, looking back at me.

“That answers your question. Don’t worry, I have my ways with Mr. Don. Miss. Hart, I will keep my word for you to keep your children and about the orphanage, don’t even worry about it. If you lose it, I have another place for you and your children.” He said. Something seemed sketchy about this.

“What’s the catch?” I raised a brow, while Zara nods

“Catch? You can say, Miss. Hart already is paying for my generosity my dear nephew.”

“Aren’t you coming?” Zara asks as we stood in front of a taxi driver the very next day. I barely had a wink of sleep since everything took place. Silver was taken to the police station, not paying attention to the world, but his own.

“I have to stay behind to do some things,” I told her. Zara didn’t like my response. She wraps her arms around my midsection, placing her cheek on my chest.

“I still need to tell you what I discovered yesterday. I told you it came with a cost.” she hiccups.

“It does?” I asked.

“Yes,” she nods, as her eyes glisten with unshed tears. Something seems wrong about this. I move away from her. My heart starts to race from this new information.

“I still need to stay, I....” I felt conflicted about this. Dusty which is behind me sighs in frustration.

“Miss. Hart, I’ll take the boy back to the orphanage, you take your time to speak with Ciel,” Dusty offers. Zara looks at him and looks hesitant.

“Don’t worry, Dusty is very responsible with it comes to children,” I assured her. Dusty nods, going around us.

“What do you say, Miss. Hart?” He asks me. Zara turns to face Dusty and smiles at him.

“Call me when you reach the orphanage. Tell my children I’ll return tomorrow.” but I shook my head and open the door of the taxi, and peak in

“Kid, tell your brothers and sisters that your mom will return this evening,” I told him. Issac nods, as I move to the side to let Dusty enter the car.

“God bless you two, I’ll see you two later on.” Zara waves at them. Issac nods while Dusty bow his head. The taxi drives off. Zara looks worried so I place my hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Dusty is a very good man, he raised me,” I assured her. Zara turns to look at him and shook her head.

“I’m not worried about that, I just wanted to see the kids. I miss them,” she said. Somehow that made me feel a ton of guilt, so I move my hand and grab her hand. She looks up at me.

“Soon you’ll see them,” I told her. She licks her lips, holding my hand tighter.

“Can. Can we have breakfast first? I’m starving,” she rubs her stomach. That actually made me chuckle and nodded.

“Let’s go, I know a good restaurant near here. Okay, that feels good, I can finally invite you somewhere not worrying about the cops arresting me.” I told her. Zara giggles, as I drape my arm around her shoulders. She smiles, even more, leaning her head against my shoulder.

“It does wait until you take everyone out!” she laughs, making me laugh with her.

“Oh trust me, I know.”

I can feel her eyes on me, while we walk down the park, after our breakfast. I licked my lips, tasting the orange juice.

“What?” I asked, turning to face her. She blushes, looking down at her hand.

“Can I hold your hand? It felt nice earlier,” she said. I nodded, without thinking I took her smaller hand. I couldn’t help but smile at this.

‘Didn’t know it will feel like this,’

“This is surreal. I can’t believe I actually have a boyfriend,” she shyly said. I stop in my tracks, looking down at her.

“Boyfriend?” I asked, testing the word. She looks up at me, panic reaching her eyes.

“I...” She seems to want to take it back. I cleared my throat.

“It’s surreal to me as well, that I got a girlfriend.” I tried to make her at ease. Her eyes widen.

“So.. You don’t mind? I mean, I love you and you love me, but I know you have a difficult time to be near a woman and me with a man. I...” But I shut her up when I kiss her lips rapidly. She was taken aback and I straighten up.

“I don’t. It’s nice to hear that. I’m a bit old to have my first girlfriend, but I don’t care, this is new to me as well. We’ll learn as we go along,” I assured her.

“Hey, then what am I? Young? I’m just a year younger than you and you’re my first boyfriend as well. You’re right, let’s take a day out of time.” she assures me while she leans forward and kisses me on my lips. Then she giggles, looking at the bench blushing hard.

“You taste like orange juice,” she whispers. I chuckled, as I pull her hand gently, towards the bench.

“We had a hardy breakfast,” I told her while sitting on the bench. She sits to face me and place my hand on top of her lap.

“Then shall we call that our first date?” she asks. I shrug.

“Don’t you ladies like romantic things? I don’t know, normally the woman in the underground is too wound up in um having se. I mean doing other physical activities, but I know they want true love as well and romance.” I frowned, I’m not used to this.

“Romance? Of course, I want romance, which woman doesn’t? At least a little of it. I.. I thought it was romantic, and not worrying about hiding your face either. I felt happy eating with you.” she said. Looking away. I nodded, looking down at the dirty ground, feeling the gentle breeze brush against my skin.

“We are acting like young adolescence, which its weird, but strangely is right at the same time. I will remember this for the rest of my life,” she whispers to me. I felt my cheeks warm up a little, as I turned to face her.

“Lady, since I met you, you cause my chest to be uncomfortable, but after knowing you, there’s one thing I know is true in my heart,” I told her. She looks at me, as I move and took her hand, and kiss it gently.

“What?” she asks sweetly. I lifted my gaze at her.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to protect you.” Zara stares at me with such emotions playing in her eyes, that a tear escapes her right eye. I move my hand and wipe it away from her.

“Before we go there, I need to tell you what I learned yesterday. Just listen to me, before you decide anything.” she grabs a hold of my hand and places it on top of her lap.

“What exactly do you want to tell me?” I asked her. Zara becomes very serious at my question, clearing her throat.

“Everything I’m about to tell you is the truth.” Zara tightens her grip on my hand for a reason that gives me comfort.

“Okay,” I said. She takes in a big breath, looking straight at my eyes.

“Your uncle told me some things. Well, um, first of all, you have a nephew,” she started

“Joan is a mother?” I asked in shock. Zara nods at me.

“She is, she married a few years ago and gave birth to a baby boy. He’s five now,” she tells me. Joy started to form in my heart.

“I can’t wait to meet him and see my sister once again.” I gloated, feeling happy about this feeling like a small child that is told that I can get candy.

“I know, but what I’m going tell you, please don’t do anything drastic, just hear me throughout, promise me Ciel.” she said, making sure that I won’t do anything against my will.

" Depends on what you tell me, I won’t promise you anything,” I told her the truth. Zara sighs, but nods. My stomach became knotted like I said earlier, something isn’t right here. Zara moves closer to me, holding my hand firmer.

“Your nephew is, well, very well. He is living brightly. He...” she paused, taking a big breath.

“Just tell me, Zara,” I told her.

“Your nephew, he is Armando, my child,” she said. I don’t know if my world stopped or my heart did?

“Armando is my nephew? Your kid?” I asked, feeling my throat go tight. Zara nods.


“T. That means. Did she marry that bastard? Silver?” I couldn’t even speak. Not wanting to face reality. Zara shook her head.

“No. She never married anyone else besides her husband,” she assures me.

“Then how the hell is Silver his stepfather?” I almost screamed. Frustrated by this that I grip my pants tightly that my knuckles turn white. Zara lowers her gaze down.

“He isn’t. It was a lie he told the police. I... When I was walking down the street the night I met Armando. I was shopping for new dresses for the girls since Pop gave me money. It was his way to make everyone happy after most children were adopted. I was walking down the street when I saw a car smashed into a tree. I went to help, only to see a child injured covered with blood. Silver came out of the driver seat, cursing at the woman, and when he saw me, as I took the child out from the back seat, he started to go after me. Well, you know the rest. I thought he killed his wife and was trying to kill his son. Silver was so violent and angry that night. It was scary.” she starts to shake as her memories resurface in her mind.

“So... The woman that was in the car was my Joan?” I felt like throwing up, my world is collapsing. Zara looks up at me when fresh tears start to roll down her cheeks.

“No.. It was Silver partner in crime. They both kidnapped Armando so they can get money. She somehow knew that you were Armando uncle, so she attached herself to you, so she can get justice. Silver did murder her before the car crash.” she said. I don’t know how, but a weight is lifted out of my shoulders, but actually, all types of emotions play in my heart.

“Oh Thank God isn’t my sister. I mean I feel bad for the other lady, but still, my sister is alive.” I sigh with such relief, rubbing my face with my hands. Zara rubs my back in small circles.

“I’m not done Ciel,” she said, as tears start running down her cheeks.

“What?” My heart starts to tighten once again.

“I told you it came with a price,” she said, covering her face as more tears kept on running down her cheeks. She starts to cry uncontrollably.

“What?” I swallowed a lump that formed in my throat.

“W... W.. When I returned, I have to give Armando back to his mother. I’m going to lose my baby.”

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