Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Tweny-Six: Wishes

I don’t know how to start this progress, how am I suppose to do this? Keel stayed behind because he wants to see his sister. He told me to not do anything at the moment until he has a good talk with his sister. That was about four hours ago.

I get off from the taxi, and I shut the door.

“MAMA!” everyone screams behind me. I turned around to bend down on my knees and open my arms. My children pounce on me, making me fall on my behind. I just laugh, and held them tightly, kissing each one of them.

“My babies, I missed you all terribly,” I said, feeling my tears ready to fall once again. I sniff hard and laugh.

“We miss you too. Where’s Ciel? You brought him back?” Oscar asks, looking around. I shook my head at them.

“He’ll come back in a few days, he found his sister, so he’s heading there as we speak.”

“Found his sister? Was she missing?” Isabella asks confused. I nodded, as I went up to Armando and picked him up.

“Yes, a long time ago. He’s so happy and he told me that he misses you all, he’ll be in a few days,” I told them. Everyone nods as they start to follow me. I look at Armando, as he stares at me.

‘Oh God, how am I suppose to depart away from him?’ I kiss his cheek a lot of time causing him to giggle.

“I love you, Armando,” I told him.

“Love Mama,” he said, giving me a sweet kiss on my cheek as he leans his head on my shoulder. I held him tighter. I felt my heart break. While I am entering the orphanage, Dusty and Pops appear in front of us, looking concern.

“What happen?” Pops asks as he moves to the side. I licked my lips.

“I’ll tell you later, can you keep an eye on the children. I need to speak with Armando.” I told them. Dusty squinted his eyes and nods.

Without a second thought, I went into the orphanage and held Armando tighter in my arms.

“Armando, you know what?” I gasped, as I felt Armando small hands wiping my cheeks.

“Mama?” he asks with concern. I look at his small eyes.

“I found your real mommy, do you still remember her?” I asked him. Armando went quiet, but nods shyly.

“Are you sure?” I asked him once again. Armando wraps his arms around my neck, as I start to head upstairs.

“I... I... She... She was.. Crying.” he said. I rub his small back.

“When the mean old man took you?”

“Y.. yes,” he said. I’m not surprised, he still remembers, it was only a year that happened, not that long. Normally children will block it from their memories.

“Do you miss her?” I ask them, as I reach our door room.

“Y. Yes,” he said, as I enter the first room and place Armando on Ciel bed and bend in front of him.

“Do you want to go back to her?” I asked him. He slowly nods, but then shook his head.

“N..No. Y.. Yes. No.. Leave.” he looks conflicted. I took a hold of his small hands and cup them.

“I know, but you must go back to your mom, she misses you so much, my love. She loves you so much, but I took her from her. I didn’t know your mom was looking for you. I was the bad guy.” I was now crying hard as I lower my head down my heart ripping into two. I felt Armando small hand on my head.

“D. Don’t cry. Mama,” Armando started to cry as well. I lifted my head and wipe my cheeks.

“Oh, I’m not crying, I am happy that you have your real mama back Armando. You know, Ciel, he’s your uncle. He’s your mama younger brother.” I told him, as I move to wipe his puffy cheeks. He hiccups as his eyes widen.

“Really?” he asks. I nodded, smiling at him gently.

“Yes, so you have double the reason to be happy. You love Ciel?”

“He’s. Papa,” he tells me. I giggled at him.

“Yes, he is, but now he’s your uncle. You can see him all you want. I..” I was about to finish when the door suddenly slams open. I turned around to see Lilly looking at me.

“Mom, you have a phone call,” I arched a brow.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“It’s Ciel.” I jump up from Lilly words.

“Why is he calling me?” I asked confused. Lilly shrugs at me. I look down at Armando.

“Stay with your sister, I’ll be right back,” I bend and kiss Armando top head. Without a second thought, I rush out of the room and dash downstairs. When I reach my office, all the children were talking on the phone, as Dusty held it.

“Oh, there you are, now let your mom talk to him,” Dusty said in a calm matter.

“Bye Ciel, we love you!” all the children yelled at the same time. I rushed to the phone and thank him.

“Let’s go, you can tell this old man, what you want for dinner,” I heard Dusty say. Without a second thought, I place the phone on my ear.

“Ciel? What happen? Are you okay?” I asked, my heart pounding like crazy. Maybe Silver escaped and hurt Ciel. Maybe Ciel wants me to pack Armando things and he wants to pick him up tonight. I’m not ready for those scenarios.

“Calm down Zara,” I heard Ciel voice through the receiver. I blinked, but nodded. I breathed out.

“You missed me already?” I joked, trying to lighten up the mood. There was a silence on the other side.

“Ciel?” I asked.

“I do, very much,” he said, noticing that his tone sounds off. My heart leaps.

“Ciel? What’s wrong?” I asked, now getting in a panic.

“I had a long chat with my uncle,” he stated. I was right.

His voice sounds as though he was crying, it’s raspy

“What did he say? Wait, didn’t you go to visit your sister?” I asked, now sitting on my brown chair. Ciel went quietly on the other line once again.

“Zara... I..”

“Ciel, what happen? Were you crying?” I asked, gripping the phone even harder.

“My uncle will visit you tomorrow and don’t worry about the orphanage. Paul already has taken care of it.”

“Ciel, you’re scaring me, what happen?” I begged him. I heard him take an intake.

“Remember the first time we met?” he finally spoke. I nodded.

“Yes, I remember, you came to us at midnight and hurt,” I told him. Ciel finally chuckles a little.

“I never said it, but thank you for taking me in. For showing me love that I have somehow forgotten over the years.”

“Ciel, what do you mean by that? What happen? What did Paul tell you?” I was now bouncing my leg, my heart hurting.

“I love your children and I love you, Zara, thank you once again!” with that, he hangs up.

“Ciel? Hello? Hello? Wait, what’s going on?” I yelled at the phone but no answer.

(Nine months Later)

“Come to one Sophy, eat your soup, you’re getting a cold again,” I insisted, as Lilly bends down and touch her small forehead.

“She’s warm,” Lilly said, looking at me with concern. I nodded, placing the spoon down.

“MAMA! Daniel scraped his knee!” Oscar runs into the dining room, pointing at the door. I lifted my head to see Dusty coming in, holding Daniel in his arms. Daniel is crying hard from the pain.

“Oh no,”

“Lilly, go get me the first aid kid!” I asked as I move up to Dusty to grab my child. Dusty looks unsure on what to do. I sat Daniel down.

“Don’t cry, mommy will handle it,” I whispered, as Daniel balls up his hands crying harder.

“What happen?” I asked, looking up at Dusty.

“Oscar and Evenly were playing, chasing Daniel, and he fell scraping his knee and his palms. Issac is bringing the rest of the children,” he tells me. I nodded, as Lily rushed back in, handing me the large black box. I took it, and opened it, to start cleaning Daniel wound.

“There, there,” I calmly said, as I work on his wound. After a few minutes, I wrap it with a white cloth and kissed it. Daniel finally stopped crying.

“Thanks, mama,” he said. I wrap my arms around him and kiss his cheek.

“Want some soup I made? To make you feel much better?” I asked him. I felt Daniel nod at me. I giggle and straighten up.

“Okay then, it’s time for lunch for everyone.” I turn to look at Dusty.

“Once again thank you for coming to look out of my children,” I smiled at Dusty. Dusty shook his head.

“Well, you should thank Pop, he’s the one that hired me. Sweet old man he is, to let me work here as well, not only I spend time with the children, I have a normal job instead of guarding that door.” He said. I smiled gently at him.

“I told you that everyone has a place to go. I’m grateful to God, that he send you here.” I smiled at him. He nods while the rest of the children barge in, going up to Daniel.

“Are you okay?” Oscar asks, concern for his brother. Daniel nods.

“Mama cured it,” he tells her. Evenly and Isabella rushes to my side.

“Can we help mama?” they offer. I smiled at him.

“Sure, you can, come on.” I smiled at them gently. Going around the table, I headed for the doors when I reach for them, I stop in my tracks, to see someone looking at me. I couldn’t help but smile, as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

“Had a nice nap?” I asked him walking towards him. He nods.

“Want to help me with setting up lunch? Daniel hurt himself, and we are trying to cheer him up.” I told him. His eyes widen at the information.

“He. He okay?” he asks. I nodded, as I stretch my hand to grab Armando small hand.

“Yes, do you want to go and see him? He’s in the dining room.” He nods, as Isabella and Evenly giggle among themselves. Daniel lets go of my hand and runs toward the dining room. I sigh, as I rub my chest, where my heart lies.

‘Nine months.’ I frowned, as Isabella takes notice my sadness.

“Ciel is mean. He hasn’t come back and he’s mommy cry a lot. He said he loves us, but he doesn’t.” she tells me. I licked my lips and bend to their level.

“He had his own reasons, I respect it and he does love you all. Remember, he does call you guys time to time.” I assure them.

‘Nine months since Ciel left. Nine months that I haven’t heard his voice. Every time he does call, he only wants to speak to the children, but not me. I don’t know what really happened, but I know that Joan, Ciel sister lost her life last summer along with her husband. Her husband was a well-known doctor and made lots of money. From what Pual told me, Armando father was operating on a woman, but she lost her life during the procedure. So her husband blames Joan, husband for her death. So he went to their house and murder them. It’s just so horrible.’

My heart broke for Ciel and Armando. He could never reunite with his sister. It was a shock to him. I don’t even know where to even start to control his broken heart. To tell Armando that his parents died were hard. It took me over a month to find the right words. When I finally told him, he shut himself completely.

After months, Armando still is hurting of the fact of his parents’ deaths. Yet, each day he’s becoming stronger and starting to open up even if it’s a little. At least he’s surrounded by love and other’s that went through the same situation or similar. So it helps him.

“I know, but he makes you cry.” Evenly spoke this time, breaking out of my thoughts.

“The point is, he loves you all. While that is the main theme, I wouldn’t care if Ciel doesn’t’ love anymore. I’ll be the happiest woman in the world, that you all have a father figure.” I told them both. They didn’t seem to convince.

“Then we don’t want him if he doesn’t love mama. He needs to love the whole family. We won’t accept him if he doesn’t accept mama!” Isabella said seriously. I actually giggle, wrapping my arms around my girls.

“While he loves you all, I don’t care, you all are very important to me and to Ciel. Please don’t stop loving him. It's all I ask of you.” I pleaded. Isabella and Evenly gave each other a long look before nodding.

“Remember, don’t jump into conclusions, without knowing the facts. Ciel has his own reasons, why he won’t come to visit, but have faith.”

Midnight rolled by once again, the children slept peacefully in their beds, this time, the boys return to their dorms. Since the ghost never returned and it has been peaceful.

I am in my room, looking at the ring.

‘I wonder how are my parents?’ since the incident, they haven’t contacted me at all. Well, maybe next thanksgiving, we can talk.

I move my body to step down from my bed, only to have the ring fall out of my hand hearing it drop on the floor. I sigh and get down on my knees to look under my bed. In doing so, I see a small brown box. I arched a brow and reach out to grab it, only to have my ring sly on the edge of the box. Picking up the ring, I place it on my nightstand and picked up the brown box and place it on top of the bed. Sitting down next to it, I opened it. There are lots of folded papers.

‘Oh, right, I forgot about this, oh, their wish. I’ll try to compromise.’ I grabbed the first paper, which is Lilly.

“I only want everyone to be happy,” she wrote. Then I grab another one.

“I wish for a new doll and mama to be happy.” I read Isabella. Now, reading each paper, basically, everyone is the same. A new toy and to be happy. I held the papers close to my heart and pray upon it. Then I grabbed Issac wish.

“I just want Zara to marry Ciel because he makes her happy and he really loves us. I’ll make another wish next year and I’ll ask for a good job, to help her out with the money. Please God, protect my family.” he wrote. I felt tears gathering in my eyes.

Then I grabbed the last piece of paper and opened it. It has Ciel name. Yet, it has Issac handwriting. I giggled.

“Cheater,” I said, opening the paper. The next words I read, my heart skips a beat as fresh tears rolled down my cheeks. I cover my mouth and place the paper over my heart. I couldn’t believe, what I just I read.



“Somehow, I feel in love with you. I know you won’t read this, but I’ll ask anyway. Marry me? It's all I wish even though I have nothing to give, but my heart to you!”

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