Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Five: Protect


I leaned against the brown door, peeking through the crack of Mrs. Morris office. Luckily, someone forgot to close the door.

“Please have a seat,” Zara’s voice is thick.

“Want something to drink?” she offers the strange man, that has dark short hair since I can see he’s a business man, which I was right earlier. His profile is very sharp.

“Tea, please,” He asks. Zara nods, she nervously turns around to get it, forgetting that she already asked Issac earlier to make some.

“Where are you going Zara, please have a seat,” Mrs. Morris, an older woman with short white hair. Her face is round and has a large body, thick woman she is. Once again, I took notice how nice dress she is. Must have cost a lot.

’She really has loot, ′ for some odd reason that bothers me.

“What brings you here Mr. Don?” Zara asks while she sat on the brown chair, in front of the desk. Which Mrs. Morris sat in front with her arms folded.

“You see,” She started, but Mr. Don clears his throat.

“My wife wants to buy this property,” Mr. Don didn’t beat around the bush. Zara went quiet for a few second but turns to face him.

‘Well, that was fast,’

“Ah, I see, but I still have six months left. Also, why would your wife want to buy this property? Is in the middle of nowhere,” Zara asked, now getting confused. Mrs. Morris clears her throat.


“You shouldn’t be here, mom said to hide,” I heard behind me. I turned to see Issac is holding a plate of three cups of hot tea on top. I arched a brow and move to the side, to let him go through.

“Pretend I don’t exist and don’t tell your mom,” I whisper to him. Issac gave me a side glance, but he nods.

“I’ll trust you for today. Keep an eye on my mom. I don’t trust either of them.” he said.

“So you trust me now?” I question now surprise by this, he gave me a stern look.

“No, but right now I don’t even trust myself on going in there and beat the hell out of the man.” he grumbles.

‘Well, he’ll be a good man in the future,’ I leaned my head against the wall, as well with my body crossing my arms in front of my torso, acting bored.

“Watch your language, do not want your mother to go ballistic. Apparently, she likes violence,” I told him. Issac shrugs, but coughs out a dry laugh.

“She’s all talk, she won’t do anything. She’s an angel to do anything to us, plus I don’t curse much,” he mumbles, as he opens the door and enters. I lower my head.

’Hmm, I doubt that she still a mother trying to show her child discipline. ′ I leaned closer to the door and waited for him to come out.

’I wonder what’s really going on? Wait.. I shouldn’t mingle, I have enough problems of my own to care. ′ I felt a slight pounding in my head, as I heard the door open once again. I lifted my gaze to see Issac looking at me.

“I left the door open. I wish I can stay, but I can’t leave Lilly alone,” he tells me. I nodded, watching him leave, but his hands fist in anger. I move back to my position and leaned against the door, once again looking in.

“That boy, I don’t get why you adopted him.” Mrs. Morris suddenly burst out. My eyes narrow at that.

‘Well, what a sweet old lady she is,’

“Well, he’s been with me since I was twenty,” Zara said with a timid voice.

‘So she basically raised him at a very young age.’

“Oh, I have forgotten that this orphanage is for the rejects, no wonder the government wants to get rid of this place. I’m not sure if I should pity those children,” Mr. Don darkly spat. This time I straighten up, shooting a dark look at him, apparently Zara does the same.

“Excuse me?” Zara said in a very tight voice, while I dig my nails inside of my skin.

’As always, rich people treat others like dogs. Damn bastard. ′

“Mr. Don, we aren’t here to discuss the issues that the children has, but about the property. I will consider your offer but please understand, we do have eight children left, and finding a good home for them is quite difficult due to their conditions. The other orphanages won’t take them in.” Mrs. Morris paused for a second, to take a sip of her tea.

‘Their conditions? What exactly is wrong with those kids? They look perfectly fine to me.’

“Yes, the only reason the others left, was because they were normal, the government was afraid that my children would pass on what they apparently have. Like they were some unknown specimen or something. I..” Zara voice quivers.

‘Now, this is strange, do they have some sort of disease?’

Mrs. Morris clears her throat.

“I don’t care about the damn kids nor you Miss. Hart. All I want is this property as soon as possible. I’ll give you four weeks, if you don’t have the money to pay the government by then, then this land shall be mine, no matter what. I have enough money to pay the government and to Mrs. Morris.” Mr. Don stood up, looking determined. Zara stood up as well, looking at him with the deadliest eyes I have seen her with. At least in this last three days.

“Are you even human? What rights do you have to take our properly away?” Zara demands her voice rising. Mr. Don simply gave her a dark look.

“I gave him the papers,” Mrs. Morris interrupted. Zara’s eyes widen, turning to face her slowly.

‘The hell? I’m not sure what is going on, but that’s just low. Something is sketchy about this woman.’

“What?” Zara stretched out, not believing this.

“See it as a safe place. He still doesn’t own the property since I haven’t given him my official stamp. Please understand Zara, I’m doing this for the good of the children.” she simply said.

“For the good of the children? Ha, don’t make me laugh Clarance. How can you do this to me, to my children? We don’t have anywhere else to go. I thought we were family.” Zara started to limp, gripping the table.

“I’m worried about you Zara, you have to think about yourself, especially...” Mrs. Morris started, but stop when Zara snorts.

“About me? Don’t make me laugh. Mr. Don, we shall raise the money and pay the government and you shall bring me those papers. I won’t give up on those kids. They have no one else to rely on since no one in this damn island won’t take them in.” she defended like a wild cat as I fist my hands.

‘That bastard doesn’t have a soul apparently. Reminds me of my old boss.’ I somehow wanted to bash his head.

“Let’s see about this, Miss Hart, I shall have this land and this building. I want you and those damn bastards out of this property as soon as possible. Those rejects shouldn’t even be born in the first place.” he growls.

‘He is a heartless bastard. They are still human beings,’ I fist my hands, Zara didn’t even think twice. I watch as her hand extended and flew across Mrs. Don right cheek, making his face tilt to the side. The sound of her slap was music to my ears, darkly enough, I would have just punched the living hell out of him. His eyes widen. Zara started to heave hard, her tan face turns red.

“Don’t you dare talk to them like that. You heartless man.” Zara shouts at the man.

“Zara!” Mrs. Morris shouts, as Mr. Don death glares at Zara, ready to hit her back.

“You bitch,” he growls back,

‘Oh hell no, don’t you dare,’

I felt my body move on instinct, ready to step in, but Mrs. Morris somehow moves fast around the desk and stops his hand from hitting Zara.

“No more violence. Zara apologize to him this instance!” Mrs. Morris orders. Zara face pale and shakes her head.

“Watch Mr. Don, I will raise that money, and you will hand me those papers. You will eat your words. God won’t leave us,” she turns around, noticing her legs wobbling, she grasps her chest.

“If this God of yours will help, then show me, if you can’t, not only will you and those damn kids will leave. You have to get on your knees and apologize to me, in front of them, but if you manage to win, I will get on my knees and ask for forgiveness.” he darkly smirked, while Mrs. Morris rolled her eyes.

Zara stops, to give him a side glance.

“Mr. Don, the one that you have to ask forgiveness is not me, but to God. I have already forgiven you, but I don’t want to ever see you again after this is over with.” with that, she walks out. I moved rapidly to hide from sight, hiding behind a large statue of the Blessed mother, holding her son Jesus, that is placed near the entrance door. I watch as Zara walks slowly up the stairs, I can hear her wheeze.

‘Something is wrong with her,’ I was about to move to her aid, but Mr. Don and Mrs. Morris came out of the office and walk towards the door. I hide behind, but I can see them perfectly.

“See if this God will help that woman. Seriously Mrs. Morris, how can you put up with that low woman? She is just like the children. She should have..” but Mrs. Morris opens the door, interrupting him.

“Let it be. While you keep paying me, the deed of the orphanage is yours. Less than a month we will have those damn kids out of here.” she said. I closed my eyes and snorted after they left. I look at baby Jesus that seems to be looking down at me and cross my arms.

“So that’s my answer, huh God? You want me to stay? If I don’t have enough problems of my own. If the old man is right, then I will trust you. One thing, though.” I walk around the statue and starting to head upstairs.

“Can I stay hidden?”

“Mama, mom!” I heard when I reach the second floor. The door of Zara room is open, and all her children are inside. My heart tightens at the sight.

“Ciel, come quick, mama had an attack!” Isabella cries, running towards me. I can hear the rest of the children cry. Isabella takes a hold of my hand and pulls me. I rushed my steps. When I reach Zara room, I saw her on her knees, clenching into her chest, trying to breathe.

“Mom, don’t pass out, please.” Lilly desperately says as I reach her side.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked, while I bend down, Zara lifted her bloodshot eyes.

“Mama is having an asthma attack.” She said. My heart seems to stop, as Zara takes a hold of my arm.

“She’s sick?′

“Children... Protect them..” she gasped out very slowly, as her eyes started to close at the verge of passing out. I wrap my arm around her and place her on my chest. Issac came back with a small brown bag.

“Here’s the medicine,” He said, sliding to the floor. I look at the children crying their hearts off.

“Mama!” they all call out for her, while Issac opens the bag to prepare to help their mother.

I look down at their mother and for a reason, her condition, so vulnerable and unprotected made my heart feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry lady, I’ll protect them,” I whispered into her ear.

‘Cause that man and woman will pay hell.’ I darkly thought while I held Zara closer to me.

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