Her Midnight Miracle

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Chapter Eight: Personal Hell

‘I’m no angel,’ he told me earlier. I nibble on my bottom lip, while we made it to the intersection, a fork in the road, the left side that goes to the city, and the right to go to the swamps. We took the left continuing to walk. I gave Ciel one more look, as he held my bike, pushing it.

“Do you think that the person will pay good money?” I finally interrupted the silence. He turned his gaze towards me.

“Yes, how much do you need?” he asks. I hesitated.

“Well?” He pushes.

“Five hundred.” I shyly told him. Ciel stops in his tracks, turning to face me.

“Wow, lady, that’s a lot.” he whistles. I nodded.

“I know. Sorry for bothering you with it.” I look down on the dirt floor, but Ciel clears his throat.

“Is no bother, you have your reasons why you need that money. Now that we are in the city, I do warn you, where we going is no place for a lady like you. So stick close to me.” he warns me. I look up at him. He started to walk, but this time he turns to a small alleyway in our right, between two large building’s apartments. I follow quietly. I kept looking at him, feeling bad that I didn’t get to talk to him for almost five days.

I was just shocked to know that he is an underground fighter. I don’t know his past or how he ended up there, but it must be sad. I was thinking hard how to react to this, before saying anything, because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings either. Then a sudden smile broke on my lips, while I kept on looking at his broad back.

‘No matter what it is, I’ll choose to look pass that. He might be just like us, a dark past.’

He pushes my bike behind of a large old cart which is part on against the wall of the alleyway. Is rotten away, nothing but bugs around. He turns his body towards his right, to stare at a dark door, that the paint is chipping away. I felt nervous, but pushed it down.

‘For my kids.’ I thought, fisting my hands. The door has a small sliding window. It suddenly opens and two chocolate eyes appear. I blinked, as Ciel suddenly smirks.

“Who goes there?”

“You damn mom, who else” Ciel barks out. I gasp in horror at this, while Ciel looks at me.

“Don’t speak, and in advance, I do apologize for the cursing that you are going to hear. I know you don’t like it, but you’re entering my world,” he said, as I heard the door squeak open. A tall older man, with no hair. Skinny to the bone. Gray, thick beard. His face is disfigured, what it looks like from being hit a lot of times.

‘Poor man,’ I felt sad for him.

“Dark wolf!” He smiles, showing that he has barely any teeth. Opening his arms, wrapping his arms around Ciel. Ciel hugs him back.

“Dusty,” Ciel pats his back with happiness.

‘Dark wolf? Who Ciel?’

“Oi man, what are you doing here? I thought that damn cop got you that night, it’s been almost a month.” I heard Dusty hiss through his teeth. My heart stops at his sudden words.

‘The cops? Did something happen? Was he running away? Poor Ciel.’ I felt sadder now. Ciel eyes narrow, and pulls his arm, to step to the side to speak to him privately.

I rub my arms, looking around the building, about a second later, they came back, and Dusty eyes look at me.

“You... You brought a woman?” he seems shocked by this.

“Just take us to Philip,” he said. Dusty nods, giving me one more look, before entering. I got closer to Ciel.

“He seems nice,” I said. Ciel rose a brow, looking down, as we enter the dark hallway. The smell of alcohol and smoke hits me. I cover my mouth.

"Won't it affect your asthma?” He asks, noticing a tint of worry in his tone.

“While I don’t go inside where’s filled, I can manage this, is not strong enough,” I told him, somehow feeling happy that he seems concerned. Ciel nods, as we reach an opening. This time is a large room. I heard cheering, then a loud screaming. I lifted my gaze to see many people cheering with glee and a ring in the middle. Two large men fighting, bare fists and blood coming out of their mouths and faces. I cover my mouth.

‘Is this how Ciel lives? This is heartbreaking.’ I felt my heart hurt by this. Suddenly Ciel takes a hold of my hand, wrapping it firmly. I look up at him, while he starts to walk me through the crowd. I felt my cheeks redden, as I look at his big hand covering mine.

‘His hand is warm.’ I concentrated on it, trying to not see the violence. I took notice his hand is filled with scars. I move my other hand to caress it, but then shook my head.

‘He won’t like it,’ I look up at him and my eyes softens.

‘He’s similar to me. Yet, his hand is so warm and protective.’

After passing the crowd, we enter a smaller room, to see two woman half naked, serving a man. They only wear a very short dress, which I have never seen in my life. Also, I can see their breasts almost popping out from the dress. I cleared my throat, and step behind Ciel, but he doesn’t let go of my hand.

That man has long hair, that reaches his back. He has dark eyes, and very well fit. He has jewelry all around his neck and a few rings on his fingers. Well dressed in a black suit.

“Let us be,” he said with a slight accent. I couldn’t pinpoint it. The half naked girls gave me a strange look, but their eyes spark when they landed on Ciel.

“Well, well, isn’t Dark wolf?” the young girl, with dark curly long hair said. She’s very pretty. Rushes towards Ciel. Ciel gave her a dark look.

“Lena, lovely as ever,” he simply said, turning his gaze towards the man. The man that sat on a chair stood up.

“Black wolf, welcome back. Did you bring a wench? Wait.. Did hell freeze over? You finally got laid?” he asks, surprised by this. I blink, confused by this.

“Laid? What laid?” I asked Ciel in a whisper so he can hear me. Ciel turns his gaze at me and tightens his grip on me.

“Nothing to worry about, he meant something about me laying something out..” he looks frustrated. I nodded.

“Oh, okay. You did lay out the bricks in the back of the orphanage. How did he know?” I pouted, while Ciel clears his throat.

“He’s magic, apparently.” he murmurs sarcastically, but turns his gaze towards Philip.

“Stop talking bull, she’s not a wench,” he defended me. I look at Ciel, not helping, but to smile, that he defended me.

Philip coughs a dark laugh.

“Whatever,” he spat.

‘This man is scary.’ I move closer to Ciel, taking a hold of his black coat, with my free hand. The girl frowns.

“Really? This thing? I wanted to be your first.” The woman whines while grasping his chin. I went rigid at that.

‘Please don’t touch him.’ somewhere deep inside me screams.

“Just go. I need to speak to Philip in private, go on,” Ciel said in a cold matter. The black headed woman nods, but threw me a dirty look and walks away with the other woman, closing the door behind me.

“Wasn’t expecting you to bed a nun looking woman. Well, we do have different taste.” the man chuckled.

“Stop your crap, Philip. I came because I have something to sell you. You’re the only person I know will pay good loot.” He said. Ciel lets go of my hand and turn around to place his palm in front of me. My eyes widen and nodded.

“Here,” I open my dress pocket and took out my ring. I frowned, running my thumb across it.

‘Is a good choice. My kids need it more than I need this thing. After all, he never came back for me. It’s been over twenty years.’ I cleared my head, and smiled at Ciel, handing him my ring.

“This, how much will you give her?” He said to Philip. Philip gets closer to Ciel and took the ring. He takes a magnifying glass from his breast pocket of his suit, and unexpected. He suddenly whistles out, looking at me.

“Oi, woman, are you loaded? This is pure gold, the diamond is real as well.” He said surprised. I nodded.

“It uses to belong to my father. I need a good price for it. Please.” I begged. He arched a brow. While Ciel gave me a strange look.

“I can give you three hundred.” My heart launch.

“No, Five hundred is pure gold, you can’t give me three hundred.” I step around Ciel. Philip stares at me for a long second.

“Four hundred,” he said. I tighten my hands.

“Five hundred, plus..” I open my pocket and took out my gold bracelet.

“This is gold as well. Used to belong to my mother as well.” I show him. He takes it and expected.

“I can give you eight hundred for the both. Damn woman, this is real gold as well. Your parents are well off. Ciel, you just won yourself some good loot.” he praises, Ciel simply gave him a dark look. My eyes widen in surprise, ignoring his words and I clap.

“Really? Eight hundred? Ciel, you heard, eight hundred.” I turned around, grabbing his hand. Ciel eyes never left Philip and took a step forward while I let go, and out of nowhere air felt heavy.

My happiness disappears, and a sudden bad feeling filled my heart.

“What’s the catch? I have known you for ten years, Philip. Nothing comes cheap, even if you have gold in your hands.” He asks. I went still at this.

“Ah, you know me so well Ciel. Since you ran away a month ago. You need to face the consequences. Then I’ll give the money to your girlfriend.” I gasp, while Ciel eyes narrow.

“Fine, what?” Ciel says. I cleared my throat before I could speak, Philip removes his nice suit, and roll his white sleeves up.

“This, you son of a bitch!” he thrust his fist at Ciel, hitting him across his face. I gasp out in shock. Ciel falls to the ground, and Philip starts to kick him on his stomach hard.

“Didn’t.. we say... if you return... I would kill you!” he gasped out each sentence, while he kept hitting Ciel.

“Ciel!” I yelled, moving to his side, but Ciel grabs his leg and pushed him down. He fell on his behind, Ciel starts to hit him back, then he grabs the collar of his shirt and gets very close to him. My heart starts to beat harder afraid for Ciel.

“It’s not my fault, you bastard, is your fault. If you didn’t send me to that place in the first place. I wouldn’t have left.” He growls, hitting his across his face, causing something to crack on Philip’s face. Philip pushes Ciel off, pinning Ciel on the ground, hitting him back.

“No one told you to kill that bastard. I just told you to pay him off!” Philip growls back in anger. My breathing started to act, while I watch in horror, Philip is hurting Ciel.

“Stop it! Don’t hurt Ciel!” I gasp out, turning to look for help. I wish I could stop them.

“You damn know what happened that day. Don’t you fucking lie.” he pushed Philip out. When I reach the door suddenly slams open, and a strong voice echo in the room.

“Damn it, Philip, didn’t I told you not to touch him!” both men stop their fighting and turn to see another man entering the room. I hiccuped, while both men sigh, letting go of each other.

“Well, aren’t you lucky. Get out!”


“Are you okay?” Ciel asks, concern, while I grasp my chest, trying to calm my breathing.

‘He hurt Ciel.’ My eyes water. I look at Ciel dark eyes, seeing blood on his temple, his lip half crack and swollen already. A black eye. He held his stomach with his arm. Yet he’s bending in front of me, concern about me. I move my hand to cup his cheek, to tell him that I’m okay. Yet, I stop midway and shake my head.

‘Don’t worry, you’re the one hurt.’ I feel so guilty.

“I was in shock. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have asked.” I held my tears, not daring to cry in front of a stranger, and Ciel. I should be stronger.

“Is not your fault. I was worried that you’ll end up with another attack. Sorry for not taking you out of the room,” He murmurs, his eyes become remorseful. I swallowed heavily.

“What? No, you didn’t know either. Is no one fault,” I told him. He didn’t look convinced. Ciel stood up with a bitter groan.

“Who’s the lady?” I heard in front of me. Ciel sat next to me, while we sat on a bench inside of a close plaza near the ocean. They’re lovely trees around, and the autumn breeze brushes against my skin.

“Hello, sir. I’m Zara Hart. Thank you for stopping the fight. I thought Ciel will die or something.” I hiccuped, scooting closer to Ciel. The man, a tall, well-built man, around his fifties. Thin hair, almost bold. Darker skin than the normal. Stood in front of me, eyeing me.

“Ciel, who is she?” he asks again. Somehow that made me feel sad. Ciel rolled his eyes.

“She’s the lady I’m living with for now. She needed some money, so I thought Philip could help. Forgot about that detail, to tell you the truth.” Ciel turns his gaze away. The man suddenly burst out laughing, giving us a hardy laugh.

“My boy, you brought a woman, it’s a shock. You normally avoid them like a plague,” he said.

‘He doesn’t like women? I wonder why?’

“Just let it be Paul. Thanks for taking me out.” Ciel stood up, but Pual shakes his head.

“You shouldn’t have come, Ciel. You know you’re a wanted man.” Paul said.

‘Did he really kill someone? No, Ciel doesn’t give that vibe.’ I look at Ciel, not noticing Paul watching me.

“Ciel. Let’s go home,” I said. Ciel turns his gaze towards me.

“I’m sorry, you didn’t get your money, at least I got these back,” he said, taking my hand and place the ring and my bracelet on my palm. I look at it surprised by this.

“Ciel, you didn’t have to. I rather lose them, then having you hurt.”

“Lady, your children are more important than me. They depend on this money,” he said.

“How. How did you know?” I asked, not getting this. He thins out his lips but doesn’t answer. Paul walks up to us.

“How much you need?” he suddenly asks me. I look up at Paul.

“Err, excuse me?” I asked. Paul suddenly smiled.

“Tell me how much you need?” he asks again Ciel slowly stood up, but I move rapidly to grasp his arm. Ciel gave me a strange look, but he lets me help him. So I stood him up slowly.

“Five hundred,” I told him. Ciel started to walk away.

“Let it be, old man. We don’t need your money.” Ciel bitterly spat at Paul.

“Ciel, don’t be rude to your elder,” I said, not taking notice on the amused look in Paul’s face.

“I ain’t your kid lady,” he said. I place my hands on my hips.

“That doesn’t mean anything, you’re part of our family now.” I spat. He simply waves his hand, limping away.

‘Poor thing. I need to aid him fast.’

“Very interesting. Sell me those, and I give you ten thousand.” Paul suddenly said. My eyes bulge out, as I look up at him.

“What? That’s too much mister.” I wave my hand.

“Eight hundred is enough.” Paul gave Ciel a long look, then look down at me.

“Is my gratitude for taking care of him. He is a stubborn man,” he admits. I shake my head.

“No. Please don’t. I did it because I wanted to. He’s a very good man. Plus, he is so kind to my children and funny also they love him. That’s payment enough. I forgot to ask, who are you to Ciel?” I asked. Paul chuckles and looks back at me.

“Children? Hmm, that bastard does have a heart. After he lost his childhood, I would imagine he would have gone stone cold. Me? Easy my lady. I’m Ciel's uncle. Paul Glen. I was the one that brought him to this personal hell.”

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