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"I taught you this formula last class." He murmurs, his hand inching higher and higher up my thigh. "Do you have it in your notes?" I gulp, my hands shaky as I flip through the messy pages in search of it. My breath hitches as his fingertips brush along the seam of my underwear. Is this truly happening? Are we just going sit here and pretend like he's not stroking my clit over top of the fabric? "Mr. Davis I, uh, it's right here." I choke out, pointing to the formula in question. He tuts, his hand slipping beneath my underwear just moments before a finger is being eased into me. "Good girl." ______ Emma is determined. She has one semester of college left and, despite her insistence that calculus shouldn't be a mandatory credit for a post-grad library science degree, is adamant about seeing it through to the end. Noah enjoys teaching, even if most of his students hate being there. He knew what he was getting into teaching a beginner calculus class, but didn't expect to encounter a spitfire of a woman who, despite her desperate attempts to learn the material, just can't seem to wrap her head around his teachings.

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Chapter 1 - Professor

I try not to let my nerves show as I inch my way down the stairs and slide into the first available seat in the front row.

My first years of college were spent hiding in the back in the hopes that it would keep me from getting called on, but after five and a half years I’ve gotten over that fear. I never end up seeing most of these people after the semester ends anyway, so who cares if I embarrass myself once or twice.

Besides, at this point I can practically taste the finish line. I just need to get through one last semester and I’ll be on my merry way.

I let out a deep sigh as I pull out my tablet and calculator, still not understanding why I need to take a calculus class as a library science major. I highly doubt that in the midst of cataloging a set of manuscripts, I’m going to need to solve tangent lines, but apparently our administrators don’t feel the same way.

The man sitting to my right turns to face me as I get adjusted, his body pivoting towards mine as I get my things situated on the desk. I hurry to set down my items before turning to him, wincing as my tablet clatters against the table.

He looks pretty young, probably only a year or two out of high school, and wears a checkered button-down and slacks. It’s a surprising attire for a class at eight in the morning, but he manages to pull it off. All in all, he’s got a friendly vibe, his short blonde hair and slightly crooked front tooth making him seem approachable despite his muscular frame and sharp jawline.

I plaster a polite smile on my face as he holds out his hand, quickly sticking mine out to return the handshake. I’m used to a wave or head nod from classmates, but am not going to complain about the more formal introduction. To each their own.

“I’m Matt.” He states with a friendly grin.

“Emma,” I respond, gesturing to the complex-looking excel file open on his computer. “That looks like fun.”

He laughs at my joke, his shoulders lifting in a shrug as he reaches out and runs his fingers over the touchpad. The screen lights back up at the movement, the dullness disappearing just as quickly as it arrived.

“That’s one word for it. I suppose that’s what I get for going into economics.”

I let out a soft chuckle, happy to be making some small talk. It’s much better than sitting in uncomfortable silence, and helps take my mind off my current worries.

Matt rests his chin on his hand as his attention drifts around the room. He looks perfectly at ease as he turns and scans the classroom, his eyes darting over each person as they slowly begin to trickle in.

My lips purse as I debate asking him how he feels about calculus and if he’d like to partner up, but change my mind last minute and turn back towards the front of the room. I’m willing to bet that I’m going to end up needing somebody to study with, but don’t want to look like I’m hitting on him.

I’ll wait until the next class to ask if he wants to work together this semester.

I’ll be damned if I let this class hold me back from getting my degree. It’s been five and a half excruciatingly long years, and I’m more than ready to be done. Most of my peers chose to get a bachelor’s and graduated well over a year ago, and I’m beginning to get an extreme case of FOMO.

It makes me feel inadequate when they all talk about their budding careers and work-life. Meanwhile, I’m still here finishing up my Master’s. If it weren’t mandatory to have one to be a librarian, I wouldn’t have chosen to go for a post-grad, but figure that it’s too late to change my mind now.

“Have you heard anything about our professor? He didn’t have any ratings online.” Matt speaks up once more, his voice rising as students continue to filter in and chat amongst themselves.

I shake my head, frowning. I chose this particular class because it fit best within my schedule, and didn’t even bother to look up the professor’s reviews. There’s no point in stressing myself out over a class that I know I’ll be taking anyways. None of the other time slots work for me.

“No, I didn’t think to look. Maybe he’s new.” I suggest.

Matt hums, his attention sliding back to his laptop. I watch out of the corner of my eye as he closes out his file and opens up a new page. How he plans to do math equations on a word document I don’t quite understand, but figure that it’s none of my business.

I take the opportunity to start up my tablet and pull out its stylus. It was a bit of a splurge, but I feel better working on this over wasting paper. Especially when I know that I’ll never be returning to these notes once the semester is over.

I idly fiddle around with the page settings as I wait for the class to start, my nerves rising as they always do. The first day of classes is always the worst, and I hope that this professor isn’t one of the ones who makes his students go around and share some random fun facts about themselves.

If he tries to have us play two truths and a lie, I’ve already decided that I will drop dead in this very seat.

The sudden silence that fills the room tells me that the professor has arrived, and I shut off my tablet with a sigh before entwining my fingers together and resting them on my desk. I may not be excited about this class, but that doesn’t mean I need to be disrespectful.

I turn and give the teacher my full attention as he enters. He looks young, maybe in his early thirties, and saunters in with a wide grin. He’s admittedly attractive, easily clearing six feet with a thick build and a mess of wavy brown hair.

It’s far from what I would expect a calculus professor to look like, and without meaning to, I find myself trailing my gaze down his body. I’m sure that I’m one of many checking him out right now, and can already tell that he’s going to have a lot of students at his office hours.

I snap my attention back to his face as he turns toward us, his jacket sliding off his broad shoulders as he tugs on the sleeves. His smile never once wavers as he throws the thick material over his chair and moves to the center of the room.

His hands come together with a loud clap as he brings the attention to him, his back straight and chin held high as he gives us all a once over.

“Goodmorning, everybody!” He cheerily greets, a slight accent tinting his words. “This is Calculus 1, so if that’s not what you’re here for then I’d recommend you double-check the room number on your schedule.”

He pauses for a moment and waits, his head nodding towards a student in the back who stands and leaves. I hold back a smirk, finding it a bit humorous that somebody actually ended up being in the wrong room.

“I’m Noah Davis, and am not a stickler on titles, so you can all just call me Davis. We’ll keep today pretty easy. I’ll go over the syllabus and what you can expect this semester, and anybody with questions can stick around to ask them. Everybody else will be free to leave.” He announces.

My shoulders relax when he says nothing about introductions, my hope that this class won’t be as bad as I initially thought growing.

“Before I forget, here’s my number. I always like to exchange them with a person or two in each of my classes in case we miss a day and need notes, or have a last-minute panicked question.” Matt whispers as Davis turns and starts up the projector.

I turn towards him in relief, glad that he took the initiative to jumpstart our communication. I also enjoy exchanging numbers with a few people in my classes and am pleased that I didn’t have to ask him myself.

He holds out a torn piece of paper towards me, and I grab it before reaching into my bag and pulling out my phone. I unlock it and click on my contact app before typing it in and shooting him a quick text with my name.

His laptop dings as it goes through, and he gives me a thumbs up just as Davis begins covering the syllabus.

As expected, I find myself confused and overwhelmed only minutes in, my face reddening as Davis explains what we’ll be covering this semester. I knew it was a mistake to wait this long to complete this credit. It’s been years since I last took a math class, and my brain did not retain any of the information as I so desperately hoped it would.

By the time he’s reached the last page, my palms are sweaty and I’m making a mental list of all the ways in which I could possibly get out of this class. I’ve heard of people paying somebody to pretend to be them and take the exams in their place, but that seems far reached and expensive.

Maybe I could fuck the head of the department? I laugh internally at my joke, my body shivering as I think about his unattractive attitude and even worse physical form. There are rumors that he’s taken up other women on the offer, which doesn’t surprise me, but that’s not for me.

I tilt my head to the side as my mind wanders over the possibility of trying to seduce Davis for a good grade. He’s attractive, but despite what all the cheesy pornos I’ve seen say, I know that that would never happen.

Teachers don’t just sleep with their students- especially not ones that look like him. I don’t doubt that he’s got a slew of women at his feet, each one probably crawling over the others as they beg for even a second of his attention.

Davis walks around the room with ease, his stance exuding confidence and sex appeal that makes me uncomfortable. My studies keep me pretty busy most of the time, and I, unfortunately, don’t spend nearly as much time as I would like on my social life.

Other than a sad one-night stand every couple of months, I don’t often go out and seek the company of a man. At least that’s the excuse I give myself as I stare at the back muscles moving underneath his shirt.

I guess if worst comes to worst, I can hire a tutor. They’re expensive, and I’d prefer not to spend what little money I make on one, but it’s not exactly like I have many options.

The professor continues to move around the room as he works his way through the syllabus, his constant shifting distracting me as I try to stare at the screen and not him. I draw my eyes towards him in a moment of weakness, my cheeks warming as he turns and smiles at me.

His eyes are bright with excitement as he talks about his plans for the semester, and I hurridly drop my head in shame the second we lock gazes.

Taking a deep breath, I remind myself that he’s probably making a point to look at and learn the faces of all his students, and that I’m too old to be flushing just because an attractive man looked at me.

As promised, Davis makes his way through the syllabus rather quickly before excusing us. I hesitate as students start to gather up their things and filter out, my mind pulse racing as I debate whether or not it would be a good idea to ask him about extra credit before we’ve even started working through the curriculum.

I’ve never been a great tester, and according to his grade weighting, I’m going to end up in a lot of trouble if there isn’t the opportunity to earn back points outside of the exams.

My lips purse as I watch a couple of students line up at his desk with questions of their own. I only have a thirty-minute break between classes and was hoping to get a coffee before the next one.

Matt nudges my shoulder before waving goodbye and leaving, and I watch three more students line up before deciding just to ask the professor about extra credit another day.

For all I know, I might end up excelling at this class, my brain suddenly growing in size and absorbing every formula and calculation he throws our way. With an inward chuckle, I zip up my bag and head out of the room.

I’ll figure it out.


So excited to be writing this story! Let me know your thoughts :)

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