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The Desires of Diablo (18+) ☑

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18+ This is a mfm, polyamorous erotic romance. Remy, AKA The Devious Diablo is a famous Las Vegas stripper. He is a bisexual man who knows what he wants. He has a fun loving personality and never takes anything too seriously. Killian Kellerman is a possessive, proud gay man who works as a firefighter. He has the looks of a devil, the body of an angel and a sex drive that is sinfully delightful. What happens when these roommates turned lovers put out an ad to find the perfect roommate? Enter Evelyn Wallen. There are three words that come to mind when anyone thinks about Eve. Crass, sass and badass. Desperate for a place to live, she moves in with these two men, quickly realizing that she is feeling things for both of them that she should not be feeling. Being a woman who has always been on her own, never been in love and is fiercely independent, how will she handle living with two men that she not only salivates over but begins to develop feelings for? Join this trio on a journey of sexual tension, intense pleasure, awakened emotions and a bond like no other. This book is rated 18+, the same as all of my books. Although this one is definitely a chart topper in the sexual content category. There are HIGH LEVELS OF SMUT in this book. However, do not fret, my pets, there will be an intriguing story line. It is a standalone spinoff and a part of the Vanderbrooke Universe.

Romance / Erotica
Zondra Allison
Age Rating:


This book picks up where Ace’s Secret Addiction leaves off. You don’t have to read it first but it is recommended to start my books from the beginning.


“Hurry the fuck up!” I snapped in the direction of the crew arriving on scene. “Does this look like a Sunday Social?”

The men ignored me as they rushed over to the mangled car, assessing the scene before jumping into action.

“Less looking, more doing!” I knew I was grating on their nerves, but I really didn’t care. All I cared about was the young man that was stuck inside the burning vehicle. Doing my best to keep my nerves calm, I bounced on the balls of my feet. The mother and father were already pulled from the wreckage.

He was trapped, the back portion of the car caved in. I hadn’t been able to get to him. I stayed out of their way as the firemen cut open the back of the vehicle, managing to pull the boy out. The moment he was out and placed on the stretcher, I rushed over, taking it from them and hurrying toward the back of the ambulance.

Life saving measures began and by the time we got to the hospital, the boy had regained his pulse. It was weak and thready, but it was there. Once he was in the hands of the men and women that I knew could save his life, I leaned against the wall, my body sagging as I sighed heavily.

Today was going to be the death of me.

I hated Saturday shifts. The number of motor vehicle accidents were always higher and that was when I saw more children injured than any other day.

“It’s not a big deal.” The deep rumbling voice with a barely there accent had me looking up as one of the firefighters was being ushered into the hospital by another. “It’s a cut. I’m hardly bleeding.”

“You need stitches Kill. Shut the fuck up and let someone look at you.”

The man, ‘Kill’, odd name, was standing near the triage desk, holding one hand in the other. I had a perfect view of him and my oh my, was I looking. He had black wavy hair, almost curly, that was neatly trimmed on the sides, but the top was longer, a portion of it falling into his eyes now. His cheek bones were sharp, and his jaw was angular, he looked like he should be a model rather than a firefighter. As his body turned slightly, his eyes shimmered in the light, appearing almost white. Or maybe they were blue. His head swiveled as he looked around the busy waiting room and they were suddenly a greenish gold color. What the hell?

Moving away from the wall, I realized I was walking towards tall, dark and fucking sexy, almost like I was drawn to him. His deep voice rumbled again, and I felt a shiver run down my spine. A glorious shiver that shot straight to my clit setting my entire body on fire. His body was all hard and lean muscle under his tight shirt, the uniform pants and suspenders doing crazy things to my imagination.

What the hell was I doing?

Jesus motherfucking Christ.

Just as he turned my way, I quickly spun around, hurrying toward the exit and rushing through it.

You have a boyfriend you jezebel! Ooh, my inner goddess was pissed at me right now.

Ignoring the dampness that was now uncomfortable between my thighs, I hurried back to the ambulance bay. I just had to get through the next four hours, then it was girls’ night.


“Hey babe, I’m home!” I entered the house, stopping in the threshold as loud music pumped through the space. Kicking off my runners into the closet, I followed the sound, stopping outside of my bedroom door. Slowly opening the door and peering inside, the sight in front of me causing my hand to fly up to my mouth.

Oh, hell no!

“What the fuck!” I screeched the words as I flew into the room, grabbing the arm of the naked woman that was currently straddling my boyfriend. She let out a loud yelp as I punched her square in her perfect probably fake nose, her bare ass landing hard on the carpeted floor. Good. I hope the bitch got rug burn and couldn’t sit for a week.

“Evelyn! What are you doing here?” Trevor stared at me, his dick still hard and on display as he jumped out of the bed.

Without a second thought, my fist connected to his face, sending him toppling backwards onto the bed. I wasn’t in shock. I wasn’t sad. I was fucking furious and ready to beat his ass.

Pain shot through my knuckles as I groaned and grabbed it with my other hand. Punching him again probably wasn’t the best option. Reaching for the lamp on the nightstand, I held it high above my head.

“Jesus Evie. Don’t!” He scrambled backwards, flying off the far edge of the bed, his head cracking hard against the firm surface. Good.

Please have a concussion. Please have a concussion.

Dropping the lamp, my chest heaving, I looked around at the two pathetic, naked, injured people in my bedroom.

Not today, Satan. I don’t want to go to jail.

Without bothering to grab anything, I left them, the bedroom and the house behind, driving straight over to Robyn’s. She wasn’t expecting me for a couple of hours yet but considering the circumstances, I was sure she would understand. We were heading out for a wild night on the town, her last hurrah before she moved out of Las Vegas to be closer to her older sister.

“Whoa girl, what are you...” I breezed past her, barging into the tiny apartment, heading straight for the cabinet above the sink. Reaching up, I pulled out a bottle of tequila, twisted off the cap and put it to my lips. Tilting my head back and chugging, tears streamed down my face as the liquor tried to burn a hole through my esophagus.

“Ooh, that fucking twat waffle. I knew it. Didn’t I tell you?” She walked over, forcing me to lower the bottle. “You good?”

“Just fucking peachy.” I croaked out, shaking my head as the vile liquid tried to come back up. I loved that about her. She already knew what had happened. I didn’t even have to say a word which I was thankful for. I didn’t want to think about it, much less talk about it. “Let’s just get our asses ready for tonight. I want to look good enough that every man that sees me wants to take me home. Then I might let one of them.”

She laughed at me and my attitude. I had never been one to have many emotions when it came to relationships. I had agreed to move in with Trevor because it seemed like the next logical step. We fucked every night and cuddled till morning. Why waste money on two separate places?

But now, I was single. And ready to find a man to make me howl. It had been a while since I had a real orgasm brought on by someone other than myself and my trusty sidekick, the Beaver Cleaver.

“Go easy on those shots. I don’t want you hooking up with some random that you wouldn’t normally be attracted to.” Robyn warned, taking my arm and leading me into the bathroom. “Now shower and get ready. We are going to forget about shitstick and have fun tonight.”

Three hours later, Robyn and I were shaking our asses on the dance floor of some exclusive club that one of her friends had gotten us into. I had never been here before, but I was definitely enjoying the view.

Hot. Guys. Everywhere.

I licked my lips, my eyes locked on a gorgeous blue-eyed, brown-haired bombshell of a man that was sitting with a table of equally as gorgeous men. They were all buff, lean and tall, reminding me of the man that I had seen earlier at the hospital. Fuck me did Vegas have some real hotties in it. Time to explore.

“Fix your ass.” Robyn yelled loudly, reaching for the too short skirt that I was wearing, giving it a tug downward. It was her skirt, but I was nearly six inches taller than she was. It hardly covered my crotch. With the number of shots I had done before we even left the house, I didn’t give two shits right now.

Let the beaver fly free.

“Is it just me or are the men in this club ridiculously good looking?” I shouted to her as I leaned forward, our bodies grinding together as we moved to the beat of the music.

She laughed, her head falling back before her eyes narrowed on the table that I had been looking at. “They are the strippers from the club on the other side. They are called ‘The Boys of Vegas’. So yeah, they are fine as hell.”

Fuck yeah, they were. Blue eyes was standing, doing a toast with a shot in his hand, yelling loudly. The hem of his shirt had lifted, and his deep V lines were visible, making my mouth salivate. “I’m craving spicy sausage and chorizo just won’t do.”

Robyn’s arm latched onto mine as she giggled after just one step, spinning me back towards her. “They call him the Devious Diablo, but rumor has it he is off the market.”

“Well fuck. That’s no fun.” I stuck out my lower lip for dramatic effect, making Robyn roll her eyes at me.

“Let’s go do more shots.” Dragging me away from the scrumptious eye candy, we approached the bar, ordering shots of tequila.

A man approached us, a wolfish grin on his face as he leaned against the bar. He was cute enough. Long shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes and tattoo covered arms. “I have a bet going with my friends. Are you wearing contacts?”

I rolled my eyes. My interest was gone. It was a line that I heard one too many times. Turning my back to him, I reached for the next shot but half of it spilt as the man grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back in his direction. I glowered at him, drinking back the half of a shot and slammed the empty glass on the counter. “Do not touch me unless I invite your ass to do so.”

“May I touch you?” The same cocky grin was on his face, but it was no longer attractive. Not at all.

“Fuck, no.” Turning back around, I stumbled backwards as the asshole once more grabbed onto me.

“Shit. Eve, don’t.” Robyn reached for me, but it was too late.

I had already tackled the man to the ground, mounted him and had my fists raining down on him. “When a woman says no, she means no!” I accentuated each word with a blow to his face.

Strong arms hauled me up off the man as I kicked wildly. A deep velvety voice in my ear caused me to go completely still. “Hey, it’s okay little white she wolf. You got him. He won’t be touching anyone, any time soon.” I leaned into his touch, his arms around me tightening as he leaned down, his face in my platinum blonde, nearly white hair and inhaled. Goose bumps broke out over my skin, his touch lighting my skin on fire.

Robyn’s eyes went wide as two bouncers approached, her fingers wrapping around my wrist as she yanked me out of the mystery man’s arms, dragging me towards the front doors. “We need to get out of here. Now!”

By the time we made it two blocks away, we were doubled over in a fit of giggles. “I can’t believe that Diablo had to drag you off of that caveman.”

My laughter died on my lips as my eyes went wide. “Blue Eyes was the one to pull me off him?” Fuck, now my body’s reaction to him made sense. Even though I couldn’t see him, I could feel the waves of confidence and sheer sexual dominance radiating off him.

She nodded her head as she hailed a cab, opening the door for me and allowing me to get in first. “Are you crashing at my place tonight?”

“If that’s okay.” I sighed as reality crashed back into me. Fuck me. Now I needed to find a new place to live. Robyn was my only close friend here and she was leaving town in two days.


“There’s nothing. Fuck!” I shook my phone in my hands as I scrolled through the available listings for places to rent, willing something to appear. Everything was too far outside my budget. “Nothing!”

I glanced around the living room and sighed. I was yelling to myself. No one was here. My boxes and bags of items were placed by the door. I had to get out of here. Trevor would be home in less than 2 hours.

My finger continued to move over the screen, flinging it up repeatedly but I quickly touched the screen, scrolling back. I read over the ad, barking out a laugh before going to the application link and quickly filling it in. It was perfect even if the ad was a little out there.

While I waited for a response, I went back to the ad, once more reading it through.

Gay couple seeking roommate.

Fully furnished bedroom for rent with all other parts of the house shared, minus my food. Touch my fucking Oreos and I will chop off your hand. Looking for someone with a good sense of humor, I already have a boyfriend with a stick up his ass. I need someone to help me drive him crazy.

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO CRIMINALS. (Unless you are all chiseled, sexy and covered in prison tats... maybe we can talk.)

MUST be clean and tidy, this means that you cannot leave your dirty underwear on the bathroom floor. No, we do not want to sniff them. Well... Maybe.

MUST NOT be a traitorous asshole thief that tries to steal from us like Ben Thompson stole my virginity.

MUST NOT throw wild parties that gets the cops called unless they are the sexy kind that take off their clothes.

MUST NOT disappear overnight like my teenage feelings of self-worth.

MUST NOT fall in love with us. We’re pretty damn amazing.

As silly as the ad was, it was all pretty straightforward things. My fingers tapped against my chin as I waited for an email. For anything. After a half of an hour, I dialed the number attached to the ad. Fuck it. I was done waiting. I needed this and I needed it now. Just as I was about to hang up the call connected.

“Remy speaking.”

Rich velvet poured over my body as he spoke, instantly having that same shuddering effect as the man two nights ago. I seriously needed to get laid, this was getting ridiculous. “Oh. Um. Hi.”

There was a brief pause before the sinfully sexy voice spoke again. “Hello. Can I help you?”

“Shit.” As I stood up and walked over to the boxes, I tripped, cursing quietly but his laughter told me that he had heard it. His voice was fucking with my mind and my coordination. “Fuck. Shit. Oh god. Um... so I saw your ad about looking for a roommate. Is the room still for rent?”

“It is.”

Those two little words caused me to squeeze my legs together. Fuck me, why did he sound so good. I fell forward, knocking a box off of another, cursing as it fell on my foot. I kicked it to the side, palming my face in embarrassment. “Shit. Sorry. I just dropped a box on my toe. God dammit. One second.” Accidentally dropping my phone, I tossed the box to the side before scrambling to pick it up. “Okay. Whew. Sorry about that. So, I am looking for a room to rent ASAP and stumbled on your ad. I didn’t really think it would still be available since it has been up for so long.”

“Yeah. I don’t think people found humor in the ad.”

“Oh.” Giggling like a little schoolgirl, I leaned against the stack of boxes, smiling. “I thought it was hilarious. I emailed you the application but wanted to call because I am in need of a place immediately. As in yesterday. Fuck. Hold on.” The boxes toppled beneath me, sending me tumbling to the ground as my phone flew from my hands. This was getting beyond ridiculous. Why was my body acting like a 14-year-old with a crush right now?

Scurrying across the floor, I picked up the phone out of breath. I needed this apartment, and I was fucking it up royally. “I’m kind of living on the street right now. Literally. I am putting my boxes of shit on the street.” It was true. In less than an hour that is where I was going to be.

“Why are you on the street? What did you do?” A ridiculously deep, sexy voice rumbled through the phone. That must be the stick up his ass boyfriend.

Alright. I could play this game. “Well hello to you too, second mystery man soon to be roomie. I didn’t do anything. I was an idiot who trusted a man that decided that he would rather fuck another woman in my bed while I worked my ass off saving people’s lives. I am on the streets because I would rather be homeless than have to spend another second of another miserable fucking...”

Velvet voice cut me off before I could even finish. “It’s yours.”




Nah. I’m just fucking with y’all. That was cringey.

BUT yes, there is most definitely a warning. This book is rated 18+, the same as all of my books. Although this one is definitely a chart topper in the sexual content category. I am going to blow your devious little minds out of the stratosphere!

There are HIGH LEVELS OF SMUT in this book. However, do not fret, my pets, there will be an intriguing story line of course. I will not disappoint you.

This book contains man on man smut, man on woman smut and my all time new favorite, man on man on woman smut. This is a poly story as stated in the description. If this is not your thing, ciao ma bellas, see you later, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Or do. I don’t really care 🤷‍♀️

I will NOT hesitate to block and report any individuals who make negative comments towards homosexuals. I will NOT tolerate slut shaming and I absolutely will NOT put up with any form of commenter bashing (Sadly I do have to put this in here. Sigh. Stupid fucking idiotic people).

This book is a spinoff from the Vanderbrooke Universe but CAN be read as a standalone. However, I do recommend reading my other works first.

Recommended reading order:
The Devil’s Looking Glass
Angel’s Silhouette
Double Reflection
The Rise of Raven
Lusting After Lucian
His Shy Sphinx
Ace’s Secret Addiction
The Desires of Diablo
Playing Mr. Perfect - coming soon

This novel will have updates every second day guaranteed but hopefully I can keep up with my daily updates as per usual.


I say it constantly but damn do I love your thirsty asses. You are all so God damn beautiful and amazing!!

Thank you to all that are giving my books a chance and I hope I can lead you on an amazing journey filled with suspense, sexual intrigue and all the feels ❤

This book is dedicated to my SIL, Miss Leah Niles. Thank you for being my sounding board. Love you, girl!

Don’t forget that little ol’ heart right there!

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