Her Guardian Billionaire

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Since his teenage years, Billionaire Kayden Fischer has lived to fulfill one goal, make sure Gina lives a wonderful life. Make up for causing her difficult childhood, end the guilt that had been killing him for years. But what if operating in the shadows isn't enough? Gina Banks has always thought she was born lucky. Well, her childhood hadn't been that smooth. Several tragedies had occurred but there was no way she could stop thanking the universe, it always had a way of making things go her way. But what if what she once thought was the universe at play was the doing of a certain irresistible billionaire and that there is a dark secret attached to his kindness. Would she choose love or justice? Would she choose forgiveness or make sure Kayden Fischer faces his punishment?

Romance / Erotica
Calista Rosch
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The feeling hadn’t gone away.

Kayden had expected a change inside him, a silence to the tormenting voice, an ease on the heavy rock in his chest. But the ended phone call hadn’t taken these feelings away, he still felt the same, guilt still settled in his heart, making it home for another day.

He stood from behind the desk, casually walked to the window, and pulled the white roller blinds. He loosened his navy blue tie, shoved the matching jacket aside, and let his hands sink in his pantsuit.

What more did he have to do for Gina?

He’d done everything he thought was necessary. He’d made sure she got a full scholarship at Parsons School for design, made sure housing was covered, and included a hefty monthly allowance. He’d made sure she got the internship at Laramie fashion design and now he had gone further to ask Ava Laramie to permanently hire her. But even after getting the news, knowing Gina’s future was secured, he still couldn’t shake off the guilt.

Maybe it was because he’d walked back into her life after six difficult years. He’d been in college for the first four and had been too messed up to take care of anyone. But after he’d graduated, he’d gotten his shit together, hired a private investigator, and tracked Gina down.

The investigator had been very competent, thank goodness his family money could buy him finer things in life, but that’s as far as its advantage went.

He’d located Gina in less than a month. She’d been living with her grandmother then, in a small Brooklyn apartment, in her senior year, and working part-time to help her grandmother with the expenses.

He’d made it his mission to not let her suffer further for his mistakes. And so he’d begun his mission of laying a clear path for her.

He stared below to watch people walking and driving peacefully on the streets of New York. He hadn’t known peace ever since that tragic night twelve years ago, he’d even forgotten how it felt like.

Maybe he needed to see with his own eyes that Gina was happy, maybe then he would get back his peace.

It had been long since he checked up on her. He tried not to make it a habit, the aftermath was always bad. And what if she spotted him following her around? She’d have questions, ones he didn’t wish to answer.

He picked his phone and left his black-themed, minimalistic office.

“Do you need something, Mr. Fischer?” Carol asked as he approached her desk.

“Call the driver, I need him to drive me somewhere right away.” He stood long enough to see her nod, before walking into the elevator car.

The black Mercedes was waiting for him in front of Fischer Holdings Inc. to take him to his destination.

“Where to, Mr. Fisher?” Ben asked, pulling the car from the driveway.

He cleared his throat. “Morgan’s Bar and Restaurant.”

He was sure Gina would be there. He had just been on the phone with Ava to know she had left the fashion house after accepting the job offer. And there was nowhere else she spent her evenings. She’d been working evening shifts at Morgan’s ever since completing college.

He had been surprised when she started working. With the monthly allowance the ‘Scholarship’ gave, he’d been sure she’d have enough money after college to cover her for at least one year. Did she have needs he didn’t know about?

Through the rearview mirror, he saw the middle-aged man awarding him the usual look he had every time his boss made the trip to Morgan’s. He didn’t have to say anything, the look was enough to tell him he didn’t agree with this.

Kayden let his eyes wander outside. Darkness was already creeping in, within no time, the streets would be brought to life with lights stretching toward the dark starry blanket.

He hoped with it, the night would bring life to him, the weight of this guilt was killing him. But he deserved it, he deserved to carry it around, a reminder of the crime he had committed, one he couldn’t take back.

“We’ve arrived,” said Ben, prompting Kayden to pay more attention to the site in front of him.

He lowered the rear door window, looked past the transparent glass walls of Morgan’s, and scanned for her. He’d known her long enough to know she served at the restaurant area while her best friend Rayna worked at the bar.

He felt disappointed when he saw another woman working at the restaurant today instead of Gina. Maybe she had already quit the job, just like he’d wanted. Or maybe she was out celebrating her new job.

He eyed the bar area wanting to see if Rayna was around. His heart skipped when he saw Gina sitting leg-crossed at the bar.

Rayna was standing beside her, no doubt waiting for the bartender to finish filling orders. They were laughing hard, making him wish he knew what made them so happy and share in their happiness.

“You know, when a normal guy likes a woman, they walk up to her and ask her out.”

He quickly shook his head. “I told you, I don’t like her that way.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” And he would let Ben keep thinking that because the truth was much worse.

The trip had been futile, seeing her did nothing to change his current and persisting feeling. Once more, he wondered what else he had to do.

“I think I’ll go in,” he said. Maybe he needed to reduce the distance, seeing her happiness up close would probably work magic.

“That’s better. I feared we had a Joe Goldberg in our midst.”

“Drive around and I’ll call you when I’m ready to leave,” he said and stepped out before Ben could think about leaving the car to open his door.

He paused in front of his Mercedes and took in a large puff. He exhaled slowly, letting the air carry out the tension with it. Feeling he was ready, he walked in.

A mixture of aromas hit his nose, reminding him that he had skipped lunch. A hostess with a welcoming smile came and met him. “Welcome Sir, would you like a table?”

“No. I just want a drink, I’ll head over to the bar.”

He moved through the dining area, past chatters and clicking of cutleries, trying hard to ignore hungered looks of more than a few women who were watching him before finally reaching the bar.

“Hello,” he said, his voice sounding different than usual. Was he coming down with something?

The bartender was the only one who replied. Giving Gina a quick glance, he noticed she was on her phone. Maybe she had been too preoccupied to hear him.

Her dressing told him this was the first place she’d stopped at after the interview. She was in a maroon knee height, high necked, bodycon dress that did nothing to hide her curvaceous body. She wore matching lipstick and black stilettos. Her hair was braided black and tied in a crown bun leaving some of the braids hanging on her back.

His eyes searched for Rayna, the friend who had left to take orders of the customers sitting at the furthest bar table.

“Do you need a drink or are you waiting for someone?” The bartender asked.

“No. I-I mean I’m not waiting for anyone.” He sat down, making sure only one stool separated him and Gina. He didn’t want to be too distant and neither did he want her to think he was invading her space. “I’ll have bourbon, the best one you’ve got.”

“Coming right up.”

As the bartender turned to get a bottle from the neatly packed shelves, Kayden glanced at Gina once again.

He’d been wrong, once again. Coming closer to her hadn’t made any difference. Instead, it had birthed a certain feeling inside him, one that made him feel the air around was too heavy to breathe. He couldn’t tell what it was because he had never felt it before. But though it scared him, it overshadowed the guilt, and it was the closest thing he’d felt to peace.

He wanted to experience it as long as he could and that meant staying here for a while. Would talking to her make things even better? If so, where would he start?

She sensed his gaze, looked up, and gave him a flat smile.

He smiled back.

She didn’t go back to her phone, instead, she threw the device on the wood, rested her elbow on the bar, and planted her cheek on her palm.

“Xander, can I have a refill of that free soda?” She slid the empty glass with her free hand.

“Let me take care of the gentleman’s order and I’ll get back to you.”

“Sorry,” she told Kayden, ending her apology with a smile. This time it was genuine, a dimple appeared at the side of her full mouth. He’d never know she had a dimple. How could he when he always stood miles away?

“No problem.”

Xander dropped the filled glass in front of him. Cupping it, he let the liquid hit his tongue. Old Fashioned Copper “Vintage 1985”, he knew that taste anywhere.

“You are such a darling,” Gina said as Xander filled her glass.

“And you are my best non-paying customer.” Behind Xander’s gaze was a wealth of emotions. Kayden was good at reading people, that was one of the characters that made him a successful businessman, and that superpower told him Xander’s feelings towards Gina were past those of friendship.

“What did I miss?” Rayna appeared on the other side of Gina.

“Xander said you are terrible at your job and Morgan should fire you.” She ended the comment with a laugh. The laugh was music to his ears, he could listen to it the whole day and never tire.

“I might be terrible but Morgan loves me. Where else would he find a charming person like me? You are the one he should chase from here, you can’t have free drinks for the rest of the...Fucking shit.”

He turned to see what got Rayna so spooked and found her wild eyes on him.

“It’s Kayden Fischer.”


Xander’s face remained neutral, he had recognized him from before but had opted to give Kayden his privacy.

Gina looked clueless, confused even, she didn’t know him. He didn’t know why that had him feeling disappointed, especially when he’d always wanted to be anonymous to her.

“Kayden Fischer, the billionaire, New York’s most eligible bachelor?” Rayna tries to jolt her friend’s memory but still, no hint of recognition registered on Gina’s face. She let out a sigh. “You could at least check the covers of the magazines I bring home.” With that, Rayna left her friend’s side and came to where Kayden was sitting.

“I’m Rayna.” A wide smile printed on her face, she stretched out her hand.

He took it. “Nice to meet you, Rayna.”

Her smile turned coy, her head slightly downturned but still maintaining eye contact.

He had that effect on women, that thing that made them crazy around him, the one that had them wanting to throw themselves at him. Who could blame them, he was rich, good looking and with a gorgeous body, the perfect combination

“I have a boyfriend,” she said, shaking herself out of the trance. “His name is Nick.”

Kayden nodded with a smirk. “Nick is a lucky dude.”

“So, what brings you to these parts of town?”

Xander cleared his throat and slid the filled tray.

Rayna frowned at Xander but when her face turned to Kayden, everything lit up. “I’ll serve these and then we’ll come to chat some more.”

“I’ll be waiting.” He smiled.

With Rayna gone, his focus went back to Gina whose gaze was already on him. Her eyes lingered, making her first judgment of him. And when she gave him that flat smile, he knew he wouldn’t like the man she had painted in her mind. There went the chance to befriend her.

She went back to chatting with Xander, ignoring him completely like he never existed.

He let out a sigh of relief when Rayna came back, she was the only connection he had to Gina right now.

“Nick wouldn’t believe that I met Kayden Fischer,” said Rayna after giving Xander her new order. “He always says you can’t possibly be real, that no one is that perfect.”

Journalists. They always had a way with words, painting him as this amazing, successful, honorable man. He was neither amazing nor honorable, he knew that, his family knew that. If they ever knew the secret his parents had fought hard to bury, they would think differently.

“Can we have a selfie, if you don’t mind?”

He nodded.

She came beside him, inclined her phone, and took the first snap.

“One more,” she said. But before she could press the button, a call from Mom came in. “Sorry, I have to take this.” Her gaze went on Gina. “Sweety, can you please take the order to that table.” Pointing at the bar table a few meters away. “I’ll be back in a sec.”

Gina stood as she waited for Xander to pour down the whiskey and place the barely half bottle on the tray.

It took everything inside Kayden to not stare as she walked away.

“Here is your order.” He heard her telling the two men.

“Where did the other waitress go?” One man asked.

“She had to step away for a while. Is there anything she missed?”

“No. We just love the change.” Something in that man’s voice had Kayden wanting to slam a punch on his face. “Where have you been all this time? We like your service much better.”

That statement had Kayden incline his head to have a good look at the man. He turned in time to see the pervert’s fingers brush against Gina’s hand as she placed his glass on the table.

She ignored the comment and forced a smile. How did she manage to remain calm when he was boiling with anger? The man was old enough to be her father and the lustful gaze he was giving her nauseated Kayden.

“If you don’t need anything else, I’ll leave you to your drinks.” She turned to walk away.

“Wait,” the man called. And Gina inhaled deeply before turning to go back.


He reached for the pocket of his shirt, pulled out a card, and slid it on the table. “Call me. I’ll take good care of you. With that body, you don’t deserve to work at this bar.”

Once again, she forced a smile and forced her legs to walk away.

“I’d hit that one.” The man barely whispered to his friend. “I’ve always wanted to bang a black girl.

And that did it for Kayden. The rage in his bloodstream pushing him to charge at the racist pervert, put him in his place. He wasn’t the only one with that thought, Xander’s jaws were clenched and his knuckles had become white from the tight fist he’d been making.

He’d barely put his feet on the ground when Gina spun around, picked the man’s glass, and splashed alcohol on his face.

“Bitch.” He spat out. “I’ll make sure you get fired.”

“Well, I already resigned.” She scoffed.

She walked to the bar, slammed the tray, and hastily disappeared through the storeroom door where Rayna had entered a while ago.

It took a minute or two to calm down but the anger never subsided, especially when the pervert was still around.

Sending a quick text to Ben, he freed his driver to go home. He wasn’t leaving this place anytime soon, not when he hadn’t taught the man a lesson.

“Can I have a refill?”

“Sure.” And Xander poured the brown liquid.

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