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The Alpha CEO’s Unloved Wife is a compilation of three romances.

Part One - Baron and Jane

Jane is emotionally and physically abused by her family and when she feels a true mate connection with Baron Western, she believes that she is escaping into a marriage where she will be loved and valued.

Baron, however, had a two year relationship with Angelique already established, and emotions are not simply turned off. Jane finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage with a man who seems to hate her.

Or does he?

Part Two - Bastian and Sophia

Bastian Farrow’s pack is only just financially surviving after his father gambled away their wealth. Bastian’s hard work and friendship with keen businessman Baron Western has him keeping his pack’s heads just above the water, but when a business opportunity arises that’s too good to let go, he realizes that the only thing to sell to raise the capital to invest in it, is himself.

Sophia lives and studies abroad and has a lovely life painting and dancing with her best friend and sometimes lover, Alessandro. However, when she returns in order to be a bridesmaid in a school friend’s wedding, she has an instant connection with Bastian Farrow.

Sophia is precisely the bride that Bastian’s pack needs, wealthy and educated, however he feels a true mate connection with the brilliant but poor wedding singer, Mirabelle.

For the good of his pack, Bastian decides to ignore the true mate bond with Mirabelle and court Sophia... Will love grow?

Part Three - Raven and Sage

Raven has a dark past, outcast from the Greystone pack for pursuing a true mate bond with Natasha, he falls in with Elijah Lincoln, Zeke and Angelique’s father. When Elijah goes too far, Raven pays the price, and his mate and unborn child are killed.

His revenge on their killer sees him imprisoned by the werewolves for twenty years with a non-parole of ten, however after just three years he is unexpectedly freed. Who has set him free, and why?

When he and Zeke are caught in the act of robbing Baron Western’s safe room, Baron strikes a deal - he will recognize Zeke’s rogue pack allowing them equal status with the other packs in the city, if Zeke and Raven will escort an omega bride to Raven’s older brother, Darken Greystone.

Sage is an aspiring gymnast with Olympic dreams, and she doesn’t intend to give them up without a fight, and Raven and Zeke soon find out they have bitten off more than they can chew.

When Raven realizes that Sage is his second chance mate, things become even more complicated...

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Daily Updates on Raven and Sage (over half written).

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