A New Normal (A New Dream Book 3)

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Chapter Ten

Keely and Roger arrived at the hospital and Keely was rushed into an examining room to prepare her for an emergency c section. Roger is pacing in the hallway outside when everyone else comes rushing into the surgical ward. Mrs. O’Reilly is the first person to get to Roger.

“What happened? Where… where is she?” she asked looking up at him.

“They’re examining her, but they’re probably gonna do a c section today. I don’t know what happened. She… she was sleeping on the couch, so I went into the bedroom so I didn’t bother her and I must’ve fell asleep because I… I woke up and she was screaming my name. She was in pain and I… I couldn’t do anything. She… I’m so sorry.” he cried looking down at her.

“Roger, you didn’t do anything wrong. You got her here right away. You took care of her.” she reassured him, wrapping her arms around the young man’s shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her and cried into her shoulder.

“What did they say?” Wendy asked looking up at him.

“They said that she’s in labor and they… they need to get the baby out before her water breaks. If… if it does…” he stuttered as Oliver cut him off.

“Yeah Rog, we… we know.” he looked at him as he held Wendy in his arms.

“Nothing can happen to them. If… if she…” Roger stuttered looking over at them.

“Nothing is gonna happen to them, Roger. Do you hear me? Nothing.” Jason insisted looking over at his friend.

“Yeah, I… I know. I just… I don’t know what happened. I just…” he looked over at his friend when a nurse came down the hall towards Roger.

“Mr. Greyson, your wife is asking for you. We’re about to start the procedure and she wants to see you first.” she looked up at him as Roger nodded before rushing down the hall to where the nurse came from. She fought to keep up with him as she led him into the room. She gave him a surgical gown to put on before bringing into the operating room.

“Keel, are you…” he started, but she burst into tears at the sight of him.

“Everything’s OK right now, but they have to get her out before something happens.” she explained as he sat next to her, grabbing her hand.

“It’s gonna be OK, Keel. Don’t worry. They know what they’re doing.” he tried reassuring her, but his own wet face was hard to hide.

“Mrs. Greyson, we’re gonna get started. You’re not gonna feel anything because of the anesthesia, but you’ll be wide awake. Everything is gonna be OK. You’ll have your little girl in no time.” the doctor looked over the sheet that was draped over her abdomen to reassure her.

“Thank you, doctor.” Roger took a deep breath, looking up at her before directing his attention back to his wife. “See, Baby. They’re doing everything they can to make sure everything is OK.” he leaned over to kiss her head. They were silent as they awaited word on their daughter.

“Talk to me, Roger. I… I need you to tell me that everything is gonna be OK.” Keely spoke quietly as she looked into his green eyes.

“Keel, I love you more than anything and everything is gonna be fine. We’re gonna meet our little Angel today.” he smiled even though he was scared for his wife and daughter.

“I… I love you too, Roger.” she lifted her hand to caress his wet cheek.

“I guess it’s a good thing, huh? You’re about to have my daughter.” he chuckled leaning down to kiss her.

“Funny, Greyson.” she smiled at him.

“I thought so.” he kissed her head as they were interrupted by the cry of a baby. Their daughter was crying and she had a set of lungs on her too. “She’s here.” he cried into her hair as he kissed her head over and over again.

“Is she OK?” she asked as the doctor handed her over to the nurse.

“She looks fine, Mrs. Greyson.” the doctor smiled as Roger cautiously looked over to the other side of the room where his daughter was screaming.

“Roger, go check on her. You need to be the first face she sees.” Keely insisted as tears streamed down the sides of her face.

“Are you sure, Keel? I… I don’t want to leave you.” he looked down at her.

“I’m sure, Roger. Go. Please.” she pushed him to get up from the chair. He walked carefully across the room. He watched the nurse clean up the baby and wrap her in a blanket. The baby was still crying under the lights of the bassinet.

“Mr. Greyson, would you like to hold your daughter?” the nurse asked looking up at Roger who looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Can… can I?” he asked staring down at the beautiful creature that he and Keely had made.

“Of course, you can.” the nurse smiled, amused by this first time father’s reaction. She finished wrapping the baby up in the receiving blanket before passing her off to the anxious young man who was standing over her. “Here you go, Mr. Greyson.”

“Hey… um… hey Angel. I’m… I’m your daddy.” he whispered as the baby instantly stopped crying. He lifted his hand up to caress her small, soft cheek with his thumb. He leaned down to kiss the little girl on the head before carefully turning around to bring her over to Keely. “Keel, look… look what we did. We… we made this.” he smiled showing Keely their daughter.

“She has my nose and your chin.” Keely smiled though her tears looking up at her family.

“Angel Lynn Greyson, I would like to officially introduce you to your mother. She is the most amazing woman on the planet.” he smiled tilting the baby so she could see her mother.

“Hi, sweet girl. I… I can’t believe she’s here, Roger.” she looked up at them. She was crying tears of joy.

“I… I think she likes me. She stopped crying as soon as they handed her to me.” he smiled down at Keely.

“You’re her father, Roger. Of course she likes you.” Keely laughed slightly as the doctor finished the procedure.

“Mrs. Greyson, we need to bring your daughter to the nursery to get her checked out. Why don’t you go introduce your daughter to your family members first, Mr. Greyson? I just need to finish up here and then Keely will be in the recovery room for a few hours so she can get some rest before she’s transferred to her room. Your family can see her then.” the doctor smiled over at Roger.

“Can’t… can’t we stay here with Keel and go when she goes?” he asked looking over at her.

“Roger, I’m fine. You… you need to introduce her to her family. I’m sure Jason and Wendy are freaking out right now.” Keely smiled looking up at her husband.

“I don’t want to leave you, Keel.” he sat next to her with the baby still nestled in his arms.

“I’m fine. I’ll see you in the recovery room. I love you.” she smiled up at him.

“We love you too, Keel. More than you’ll ever know.” he whispered, leaning over to kiss her.

“Trust me, Roger. I know.” she smiled caressing her daughter’s cheek before Roger got up to introduce her to their family. “Is everything OK?” She asked as Roger left ther room with their daughter.

“Yep. Almost done, Mrs. Greyson.” the doctor smiled over at her from the other side of the sheet.

“Is… is my daughter really OK?” Keely asked looking up at her.

“She’s fine. Your amniotic sac was fully in tact and we got her out in time. She’ll have to take anti retrovirals for a few months and then we’ll know for sure, but you’ve been very careful and doing everything your doctor has told you to do, so I’m sure she’ll test negative.” this wasn’t her regular doctor due to the urgency in her situation, but she was very kind and understanding. Keely appreciated that.

“Thank you so much, doctor. Really. You have no idea how much that means to me.” she smiled at her.

“You’re very welcome, Mrs. Greyson.” she smiled before dressing her incision and sending Keely to the recovery room. It wasn’t long before Keely was sound asleep.

Everyone crowded around the newest member of their family and gushed over her. Jason, Wendy, Mrs. Greyson and Mrs. O’Reilly cried as they admired the beautiful creature who had just joined their family. Mr. Greyson couldn’t help but give his son a proud pat on the back. The nurse brought the baby to the nursery to get cleaned up and rest while Roger went to the recovery room to spend some time with his wife. As he stood in the doorway where she was sleeping, he stared over at her and smiled. He couldn’t believe how incredible she was. He always looked at her as if she were a superhero, but today she even out did herself. She gave him a daughter. A beautiful, healthy daughter.

“Mr. Greyson, you can go sit by your wife if you want.” a nurse came up behind him and shook him out of his trance.

“She’s amazing, isn’t she?” he asked quietly, smiling at his wife.

“She’s a brave woman.” the nurse smiled at him, admiring the way he was looking at his sleeping wife. “I’m sure she would like it if you were there when she woke up.”

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I… I don’t think we would have been able to handle this if it weren’t for everyone here. Everyone’s been so nice to us.” he looked down at her.

“No problem, Mr. Greyson. Your daughter weighed in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and she’s 17 and a half inches. She’s sleeping right now.” she smiled at him.

“That’s… that’s a good size. I mean, she’s early but she’s not a preemie, right?” he asked looking down at her.

“It’s a great size, Mr. Greyson. It’s perfect.” she smiled before turning around and leaving the room so she could tend to one of her other patients. Roger walked over to Keely and sat in the chair next to her bed. He reached out and gently took her hand in his. He lifted it to his lips and kissed it. The stubble on his face woke Keely up.

“Hey, how’s… how’s Angel?” she asked quietly opening her eyes.

“She’s perfect. She weighs 6 pounds 2 ounces and she’s 17 and a half inches.” he smiled at her.

“That’s a good size. Not bad for a preemie.” she looked up at him.

“That’s what the nurse said. She said that she’s sleeping right now. Hopefully she’s a good sleeper.” he smiled at her.

“She is your daughter, you know? There was always a chance.” Keely smiled at him.

“I was so worried about you, Keel. I was… I was scared something was gonna happen to you.” he leaned in closer, lifting his hand to caress her face.

“I was scared for Angel. But the doctor said that my water didn’t break, so there’s a good chance that she’s negative.” she looked over at him.

“Good. I’m… I’m glad to hear that.” he kissed her hand again leaning on the bed. “What happened, Keel? One minute you were sound asleep on the couch and the next you were screaming my name.” he looked up at him.

“I… I don’t know. I woke up and I felt pressure and then I was cramping so bad. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. The nurse said that I was probably in labor all day, but it wasn’t so bad because was moving around. Then when I was sleeping, it got bad. I told her I wasn’t due for another couple of weeks or so and she said that our little lady had other plans.” she laughed looking over at him before wincing in pain. “Ugh, that really hurts. I guess the drugs are starting to wear off.” she looked at him.

“Are you OK, Baby?” he asked looking over at her.

“Yeah, it’s just the incision. I’m fine. When do I get to see my daughter?” she asked, trying to adjust herself in the bed.

“They said that you’ll be in your room in a little while and then they’ll bring her in to you. But you need your rest. There’s a lot of people out there waiting to see you.” he smiled at her.

“Ugh, does everyone have to be here? They’re gonna be worse now that the baby is here.” she groaned looking down at him.

“You need it, Keel. Now that Angel is here, you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Especially with your incision. You need time to heal.” he insisted.

“I’m a mother now. I need to put my daughter first.” she looked over at him.

“Well, you’re my wife and I’ll always put both of my girls first.” he leaned up to kiss her as the nurse entered the room.

“How are you feeling, Mrs. Greyson?” she asked taking Keely’s pulse.

“Great. When can I see my daughter?” she asked looking over at her.

“Soon. The orderlies will be in to take you to your room and then we’ll bring the baby to you.” she smiled at her.

“Thank you so much. How is she?” she asked as Roger caressed her other arm.

“She’s a very happy baby. The rest of your family has been entertaining her from the window of the nursery, but I’m sure she’ll be better once she get to spend some time with her mama.” she laughed looking over at her.

“Great. They’re gonna give her a complex already. I should save her then, huh? I am her mother and all.” she laughed slightly as to not irritate her incision.

“That you are, Mrs. Greyson.” the nurse smiled before leaving the room.

“Roger, you better go and reign them in. I have a feeling with my incision I won’t be in any condition to yell at them for quite a while.” she looked over at him.

“Fine, Keel. I’ll see you when you get to your room. I love you.” he smiled getting up from the chair.

“Wow. I thought I’d have to fight a little harder to get you to leave.” she laughed looking up at him.

“I can’t wait to see my little girl again.” he gave her a sly smile before kissing her.

“Ahh, I should have known. You know, there will be plenty of opportunities to see her at 3 am. And 4 am and 5.” she laughed lightly.

“I’ll take those too.” he whispered kissing her head.

“Give her a big kiss from her mommy. Tell her I’ll see her soon.” she smiled at him.

“I will, Baby.” Roger smiled at her before leaving the room. A few minutes later, the orderlies came to move her to her room. She smiled up at them as she relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

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