A New Normal (A New Dream Book 3)

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Chapter Thirteen

It’s 6 weeks later, Keely is taking care of her daughter as she recovers from her c section, while Roger is in the recording studio with the band. Keely is enjoying being a mother, but she’s eager to get back to her singing career. “Those times I waited for you seem so long ago.” she began to sing softly as she changed her daughters clothes. “Did you know that was the first song I sang with your daddy and the band? It really does seem like so long ago. We were both broken kids back then. We fixed each other just for you, beautiful.” she smiled kissing her daughter’s head before picking her up and bringing her into the kitchen to make her bottle. She put her into her carrier on the counter as she prepared the baby’s bottle. “We’re gonna eat breakfast and then we’re gonna meet up with Aunt Wendy. I think she’s getting jealous of you and me spending so much time together. But when you’re cousin gets here, she’ll learn how cool you guys are.” Keely loved talking to her daughter. She hoped her daughter could understand what she was saying. “Now, let’s eat. We have to get going.” Keely smiled as she began feeding the infant. The baby stared up at her mother with the same blue eyes they shared. She took a deep breath and enjoyed this time with her daughter. It was just the two of them and it was quiet. Angel has been sleeping through the night since her second night at home. Roger sings her to sleep every night and she seems to love it. Her parents left for Minnesota a couple of weeks earlier and she was enjoying her time with her daughter. Motherhood feels so natural. It’s as if she has been a mother for much longer than 6 and a half weeks. Maybe it was because she was always a mother to the band members or maybe it was because of her experience teaching little girls how to dance. Either way, she knew that the love she and Roger shared was also a reason why she was able to be a good mother to Angel. Roger proved to be a very hands on father. He didn’t wake Keely up to take care of Angel. He loved getting up with his daughter. She was just over 6 weeks old and they couldn’t imagine a time when she wasn’t with them. As the baby finished her bottle, Keely placed it on the table next to the couch. Lifting her daughter to her shoulder, she began to burp her. Gently, but firmly she patted the infants back. The little one let out a healthy burp. It always made Keely laugh when she did that. “Good girl. Now we have to go meet Aunt Wendy.” she smiled as she got up to get her daughter ready to go out. She had Roger bring the carriage down the stairs so she didn’t have to struggle with carrying it and the baby downstairs. Setting Angel in the carriage, she buckled her in and opened the door to go meet Wendy around the corner at the cafe she used to work in.

“It’s about time. What took you so long?” Wendy asked, getting up from the table.

“I have an infant now, Wend. They aren’t made to just get up and go.” Keely laughed as she waved her hand in the air for a cup of coffee.

“I guess I’ll find out soon. But not soon enough. I am so sick of being pregnant.” Wendy looked over the table at her.

“Only 4 more months to go.” Keely smiled as the waitress poured her coffee.

“Not soon enough. So, how are things with you and Roger?” she asked looking over at her.

“Great. It’s like we’ve had her our whole lives.” she smiled as the baby slept in the carriage.

“You do look like a natural. It’s funny seeing Roger change her diapers and stuff.” Wendy laughed, drinking her ice tea.

“He’s the natural. Did you ever think you’d see Roger Greyson changing diapers and burping a baby?” Keely laughed, dumping sugar and milk into her coffee cup.

“I can honestly say, no. But I’m still waiting to see him on stage with the baby in a carrier.” Wendy joked, remembering what she and Keely talked about when they found out that Dawn was pregnant a few years ago.

“It won’t be long. We want her raised on stage.” Keely smiled drinking her coffee.

“When do you start recording your album?” Wendy asked leaning forward on the table.

“A couple of months. The doctor said I can start doing exercises to strenthen my abdomen, but he wants me to wait a bit longer to start singing. I’m getting anxious though. Roger keeps handing me songs and I’m dying for me and Nate to get started.” she smiled at her.

“Oliver said that Roger is too. He can’t wait to hear you sing his words.” she laughed.

“So why is he being so over protective. I mean, I feel fine now. I don’t want to wait.” Keely complained drinking her coffee.

“He loves you, Keel. He doesn’t want anything to happen to you.” she smiled, watching her niece begin to stir, but going back to sleep. “I envy her. She can sleep anywhere.”

“Hazards of being Roger’s daughter. Sleep is very important to her.” she laughed, admiring her daughter.

“Lucky you. My luck, my little guy is gonna be a night owl like Oli.” she chuckled, leaning back in her chair.

“Would you leave my nephew alone? He’s gonna be just fine. Are you and Oliver having fun decorating his room?”

“Oliver’s not like Roger. He just stays out of my way and let’s me decorate his room any way I want. He doesn’t want to get in my way. At least that’s his excuse. But I think he’s just lazy.” she looked over at her.

“Maybe he doesn’t want to get yelled at the way Roger did every time he went into Angel’s room.” Keely laughed.

“Possibly. God, he was freaking out the whole time you were pregnant.” Wendy laughed, remembering all the times they would walk into Keely and Roger’s apartment and Keely was yelling at Roger for moving something in the nursery.

“And now look at him. He’s perfect. He sings to her every night and is the first one up if she gets up in the middle of the night and in the morning. I can’t get to her fast enough sometimes.” Keely laughed.

“Don’t complain. There’s gonna be times when he’s not gonna be there and you’re gonna be begging him to get her so you can have a moment to yourself.” Wendy joked.

“Not likely. I don’t have time to miss having a moment to myself. But I do love watching him with her. He worships her. I’ve never seen him like that.” she smiled at her.

“I have. Every time I see him with you.” Wendy smiled at her best friend.

“He is pathetic when it comes to his girls, huh?”

“Not pathetic. I… I like it. He’s a good man, Keel.” Wendy smiled at her.

“Yeah, he is.” Keely smiled at her.

“Um… has Jason been calling you as much as he’s been calling me?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Does every 20 minutes sound about right?” Keely laughed.

“Yeah, I’d say so. He’s worse than the moms. Doesn’t he have a life?” Wendy laughed at her.

“Apparently, it’s his slow season.” Keely laughed at her.

“I love him, but I’m gonna kill him if he wakes me up one more time.”

“He’s going to see his family on Sunday. He’s finally gonna tell them about being gay and he’s a little anxious. He wants to surround himself with as many people who love him as possible.” she explained.

“I… I didn’t know that. Why wouldn’t he tell me?” she asked.

“The only reason I know is because he needs Roger to go with him. He doesn’t want everyone to make a big deal.”

“Honey, if his family doesn’t accept him, screw them. He’s got a family right here. He doesn’t need them. I’m not gonna let them make him feel bad about himself. Like he’s a failure or something. He’s not. He’s our brother and he will always be an uncle to our kids. We don’t need them in his life if they can’t accept him. I won’t have it.” she looked at her.

“I’m with you. But he’s just really nervous. You know how religious they are and religious people are not known for their acceptance of alternative lifestyles.”

“Alternative lifestyle, my foot. It’s acceptable bigotry, plain and simple. They use religion as a crutch. I’m over it, Keel. All of it.” she told her getting up from the table.

“Where are you going?” she asked looking at her.

“To call Jason. I wanna spend some time with him.” she smiled going to the pay phone.

“You’re auntie is badass.” Keely laughed quietly looking down at her daughter, who was still sleeping in the carriage. Keely drank her coffee and smiled as she watched Wendy on the phone with Jason.

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