A New Normal (A New Dream Book 3)

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Chapter Sixteen

Angel is nearly 7 months old and Wendy is overdue having her child. A boy they have decided to name Martin Roger O’Reilly. After Keely’s father who happens to be Oliver’s godfather and Roger who is to be his son’s godfather. Keely is home because the uber band are in the recording studio and truth be told. Oliver can’t handle Wendy these days. She’s hormonal and is ready for her son to be born. Keely is the only person she doesn’t snap at, so she has been put in charge of taming the beast. “Come on, Wend. You have to eat.” Keely told her, bringing a sandwich to Wendy.

“It’s… it’s not a good idea, Keel.” she stuttered looking over at her, as she shifted uncomfortably.

“You need your strength. Marty needs you to eat.” Keely sat next to her.

“Well, Marty can wait because I’m in labor and if you think I’m missing out on the good drugs, you’re out of your mind.” she looked up at her. Her face was red and she was gripping her belly.

“Are you kidding me? I… I need to call Oli. Um… stay… stay here.” Keely rambled looking down at her.

“I’m not going anywhere, Keel.” Wendy laughed as Keely rushed to the phone. She called the studio and had Roger and Oliver leave to come pick Wendy up. Oliver had gotten a car, so that he could drive his fiancé and son around.

“Can… can I do anything for you? Do you need anything?” Keely asked walking over to her.

“Honey, why don’t you get Angel changed and make sure she has enough formula and food while we’re at the hospital.” she looked over at her.

“Right. Good idea. There’s… there’s no telling how long we’re gonna be there.” she looked at her before going to her daughter.

“Keel, what is wrong with you? You just went through this. Why are you freaking out?” she asked, amused by her best friends reaction to her being in labor,

“I was freaking out then too. Roger had to keep me calm.” she looked over at her.

“OK Keel, the guys should be here soon and then you’re off the hook. Oliver will be freaking out enough for everyone and then I’ll really be in trouble.” she laughed at her.

“He’s gonna be a mess, isn’t he?” she asked looking over at her.

“I’m afraid so.” Wendy smiled as Keely changed Angel’s diaper and her clothes and got the formula bottles out of the refrigerator and put them in the cooler bag that her mother had bought her. That bag has come in handy more often then she realized it would. Bringing the baby to the studio and the dance school and just out for walks. “Keel, let me ask you something.” Wendy looked over at her.

“What’s up, Wend?” Keely asked, rushing around.

“Is… is it scary? Having a kid?” she asked her.

“I’m... I’m not the one to ask. I had an emergency c section. They just gave me anesthesia to numb the bottom half of my body so they could do the c section and there she was. At first I was scared to get cut open, but then I was scared that she would be infected.” she looked over at her.

“It must have been a relief to find out that she’s negative?” she smiled at her.

“You have no idea.” Keely smiled as Roger and Oliver rushed into the apartment.

“Is everything OK?” Oliver asked going into their bedroom to get Wendy’s bag.

“Yeah, I’m… I’m fine. My contractions are only 8 minutes apart, but I… I needed you..” she looked up at him.

“Are you sure they’re 8 minutes apart and regular?” Oliver asked setting the bag next to the couch before sitting next to her.

“Yeah, Oli. I’ve been keeping track.” she looked up at him as he leaned in to kiss her head before holding her head to his.

“It’ll be OK, Wend. We have time. Everything is gonna be OK.” he told her reassuringly as Keely watched in shock. This is not the Oliver she knows. Instead of freaking out that Wendy called him so soon, he comes in calming her and being the cooler head. He was surprising her more and more every day.

“I’m sorry I had Keely call you so soon. It’s just… I was scared.” she looked up at him.

“Don’t worry, Wend. I’m not going anywhere. You and Marty are gonna be fine.” he smiled as he sat back and put his arm around her and relaxed. He was ready to be in it for the long haul.

“I’m gonna make some coffee. I have a feeling we’re gonna need it.” Roger smiled at them going into the kitchen. Keely was holding Angel in her arms and followed him.

“Who is that and what did he do with Oliver?” Keely asked rubbing her daughters back.

“He’s a changed man, Keel. He’s gonna be a father. I guess he’s grown up.” he looked at him.

“I guess so.” Keely smiled at him as he watched Oliver take care of Wendy. “I think you’ve been a good influence on him.” she bounced the baby on her hip.

“How do you figure?” he asked reaching into the cabinet for the coffee cups.

“Roger, think about it. You and Oli have been spending so much time together with the band and producing me and Nathan, and seeing you with Angel… I think it helped him put things into perspective.” she told him quietly as he took the sugar and the milk out.

“Keel, I think it’s just the reality of him becoming a father. Plain and simple.” he leaned his elbows on the counter as he watched Oliver and Wendy. Oliver was playing with Wendy’s hair as she seemed to be breathing heavily. “Looks like we should make these coffees to go.” he nodded his head towards Oliver and Wendy.

“Things are about to get much more interesting, I’m gonna call everyone. Looks like we’re gonna have another baby here very soon.” she smiled handing the baby to Roger.

“Good idea.” he smiled kissing her head as she went into the living room.

“I’m gonna call Jason and Ricky and then the rest of the guys.” Keely smiled at them as Wendy seemed to be relaxing now.

“They’re 6 minutes apart. When they get to 5, we’re gonna head to the hospital. Just tell them that we’ll call them from the hospital. I don’t have room in the car with you, Roger and Angel’s car seat in the back. It’ll just make things easier for everyone.” Oliver told her.

“No problem, cuz.” she smiled looking down at them as she continued to the phone.

“Do you need anything, Wend? Do you want me to get you another pillow or something?” Roger asked coming in from the kitchen.

“I need to see my niece. Gimme my girl.” she smiled holding her hands out to Angel.

“Here you go, Princess. Go to Aunt Wendy.” he smiled handing the baby to her.

“Hey, my sweet girl. You can always make me feel better.” she smiled kissing the little girl on the head.

“Jason wants to come over. I told him what you said, but he said he was coming anyway. He said he’ll take a cab to the hospital. He needs to be with Wend.” Keely relayed the message.

“He is one stubborn son of a bitch. How did you live with him, Greyson?” Oliver laughed looking over at him.

“He was a lot easier to live with until the girls came along. After that he got hard to handle.” he laughed looking down at him.

“Oh sure, blame him on me. He was your friend first.” Keely argued looking over at Roger.

“He wasn’t like this when I had him. It was only when you came along that he started acting up.” he laughed at her.

“Wendy’s in labor. He said he wanted to be here for his sister. Blame her.” Keely squealed pointing to Wendy.

“We are not blaming Wendy. Wendy has a little human being trying to get out of her hoo hoo.” Wendy laughed looking up at her. “Do you see what they’re doing to your poor innocent Aunt Wendy?” she asked the baby as she giggled with everyone else.

“Hoo hoo? Nice, Wend.” Roger called out going back into the kitchen.

“Finally. I found a way to get rid of the great Roger Greyson. Score one for Aunt Wendy.” Wendy laughed playing with baby.

“Aunt Wendy needs to concentrate on having her own kid to corrupt and stop corrupting mine.” Keely laughed, taking the baby from her.

“What? I can do both. It’s called multitasking. And anyway, this is the most fun labor a girl can have. I’m more relaxed than I’ve felt since this whole thing started.” she smiled at her.

“I’m glad corrupting my daughter could do that for you, but you need to take it easy. You don’t know how long your labor is gonna go on for. You need to rest while you can.” she looked down at her before going to the kitchen by Roger.

“Glad she’s maintaining her sense of humor.” Roger smiled taking the baby from her arms.

“For now. I have a feeling by the end of this, we’ll all be on her shit list. Except maybe Angel.” she smiled as there was a pounding on the door. “And that would be Jason.” she laughed going to the door.

“Let me in, Wend. You know I’ll break down the door.” he yelled from the hall.

“Oh my god, what is wrong with you?” Keely asked opening the door.

“I’m right here, Jay. I’m fine.” Wendy called out waving her hand in the air from the couch.

“How far apart are your contractions? Are you doing those breathing things we talked about?” he asked sitting next to her.

“They’re 6 minutes apart. I’m fine. You didn’t have to come over.” she looked over at him.

“Like hell, I didn’t. You’re in labor. I wasn’t gonna leave you at the mercy of Oliver, Roger and Keely.” he leaned in to kiss her head.

“Hey. What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Roger asked coming from the kitchen with the baby in his arms.

“Oh yeah, you and Oliver were bound to be the voices of reason and I can just see Keely being so sympathetic.” he snapped looking over at him.

“You know, we are capable of being grown ups.” Keely looked over at him.

“I guess there would be a first for everything. Don’t worry, honey. I’m here now.” he soothed her hair as Wendy laughed and Roger, Oliver and Keely looked at them in disbelief.

“Screw you, man. I’ve been here the whole time. Cool as a cucumber, by the way.” Oliver said looked over at him.

“Shock of all shocks.” Jason told him directing his attention to Wendy. “You have all your stuff, right?” he asked looking over at her.

“I got it, Jay. She’s good.” Oliver looked at him.

“I just want to make sure my girl has all she needs. l don’t want her to get there and need something else.” he looked over at him.

“Jay, I appreciate your concern. I really do, but I got it all under control. She’s in good hands.” Oliver told him, reaching out for Wendy’s hand.

“I… I know. I’m sorry if I’m overstepping here, but she’s my sister. I worry about her just as much as I worry about Keel.” he looked at him.

“Why are you apologizing, man? You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m glad you’re looking out for her. She means as much to me as Keely means to Roger. I’m glad she’s got you looking out for her. God knows she needs it.” Oliver started before busting out laughing.

“Hey, what the hell is that supposed to mean?” Wendy asked looking over at Oliver.

“It just means, you’re a full time job, Wend.” Oliver explained looking over at her.

“Damn right, I am. Don’t you forget it either, O’Reilly. You gotta be on your game to handle me.” Wendy smiled leaning over to kiss Oliver.

“Don’t worry, Wend. I’m well aware.” he laughed.

“Kind of reminds me of you when we first got together. I… I’ve never been in a relationship with someone as strong and confident as you are. I needed Wendy’s help on how to be with you.” Roger leaned down, whispering in Keely’s ear before kissing her head.

“You did pretty good to me.” Keely turned to kiss her husband on the lips.

“I just didn’t want to mess things up with you. I wanted to marry you and have this.” he smiled at her.

“And now that you have it, what do you think?” she asked leaning into him.

“It’s everything I ever dreamed of and more.” he told her, leaning down to kiss her before kissing his daughter on the head.

“OK. 5 minutes. It’s time.” Oliver called out as everyone got ready to go. Oliver and Jason helped Wendy up from the couch and everyone piled into Oliver’s car. They even squeezed Jason in. Oliver knew how much he loved Wendy and couldn’t fault him for it. He appreciated the fact that Jason was as protective of Wendy as he was of Keely. In the time he’s known Jason, he had come to look at Jason as one of his best friends and more recently as a brother. He was looking forward to exposing his son to the love and acceptance this new family had to offer.

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