A New Normal (A New Dream Book 3)

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Chapter Two

The next day, Keely is sitting on the couch at Oliver and Wendy’s apartment and she’s talking about Roger’s record deal and hers and Oliver’s audition.

“How are you gonna audition for a record deal? You’re 4 months pregnant.” Wendy asked drinking coffee.

“Roger said that they know and that it won’t be a problem. I can be pregnant and still sing.” she looked over at her.

“When are you gonna tell Oliver about the audition?” she asked as Keely sat back caressing her belly.

“When he gets home from work. Roger and the band are having a power session. He brought them some songs he’s been writing and they’re gonna go over them and see which ones they want to bring to the label. He’ll probably be out most of the night.” she smiled.

“Oliver’s gonna freak out, you do realize that, right?” Wendy laughed.

“I think he’s gonna be more worried about me being pregnant through all of this. You know him. He thinks me being pregnant is a disabilty or something.” Keely drank her iced tea.

“How do you feel? I mean, your morning sickness is gone, right?” she asked curiously.

“Yeah, it’s been gone for a while, so I have a lot more energy now. Roger’s having a nervous breakdown though.” she laughed sitting her glass on the coffee table.

“Well, yeah. Impending fatherhood has a way of doing that to a guy.” Wendy laughed.

“He’s just afraid that the baby’s room isn’t gonna be ready and then he’s not gonna be ready for whatever a kid is gonna throw at him.” Keely told her.

“That boy thinks too much. He’s gonna be an amazing father. Everyone see it.” Wendy smiled at her.

“Yeah, everyone sees it but him.” Keely looked over at her.

“It’ll be OK. Do you guys have any names picked out yet?” Wendy asked trying to lighten the mood.

“Not really. We’re waiting until we have the sonogram to tell us what the sex of the baby is. He’s convinced it’s gonna be a girl.” Keely laughed leaning back on the couch.

“Roger with a girl? That I need to see.” she laughed.

“Jason says the same thing. I don’t get why that’ll be so interesting.” Keely caressed her bally.

“You’re kidding. You don’t see it?” Wendy asked.

“See what? Roger is very respectful towards women. I think a girl would be nice. Any girl would be lucky to have Roger as a father.” Keely smiled.

“Keel, that goes without saying, but the man is a rock god. Girls throw themselves at his feet. You don’t see the irony of him having a girl?” she sat up to fold her legs underneath her.

“Girls do not throw themselves at his feet.” Keely argued, getting defensive.

“Just because he doesn’t see any of them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there. I just think it’ll be fun to see him step off stage with his leather pants and spiked hair and sit at a tiny table having a tea party or playing Barbie’s with his little girl. I would pay to see that. We all would.” Wendy laughed.

“Oh wow. He’s gonna be wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger, isn’t he?” Keely laughed.

“With eyes as blue as yours, it’s inevitable.” Wendy smiled.

The girls talked for the rest of the afternoon. Before they knew it, Oliver was home from work.

“My pregnant cousin and my girlfriend together. I should be scared, right?” Oliver asked watching the girls.

“Fine. I guess you don’t want to hear the big news I came to share.” Keely teased, tapping her fingers on her small pregnant belly.

“You mean, Roger and the Knights getting a record deal? Yeah, I heard. That’s great, Keel. I’m happy for them.” he told her smugly.

“How did you hear about it already? It just happened last night.” she looked at her cousin.

“Keel, you know the music community is really small. Word gets around. Especially since everyone knows that we’re related to them.” Oliver looked over at her.

“Did your grapevine tell you anything else?” Keely asked, standing up from her seat on the couch.

“Nope, that’s it. Why? What else is there? Is he opening for Springsteen or something?” he wondered, setting his guitar case by the door.

“No. Not yet anyway. Roger signed the deal last night and he told them about us and they want us to audition for them.” she told him excitedly.

“How Keel? You’re pregnant. Are they really gonna give us a record deal with a lead singer who’s 4 months pregnant?” he asked frustrated.

“Yes Oli, they are. They already know that I’m pregnant and they know that pregnancy isn’t gonna effect my singing. Roger said that the guy at the record label was really excited. They heard me sing with Roger and they can’t wait to hear me with you and the rest of the band,” she smiled at him.

“Are you serious? Tell me she’s serious.” he asked before directing his attention to Wendy.

“Oh, she’s serious. Her and Roger are determined to be the rock super couple of the world and it looks like she’s taking your sorry ass along for the ride.” Wendy confirmed looking over at him.

“But, Keel why wouldn’t you just rejoin The Knights and sing with Roger?” he asked confused.

“Because you guys are my family. I grew up with you guys backing me up. I can’t abandon you for Roger and The Bohemian Knights. Even if he is my husband.” she walked over to him.

“Thanks, Keel. You’re the best.” he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight.

“I didn’t do anything, Oli. Roger’s the one who talked to them about us.” she smiled, hugging him back.

“I know he wants you to rejoin The Knights and you told him no. I appreciate your loyalty to us. Even though I realize how difficult it is to say no to your husband. Every girl in the city thinks that Roger is a dreamy rock god. They’re so jealous of you because you not only got pregnant by him, but he married you.” he laughed looking down at her.

“It wasn’t that difficult, Oli. I didn’t want to piggy back on Roger’s. We are just as good, if not better than the Knights.” Keely smiled at him.

“Thanks for having so much faith in us, Keel. That means a lot.” he smiled at her.

“Roger may be my husband, but you guys were my family first. I’ll do anything for you.” she smiled as Wendy ordered pizza and Keely and Oliver called the other guys about the audition for the record label. They were as excited as Keely and Oliver were.

“When is our audition?” Oliver asked looking over at her.

“Next week. I was thinking I would sing Kiss Me Deadly.” she teased looking over at him.

“I’m not sure that someone as pregnant as you are, singing a song that hot would go over that convincingly.” he looked over at her.

“Gee thanks, Oli. I think I can still hold my own up there.” Keely looked over at him.

“Maybe you should do Warrior or Promises instead.” he suggested naming female rock songs.

“No, I’m doing Deadly.” she told him, getting up from the table.

“But Keel, you’re pregnant…” he started when Keely interrupted him.

“A fact I’m well aware of, Oli. Why are you acting like that means I can’t do anything? Roger’s gonna be a father, how come no one acts like he can’t do anything?” she stood up and looked down at him. She was angry. She hated that he was looking at her pregnancy as if it was a handicap.

“I don’t think that’s what he means, Keel. I think what he’s trying to say is that no one wants anything to happen to you or your baby. Do you think Roger could live through another miscarriage?” Wendy asked her, saving Oliver from having to say it.

“I’m 4 months pregnant, Wend. I think I can handle taking care of my baby. I would never do anything to endanger mine and Roger’s child. You know that.” she looked at them.

“Sorry Keel. I just…” Oliver said looking over at her.

“Worry. Yeah, I’m aware of your worrying. Don’t you think my husband worries enough for everyone? If he doesn’t think Deadly is too strenuous, that should tell you something. It was his idea.” she told them as Roger looked at her surprised.

“Roger’s behind this?” he asked her.

“Um, yeah. My husband has faith in me. Unlike my cousin and my best friend.” she walked away to get a drink of water.

“Sorry, Keel. We didn’t mean to sound like we didn’t trust you. We just know how much this baby means to you and Roger. We don’t want anything to happen to it.” Wendy looked over at her.

“I asked my doctor how long I can sing and teach and he said that I can continue as long as I’m comfortable. He actually said that singing and dancing is healthy for the baby and me. As long as I’m not stage diving. So you see, you’re worrying for nothing.” She looked over at them.

“Really?” Oliver asked.

“Yes, Oli. Singing increases oxygen circulation, lowers heart rate, decreases blood pressure, boosts immunity and releases a chemical that boosts mood and relieves stress. It’s good for the baby. As long as the music isn’t too loud, it’ll be OK.” She looked at him.

“OK, Keel. You win. You’ve done the research. You’re the mama. You know what’s best.” Oliver gave in.

“Yes, I do. Now I’m starving. When is that pizza getting here?” she looked down at him and Wendy laughed. She liked when Keely flexed her mom to be muscles and knocked Oliver off of his high horse.

“Soon, Keel. Soon.” Oliver smiled at her.

When Keely got home that night, she heard hammering coming from the baby’s room. “This doesn’t sound good.” she said before going over to the doorway and peaked in. The room was painted mint green and yellow and Roger was putting together the crib. “Roger, what are you doing home? I thought you were gonna be with the band most of the night.” she asked, looking over at him.

“We picked out some songs and started rehearsing them, but we were all too wound up to keep playing. The guys were going out drinking, but I decided that my time would be better spent here putting the baby’s room together. Did you have fun at Wendy and Oliver’s?’ he asked getting up from the floor.

“Um, you painted too?” she asked looking over at him.

“I had to do it while you were out. I know the paint fumes aren’t good for you and the baby.” he smiled at her.

“Roger, I appreciate you doing all of this but you could have gone out drinking with the guys. You deserve to celebrate.” she smiled with her arms around his waist.

“The only place I’d rather celebrate is here with my wife.” he kissed her head.

“I can’t believe this is all happening. You have a record deal, Alienated is gonna audition for a record company, we’re having a baby and everything is perfect.” she smiled at him.

“Keel, you stuck by me and got me well so I could get this opportunity. You gave me everything I have and made it possible for all of this to happen. Without you, none of this is happens. Our life doesn’t exist.” he swept her into his arms and held her close.

“You always forget that you saved me too. When I was drinking, I was escaping more than not being able to dance anymore. I didn’t have to face my feelings for you. It was easier to be drunk than face the fact that I couldn’t have you. When everything happened with you, Dawn, the drugs and your HIV, I needed to be sober for you to survive and achieve this. Not only the record deal, but us. Our life. You saved me when I couldn’t dance anymore by giving me the opportunity to sing again and being with you saved me from drinking myself to death. I had to be sober in order to help you survive. This life belongs to the both of us.” she leaned up to kiss him. Their kiss turned heated as it had the previous night, but this time they wouldn’t be interrupted. They went into their bedroom and made love.

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