A New Normal (A New Dream Book 3)

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Chapter Six

Roger is at the recording studio going over some songs with the record producer. Keely is at home, hanging up the ballerina borders around the room. She finishes hanging one and turns around to get another piece. She is startled by sudden movement in her belly. At 24 weeks pregnant she wondered when she was gonna start feeling her baby move. She had been feeling flutters, but no actual movement. The doctor told her that she would feel it anywhere between 16 and 25 weeks. Since this was her first pregnancy that it would be probably closer to 25 weeks. She looked around the room and couldn’t believe she was alone. She’s not usually alone and now that she needed someone to witness her baby’s first movements, she was. “You have got to be kidding me. The one time I’m not falling over people and you kick. I’m gonna have my hands full with you, aren’t I?” she laughed rubbing her belly.

She went to the phone in the living room to call Wendy. She got the answering machine. Next she called the apartment looking for Jason and Rick. She got the answering machine there too. She couldn’t believe that no one was home. She went back into the baby’s room to finish doing her decorating. She hung up Angel’s sonogram picture as well as pictures of her and Roger, Wendy and Oliver, Rick, Jason and both sets of grandparents. There were also pictures of Alienated and The Bohemian Knights. The sheets were on the crib mattress were pink and the blanket and crib bumpers were pink and white with ballet slippers. There was a teddy bear wearing a tutu and ballet slippers. She smiled down into the crib. “I can’t wait until you’re sleeping in here. Daddy and I are very anxious to meet you.” she smiled looking down at her belly. She finished up in the nursery before going into the living room. She went into her bedroom and attempted to lay down. When she put her head down, the baby started moving like crazy. She sat up against the pillows and concentrating on the movement of her daughter. She must have dozed off because when she opened her eyes again, Roger was lying next to her caressing her belly.

“Hey, gorgeous. Is there something you’d like to tell me?” he smiled leaning up to kiss her.

“Your daughter has a twisted sense of humor. She started kicking and moving around today and I was all by myself.” she laughed tilting her head towards him.

“Sure, blame her on me.” he laughed with her.

“It was so amazing, Roger. But no one was here to witness it.” she looked over at him.

“That’s awesome, Keel.” he smiled at her.

“So, how was the studio? Tell me everything.” she smiled excitedly.

“It was better than I ever expected, Keel. They had me sing through my songs on my guitar and they loved every one of them. Especially yours. They think it’s gonna be the biggest hit on the record.” he smiled at her.

“I’m so proud of you, Roger.” she smiled at him.

“And our little one is finally starting to make her presence known.” he smiled caressing Keely’s pregnant belly.

“It happened when I was decorating her room. I tried calling Wendy, but she wasn’t home and then I tried Jason and Rick, but they weren’t home either. The one time I’m not tripping over someone, something big happens.” she laughed looking down at him.

“Didn’t Wendy have a doctor’s appointment today?” Roger asked looking down at her.

“Oh, right. Am I the worst best friend ever? I totally forgot.” she asked as Roger sat up next to her.

“No, you’re not. There’s a lot going on around here. It’s easy to forget some things.” he smiled sitting against the pillows.

“She never forgets anything. She’s always there for me.” she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“It’s OK, Keel. Don’t worry so much.” he kissed the top of her head.

“There is a lot going on around here lately. Record deals, babies… it’s hard to keep up with it all.” she reached over to take his hand and laced her fingers with his.

“You got that right.” he smiled at her.

“My head is spinning. How are we gonna be able to handle a little girl and our careers? Recording, touring… things are gonna be pretty crazy.” she looked up at him.

“We thrive on crazy.” he laughed kissing his wife’s head again.

“Roger, I’m serious. Are we really gonna be able to handle all of this?” she asked looking over at him.

“Keel, we can do this. You just gotta have faith.” he smiled at her.

“Yeah, you tell me that when we’re dead tired from a teething baby and we have to be in the studio recording the next morning.” she laughed leaning up to kiss his cheek before getting up from the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked watching her.

“Bathroom. Your daughter is active now, so my bladder is taking a hit. I have a feeling I’m gonna have her in my class by the time she can walk.” she told him as she left the room.

“Sorry, Baby.” he called out.

“Still not your fault, Roger.” she laughed before shutting the bathroom door. He laughed, thinking about how funny his life had become. He’s married with a daughter on the way, him and his band have a record deal. His wife and her band have a record deal and 2 of their best friends are having a baby too. He leaned his head back and smiled. Keely entered the room and say him. “What are you smiling about?” she smiled from the doorway.

“My life is pretty great.” he smiled at her.

“Yes, it is. You’re welcome.” she laughed turning around and walking away.

“You’re lucky I love you, blondie.” he called out, jumping out of the bed to follow her.

“If you love me, you’ll cook me dinner. I’m starving.” she laughed sitting on the couch.

“What do you feel like?” he asked smiling at her.

“Um… hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.” she suggested.

“Anything for the mother of my daughter.” he smiled, starting dinner.

“You’re the best husband ever.” she laughed staring at her sexy husband cooking her dinner.

“Just as long as you know.” he laughed looking over at her.

“Oh, don’t worry, Baby. I know.” she smiled leaning her head on the back of the couch with her hands on her belly.

“Aren’t you gonna call Wendy?” he asked as he put the water on for the macaroni and cheese and took out the pan for the hot dogs.

“Good idea. Thanks Baby.” she smiled, getting up from the couch and getting the phone to call Wendy. The phone rang on the other end before someone answered.

“Hello.” Wendy said.

“Hey, Wend. How did the doctor go?” she asked caressing her belly.

“Hey, Keel. It went good. He said that everything is normal for 8 weeks.” she smiled excitedly.

“That’s great. I’m so happy for you.” Keely smiled.

“Thanks, Keel. How about you and me go out shopping tomorrow? I still need to pick up something for my niece.” she smiled s Oliver stood by the refrigerator.

“Sounds good. I can take you out to lunch.” she told her, hearing the hot dogs frying in the kitchen.

“Awesome. I can’t wait. Do you have a class in the afternoon?” she asked.

“No, I’m taking the week off. The girls have been working really hard and with the recital behind us, they could use the time off.” she smiled.

“So could you. You’ve been working too hard. You’re too pregnant to be working so hard.” she pointed out.

“The doctor said I can dance until I’m too uncomfortable to. Teaching the girls make me feel good. I can’t leave my girls.” Keely told her, looking over at Roger who looked like he was almost finished with dinner.

“As long as you’re not pushing yourself. I don’t want anything to happen to my niece.” Wendy told her.

“Don’t worry, Wend. She’s in good hands. I’ll see you in the morning. Love ya.” she told her before hanging up.

“Dinner, Baby.” Roger called out from the kitchen.

“Thanks, Baby.” she smiled as she walked over to him.

“What did the doctor say?” he asked as they sat at the dining room table.

“He said that everything looked good for 8 weeks.” she smiled taking the mustard and putting it on her hot dog.

“That’s great. Their kid isn’t gonna be much younger than Angel.” he smiled at her.

“I’m glad. I want them to be close in age. They can be raised as siblings.” she looked over at him.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice for her to have a brother or sister. She may not get a chance any other way.” he looked at her before shoving the hot dog into his mouth.

“I know. I can’t imagine putting another child through this. Leaving Angel is gonna be hard enough. I can’t think of leaving another child.” she said looking into his eyes.

“I don’t want to leave Angel. I haven’t even met her yet and I already don’t want to leave her.” he looked at her.

“So we won’t. We’ll stay for as long as we need to so we can watch her grow up.” she looked at him.

“We can’t run forever, Keel.”

“So we’ll love each other like crazy until it catches up to us.” she smiled at him.

“OK, Keel. That’s what we’ll do.” he smiled as they ate.

“I’m going shopping with Wendy tomorrow. Do you need anything?” she asked in between bites her macaroni and cheese.

“I was thinking about picking up one of those baby monitor things. You know, so we know what’s going on when she’s sleeping. I’m afraid I won’t be able to hear her from across the apartment.” he looked over at her.

“My mom said that she was getting us one. You know, we don’t have to buy everything? Our parents want to do something.” she looked at him.

“I can support my daughter, Keel. I don’t need our parents buying her the things she needs.” he looked over at her.

“Roger, no one is saying that you can’t support your daughter. It’s traditional to have a baby shower to celebrate Angel’s arrival.” she set her fork down.

“I know, Keel. But your parents bought us this apartment and with my parents they bought the dance school. How much more are they gonna have to do for us before we start supporting ourselves?” he asked.

“We are supporting ourselves. We work, we have record deals. They just wanted us to have everything we need to live our life. I thought you were OK with it. We talked about it and you weren’t against it.” she looked over at him.

“I want you to have more than a bartender and the lead singer in a bar band could give you. I want to be a man and provide for my family.” he got up from the table to put his plate on the counter.

“You are a man, Roger. Who says you’re not?” she asked looking over at him.

“I’m saying it, Keel. I want to give my wife and daughter everything they need. Everything you deserve.” he looked down at her.

“And we have it. We have the most loving, generous, protective man who ever lived. You don’t have to prove anything to me or anyone else. I hope you know that.” she looked up at him.

“I have to prove it to myself.” he looked into her blue eyes.

“I… I understand, I really do. But we got her bedroom furniture and decorated her room on our own. My mom needs to feel like she’s doing something useful for her granddaughter. She wants to throw her a party and spoil her. It has nothing to do with your ability to support Angel and me. It’s just that, there are other people in her life who want to buy her stuff that she needs.” she took his hands in hers.

“I’m over reacting again, aren’t I?” he asked looking down at her.

“A little. But you’re a creative type. You’re supposed to be temperamental.” she smiled up at him.

“Creative type, huh?’ he laughed putting his arms around her 6 months pregnant belly.

“You’re an amazingly creative man. I wish I could write songs the way you and Oli do.” she looked up into his green eyes.

“I was thinking that maybe you and me can try to write a song together.” he suggested.

“I’m not good at song writing. I tried a million times.” she told him.

“Not with me, you haven’t. How about we just try?” he smiled.

“OK, we’ll try.” she leaned up to kiss him. They went back to the dining room table to finish their dinner.

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