The Week That We Met

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I’m back at the library again. Maybe a little bit anticipative of yet another encounter. The books whose titles I took note of are sprawled across the table I’m at. This time, however, most of them are opened as I try to piece together information which may be of help in my current and personal research. Trying to see the connection between one body of information to another is always an interesting and entertaining piece of activity for me, despite me personally not taking an emphasis on reading as an activity due to how it’s very natural to me. Among the five books scattered and surrounding me was the same astronomy book I had with me yesterday. That was the very trigger for her to be seated with me. The sudden event made my heartbeat hasten in surprise. “She’s here, again...” my thoughts echo.

“Oh, sorry. The librarian said you had the book I was looking for and there’s only limited time till classes resume—”

“No, it’s okay,” I cut her words short. “You can sit with me and have a go at it, if you’d like.”

“Thank you,” she replies as she seated herself quite close beside me and proceeds to focus on the book. After a while, she asks: “You have the page open on stars and constellations. Do you perhaps have an interest in astrology?”

“Yeah,” I nod with my eyes still hurling back and forth my notes and the books opened on their respective topics I’m paying attention to. “The concept of astrology is a lot recognized as pseudoscience, but it’s still interesting nonetheless as a whole framework was built with the heavenly bodies as reference.”

“So it appears we have the same sentiments towards knowledge,” she giggles and shows me a tender smile. I never thought someone could be so happy talking about these sort of things. “You’re my upperclassman, right? I often see you when you visit our classroom sometimes.”

“I’m that noticeable?” I ask, the words immediately launching out of my mouth. “I didn’t expect that. But it’s understandable. I’ve noticed you from before as well.” Not that I would admit that I’ve had my eye on her, of course.

“I see,” she replies, her smile still on her face. “Would you like to be friends?” She asks.

Somehow, her eyes seem to be filled with determination and I am prompted to respond with the same amount of confidence. “Sure, why not? It’s my honor to have a friend who’s very knowledgeable and interested in all sorts of topics.”

“So... would you like to hang out with me here again, tomorrow?”

Her question makes my heartbeat flutter even faster, for some reason.

“S-Sure, why not.”

“Are you alright?”

“Sorry. Yeah, I’m alright. Maybe just a little bit flustered.”

“Oh! Did I say something wrong?”

“No, you did not. I’m just happy, is all.”

“Is it possible that I made you happy?”

Wow, this girl is very... assertive. She knows her way with words and all— quite confident too.

“Just kidding! I’m sorry for teasing you a bit.”

“I don’t really mind,” I reply as I laugh it off. “I’m having fun as well.”

With those words of mine, somehow, she lets her guard down a bit and her cheeks slightly turn red and rosy.

“I’ll just finish up reading on this book because I have to go soon,” she mutters with her smile not yet fading. “And then, I’ll see you tomorrow. Sound good?”

“Yeah, no problem. I’m looking forward to it.”

She leaves after a short while and I finally pack up and return the books. Today seems to be cloudy, a perfect chance for me to waste my time at the rooftop. After hanging out with my friends, I made my way to a cafe just near my place. The girl that my friend was mentioning about was also in the area. However, she was accompanied by a guy who seemed quite familiar. If I’m not mistaken, he already has a girlfriend, something I can be envious about. But why is he... It doesn’t matter. I only came here to get a cup of iced coffee and some waffles on the side. Hopefully I get some ideas for my stories and my research as I take a break like this.

Several minutes pass and the two in the background are acting very close, being seated beside each other and all. Which felt a bit off, if the guy did really already have a partner. Not that it was my business though, so it was easy to get out of that place right after I finished my meal.

As I returned home and made my way to the rooftop, the breeze greeted me while I climbed a water tank in order to get a higher view of the area around me. The skies remain beautiful: since the sunlight is steadily blocked by the cloud layers, I am able to enjoy looking up without fear of myself being blinded. Silently, I wished that I could bring someone here to get lost with in the view: to dream of things beyond and to immerse in the vastness of the world around us. To me, this was but a mere dream, a hope for myself, for my future; something to dream of, something to hope for, maybe even something to make things worthwhile. These moments are but moments for me.

I'll have to make preparations for tomorrow. Then again, it's just a party... all that there is to do is to drink and have fun. What's a little entertainment with friends after all? I don't think there's a need to be extra about it. I'll just bring a change of clothes so I can go to the bar straight away.

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