The Week That We Met

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The library is a fun place to be, but I wasn’t this enthusiastic about it. It’s not like I looked forward to go here, let alone expect to have an encounter like that. It really is a nice place to be, though. Books of any sort of topics are just within reach. Today’s the day where I’ll be waiting for someone in the library— someone who isn’t even a close friend or what. Is this... a date? Did I casually get asked to go on a date? Wait, why am I even thinking like this? She’s just a new friend, isn’t she? Then again, she seems to catch my attention...

...and there she is, just outside the library. A guy who seems to be not a part of her group of friends is tailing her though. She turns towards him and seems to be saying something, but I can’t make out the words. However, people near them seem to have caught on and discourage him from continuing his approach. I’m only staring through the library windows, but I know that it wasn’t pretty.

“Hey, you okay?” I stand up and ask her. “What was that about?”

“That was just a nuisance. No one important, really,” she brushes it off coldly. “We shouldn’t let anything or anyone ruin our time here. I have somewhere to go later, too, so we should make the most of it here.”

“Good point,” I nod in agreement. “Let’s take a table somewhere on the second floor.”

This time, with different books and more enthusiasm, we discussed all sorts of topics: starting from suppositions on the origin of the world, to why we’re really here in this world, and the subsequent components that make up our world. I even argued that upon acknowledging that there are things measurable, there will inevitably be things immeasurable. Basically, not everything is up for calculation. Finiteness and infinity, asymmetry and symmetry, and all the possible things we could nerd out about. All of these things let time pass by, and time pass by did it go. It’s really easy to lose track of time when you’re having this much fun. At least, for me. For her, it’s evident enough that she enjoys this: she’s never without a smile, she easily chuckles, and is unafraid to show off different expressions I never knew she would be able to wear. I could go an entire day just watching her. I hope that’s not weird at all. We pause for a while and let our eyes wander to our watches.

“I think it’s time to go,” I mutter. “Such a shame that this has to end... that felt pretty early an ending for me.”

“I know, right? But we have somewhere else to go— am I correct?”

“Yes, you’re definitely correct,” I chuckle out of nowhere. “We can still do this another day or tomorrow. No problem for me.”

“Ah, we’re back to a whole day of classes tomorrow, aren’t we?”

“I can just wait for your classes to finish. I don’t mind.”

“You sure? You’ll have two hours to wait out just for me...”

“Yeah, really— I really don’t mind. I enjoy your company that much.”

“Thanks... I’m looking forward to it as well. So, I’ll see you tomorrow again?”

“See you tomorrow. Be safe, okay?”

“A-About that... you wanna exchange contact details?”

“I... yeah, sure— why not, right?”

We both reach for each other’s IDs with our paces matching. We simultaneously get our ID cards in each other’s hand.

“Amy... it’s short for Amelia. Now you know...”

“I’m just Ollie... short for Oliver. It’s actually funny that we both shorten our names on purpose...”

“Yes, it’s great to get to know you more. I’m really looking forward to our next meetings.”

“Thanks for today,” I respond and bow on instinct.

It’s almost the evening and we’ve gone our separate ways. By separate ways, I mean that she had to go on ahead because she’s gonna be meeting with her friends. Same deal as I got, I suppose. I’m finally on my way to the bar I was invited to just after changing clothes. Wait, I’m actually feeling happy anyway that I don’t really feel like drinking anymore. I don’t think I should be going, but what would my friends think if I end up being a no-show? I should at least show myself or something. Upon reaching the bar’s facade, I recognize a familiar figure standing a bit far away from the entrance. It’s Amy... what is she doing here? As I approached her, she immediately notices me and is bewildered as much as I am.

“What are you doing here, Oliver?”

“Wha— just call me Ollie. That’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Alright, Ollie. You’re gonna go drinking?”

“I could ask the same: what brings you here?”

“My friends are inside.”

“So are mine,” I cut her off. “But, why are you just outside?”

“He’s in there. For some reason, he’s with your group of friends, assuming those are your friends.”

Upon knowing this, I told her to wait for a bit as I take a quick peek inside. She was right, the dude really was getting along with my friends. It doesn’t seem like they’re entertaining him too much though. He seems to be feeling pretty restless going to and fro my circle and her circle of friends. And apparently, my supposed crush is here. With my knowledge of her, I never expected her to be at a bar, let alone be drinking liquor. Where was the heads up, you dipshits? After taking my time, I finally realized why there was never a heads up: the guy with a girlfriend is here, with no girlfriend in sight. If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is. He’s also seated beside her. Ain’t no way anyone’s getting through that.

“Well, that’s that. I’m not gonna go in and join them either,” I grumble as I return to where she was.

“What’s wrong?” She asks me. “Shouldn’t you at least tell your friends?”

“Nah. I’ll just send them a text. How about you? What’s your plan now?”

“To be honest, I don’t really know. I'm already here and it's still quite early, so it'd be a waste to just go home immediately. What about you?”

“Do you... feel like drinking?”

“Honestly, not really. I can hold my liquor, but I don’t see a need to drink, especially right now.”

“Wanna... go to my place then?”

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