The Week That We Met

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Wednesday (Evening)

Just before we made our way to my unit, we stopped at a convenience store to buy all sorts of stuff we’d be needing: food, beverages, and whatnot. She offered to pay for whatever we were gonna be getting, so I took my time in picking which snacks and drinks to have. I agreed because... because I didn’t really have any ulterior motives in mind. But now that I think about it, isn’t this pretty sus...?

As I opened the door to my humble abode lying on the fourth floor, I turned towards her and paused.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? Isn’t this pretty sus?” I ask, wording the thought surfacing in my head.

“Not really. I don’t wanna go home yet so I’m technically using you as an excuse just so I don’t have to.”

“I see. But, don’t you have to get home early?”

“You actually live pretty close to my place. This is similar to me just going outside of my house to check something out.”

Well, still very assertive. I suppose she’s assured me that none of this seems off, so it would only be proper to welcome her at the very least. She and I aren’t particularly close yet... I guess that’s the only thing I’m feeling worried about. We’ve laid out the consumables and I proceeded to turn the TV on. She stopped me from doing so and mentioned that she doesn’t particularly feel like watching TV nor having it as a white noise in the background at the moment. So I asked her about it.

“It’s because tonight feels nice and calm. Having white noise around us would just disrupt it and ruin the mood.”

“I guess you’re right,” I raise my drink, a root beer, in agreement. “It does feel pretty peaceful.”

“Thanks for having me around tonight,” she smiles. “I won’t be staying all night with you, of course, but at least, you’ll be having me around.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth. Looks like we’ll have to stick with convenience store food for dinner. Sorry about that. My family’s at the other house for tonight.”

“Even better, honestly.”

Our dinnertime passed by quietly. It wasn’t an entirely new feeling since I got used to having quiet dinners with my family, but to spend it with someone like this... I could get used to this. The silence remained even as we shuffled through out the unit, disposing of our trash with efficiency. She knows her way around my home even though this is the first time she’s been here.

“What do you wanna do now?” I ask her as we seat ourselves on the floor, around the coffee table near the couches.

“Anything counts. We still have some snacks and beverages untouched.”

With that, I took the time to check what sorta snacks she went and got for herself. I didn’t take much, just a few honey butter flavored chips and some cookies. It didn’t take me a long while to notice that there’s alcohol among the drinks.

“I thought you didn’t feel like drinking liquor?”

“Earlier. But now I wanna see how you well you can hold it. Color me intrigued.”

A few cans are opened and the drink-off begins. I sneak in a few bites and munches of my snacks of choice, my fingertips amassing food debris the more minutes pass. After making sure that my stomach is sufficiently filled with food, I began focusing on the alcohol. She wasn’t lying when she said she knows how to handle her liquor. It’s already her third can and she doesn’t seem to be very flustered at all. Her short hair is enough to serve as a curtain to block me out from seeing what sort of expression she’s wearing right now. The lights in my unit aren’t especially bright, so it’ll take a lot of effort for me to find out. After a while of gulping down my drinks, I finally notice: her eyes seem to be locked onto me. I fix my glasses in an attempt to hide my embarrassment as I feel the alcohol doing its thing. My eyesight becomes a bit woozy as I try to move, so I made my way to the couch instead.

Her gaze follows me— and so does she. She casually scoots closer to me on the couch as if to cling to me. What followed was her warm voice tickling my ear. “It’s alright if I cling to you like this, right?” She locks both of her arms on my right arm and proceeds to tighten her embrace. At this rate, I can only feel the softness of her chest pressing on my upper arm—

“Do you like it when I do this? Do you find it bothersome?”


“Isn’t it strange that I’m all up on you when we just met the other day?”

Goddamn. The alcohol isn’t allowing me to think straight. Did I walk into a fucking trap?

“Wait, are you really really sure this is okay with you? That might just be the alcohol speaking—”

“No, silly. I used the alcohol so I could gather up the confidence to do this to you. It was already convenient for me that you invited me to your place, and it’s not even too far from my home. I can get home fast enough even if I leave a tad bit late.”

“Are you saying you planned this all out?”

She holds my face with both hands and gets me to face her. “I did not. You just made it easy to get here without a particular plan.” Her face gets a bit too close to mine and her breathing becomes audible. I suspect that my breaths are audible to her as well. Now that we’re here, I guess it’d leave a bad taste in my mouth if I were to hesitate. I pull her body closer to mine and move ever so slightly just so our lips finally touch. We kissed for a few minutes like that: just our lips pressed together.

“Let’s continue in your room.”


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