The Week That We Met

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Wednesday (Aftermath)

I close the door as she seats herself on my bed and proceeds to look around the room. There’s not much that she should be able to see as I didn’t turn the lights on. Only the lights from outside the unit are enough to provide lighting for us to be able to see each other. The sensation from earlier is still fresh in my mind, so as I seated myself beside her, I leaned closer to her face. She does the same and we make out again, our lips and tongues finally in motion unlike earlier. I place my hand on her back and waist, but her caressing me along the pace of our kiss prompts me to do the same. My hands finally roam her body, carefully crawling through her shirt. She slightly tilts in a direction that lets my hand brush up on her chest. Finally letting my impulses take over, I went ahead and groped her breasts. Our kiss seemed to be unending even as she reached for my groin. Feeling each other up as we kept sharing passionate, deep kisses only served to escalate the situation.

“I’m ready to go all the way,” she remarks as we pause from making out and proceeds to take her shirt off. I guess I should take mine off as well... We both can’t see very well in this light level, but it only serves to fuel the thrill. Being immersed in my thoughts, I didn’t notice that I was already taking off my pants as well. She does the same, of course... I only did so because this is my room and it felt natural to do. Ugh, whatever. She did say she’s ready. The both of us are finally only in our underwear and we can feel the embarrassment welling up from each other.

“Let me feel you up,” I lean closer to her as I hold her hand.

“Yeah, I want you to. Go ahead,” she replies as she clenches my hand in approval. My other hand makes its way to unhook her bra and I can only make out the silhouette of her chest. I proceed to suck on her breasts, making sure that I’m able to give love and care to both of them without discrimination. She seems to be feeling it, and feeling good with it too as she lets out small moans with every suction made.

“I think that’s enough...” she whispers as she proceeds to take her panties off. “Let’s get right to it. I don’t want to have to wait.”

“I don’t have a rubber on me, sorry... I didn’t know we’d—”



“I bought some while you weren’t looking.”

“I... am just amazed.”

“It’s my pleasure. Make sure I feel good.”

After a few rounds, three to be exact, we finally took a break by... making out. The words seemed to have spilled out of her mouth as she lets the pleasure settle in. "I love you..."

"Isn't it a bit too fast for you to say that...?"

"I'm trusting my gut on this one. I'm not willing to do this sort of thing with anyone, just you."

"But... we haven't known each other that long yet for you to be able to say it like so."

"I've had my eye on you for a while now, and I can say with certainty that you're the one I want. And I have you just where I want you right now."

"This Wednesday is just full of surprises for me."

I look into her eyes before finally responding.

"Alright, I'm not gonna lie. You caught my eye pretty quickly, and it was really fun spending time with you. With this, I look forward to spending more and more of my days together... I love you too."

"You do know that I'm not gonna be letting you go ever because of that, right?"

"To be honest, I don't really mind. You can have me for as long as you'd like."

Upon settling things, we pass out for a while before finally having to separate. She still has to go home, of course... no way our parents would want any stayovers on a Wednesday of all days.

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