The Week That We Met

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Yesternight is still stuck in my head. The feeling wasn’t totally new, but it was my first time being able to let loose like that. I managed to keep my cool and focus even while in class, despite me still wanting more of it. I really have to control myself. It’s not like that sorta thing is bound to happen every single time. I didn’t hear from her last night. She must have passed out when she got home or something. I had to escort her a few meters away from the crossroad that acted as a border between her home and mine. But... she didn’t send a message this morning. That’s a bit weird. Maybe she just forgot.

After class was dismissed and it was time for lunch, I made my way towards the library. Of course, I was hoping that she’d be there. But for today, it seems that the library doesn’t have much people. I could go and eat lunch instead since she isn’t here...

A few minutes of waiting pass by and I finally see her with her friends on the way to the cafeteria to have lunch. Looks like meeting up at the library isn’t up for today. I should just send her a text: “Hey, do you wanna meet up again later?” There’s no point in staying at the library now, so it’s better to just chow down as fast as I can to get back to class in time. I go to my friends and proceed to have my lunch, but she’s in the area as well so I couldn’t help but stare and give glances. She notices this and turns away from me. A sense of disgust washes over me and I wonder if somehow, in some way, last night was a mistake. I carried these thoughts in the back of my head as I returned to class with my friends— their curiosity abounding on my whereabouts last night.

“Say, what did you do to spend the night away? We thought you would be with us, drinking and stuff.”

“I just didn’t feel like it, sorry,” I replied. “I just played games—”

“Bullshit, dude. You weren’t online! Were you hiding from people?”

“No, dude, didn’t you see that guy who was with his crush? He would’ve been even more downtrodden if he were there to see that.”

“Goddamn it, how many times do I have to say that she’s not my crush?”

“You were even staring at people in the cafeteria. What was that about? You trying to look for a replacement?”

My friends laugh it off as me going off on my own to be all sentimental somewhere, but I can’t tell them just yet. As long as I’m still not sure, it’s not up for discussion.

Class wasn’t much of a bore, but the year is ending. Next month it’ll be just time to prepare for events such as Christmas; more free time, basically. If this works out well, then I’ll have something to invest in by then. But since earlier, I’ve been waiting for my phone to buzz— to no avail, of course. I suppose she doesn’t want to see me yet. Did I... do something wrong? Or am I just... unattractive?

*bzzt bzzt*

Finally, a message. And it’s from her. “SLR. I was a bit busy today and I didn’t have enough time to look at my phone. I forgot that I had lots of backlogs to catch up on, and well... last night was a really good experience for me. I had to avoid seeing you because I’ll get distracted... Anyway, we can meet tomorrow. I’ll have my thoughts composed by then. Thanks again, for last night.”

Good. Nothing’s wrong. It’s all in the clear. Back to my regularly scheduled me time. I make my way home and yet again, I see the two from last time. This time, however, I’m inside the cafe and they’re outside. A car is stopped just on the other side of the street and there’s a girl on the driver seat staring at— OH. That’s the girlfriend, maybe...? Again, none of my business. I’m out of here.

I immediately went straight to my comfort zone at the rooftop, just up the water tank. Some parts of the ladder seem to have already been eaten away by rust and was only painted on in order to conceal it. But even though that was the case, it was still sturdy enough to let me enjoy the view I've always come to love. Speaking of which, she lives close by, based on what she said. However, it seems that her house is out of my view, seeing that there are large trees around scattered across the neighborhood. It's a total dub to have such foliage around; there's enough shade for when summer comes, and it's almost always windy. I just need some time to help my head clear up the thoughts. It's just startling enough to know that I'd have an experience like that... But even all of this will change, even if ever so slightly. For now, all I am left to think about would be tomorrow. Finally, we will meet again. And maybe we can clear stuff up.

Maybe... I can invite her up here.

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