The Week That We Met

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Since it’s the start of the weekend, there’s not much to worry about; less workload to worry about, specifically. That, and Fridays are comfortable. Students are free to partake in sports during the second half of the day or just continue with their classes and lectures if they wish. Of course, the better choice is to make sure I play my heart out, having my body move and sweat so my cardio improves. Since there are lots of departments, lots of students also show up in the gymnasium, but not too much to the point that the place overflows with people. It’s just the right amount which makes it even more enjoyable. I notice Amy around as I play with friends and schoolmates alike. She would loiter the bleachers but also join to play with her friends if they felt like it. She takes glances at me but doesn’t prolong it— just enough so that I notice. But, hey, I should make the most out of Friday Funday. The volleyball that they were playing with conveniently rolls over to my direction. Making sure that no one else gets it before me, I immediately dash and take it. Their group stares at each other before finally glancing at Amy, which prompts her to take it from me. She gestures for me to pass it to her, but I gesture for her to come closer instead.

“Thanks,” she whispers while slightly avoiding having to look me in the eye. “You could’ve passed it to me instead, though.”

“I wanted to take a closer look at you, see if you’re all okay with what happened and all,” I hand her the ball with both hands. She does the same in reaching out.

“Don’t worry, I was there of my own volition. We both consented. There isn’t anything to worry about at all,” she smirks, seeing how I’m very genuine in asking for her confirmation.

“No, not that,” I say as I scratch my head. “The whole ‘I love you’ thing...”

“Oh, that,” she looks at me in the eye as she yanks the ball away from me. “For now, take it as if it was a spur of the moment thing. We can talk about it after playing.”

“Yeah, I thought so too. Would you like to come to my place again? It’s the weekend and all,” I reply as I take a step back. I then noticed that we were already getting a lot of attention: most of the students nearby were already staring at us, as if a confession was going on. “You can text me later on whatever your decision will be. Just know that I’m free for this weekend.”

I calmly walked away and kept my cool while also glancing for the last time to see if she dared to take a final glance as well. She did, and we both nod in approval. Thus, we returned to mind our own businesses.

"Yo," my friend pops up from behind me as I make my way to my belongings. "Did you hear?"

"Look," I say as I stared at him in disdain. "If this is related to my so-called crush, I'm not interested."

"I mean, it's just tea. Apparently, the girlfriend didn't know he was at the bar that time. So they broke up when she knew, especially the part where your crush was there with him."

"Yeah, dude. With that sort of demeanor, a breakup's bound to happen. And no, I've already made it clear: I'm not interested at all."

I mean, I probably was, a year ago or so. But I heard the rumors, and I suppose it was a good move to have listened to them with more intent than usual. And then seeing them out there like that made it all the more obvious.

"But, bro, you've been real serious lately. I thought you were going through something, which is why we found it nice to have invited you over to the bar. You do know that the place is a staple for most students around here, right? It'll be easy to find someone there."

Another one of my friends approach us as I finish fixing my things. "He most likely has his eye on that girl earlier. I mean, who takes too long to return a damn ball to someone?"

"So... it's that short-hair you got your eye on?"

"You could say that," I answer calmly.

"Oh, damn. That dude was eyeing her too now wasn't he?"

"Yeah, you right. I'm gonna go see if I can discourage him. Don't you worry, bud, I got ya."

I chuckle at their responses. "Thanks, I guess. I'm still seeing if this really is it, y'know?"

"Yeah, man, just go for it. You don't have anything to lose by trying."

"On the contrary, there may be a lot of things one can lose, though," I quickly retort. "Still, you're both right. I should just go for it and not lose face, whatever happens."

Looks like a part of me was wrong for underestimating my friends. I thought they would persist on pinning me to the other girl. It's a good thing that I informed them, though not fully. I suddenly feel my phone vibrate from inside my bag as I was beginning to get lost in my own thoughts. I accompany them on the way outside the gymnasium until I finally saw her sitting at a nearby bench.

"Were you... waiting for me?" I ask as I approach her.

"Don't be stupid. Why would I be waiting for you?" She winces away in disgust and crosses her arms.


"Just kidding. Of course, I was waiting for you. You wanted to talk, after all."

"You actually had me shocked there for a second," I sigh in relief, with my right hand on my chest.

"You made it evident that you were really worried about what I thought despite my efforts in assuring you that everything which happened was something I signed up for that time."

"Well, it's exactly that," I scratch my head as I look upwards. "We only met just a few days ago, but you claim to already have feelings for me."

"Did you think that you don't have a reputation for yourself?" She tries to look me in the eye as she asks me. "I'm not very sure on how popular you are, but you're at the very least visible."

"Right. You did say that you've had your eye on me for more than a while now," I remark and respond to her by staring back.

"And you didn't notice me. How shameless of you," she pouts her lips.

"I didn't know anyone would like me, let alone love me, like that, y'know?"

"A word of advice: you should pay more attention to yourself, instead of wondering why people would pay attention to you," she shows me a quick smile before finally leaving. I am left to wonder as she walks away, whether or not she's testing me or rejecting me and all that. I hold the thought of going after her since it looks as if her friends were actually waiting for her just across the school fountain. And now that I'm alone, the only choice is to head on home, but not before checking my phone.

"Looks like I'm free for the weekend, too. I'll see you in front of your apartment in the morning."

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