The Week That We Met

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6 AM. My alarm didn’t even have a chance to go off. I woke up early just because of the excitement, as if I were to be going on a field trip. I suppose taking note of the hour specifically would prove to matter less in the following events for the day... Here goes nothing.

I took a peek down below at the entrance and already see a figure waiting for me. The security guard seems to have his biases when it came to letting her in, but I’m sure she asserted that she was waiting for a homeowner to come on down.

“Good morning,” I greet her as she turns toward me. “I see you’re quite prepared for this.”

“Indeed,” she turns away and makes her way outside, expecting me to follow suit. “Let’s go have breakfast.”

We went on over to my favorite café just a few steps away from the neighborhood. Fortunately, they open pretty early and have breakfast meals served.

“Pancakes?” She asks while looking at me in the eye.

“Yeah, definitely,” I nod. “We’re splitting the bill, right?”

“Actually, do you mind if I pay for whatever we’ll be getting?”

“Wait, again? You already treated me last time...” I scratch the back of my head in embarrassment. I do appreciate the gesture, but getting myself spoiled like this is something that I’m not used to.

“It’s okay,” she tries to stay in the direction of my gaze and reaches for my hand. “I’m more than willing to spoil you plenty.”

Is she actually... reading my mind right now? This girl is... wow. Just never ceases to amaze me. Who knew someone like her was just around? If only I knew ever since, I...

“I believe I’ve ordered whatever we’ll find to be appetizing.”

The waiter bothers to serve the food to our table. This wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t much ordered. And voila: stacks of pancakes complete with butter and syrup, some waffles for overkill, hash browns with some ketchup and some more packets if ever, two servings of bacon and egg for us both along with slices of bread, and two cups of iced coffee drizzled with caramel syrup.

“This is... heavy,” I cough out. “Are you sure you don’t wanna split—”

“Yes, I’m sure. Now, hurry and start eating as well. I’m starving.”

We enjoy the hearty breakfast and took our time to stay in the cafe till it was already noon. With that much food on our plate, we really could manage to just remain seated and talk about whatever crosses our minds whenever we take a pause to sip some coffee. Our topics went on from childhood memories to discussing how much personal family lives are plain complicated. We even chuckled at the thought that there seems to be no perfect family at all; only a mere pipe dream, which represents the validity of society’s innate imbalance.

The current time is close to one’s intended lunch break. However, with how much breakfast we just had, I suppose it would be wise to call that brunch. Since the skies are fortunately cloudy, even though the sun is directly shining above us, we took the chance for a walk in the nearby park. It was just a few blocks away and we even had to pass by the local church. This prompted discussions related to faith and religion, to which we were able to get along with. She seemed open enough to accept whatever ideologies I have attributed towards the origin of the world, and I was considerate enough with her circumstances of not being able to discover or explore more pieces of knowledge about it.

“Much of the prevalent religions are rooted in patriarchy,” she sneers. “Therefore, it really isn’t too interesting to delve too much into them for me.”

“Only if you’re very picky with the perspectives and lens to use,” I remark. “I do my best to put all the concepts and information through a filter just to make sure that I don’t get any discriminative ideas.”

“That is most appropriate, and kudos to you for doing so,” she happily puts her hands together in front of her. “You should be proud, no?”

“I suppose you can say that. My pride for it is useless, however, without someone to acknowledge it. So, with that in mind, thank you.”

I give her a smile without thinking much about how she might react. All I know is that I’m more than happy enough to have someone to talk about all these things with.

“Y-You really don’t have to mention it like that. I’m glad to have met you as well,” she says as she attempts to run off further ahead of me. But the road ahead is an intersection where cars frequent, so I took the chance to grab her hand as I notice that she wasn’t exactly looking where she was running towards.

“W-What?” She blurts out in surprise, flinching and finally snapping out of her embarrassment, stopping in her tracks.

“Sorry for doing this all of a sudden,” I say as I feel my cheeks getting flustered so I tilt my head down ever so slightly. “It’s not safe to just dash like that here...”

“I do realize that... Thanks.”

I sense that she’s finally calming down. But as she does, she takes the chance to let our fingers intertwine and clenches tightly.

“The park’s right there, see?” She points with her other hand to the crosswalk. “Make sure to keep yourself close as we cross.”

Her tone was dignified, but there was a sense of embarrassment hidden within it. I suspect that I could only sense it because I knew how she was feeling. How do I know? Well... I also suspect that I feel the same. As we stroll around hand-in-hand, we take yet another time to appreciate the silence. Only the noise of birds chirping and vehicles speeding around are those that dare to disturb it. But with it, the winds try to fill in as a barrier— the trees sway and dance along, the leaves do their best to hang on or fail to hold on, slowly drifting away down to the ground. With a weather like this, nothing could go wrong. After crossing a small bridge, we find a spot comfortable enough: a bench perfectly overlooking the river. There seem to be no fish around, not that I’m much of a fish person— I wouldn’t really know if there’s fish here since I don’t frequent the area.

“Is there anything on your mind?” She looks at me while rubbing my hand in hers with her thumb.

“I’m just thinking if it’s a sin to feel this comfortable with you,” I say as I fail to hold back a smile. “It’s only been a few days, but there’s this warm feeling...”

“That’s good,” she giggles. “It would be such a bummer if it were only me feeling that way.”

My other hand moves on its own to touch her hair, but I manage to stop full contact as my fingertips brush on the strands of her hair.

“I-I’m sorry, I was too into the moment.”

“No, it’s okay. Continue.”

I let my hand run through her hair. As I do, however, her other hand reaches towards it and guides it for her face to rest on. This makes my heart race— my mind is going in circles as I wonder on what the hell this feeling welling up inside me is all about. Do I... really love her too? Is this real? I don’t want to disappoint her.

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