Tabula Rasa

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Chapter Three

Camille relaxed in Eben’s arms when he lowered his head and kissed her. Oh, how delicious his kiss tasted, better than she had imagined. His tongue teased and caressed, prodding deeper, then pulling back. His hand grazed over her hip and up her side to cup her bare breast. The electric sensation of his thumb against her nipple made her inhale sharply.

He laughed. “I love seeing you turned on like this. Fuck, you’re beautiful.” He pulled back his hand, hovering over her skin, but it was the look in his eyes that made her quiver before he touched her again. His gaze intently followed his caress upon the curve of her breast. He traced the underside, then skimmed across to her other breast and up over the top, seemingly mesmerized by both pale mounds. With a bolder motion, he skimmed around again, but brushed her nipples on the second pass. The brief contact made her clit twinge and her heart speed up.

“Oh? Why did you never tell me so before?” she murmured, sliding her palms over his shoulder, rejoicing in the feel of him tight against her and apparently in no hurry to let her go. As eager as she was to move things along, she was enjoying his caresses too much to rush.

“I always thought it,” he said, apparently distracted by the texture of her nipple against his palm. “I imagined your face while Erika fucked me most nights. She was good, but never as perfect as you.”

She gaped at him. “You thought of me when you were … with her?” she asked, slipping her fingertips up into the hair at the base of his skull and panting in response to his touch.

If she weren’t so astounded, she’d have thought the flush that rose up to color his cheeks was cute. But this was a revelation.

“Camille … I told you I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. I meant it. That first day in that bar in Boston … I probably seemed rude, but I couldn’t stand up because I had such a hard-on after you walked through the door.” As if to agree with his point, his cock twitched perceptibly between them.

“But … why? Why didn’t you ever tell me?” she asked. Confusion tangled within her stomach. All those nights fantasizing about being with him, having to listen to him with someone else through the thin fabric of their tents. She was torn between wanting to punch him and wanting to drag him down to the floor, begging him to make love to her.

Eben’s brow creased above his closed eyelids and he seemed hesitant to meet her gaze again. He shook his head a tiny bit and let out a sigh. “I misunderstood you, I guess. At first I figured you were just too shy. Boy, did you prove me wrong. You just climbed right on that dragon cock, didn’t you?” He opened his eyes and gave her a challenging smirk.

She punched him softly. “Yeah, but this place … there’s something …” Magical, she thought, but her logical mind rebelled against articulating it. As if somehow it made more sense for her physical need to overwhelm her to the degree that she’d pleasure herself on a statue. Which then magically came to life? Who was she kidding? Knowing what all the text etched in the floor around the throne meant didn’t make it any easier to grasp.

“Something in the air that makes you horny as shit,” he finished for her. “I know.”

She nodded, grateful that Eben seemed to have the same mental block. “Yes! Exactly. And I was so turned on watching you with the purple dragon-lady. And Erika with the red one … wow, those two.”

Eben chuckled. “Yeah, they were spectacular together.”

“What about your dragon?” she asked, suddenly concerned about the dragon-woman who she’d summarily displaced. She hadn’t seen the woman since regaining consciousness.

As if hearing her question, the female dragon seemed to materialize beside them. “Hello, Camille. You may call me Issa. I’m free now, thanks to your lovely man.” Issa ran her fingers through Eben’s thick, blond hair and give him a sensuous kiss.

When she pulled back, she smiled with pure, white teeth framed by a pair of luscious purple lips. “Don’t fret on my account. Just promise me you’ll treasure him. He is such a prize. Besides, I can’t bear to part two lovers, so I’ve agreed to let Roka have you both. He will treat you well.”

When she finished speaking, Issa bent and rested her mouth against Camille’s. A smooth, sweet tongue gently parted her lips and Camille responded instinctively, slipping her hand behind Issa’s neck to hold her closer. The dragon let out a contented hum and deepened their kiss. Camille responded, sitting up straighter in Eben’s lap. The kiss had her so tangled up in sensuous abandon she interpreted the caress moving up her inner thigh as being part of it. Eben’s low groan hit her ears at the same second fingertips parted her pussy and began stroking.

She gasped against Issa’s lips and the dragon-woman pulled away, gazing at her appreciatively. “I may regret letting the Guardian have you both. Perhaps he will share sometime, if you two are amenable.” Then with a gust of wind and dragon wings she disappeared again, landing across the room where Geva and Erika were entwined.

“You liked kissing her,” Eben said.

Camille only nodded, too aroused for words under his soft stroking.

“How long were you out there watching us?” he asked.

“I don’t even know.” Heat rose up her chest and her face flushed as she recalled the rush of sensation just before she blacked out.

He nuzzled against her ear. “I want you to stay awake when I make you come. No checking out, all right?” He dipped his head to look into her eyes. She nodded. There was no denying his blue-eyed stare, and especially no denying the gentle massaging of his fingers over her clit. Her eyes fluttered closed when one of his fingers ventured deeper, sliding inside the wet heat of her and caressing places she’d never been aware of until tonight.

“Camille, you are so tight and wet. I can’t wait to feel you ride my cock like you did his. I also can’t wait to show you all the other things we can do. Maybe with him. Or even with Issa, if you like her as much. Would you like that, baby?”

Camille bit her lip and moaned in pleasure before glancing at Roka. He was attractive, strong and solid, and very, very large. Her pussy clenched around Eben’s fingers when her gaze fell on Roka’s still painfully erect cock. She remembered the polished jade shaft she’d deflowered herself on, but it was too difficult to reconcile that image with the image of this very alive man. Every bit as alive as the one whose fingertips were giving her so much pleasure at the moment.

She closed her eyes and nodded in response to his question. “Yes, but I want to know what you feel like inside me first.”

“Mmm …” Eben murmured against her ear. “You have no idea how much I want that. Why don’t you turn around so we can give him a show until you’re ready for him again?”

Camille let him shift her around so her back rested against his chest and her legs were draped over his. He spread his own legs, forcing hers farther apart, and slid his hands back down over her breasts and between her thighs. Cool air hit her hot, swollen pussy when he parted her lips for Roka.

“Touch yourself for him, baby,” Eben murmured gruffly in her ear.

She gripped one of Eben’s arms to steady herself and slipped her other hand down between her legs. Her over-sensitized flesh pulsed under her touch. Eben’s strong shoulder caught her head when she tilted it back, sighing under her own caress. She watched Roka from beneath her lowered eyelids, still acutely aware of the press of Eben’s cock against her backside.

Roka stood expectantly, a look of blatant hunger in his eyes while his attention focused on her fingers. She slipped them down in an inverted vee, grazing the sides of her clit and squeezing just enough to send a pleasant zing of sensation through her.

Eben dug his fingers into her hips, urging her to rise.

It was happening now, after all this time. She was going to have him. Maybe it was only a brief taste, but it was a start. She stood, still straddling his hips, her clit throbbing in anticipation.

“Fuck, you have a perfect ass,” Eben breathed. “I could get lost in it.”

He gripped each of her ass cheeks in his broad hands and squeezed, spreading her apart. Teasing fingertips trailed gently down the crease, barely brushing the pucker of sensitive flesh. Even that light touch was enough to make her gasp.

“Don’t worry, baby, that’s for later. Right now, I’m on a mission.”

He spread her slick, swollen lips with one thumb and forefinger. She heard his breathing quicken when he began to rub the hot tip of his cock against her.

“Does that feel good?” he asked breathlessly.

She realized she’d forgotten to breathe and choked out, “Uh huh.”

“Then let me in. All you have to do is … Oh, yeah, just like that. Fuck.”

She abruptly lowered herself onto him, secretly delighted by the strangled sound he made and the way his fingertips dug painfully into her hips. As new as this was to her, she thought Eben’s cock might just be magical. She could feel him inside her. Even the subtle twitch of his hips made her moan in pleasure to feel the head of his cock rubbing some deep, unexplored spot.

Eben laughed. “You like that, baby? I can do that all night.”

His hands gripped her ass. With another slow surge of his hips she began to question her sanity.

She raised her eyes back up to look at Roka. The scene felt surreal, even more than her dreams of Eben, and she wondered if she might just wake up after it was all over and find herself back in the jungle, alone in her tent, having to listen to the sounds of Eben and Erika going at it mere feet away.

He urged her hips up and down, guiding her on his cock.

“Keep touching yourself. Stroke your pretty pussy for him.” Eben’s low murmur against her ear made her quiver.

Roka’s gaze swept up and down her body, lingering on her nipples until they tightened up as though he were touching them. She only heated further under Roka’s gaze when the large man began stalking toward her, his heavy cock bobbing with each step.

He loomed above her, larger than she imagined he could be. She craned her neck to meet his eyes, but they were too busy taking in every inch of her. His scrutiny made her feel suddenly very exposed. More than that, she felt owned by that all-encompassing look of his. The sensation was alien, yet strangely liberating. It was as though no worry would ever be solely her own to bear again because she belonged to him.

Issa’s words came back to her then, and for the first time everything clicked into place. I may regret letting the Guardian have you both, the dragon-woman had said. That meant Eben belonged to Roka, too. She wasn’t sure if she should be so thrilled by the idea, but to be desired by something so magnificent couldn’t be a bad thing, could it? And that Roka wanted them as a couple made her strong desire for Eben seem even more appropriate.

Roka exhaled, emitting tendrils of white smoke that descended down around her shoulders and fell across her breasts in a luminous veil. The soft caress of his breath sent a thrill through every cell it came into contact with.

She sighed and relaxed back against Eben, halting their motions and just enjoying the thick pressure of his cock resting deep within her. His arms moved up to embrace her around her torso, both hands cupping her breasts, raising them up as though they were an offering.

The huge dragon-man knelt before her and flicked his forked tongue out, tickling at her hard, pink nipples. He bent his head lower as though he were about to lay his cheek against her thigh, but paused. The close proximity of him to the place where she and Eben were joined elicited a shiver of anticipation that charged through her. What was he doing poised like that, with his face hovering inches from her?

Roka closed his eyes and his nostrils flared with a deep inhalation. His lips parted and pulled back ever so slightly as he drew in more air through nose and mouth. Camille got the distinct impression that he was breathing her in, as if she were some ethereal being he could simply consume.

While his head remained bent, she trailed her fingertips along his smooth, curved horns. A tremor ran through his muscled torso, and another gust of pale breath fell from his lips like fog and coiled between her thighs. The wispy tendrils made her pussy tingle and she arched into the sensation. Her clit pulsed with need. Eben moaned softly behind her and his hips twitched, pressing his cock deeper into her.

Roka inhaled again, guiding the tendrils of smoke back into him with one long pull of his lungs. The expansion of his chest made him seem even larger. He tilted his head back up and opened his eyes. His pupils were wide and black, but ringed in a circle of speckled silver that glowed.

His low, resonant voice brimmed with lust. “I must have you both. Your mingled scents are too delicious to sample separately. Find your Nirvana together, and then you are mine.”

He bent his head deeper between her thighs, pressing cool lips against her overheated flesh. His strange tongue slipped out and slicked over her clit, teased and swirled just long enough to leave her poised on the razor’s edge of orgasm, then slid down. In a long sweep, he parted her with his tongue, following the length of her wet slit and beyond. A second later, Eben moaned behind her. His hips bucked so hard if she hadn’t been impaled on his cock, she might have been dislodged from his lap.

Roka gripped her hips to steady her. Then he lifted her, slowly raising her up along Eben’s cock. She let him control the rise and fall, following the fascinated roving of his eyes as he watched Eben’s cock sink deep into her. Roka raised her up again, his eyes still focused tightly on where they were joined. He bent his head and his long, beautiful tongue went back to work with fervent intent, but Camille was beyond holding back. With another swipe of Roka’s tongue against her throbbing clit, the barrier against her orgasm fell away, and she plunged into the abyss.

Eben let out an incoherent cry. After one violent thrust up into her, his climax flooded her with pulsing heat. He wrapped his arms around her and clutched her back against him while his hips continued moving for a few more strokes.

Her own sweet finale was only just subsiding when she finally opened her eyes to look down. Roka’s white hair and majestic horns were all she saw. His tongue still teased alternately between her pussy lips and over the delicate, pink sack of Eben’s balls.

Roka stood and reached out a hand to her. It was such an incongruous gesture after what he’d just done she wasn’t quite sure how to respond, but after a second she reached up and laid her palm on his. In a swift motion he pulled her to him, wrapped an arm around her waist, and lifted her up as though she weighed nothing.

His hot, smooth lips found hers and his tongue demanded entry. The flavor on him made her moan. Salty-sweet and just a little spicy, like some exotic cocktail. Was that what she and Eben tasted like?

His cock pressed hard against her hip, and with both hands, he lifted her just high enough for it to slip between her legs, the shaft brushing against her still tingling and swollen pussy lips. She wrapped her thighs around his waist, clinging to him with both arms and legs. The pressure of his cock against her aching flesh reminded her of the intimate moment right before she’d slipped down onto him earlier, but this time, he was the one in control. He turned them around and sat beside Eben on the stone altar.

“You know what to do, my love,” he growled. “Find your Nirvana again on my shaft. Give yourself to me. Prove you are mine, and I will prove I am yours.”

The buzz from her orgasm had her too dizzy with residual lust, so she only nodded. She braced both hands on his thick shoulders and pressed her hips down. The sensation this time was exquisite and painless, the stretch of her pussy in response to his girth more like a deep massage that would leave her as pliant as putty afterward. He was only slightly larger than Eben in this form, and with the mix of both her own and Eben’s juices saturating her pussy, fucking him now felt like sinking down onto a pole of softest silk.

“That’s good,” he whispered, white smoke escaping from his mouth and nose with each panting breath. “Now fuck me like you did before.”

Her hips knew precisely what to do in spite of a mind muddled with the sensation and hypnotic scent of whatever magic permeated his strange breath. She gazed into his eyes, lost in their dark pools until he turned away, at which point she followed his line of sight to where Eben still sat, watching.

Eben gripped his cock loosely, but he didn’t stroke it. When he met Roka’s eyes, a spark of desire flashed through his own.

“Give yourself to me again, lover,” Roka said. Every syllable he spoke vibrated through Camille, sending trickles of pleasure to her core. “Issa relinquished you, and you gave me your Nirvana only a moment ago to seal the bargain, but it will be a sweeter bargain still if I can have both your gifts at the same time I reach my Nirvana. It will be an even sweeter gift for the Queen, too.”

Without a word, Eben moved to kneel on the altar beside Roka and let the larger man pull him into a deep kiss. Watching them both made Camille feel wonderfully lascivious, and so much more so when Roka’s free hand reached between Eben’s thighs and gripped his cock. Eben groaned against the dragon’s lips and shifted closer, closing the short distance between them. He raised one foot, resting it flat on the surface of the altar and pressed his other thigh close to hers where it hugged Roka’s hip. When Roka released him from the kiss, Eben turned to meet her eyes. His face was flushed and his lips swollen. She accepted his mouth greedily when he bent to kiss her.

At first, she was uncertain how to process the liberation of giving in to both men. She only knew she wanted to do more than be a passive participant. Blindly, she raised her hand a short distance to trace curious fingertips down over Eben’s taut stomach. She reached his hips and pulled away from their kiss to watch in fascination as Roka pumped a hand along the length of Eben’s cock.

With a hesitant touch, she ran her fingers over the back of Roka’s knuckles, feeling his flexing grip. Roka released Eben long enough to urge her small hand around Eben’s shaft, then closed his own hand back over hers and squeezed.

“Oh, baby, that’s so good,” Eben groaned.

Camille closed her eyes, lost to the steady, deep thrust of Roka’s cock inside her and the hot, hard length of Eben’s cock pressing against her palm.

Then they began to touch her. Two velvety mouths teased and nipped at her breasts; they wrapped their lips around both nipples and sucked. Roka’s hand still gripped her hip on one side, so large it nearly covered one ass cheek to guide her up and down on him.

When Eben jerked against her, she knew something had changed and she opened her eyes. His shoulders were hunched, his blond head bent against her shoulder as he let out a series of desperate, incoherent grunts. He seemed to be pressing even further into them both, though the three of them were already so close there wasn’t far for him to go.

She saw the reason for his reaction a second later when she spied movement behind Roka. A shape extended along the surface of the altar; the shimmering silver-white scales resembled the tail he’d had as a statue. It flexed, and Eben moaned. She followed the contour of it in a daze. The thick, tapering length of it circled around behind Eben, and she realized with a deep thrill of arousal that the tip of Roka’s tail was now slowly fucking into Eben’s ass. And he seemed to like it.

“Oh!” she exclaimed and stared wide-eyed at Roka.

He grinned back at her. “Would it make you fuck me harder if I did it to you, my love? I only have one tail, but perhaps I can improvise for your sake.”

If she could have blushed harder, she would have, but he didn’t give her a chance to answer. Before she could react, he’d slipped one finger on his free hand further between her thighs from behind, soaked it in her flowing juices, and pressed at her tight little asshole. She arched against his chest with a surprised cry, causing Eben to glance up in surprise.

“What is it, baby?” he managed to blurt out. Without answering, she gripped Eben behind the neck and kissed him again, hard and insistent. When Roka’s finger passed beyond the sensitive barrier of her anus, she shoved her tongue deep into Eben’s mouth. Their moans and pants mingled and they clung to Roka, who set the rhythm. Her pussy clenched hard at the surprising pleasure of the dragon’s finger deep in her ass. She’d said she wanted to do dirty things, but wondered if even Eben could have conceived of something quite like this.

Roka’s thrusts grew deeper and harsher. Waves of pleasure coursed through her when she met each stroke with a plunge of her hips down onto him.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” Eben said. “I love watching you fuck his cock like that. I’m gonna come watching your pussy sliding all over him.”

Eben slipped his hand down her back, his fingertips tracing hot fire along the path. His palm cupped and squeezed her ass cheek, then went one step further, teasing a circle around the sensitive skin at the center that was already being slowly penetrated by Roka’s finger.

It only took a few caresses before her entire world narrowed into a pinprick of pure pleasure. One pair of lips latched onto her mouth while another sucked at her nipples again, the sensations assaulting her from every direction. A harsh cry erupted from her throat as the tingling throb of climax took hold of her pussy. Her ass clenched tightly around Roka’s finger. He plunged it in deep, fucking her with it quickly. Her body seemed to spin out of control. Breathing became almost too difficult.

“Stay with me, my love,” Roka’s deep voice commanded, his lips brushing against hers. “I’m close.”

She was dimly aware of the air shifting around them and the weight of Roka’s cock growing even larger inside her. Nothing else existed of her body but the coiling mass of sensations that held her lower body captive. The dragon’s cock surged into her at the same time Eben let out a long, low groan against her shoulder. The room grew darker as their bodies shuddered and writhed together. Something hot and wet splashed against her stomach. More hot liquid covered her hand where it gripped Eben’s cock within the confines of Roka’s larger palm.

Roka’s low roar escalated around them. It pulsed against Camille’s eardrums, extending the sensations higher so that her skull seemed to resonate with the same pleasure that gripped her body and made her nipples tingle. With another deep, violent thrust, wet, scorching heat filled her pussy.

Instead of the darkness of blacking out, the world became a thick, white fog.

She clung desperately to the two figures, not quite sure now where she ended and they began. The aftershocks of her orgasm gradually subsided, but only after the long, steady pulses of Roka’s cock finally ceased inside her.

Finally she let out a long, shaky breath and collapsed against his chest, resting one cheek against him. Eben sat back on his heels, head bowed, sweat-soaked hair obscuring his face. His glistening cock rested limp against one thigh.

She looked beyond him, but could see nothing but the fog and realized she and Eben were cocooned inside Roka’s wings. The pale pair of membranes almost completely encompassed the three of them within a chamber filled with the dragon’s breath. She inhaled deeply, taking it into her lungs. The more she breathed, the more the tension of their encounter dissipated, leaving her relaxed and euphoric. And still conscious.

“I didn’t pass out,” she said, smiling at no one in particular.

Roka rumbled softly. His gentle touch skimmed down her spine. “No. My magic prevented it this time. I needed you conscious.”

“So you’re awake for good now?” she asked, looking into his eyes. His pupils were now narrow slits surrounded by silver irises that gleamed with inner light.

“Yes. And now you both are mine. A dream come true for a dragon to be so blessed upon first awakening. You must help me thank Issa once the ritual is complete. There is one more thing I must do, however.”

He shifted her off his lap and urged her to lie flat. Curious and eager to please, she did so, uncertain what was coming next. He bent over her hips and his tongue flicked out, tracing a small design just above the golden curls of her pubic hair.

She winced at the sting, but it dissipated quickly once he blew on it with a puff of white fog.

He turned to Eben. “Your turn.”

Eben met Camille’s eyes and shrugged. “It’s a pretty tattoo. White, too—you can barely tell it’s there, unless you’re looking for it.” He obligingly lay down for Roka and received his own mark.

Camille stared down at the slightly upraised circular mark. Upside-down it didn’t look like much, but she could make out the shape of a tiny dragon in embossed white. She wondered if Erika had been given one, too.

At that moment, the lights around the room flared brightly, then dimmed again. She and Eben both glanced around in surprise. She noticed Erika sit up on the other side of the room, attentive to the disturbance.

Propelled into action, Kris began walking toward the door, but none of the dragons made a move to follow.

“What was that?” Eben asked.

“Someone has opened the second door,” Roka said. “The next phase has begun. Soon the Twins will be awakened.”

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