Eternal Academy: Year two

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My first year at eternal Academy wasn't so bad. I mean sure the dean/ my father in law tried to kill me, but hey shit happens? I'm alive and I have my mates to thank for that. Now that thw worse thing that could happen already I suspect the rest of this year will go rather smoothly.

Romance / Fantasy
Queen Vega
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Chapter 1

“Okay second years quiet down and have a seat.” The teacher smiles warmly at us. She’s a tall beautiful brunette with mix matched eyes. Nick told me about her, says she was one of his favorite teachers. Lucien said the opposite.

I chose a seat at the top of the classroom. Unlike my first year here, the seats didn’t go back, instead they went up. Like most colleges do. Abigail follows me, pointing out all the new cute boys in class. I shake my head taking a seat.

“Welcome to Magic 101, My name is Ms. Burnet. In this class we’ll be unlocking our individual powers.” She starts writing words on the board. Each one a different supernatural. “Each one of you have magical properties in you. With my help and the help of this class, we’ll explore those powers.”

“I’m so excited we have a class together this year!” Abigail whispers excitedly next to me. I grin at her.

After lining up our schedules this morning I was lucky enough to have three classes with her, and the rest with Mateo. All except one, a personal defense class I have with a teacher at the end of each day. My mates weren’t happy about that, especially since we didn’t know which teacher.

“Mateo is going to kill you if you distract me.” I grin, knowing damn well she’s going to distract me.

“The person you’re sitting next to will be your partner for the rest of the year unless I choose otherwise.” She faces the class again. I frown at one of the names on the board.

“Fallen angels? Aren’t those just demons?” I ask Abigail, but I must’ve been louder then I thought because Ms. Burnet looks at me.

“What an excellent question! Perhaps we’ll start our lesson with fallen angels then?” She starts to erase the other names. “But contrary to what you’ve heard, fallen angels are not demons. They are just angels that walk earth. They’re referred to as fallen because their wings turn black the moment they hit earth.” She starts writing several facts on the board.
A girl in the bottom row raises her hand. “Yes Ms. Ryker?”

“Are there any fallen angels here at this school? Why haven’t I met one?” She asks, and I was wondering the same thing.

Ms. Burnet laughs. “Ah yes! You will never meet a fallen angel at the academy because they don’t have kids. All fallen angels that now walk earth are hundreds of years old.” Sounds like a lonely life. She continues talking about fallen angels for the rest of the class, assigning us to do research on them.

“First day and she gives us homework? I already don’t like her.” I whine, shoving books into my backpack.

Abigail laughs. “She doesn’t seem that bad. We just have to give her time.” I follow her out the class, spotting Nick leaning against the wall.

He’s dressed in a tight pink shirt with dark blue jeans. Looking as hot as always. I just can’t get over how lucky I am, to have not one, but four sexy mates. Well five if I count the moody vampire that’s been ignoring me. “You like her as much as I do?” He asks, pulling me close by the waist.

I arch an eyebrow. “And just how much do you like her?” I tease, poking his chest.

He smirks. “I think she might be my second mate.” I punch him, hard. Laughing, he slips a hand up the back of my shirt. Sparks ignite and I sigh, leaning into him.

“Save the lovey dovey shit for later, second period is starting.” Abigail snatches my arm, pulling me away from him. He quickly captures my lips, pouting when she drags me away.

“You’re a real cock blocker you know.” I tell her, watching Nick disappear in the crowd.

“Oh please, you know I’d never do that if it had been Mateo.” She admits shamefully.

I chuckle. “Mateo wouldn’t stop me from going to class anyways.”

By the time lunch came I was over school once again. And to think I have to do two more years of this shit. “What’s your plans after college?” Abigail asks as we walk to get our food. I eye the demigods table, still not coming to terms that I’m one of them. Can they sense my godly powers? Probably not since I can’t even sense them.

“I plan to have a beach house in Florida. I love being close to the water, and it’s always been my dream to live on the beach.” Suddenly it occurs to me that my love for water might have something to with my father.

“That’s it? Career choice?” She grabs spaghetti and I grab a cheeseburger.

“I’ve never giving it much thought after that.” I shrug.

“What about your mates?” My eyes go to the werewolf table where Lucien is. What will my mates do after college? Lucien is a lycan alpha, will he want to start his own pack? And what about Mateo and Nick? I’m sure Mateo has some kind of nerdy dreams.

“I don’t know, we haven’t discussed that. But we still have time for now.” Time for me to try and sort things out.

I leave her in the cafeteria, going to meet my dragon in the library. “Do you like dogs?” Kol asks, falling into step beside me, almost giving me a heart attack. He’s been doing that a lot lately. Appearing out of nowhere asking me the most random questions, then disappearing.

I peek at him in his long trench coat, wanting to run my hands through his wild messy hair. Kol and I never get alone time, because he’s never around. As a demon he’s not even supposed to be on earth. I glance around the halls, relieved to see they’re empty. “Yes.” He grins, and I know he’s about to disappear again when shadows form around him. “Wait!” I grab hold of his coat. “Where are you going?”

He smirks disappearing in a cloud of shadows, then reappearing in front of me. He leans on the nearby lockers, blocking my path. “Curiosity,” He starts, pulling out one of his famous lollipops. “Killed the cat." He finish, popping it in his mouth.

I narrow my eyes. “Are you threatening me?” Sometimes I wasn’t sure how Kol felt about me. Due to lack of spending time with him it was hard to determine if he wanted me as a mate or not. Even if he saved my life.

He takes a step closer. “Threaten the woman I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with, along with five other men?” His eyes turn black for a second, making me take a step back. “If I wanted you dead kitten, you wouldn’t be around to hear any threats.” I gulp at the malice in his voice, then frown at his words.

“Only three other men.” Where the hell did he get five? The dean didn’t want me so he doesn’t count.

Shadows appear around him again. “See you around kitten.” I stare at the spot he once occupied. Kol was a different kind of mate. I feared him and wanted to jump his bones at the same time. What was wrong with me?

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