Insatiable Crimes

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Where the fuck was Caleb, was my first thought as I stepped in the back alley of the club, Blake in tow. The cold breeze of the night swept my hair, taking my wandering thoughts along with it. I couldn’t afford to get distracted.

Not when I had five assholes to take care of.

I cursed as the wind got knocked out of me and the wall met my back. Immediately he was all over me. Nose trailing down my neck, leaving sloppy kisses.

Was this his way of seducing the seductress? For distracting me till his men came? I would give him a C- for trying. It’s the thought that counts, right?

I kneed him in the balls.

Grunting a ‘bitch’ under his breath, his hands held onto his family jewels dearly, eyes scrunched up in pain. Grabbing him by the neck, I shoved him into the same wall. My body weight was locked on him, my heels giving me advantage over his frame.

“I’m going to teach you something important today, alright buddy?” Rubbing my wet neck against my shoulder, I tried hard not to grimace. I don’t think it worked.

“Spell it along with me. C-O-N-S-E-N-T. Consent. The act of seeking permission before you go sticking your tongue wherever you go. Now repeat.”

He didn’t.

I took in a deep breath, failing at calming myself. People had got to stop testing my fucking patience. Grabbing my butterfly knife from my bra, I swung it towards his neck at full force.

Warm blood dripped down my hand, exciting me.

“Bitch,” He snarled, using his free hand to push himself off the wall and loosely punched me in the face.

I laughed, feeling the blood from my split lip slip into my mouth. “My three-year-old niece hits better than you,” I informed him, lying. I had no niece. Here I was, trying to motivate him to be a little more entertaining, at least.

Pulling my knife out of his neck with vigour, he jabbed it at my face, nicking the corner of my ear, before I turned.

“Was that supposed to hurt?”

The idiot stared at me long and hard, before coming to a conclusion.

“You’re shitting my dick.” He stated.

I blinked at the imagery. “Okay, gross.” And just for polluting my brain, I punched his nose. That satisfying sound, though.

“You broke it!” He shouted at me, cupping his broken nose. “You bitch, I’m going to fucking kill you!”

“Dramatics to the minimum, please,” I chuckled, pulling my gun out and aiming it at his head. “I’ll ask this once. What does your fucking Capo want with me?” I shot his leg when he didn’t reply.

His leg collapsed under him and he glared at me hatefully. “You knew from the starting.” He scraped against the pavement, trying to back away.

I snorted, pulling out a slightly longer blade from the inside of my heels. “No shit. Don’t tell me that you really thought I would have flirted with you otherwise?” I guided the knife agonizingly slowly, painfully, right into the flesh of his stomach. “Excuse me for having standards.” Someone clearly thought way too high of themselves.

His teeth grinded shut, as he yelled out loud. “Stop! Please!” He shrieked, half-heartedly attempting to push me away. In response, I simply drove the knife an inch deeper, making him dry heave.

“Tell me what your boss wants with me and I’ll rethink my decision about letting you live.” I lied, straight through my teeth.

“H-he…” Blake spluttered in loud, frame wracking coughs. My free hand clasped his worn-down collar, as I shook him repeatedly. “Talk. Faster.” Eyes widening at the unkempt rage in my eyes, he tried to speak again.

“Drop your weapons on the ground, Xena. You are surrounded on all sides.” A new voice joined us in the clearing.

I rolled my eyes in irritation at the interruption. For fucks sake, can’t a woman have a play time, once in a while?

I pulled out the bloody blade from Blake’s quavering body in jerky movements and threw it on the ground. Ooh, messy. He was useless now, half dead, and would bleed out a slow death in more or less fifteen minutes. One less person to worry about.

“You know, I have a reputation of doing exactly the opposite of what I’m told to do.” I eyed them thoughtfully. They were all armed, and each of them looked easily double my weight. Fuck. I didn’t like my odds.

The middle one backtracked. “Um, don’t drop the gun?”

I looked at him with a smile. “I like you.” Bending forward, as if to place my gun down, I grabbed my fallen knife and whipped it at him. His heart, to be precise. He didn’t have any time to dodge.

Looking at the frozen men around me, I shrugged apologetically. “Oops. My hand slipped.”

I ducked when I heard the first round of triggers getting pulled, and rolled from my position on the ground. Three bullets met their aim— the exact place my head was before I rolled over behind the nearest dumpster.

“Can’t take a damn joke,” I muttered to myself, brushing the gravel off my face. I could feel a few shallow cuts on my bare skin burn. Son of a—

“Are we hiding now, buttercup?” One of the me hooted.

Sticking my head over my cover, I took aim at the mouthy asshole. Those hoots went down considerably when butter-fucking-cup dropped down dead. I smirked.

Three down, two more to go. I was going to murder Caleb.

“Won’t you come out and play with us, kitten?” Another pest called out. They weren’t even bothering to hide the sounds of their heavy footsteps. I see a flourishing career path of a spy in the near future.

“Now that you mention it,” I stood up serenely, flicking the filth off with a delicate brush, “I am done playing around.”

They were shocked, I could see it as clear as day on their faces. They weren’t expecting me to pop up like a Jack in the Box.

Damn. How I loved proving people wrong.

“So, this is what is going to happen now.” Without moving my gaze from the two confused men in front of me, I blindly aimed and shot at a moaning Blake.



At the irritated looks matching the two’s faces, I disregarded their silent question. “His voice was annoying me.”

Before Baldie’s fist could connect with my face, my elbow landed squarely on his chin.

I whistled. Now that was going to need some stitches.

Too bad he wasn’t going to be alive to get them.

At the last moment, I flung the cold barrel of my gun on his head, crashing it down.

No pulse. Dead.

I grinned at the last standing man, knowing that I looked absolutely vicious, with his dead comrades’ blood staining my face.

His terrified expression did no good to my ego, bringing out the manic in me.

In one last moment of bravery, he latched onto me, straddling me against the gravel. My hands found his neck, as I clawed and squeezed the air out of him. His eyes dilated as he choked against my hand.

Swinging my leg, I turned us over, with me on top.

Control. I relished it.

Grabbing a fallen gun, I pressed the cold metal against his temple.

“What does your boss want with me?” I bit out, slamming his head against the road. “Fucking tell me!”

A shot rang out in the air, at that moment, freezing me in place, still straddling the man. My eyes followed the movement— only to stop on the sight right below my nose.

A last, harsh breath was exhaled.

Deathlike stillness.


My hair blew around me in the breeze and I shoved them back lightly, tracing back the bullets path.

And then, I saw it.

The street light illuminated his figure perfectly, playing tricks on his features, agitating me. It accented the silhouettes on his jawline, highlighting the slight smirk on his lips.

He was amused.

The figure didn’t move, not yet. He leaned against his wall, arms crossed, observing. From his laidback stance, I’d say he was my audience for a while.

With shadows still covering his face, he brought his arm forward, slowly, purposefully, flexing his arm, while taking off the cuff.

Deliberately, he repeated the notion for his left cufflink, before rolling the sleeves of his black tailored shirt back.

Clenching his fists once, he stood up straight. His stride was unhurried and deliberate, power emanating off him with each callous step he took forward.

Towards me.

The sudden white light blinded me, and my eyes closed on their own accord, before opening again and shamelessly roaming around the fitted shirt that gave perfect justice to his peeking collarbones.

“Eyes on me, piccola diavola,” His voice cut in, amusement glazing every syllable. “I’ve heard that you’ve been asking around for me?”

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