Insatiable Crimes

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I was chained to a goddamned chair.

Giving my hands a harsh tug, my thoughts were confirmed when the loud clang of metallic shackles hitting the ground rung around me.

She tied me up.

Slowly, awareness trickled back in, followed by the pounding in my head. My eyes shut in exasperation, as I forced myself to take deep, measured breaths in. Nails digging into my palm, I jerked my body off, trying to loosen the thick shackles bound on my wrists. It didn’t work. The chains clung onto my body like a second skin, tightening with every escape tactic of mine.

Jaws clenching, I breathed through the anger pulsating in my veins.

The vixen had seduced me— blinked her sultry eyes twice and tipped her lip into a smile. The kind of smile one wears setting the world on fire, and watching the chaos unfurling quietly from the centre of the flames.

The next moment, the barrel of a Colt M1911 was in my vision, cocked, and ready to shoot.

On second thoughts, goading her into shooting me wasn’t one of my best moves. After all, she did shoot me in confirmation.


My eyes went down to my arm, finding my burning wound in the darkness. A sliver of moonlight shone through the lone window, highlighting the uneven skin on my forearm, crusted with dried blood. Pain flared through as I yanked my arms again, using my temper as fuel.

The words she spoke before pulling the trigger rung in my ears. “Let me guess. You think I won’t shoot your precious Capo? Think again, boys.”

Che balle.

We underestimated her.

I underestimated her.

Another futile attempt in pulling myself free resulted in a slit near my wrist.

My eyes closed on their own accord, as I soaked up all the pain— every bit of it, memorising it till I could see that pain with my eyes shut.

And I felt that pain, that resentment, when I remembered the feel of her under me. Against the wall. Pressed chest-to-chest to me.

Some would even go far enough to call it retribution for all that happened those years ago.

Vengeance. An unsated monster of appetite, forever bloodthirsty and never really fulfilled

I wouldn’t delve into the details.

Let’s just call it… tit for tat.

Little fucking devil.

a short glimpse of what is going on inside gelato's mind! would you like more of dual pov's or just occasional vincent pov's? let me know xD.

next chapter will be xena's pov.

thank you for all your support and reviews on this story ah.

ig: @wordxflirt

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