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Taming The Alpha

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Reese's well-kept secret isn't so well kept. A hybrid vampire, she has one too many suitors, and her people want to add another. A marriage of convenience, to link together two vampiric covens. The wolves don't want a quarrel with the vampires, but two of their own have chosen her as their mates. Arden's loyalty to the pack keeps him from claiming her, but Jael who's newly turned doesn't intend to obey the pack rules. Coming into his birthright, an alpha wolf, he has a duty to protect and lead the pack. Reese and Jael want to please their families, but know that they can’t if they follow their hearts. —January is the last month to read this story. It will be moved to my Patreon. *Updates are available on my Patreon. www.patreon.com/MadameNoire www.NoireNovels.com

Romance / Erotica
Madame Noire
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Exiting a lounge’s back door, it leads into a dark alley. “Where the fuck is it?” Following the voices, I come upon two men and my sister. Witches, one uses his magic on her restricting her breathing. Another has her bag, searching through it quickly.

“Please… don’t….” Pleads Alicia. The man searching the bag discards it. “She doesn’t have it.” Alicia receives a hit that sends her flying into the wall. “No…!” The scream involuntarily exits my lips as I rush them.

Using my powers, they’re pushed backward. Sliding, they resist my magic. “Alicia, get up!” I’m struggling to hold them. Combined, they’re too strong for me. I’m being forced back against my will when Alicia comes to. “Reese?” She inquires weakly.

“Alicia, go!” Too late, They push me back into the wall. My head hitting with a muted thud makes me lightheaded, and I drop. On my knees, head in my hand, and a hand on the ground saves me from completely collapsing.

“Reese!” Her panicked scream alarms me, bringing me back. I’m still slightly dizzy, but Alicia’s in danger! I have to save her. With all of the strength I have left, I send one of them flying into the opposite building. His body’s permanently wedged into it. One final yelp from him on impact, and his eyes slowly close.

Appalled at what I’ve done, the other henchman’s distracted. Helping Alicia to her feet, we make our way quickly past him. Ignoring the presence of another being hidden in the shadows, we make a fast escape. “Where are you going?” His statement has us quickening our pace.

A supernatural grip on my arm forces me to come to an abrupt stop. A few seconds of tug-o-war ensues, with Alicia physically pulling on one arm and the man the other. His powerful hold feels like he’s trying to rip my arm off!

“Stop!” I scream, and like magic, it does. Right before I’m lifted in the air by the throat. I’m able to release myself by using my magic to force him off of me. He’s airborne, landing on one knee. “Alicia, get out of here!”

“I can’t leave you!”

“Go, I’ll find you!”

A strangled noise bubbles forth from my lips. Grasping at my throat, the life’s being choked out of me. “Reese!” Alicia’s cowering against the wall, and my eyes go from her to the man. “Where’s the daylight reversal spell?”

“Go to hell.” I manage.

“Suit yourself…”

“Stop, please… stop!” Screams Alicia.

His grip tightened, my throats being crushed. My body jerks involuntarily from lack of air. My thoughts go to Alicia, who’s screaming hysterically. Once again, I can feel the presence of the being hiding in the shadows. It feels feminine, not human…

“Help her…” I make my plea via telepathy.

No response. “Run!” I scream at Alicia, using the same wordless communication.

Obeying my command, she flees. Not like this. I think at the sound of my windpipe being squashed. It only takes a few seconds before my eyes roll back in my head. I can feel my body slamming into the ground.

I’m aware of his intentions before he even makes them known. “No!” I think, but I can’t form the words. “You took something from me, and now I’ll take something from you.” I can hear him inside my head, and linking to him mentally, I can see through his eyes.

A car rounds the curb at a fast pace, and he forces it onto the sidewalk. A scream in my head from me, I link to Alicia. In that instant, I feel what she feels and see what she sees. There’s a pause as the car attempts to stop, and it makes a screeching noise. Frozen with fear, Alicia can’t move. I silently scream for her to do so.

Death is instant. I can feel the car smash into her body. The force of it causes my body to twitch from the jolt. She bounces off of the car and hits the ground head first. The link’s broken. A strangled, agonized scream that comes out as a grunt is my response.

The pain is too great, and the loss is unbearable. Calling forth the last of my magic, I remove the hurt from my heart—Anger replaces it. The life leaving my body, I make one final plea to her, to it. The shadow person doesn’t respond. She doesn’t come to my aid, nor do as I request, to avenge my sister. Thinking that I’d failed, I accept my fate. I don’t struggle anymore to hold onto life. I let go, and It’s calming. There’s no more pain. It’s peaceful. I don’t even feel the kicks that the man serves my body. His harsh demands are fading. My eyes close.

The grunt of agony from the man is faint. I can barely feel his presence. I’m floating. I can see my body lying on the ground and the woman standing above it. “Reese?” My sister, she stands near the car as the occupants try to revive her lifeless body.

“Alicia, it’s okay. We’re both….”

She disappears, and I’m back in my body. Sitting up, I notice that the pain is gone. Breathing deeply, my gaze immediately goes to the woman at my side. The noise and the smells are distracting. Everything’s amplified, and coming to my feet, I put some distance between her and me.

“What…” The burning in my throat immobilizes my speech. The people gathered around my sister’s body have me licking my lips—their scent’s appetizing. Wait… appetizing? Covering my mouth and nose, I back away from them. Doing so does me no good, as their scent’s excessively strong.

“Do it. You need to feed this new body. You have to complete the cycle, or you’ll die.” She finally speaks, the shadow lady.

“I don’t understand.”

“This is temporary until you feed. Then you’ll truly become one of us.”

One of what? “Hey, did you guys see what happened?” It’s a pedestrian, one from the gathering of witnesses. The burning sensation becomes an inferno. His scent produces a low growl from me. “Are you okay?” He asks, stopping his advancement to us.

My predatory gaze widens his eyes. Sensing his fear, I connect to him. I see myself through his eyes. Eyes glowing, fangs bared, face contorted from the thirst. I know what to do without even being told. I need to drink, and the blood coursing through his veins is the cure to my ailment.

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