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C/W: Scene of dubious consent—no verbal or inner NC, but no verbal consent confirmation —read at your own discretion. Thank you!


Heavy lids were disturbed by the lifting of my shaking body. They fluttered open without a care for the lights that might blind me. But there were no lights. All that lay before me was the gaze of a thousand stars within a black night.

“You… aren’t mortal,” Orynicus breathed as he surveyed my sleepy eyes.

My face contorted at his unfounded revelation. “Of course I am, I see things, that is all,” I countered, attempting to slide down from his grip.

He held me tighter, grasping my escaped limbs and shifting me closer to him. “I have only known one creature to ‘see’ things so vividly, it is no coincidence, I am sure.”

What creature would see monsters and memories, live with unstable reality and live to be immortal? I found that to be a conundrum within itself. Certainly no such ethereal or hellish being would have such a fate. It was the human burden to suffer.

“Tell me you jest,” I asked for confirmation, “surely you do, right? I cannot be immortal.”

His eyes did not lie. They told me he was earnest. Though, they looked at me differently than before, but I could not say why.

Orynicus dipped his head, face mere breaths away from mine. “I do not jest,” he said, his whispers caressing my cheek, “it is improbable for mortals to have the sight."

I held my breath and held my tongue. Not one part of me ever felt like I belonged. The outskirts was where I thrived, living in between the normancies and oddities, fearing I was wrong for it. I told few people of my visions. It was abnormal, yes, but not supernatural.

"Cadia, Cadia!" Orynicus shook me from my thoughts so brazenly that I might have slapped him for it, but I was not so bold.

He breathed a sigh of relief once I met his gaze.
"What you see can harm you, my love, you must be careful," he said, walking towards the bed as I lie in his arms. He sat, his face contemplative with worry. "No one can know of this. You will be in grave danger."

But he knew. Grave danger would find me. He was a harbinger. Only I could prevent a doom that befell upon me at the declaration of his words.

“Do not say that or it will surely happen,” I scolded him sternly.

His lips twitched into a fleeting smile. “She said the same thing.”

A pang of envy struck me that I could not quiet. Words that deeply wounded me were words he often spoke carelessly. I would not let him know that this was so. After all, my voice held little weight after our conversation in the stairwell. He would disregard my feelings when they mattered most.

With his closeness I did not pay enough mind, and as my mind toiled, his breath advanced further. I snapped my gaze forwards. He was hovering quietly. When his cold hand reached out and cupped my cheek, I shivered, shutting my eyes briefly.

In that moment I felt the grazing of his lips over mine. Warmth heated my face like a rising sun. Trouble. Nothing but trouble. I had to retreat, yet my body seemed to forget how to move.

Cautiously, he pressed his lips against mine, and the warmth enveloped me fully. A soft peck left me weak. My knees shook. I breathed slow.

If only he would pull away long enough for me to gather my bearings. I could evade such sorrow.

Again, I shivered. A cold hand held the small of my back, keeping my body upright as if it might fall, and I certainly believed it would.

I felt his breath against my neck. With the tip of his tongue he trailed up to where the ear and jawline met.

The area— touched by the cold of the room—left my nerves shaking. This line of ice upon my neck was all I could think about. As such, I hardly had the capacity to anticipate his kiss, even less so than the first time.

A gasp escaped me. It melded into the kiss with the intent of drowning me, deepening the already deep water I got myself into. Soon we were submerged, fully. Nowhere else to go but down.

I whimpered at the sensation of his teeth tugging at my bottom lip. It was too much. Far too much. I could not handle more.

His hand pressed into my back as I collapsed further. It was all that kept me from melting into a puddle.

I commanded my limbs to yield to me and move but they were still useless. It was as if I had craved a release for months and my body staged rebellion to achieve it. I had never been so aggravated by my own pleasure.

Suddenly, he stopped, tearing away from me with his back turned. From his shoulder blades jutted out those dark wings. Their pieces were like a shattered mirror, and yet, the black that tainted them made pictures so unclear.

Without any support I collapsed onto my back. I breathed in precious breaths of air, trying to ignore the aching in my body.

After a prolonged silence his weight sank into the bed next to me. I felt his eyes on me for a short while, though I did not dare to look back.

With a careful hand, he brushed a strand of hair away from my face. “Tis the third time you have looked distraught by the mention of a woman,” he said, bending my ear.

Orynicus shifted on the bed. He stationed his knees on either side of my waist, and planted his hands at the sides of my head, as if to cage me. I lay there breathless as he leaned down.

“Let this,” he placed the whisper of a kiss upon my collarbone, “be your reminder that you are the only one.”

A rosy heat filled my cheeks. It burned like a sauna. My heart was wrecked, thundering in my chest as he slowly pulled back and rolled over onto his side.

I would surely not survive with him around. It was only a matter of time before he ruined me entirely.
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